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  1. Darren

    One of our own is down

    It was a pleasure to know him. Peace out Don.
  2. Darren

    Teraflex Ball Joint Question

    Why do you want the Teraflex ball joints? Just because they say Teraflex on the box doesn't make them better, and girls won't be impressed by it. Get Spicer (Dana/Spicer) replacement ball joints. They're the best ones for a Dana 30, especially for the price.
  3. Darren

    Memories of Jim

    I'd be down for this.
  4. Thanks Nathen. Come help me out, I'll pick up some Fireball for you. ;)
  5. His site didn't have the information I was looking for, although there is a lot of cool stuff there. What I really want to know is, are there any parts outside the drivetrain and wiring harness that are exclusive to 91+92? I'd hate to scrap something that I then have to go pull from the junkyard or buy new.
  6. I have two MJs with enough parts between them to make one decent truck. One of the trucks is a 92 the other an 88. The drivetrain and wiring harness from the 92 will be going into the 88 unibody. Is there anything outside of that that I will need when doing this swap? Is there a difference in the HVAC system? Fuel pump?
  7. That bumper looks so much better than the old one. Your truck looks great!
  8. Darren

    V8 swap

    I agree with what mnkyboy says, because he’s much smarter than me. The 4.0 is a great motor, keep that and spend your time and money turning the rest of the truck into a “mean off-road machine”.
  9. I blew up a BA-10 trying to break the tires loose on wet asphalt with 4.56s and 30x9.50s.
  10. Darren

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Renix sucks bruh. It just seems odd to me that you'd go through all the effort of installing an updated engine, but keeping the old inferior engine management system.
  11. Darren

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Why would you keep any of the Renix system? Especially if you had/have a 91 parts truck.
  12. Darren

    One of our own is down

    Don, you need to get better and take good care of yourself because I just started a new build and I don't want you to miss it! I've never met Don in person, but I've spent a lot of time hanging out with him here and would consider him a good friend. Abby, I wish you and your father the best and I hope you can enjoy the holidays together.
  13. I've also wanted to do this, and if it were simple everyone would do it. If you look at the insides of both doors you'll see how much work it would be to swap in the later window. Like Dzimm said, it is less work to swap the doors and paint them.
  14. Darren

    Sway bar end links.

    In the past I've built adjustable quick disconnect links using rod ends and all-thread. Worked great.
  15. Darren

    Radesigns Rail Controller

    I had the original version of the RADesigns Rail Shifter in a 94 XJ. I loved it, and several other people I know have ran it and they feel the same way. I'd recommend reaching out to Rory at RADesigns about what your situation is and what you'd like to accomplish. Don't mention my name though, he's not a big fan of mine.