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  1. jonb8

    Project Shop Truck

    Trim rings for the wheels and working on a bed mounted spare, I think I'm going to keep the wheels now. Wasn't sure before, was missing something, but the trim rings brought it together....
  2. jonb8

    Project Shop Truck

    I bought this off Jerry and I'm going to finish it. It will stay a 2wd, 8.8 rear axle, 4.0, 97+ interior and drivetrain swap. Xj shackles and a xj spring pack under the MJ main leaf dropped me 2.25 inches, and a 2 in block got me down were I want it to be. The front I just cut coils and dropped it 2 inches. Then started working on the door lettering, Not wanting to get serious on the project till after the holidays.
  3. jonb8

    Harlan MJ

    I didn't take this MJ back to Harlan last year I took a xj. But since a new offroad park has opened up within 2 hrs of the house I'm gonna start on the MJ again. No bed at all this time and a exo cage, I'm gonna build a truggy this time and hope to have it done in time to run Ivy in late Oct.
  4. jonb8

    Project Comanche Chief

    Looks good, since you can't come throught the a pillar maybe build bolt on rub rails...could even build your tube doors as bolt ons to support the rub rails on front and rear of door jam.
  5. jonb8

    Project Comanche Chief

    WV is steep and offcamber trail riding, I cut them big so we can keep the MJ's as low center of gravity as we can. A big lift in this country is useless, unless your just driving it up and down the road...and what fun is that...LOL I just cut them and reattach the flares with sheet metal screws they use to attach metal roofing. Jerry dropped Chief off at the cage guy's house yesterday, he should have pics soon.
  6. jonb8

    Project Comanche Chief

    I forgot Donnie's Mj, I'll have to dig up a pic of it.
  7. jonb8

    Project Comanche Chief

    There has been alot of them roll through the garage. I think I got pics of them all. Mary Jane and Sarge in Wayne National forest. This jeep ended up scrap cause of title problems. This one was just too rotten for anything but parts. Dougs truck The Bear Copper and chief Sure has been alot of MJ's, :thumbsup:
  8. That will be a very unique setup. Do you have any pictures? There's some pics in this build thread of Copper the hound dog, don't want to Hijack this guy's thread. http://comancheclub.com/topic/39506-copper-the-hound-dog/
  9. Very impressive job on this truck, I've also thrown this idea around for years. I'm also interested in looking at the truck and I'm alot closer in WV. I'm in the process now of marrying a xj front unibody with a AMC eagle, so looking at your work helps inspire me for the endless hours of spot welds..LOL
  10. jonb8

    The truly "custom" '86 MJ Custom.

    This is how I fix the firewall problems, and I don't do the HO swap for the extra horsepower (even though it's nice) I do it for the simplicity of the wiring and diagnosing future problems. Nothing worse than the 4000 fuseable links in a renix wiring harness.
  11. Here's some updated pics, pretty much done now. He's putting disk brakes on the back today and that will pretty much finish it up.
  12. He didn't say but I don't think it was very long after we figured out how we wanted to mount them.
  13. Got the tail light pics uploaded, I really like the way this thing came out. Morris also said he's gonna sell this truck on completion so if anyone's looking for a completely rebuilt lifted MJ give me a shout. Should be priced somewhere around $6,500 I'll get some pics of the interior, it has the 96 dash and column but the seat, carpet and console in 1999. Tryed to build a truck that looks updated to what it should look like in 1999 if Chrystler would have kept it alive. Even got rid of the crome around the windshield and had the glass company install the rubber seal kit like the 96 and newer xj's have.