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  1. I'm really happy with the drawers, they have really help organize all my stuff. The topper being built in 87 has reinforced bolt holes made into the rail so I just drilled and bolted it down.
  2. One bad cut and my day is done, no way I'm going back to Lowe's again today.
  3. Started working on my rear bed boxes today.
  4. jbain

    Another feeler!

    If you happen to have 2 I need one also. LOL
  5. I know it's not a swap meet but I have a set of MJ taillights for 50 bucks and a complete 89 tank with pump and sender for 30 if anyone wants me to bring them along.
  6. jbain

    SWB Topper?

    I know these are rare but thought I would ask anyway, does anyone have a SWB Topper with a completely flat top. I have one but it slopes up about 3 inches in the rear and I don't really care for the look. Thanks in advance. Jerry
  7. I'm hoping to make it, a little over 6 hours for me.
  8. So I made it home, overall we traveled just north of 3600 miles and The Eagle performed flawlessly.
  9. Thanks brother, I appreciate the kind words.
  10. Fluids checked, bags packed, changed the Tcase fluid, greased the steering / arms and gave The Eagle a quick bath. Hitting the road in the early am tomorrow morning heading west. Can't wait to get started.
  11. Loaded! Ready to head West on Friday.
  12. bbbbbrrrrr, the AC is icy cold! Beat mod ever.
  13. Finally got around to finishing up the steering stops. I hate hearing the lugs on the tires hitting the long arms.