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  1. Thanks brother and yeah the swaybar will definitely limit travel. The factory links will eventually be replaced by quick disconnects.
  2. Finished up the swaybar and I can't believe how much better it handles at speed. Drives like a Cadillac!
  3. Mocked up the axle side swaybar mount using a factory length link. Should drive much better soon.
  4. Haha, gotta stay after it. Only 59 days till my Colorado trip.
  5. Done, now I can start designing a swap bar setup.
  6. How the heck did I miss this? It will save me tons of time.
  7. Well I figured I would tackle the Boostwerks Ultimate Steering Brace today. I chose the weld together kit for price and it let's me ensure a perfect fit on what may not be a perfect 30 year old Unibody.
  8. After finishing up the bumps I did some driveway Flexin' and I'm real happy with how everything turned out. Final lift is 5 inches with 3 inches of up and 8 inches of down. Rear is 2.5 inches of up 6 inches of down. Now she's ready for the trails.
  9. 4 inch bump on the rear is finished! Tme to clean up and call it a day.
  10. Here is what the Spring retainer plate with the lower bumpstops looks like. I made the hockey puck removable in case I need to quickly remove it for extended highway use.
  11. Much better, fully compressed I have lock to lock steering. Tme to build the other side and move on to the rear.