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  1. Time to start mocking up the Stinky Fab front suspension?
  2. Finished up the front today, I'll be switching out the headlights for Trucklites during final assembly.
  3. Found this hiding behind the bumper cap, time to break out the cutting wheel.
  4. Haven't driven it at all but with all new suspension I'm guessing like a Cadillac! Thanks everyone this may be my favorite MJ build yet.
  5. Finished mockup and am really happy with the stance. Time to blow it apart and get it on the rotisserie.
  6. Making good progress on the engine, way more work than I had expected.
  7. I've decided I'm not going to run a hood on the Shoptruck. So the engine is gonna need to look pretty good. I matched the color of the Torque Thrust wheels for the block itself. I also picked up an aluminum radiator.
  8. Thanks Everyone, I'm pretty stoked about it. If we can score some tickets to SEMA next year the plan is to drive it from WV to NV hitting parts of RT 66 along the way.
  9. Found a low mileage ZJ motor to drop in, but first it's gonna need gaskets and paint.
  10. Got the tires and wheels mounted up this morning.
  11. The interior will be like my Golden Eagle MJ and will be converted over to 97+
  12. The rear will remain sprung under with an add a leaf and a small cut. The front gets a Stinkyfab longarm kit with 3 inch coils and ACOS for fine tuning.
  13. Lots of gear calculators on the internet, can't remember which one I used.
  14. The plan is a 33 in the rear with a 31 up front with staggered gearing. The tires showed up yesterday.
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