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  1. Yeah, my wife is always reminding me that I can't keep them all, I sure wish I could though.
  2. Finished prepping the floors today and I gotta say the floors in this truck are in way better shape than The Eagle. Hopefully this is the last of the rust conversation.
  3. Cleaned the bed out today and was happy to find the inside of the bed in as good of shape as the bottom.
  4. Took advantage of the sunshine today to pressure wash the underside of The new Manche. I did find a bad spot in the x Crossmember when I dropped the spare tire but other than that I was very happy with the unibody on this MJ. It's gonna make someone a nice daily driver.
  5. Yeah but until I'm sure of what direction I'm going I'm going to hold onto it.
  6. Setting on the steps this morning trying to generate enough motivation to start stripping the interior out of the Shop Truck. The plan is a complete 97 interior swap so everything must go..
  7. Yeah they are definitely starting to grow on me. LOL
  8. Since this truck will eventually be sold or traded off I'll have to come up with something more generic to replace Bains.
  9. Just a day and a half in and with the exception of the drivers floor pan the Shop Truck is officially rust free. I threw on my brother's old Caddy rims just to see how it looked. I'm digging it.
  10. Thanks brother, I've always wanted to build a shop truck and this one was a perfect platform.
  11. Thanks brother, I'm thinking of only 2 inches so hopefully that won't impact things too much.
  12. Here is what I'm thing of for the door art.
  13. I hear the rear springs from a ZJ will give me a inch drop in the front, anyone ever try dropping a 4wd MJ?
  14. So has anyone swapped the 97 door panels to the MJ doors? I'm assuming they are pretty simple but not sure if I've ever seen anyone do it.
  15. So my vision on this truck is pretty simple, I want to do a complete 4.0, 4wd, 97 interior and drivetrain swap to make it as comfortable and reliable as possible. I would like to drop the front and rear about 2 inches to give it a little better stance and run a 235 tire. I will not be painting but instead just priming the surface rust with red Oxide Primer, the rust will be cut out of the bedsides and patch panels will be pop riveted over the holes and also covered with Red Oxide Primer. There will be no bondo used in this build, so what you see is what you get. Once that is finished the doors will get hand painted to show Bain Bros. Garage and given an old look. Then the entire truck will be roughed up and clear coated. This is a picture of a truck that is similar paint wise as what I'm seeing in my mind.
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