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  1. Thanks for that info. I'm sure whatever part had a recall doesn't even exist anymore!
  2. When we got back from Moab, the Jeep sat for about a week. When I drove it the next time, it had a misfire in cylinder 6 (disappointing considering the work we had just completed). A compression test showed that cylinder 6 had about half the compression of the rest of the cylinders. I broke down and took it to a shop, which is where it currently sits as of December. It didn't get driven from September on. Huge disappointment, but hopefully it gets fixed proper this time. Here's a side bar. Because every vehicle I own had a major issue at one point this year, I had
  3. It's definitely the best time I've ever had wheeling. There's enough rigs that you don't have to do the difficult trails, and there's enough wheeling and wrenching experience that you don't really have to worry about much. Thank you for the compliment!
  4. On the last wheeling day of Moab, a small group of us decided to run Poison Spider. I was a little worried about the difficulty of it, but my Jeep killed it! Honestly, peak performance. Photo credits to Ruben Campos.
  5. The next day was the classic Hells Revenge run. Always a good time with all of the MJ's. Photo credits to Ruben Campos and Robyn Livermore.
  6. On the first full day of Moab this year, we met up with the mild half of the group to run Gemini Bridges again (the big guys were doing Pritchett Canyon). There were a lot more attendee's this year, which is awesome! Photo credits to Ruben Campos.
  7. To continue on with the terrible 2020 year in the Comanche, I ordered a new, fully assembled head from Clearwater Cylinder Heads. Because the same exhaust valve had broken twice, I didn't want to take any chances. My girlfriend and I slapped it on in a weekend, and ended up having to carpool across Denver for a week in it because our other cars were out of commission. It was running so well that we decided to attend the 2020 MJ Takeover (we considered it impossible after the St. George incident). Once again, it ran super well, maybe better than ever, from Denver to Moab. We aver
  8. Ah, that must be a problem. I thought I was copying the actual photo from my Google Photos account, instead of downloading them and then uploading them. When I get time, I will go back and fix them. Thanks for pointing that out guys!
  9. Pete, I have just been copy/pasting my photos into my text here. I wonder why they suddenly stopped working?
  10. After a day or two in the St. George area, we headed east on our way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Right as we crossed the AZ border, the truck started misfiring and lost a significant amount of power. Assuming it was another O2 sensor fuse, I hopped out with a replacement, only to find that it hadn't blown. After checking codes, I discovered a misfire on cylinder 3. While freaking out about what to do, I checked the easy things (plug, wire, injector) which all seemed to be fine. We made the decision to turn back to St. George and find a shop. We found a really reput
  11. Ok, time for some more updates! I decided to swap out my steering gear because it had gotten really sloppy in the last year. However, I ended up replacing the gearbox twice, and the pump five times before I had functioning power steering. Every time I bled the system, it would work just fine. Every pump died after a day or so (you could see the fluid in the reservoir stop flowing under load). I had a big rush to finish this because the gf and I were planning on taking a road trip from Denver to St. George, UT, then through Arizona, totalling ~1600 miles. The truck
  12. Thank you very much! I actually just updated my build thread yesterday! I promise I'll try to be better about updating it haha
  13. Thank you for that! Because I purchased the Jeep post-97+ swap, I had no idea how it came from the factory. It's a much different Jeep now!
  14. And that brings us to the current projects. I drove the MJ all winter and it performed flawlessly. It handles really well in the snow with the rear locker and the full time 4x4. I've been trying to figure out how to protect the bottom of it better. My main concern is the gas tank that hangs below the frame rails. I'm still working on the design for that. A couple of days ago I decided to clock my NP242 to use the IRO belly skid (that technically only works on the smaller NP231). I used the IRO jig that they sell, and it was super easy. For referenc
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