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  1. I was definitely considering an Aussie. I think that's the route I'm going to take. I'm not sure why I'm having so many problems; most people really like the Powertrax. I do appreciate the suggestion! Thank you!
  2. After rebuilding the Powertrax No-Slip last night in the rain, I took the MJ out to do Red Cone. Nothing was broken in the locker, but putting new springs in it didn't fix it. I've had so many problems with it, I think i'm going to pull it out and put something else in.
  3. Took a camping trip last weekend, and the MJ did pretty well. It started sucking down gas faster than normal, and I think it's running rich. I need to look into it more.
  4. Finally got to look through your build, and that is one gorgeous truck! Hopefully we can go wheeling sometime!
  5. Another day spent out in the mountains! The MJ keeps performing perfectly!
  6. Thank you! Also congrats on almost making it! It's one hell of a feeling to be done! The front has 4.5" coils, and one side has the factory bump stop. It's missing on the other side. I'm working on fixing the missing bump stop and installing some hockey pucks up front. The back is a set of Chevy drop shackles from Advance Auto parts. Factory bump stocks in the rear. It definitely sags a bit in the back.
  7. It has been a long time since my last update! I recently put a ZJ steering box and new XJ pump in my MJ, and painted the topper to match the truck. And I've been wheeling almost every weekend! I also graduated from engineering school and landed a pretty badass job here in Denver, so I'm looking forward to sinking all my money into my Jeep!
  8. Yeah, all I need is to know is if there's enough room for a 1.5" shaft somewhere between the tailgate and the outside edge of the bumper (left to right, if that makes sense). Thanks!
  9. Love the white MJ! This is going to be super nice! I have a kinda strange and specific question about the rear bumper. How much material (front to back) is there in the section directly underneath the taillight? I'm wanting to put a tire carrier on something in the future and need to fit a 1.5" shaft directly under the tail light, with a bit of wiggle room front to back. I'd appreciate any info you could get me!
  10. This is such a pretty MJ! I only hope I can make my build as clean as yours.
  11. Got some summer tires and wheels, 285 75 16 BFG Mud Terrains. And here's a nice shot of the JCR sliders I put on a while back.
  12. Got to take the MJ out for a quick run through some rocks. I'll be putting some hockey puck bump stops up front to save the fenders. I need to fix the rear sag, so I'll probably do some Chevy drop shackles and shocks in the rear. I also have JCR sliders that I hope to install in the next couple of weeks.
  13. I looked at their XJ slider instructions, and they listed instructions for putting sliders on a KJ, WJ, ZJ... It said on some applications the pinch seam strip is supposed to go on the inside. I thought it was a little strange too.
  14. These follow the body line pretty nicely. The front leg is slightly shorter than the back to account for the narrowing. Of course I just threw these up there, I'll have better pictures in a few weeks.
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