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  1. Well, the time has come! Off to Moab it is! The adventure started early in the trip, because since it's a pretty long haul from my town up to Moab, we had planned to tow Jessica up there on my welder friend's truck and trailer, so we had planned to meet Early Sunday Morning (and I mean Eaaaarly as in 4am Early) to load up the truck and stuff and get on the road to get to Moab with sunlight still. So we did all that, and got on the road, not 5 miles down the road, my friend's truck started miss-shifting, locking and unlocking from the overdrive, so I told him to turn around and minimize on the stuff we were taking to the utmost necessary and load it up in my truck and take the road in it. So we did, by the time we were ready to hit the road it was 7am, and we were both nervous, since it was the first time I had driven my truck for a long distance. The farthest I had ever driven it was Las Cruces NM, which is about 40 miles away from home, an 80 mile round trip. But there we go all loaded up, and with the "Moab or Bust!" mentality. Excited and nervous at the same time, this was our first stop of the trip, and I had to snap a pic of it since it was the farthest I had ever driven Jessica, this was about 170 miles from home Where we're going, we don't need any roads! Sorry, but I am a big Back To The Future geek, and I just had to! 6hrs into the drive, we got to Shiprock NM, and if you havn't been there you absolutely need to check it out it is pretty impresive because it actually looks like a ship from far away. Unfortunately you can't really get up close to it since it's either on private, or indian reservation property, but still pretty cool to see, even from far away After 8 or so hours of driving, we got to the Utah stateline! And of course I had to take a picture with the Welcome sign! A fellow Jeeper was there with a nicely built WJ, that drove all the way from New York! And made me the favor of snapping a pic of me at the sign, and of course I returned the favor! Anyways long story short, we ended up driving into Moab at about 5:30pm that evening, and the scene was pretty crazy as we were rolling in, you could smell it in the air Jeeps of all kinds everywhere you'd look. From crazy Rockcrawling buggies, to stock flat fenders, and everything in between including mall crawlers and douchebags lol :yes: Me myself I was feeling uber super excited, I had just made the first Road Trip on Jessica and it was a success! And it was no other trip than to Moab! for the 50th EJS! And no issues what so ever! I even maxed it out on the highway to test it at high speeds and she was purring like a kitten! 96mph was the top speed and no shaking or weird feelings. It was just one of the best experiences I've lived through, from her being parked for 2 years to being able to drive it for about 10hrs and no problems at all. :banana: . :MJ 1: . :thumbsup:
  2. Wednesday before taking off to Moab, I was driving home, when I spotted this clean machine! so I had to chase it down the road, and when it finally stopped there was a younger girl driving it, so you can imagine how awkward the situation got lol but anyways she was cool enough to talk about it and told me that her and her dad had worked on it to make it road worthy, but it was pretty clean to be honest with ya guys pretty original looking manche there, sorry I didn't take anymore pics, but I got carried away talking to her, and I had to go to work.. here are the couple of pics I took Chasing her down lol There's the engine compartment, I mean this thing still had the plastic cover for the plugs for the OBD scanning, and the fuel pump relay, I still kick myself for not taking any more pics, hopefully one of these days I'll be able to spot her again and take some more pics
  3. So as usual, I don't give myself enough time to get on here often (sorry guys, almost a year!) but I am gonna make it a goal to get here at least once a week. But anyways on to the updates.. As some of you know, I ended up going to Moab UT for the 50th EJS, and it was a blast! Yes the trails, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets were crowded, and everything was pretty crazy, but I definitely enjoyed every minute of it. It's one of those experiences you have to do at least once in your lifetime. But anyways before the trip I hadn't really tested Jessica all that much, so we did a small day-wheeling-trip to the Dona Ana mountains in Las Cruces NM to try it out and have some fun. And needless to say it went flawless :thumbsup: anyways enough with the talk and on to the pics! This is the "Eye of the Needle" Here's a picture my friend took of me leading the group that day
  4. After doing all those mods, I was pretty much ready for Moab, I started working on my sliders a couple of weeks before leaving, but just didn't have enough time to finish them before taking off, but one day I went on to help a buddy with his Jeep since he was finishing it in order to have it ready for Moab, and one of his roomates got a 50" curved light bar for his XJ and had just laying there since he didn't have the brackets for it, so I just mocked it up real quick and told my friend to snag some pictures.. Honestly.. yeah it looks kinda cool, but I really don't dig it that much, specially since pretty much everybody and their mother have a friking 50" light bar I've pretty much seen it on everything from Trophy Trucks, to a minivan! So I won't be going that route anytime soon... Well the day after that, I was at work and all three seasons happened throughout the day! It started sunny, and then a light rain started coming down, and then snow, then the snow froze, and it ended up being Sunny, anyways here are the pics of my truck as all this was happening.. :yes: I thought it was pretty funny that all this happened in an 8hr shift haha
  5. Well anyways, after installing the gauges of course I took it for a test run, and everything seemed to be working fine, so after that I had to make a quick little road trip to see how the truck would handle. And I went Bike riding to Las Cruces NM about 35-40 miles Norths of El Paso.. This was the first longer trip thet I made with the truck since I've parked it. And everything went well as always some picks, because I was ecstatic that Zero problems evovled. After that we were gonna do a little get together at a friends house and do a bonfire, so I have a contact for wood, and he told me to get a $#!& ton of wood and so I did! haha
  6. All right, so Moab is done, and yes it was AWESOME! But now back to reality, school and work are taking most of my time right now, but just found a little window too keep updating this thread!
  7. I just met with Tim on Tuesday, and took a peek at this project, and it's looking good man all I'm saying not to be a spoiler, is that this one will come out pretty clean! :thumbsup: oh BTW he had another MJ that he converted to the full 97+ swap, and he is now selling. So as always here are some pics! Image Not Found Image Not Found
  8. Yessir, it was funny because I was wlaking with a couple of friends, and I was getting super stoked of seeing Flatties, old Jeep Trucks, and even YJs in a sea of JKs hahaha, one of my friends was getting just as excited as I was, and the other friend was just like what! :???: haha Thanks for taking the time to see and post the pics here Pete! :thumbsup:
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