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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys I just joined the club a couple of days ago, I've been to lazy to join in the past year, but no more excuses! Time to let you guys see my work in progress Jessica... If anyone wants to know why I named her like that ask and Ill tell you guys the story lol. I purchased her pretty much all "ready to go", but as soon as a started wheeling it, and like with any used car purchase, all the bugs started coming out, it was then when I realized she was a pavement queen... All this mods were done by the PO. One of the first things that happened to me was the infamous death wobble! And sure enough the PO had the original 1989 trackbar there! So I changed it and I was good to go again! Then on another mild wheeling trip and bike riding, I lost all brake lights and turning signals!
  2. Well guys, I've added yet another Jeep to the fleet... 1988 Jeep Comanche SporTruck short-bed, 5-speed (Peugeot with ~260k.. eek!), 2WD with a DANA 44 and SUNROOF! Guy I bought it from said it's overheating and he's replaced the water pump, thermostat and flushed the radiator... He thinks the head gasket is blown or cracked head... Thing is, there's no water in the oil and it's not blowing steam out of the exhaust... I think he didn't burp the closed cooling system correctly when he changed out the reservoir. Oh well, it's mine now and I've already obtained a spare 4.0 from a '97 XJ with 140k miles.
  3. I am looking for a good set of Dana 44 axle shafts and Drum Backing Plates. Purchased a used 1987 XJ Dana 44 axle and it has a bent shaft, go figure... Thanks
  4. So I have 1987 jeep Comanche long bed with the 4.0l i6 Dana 30 upfront 35 in the rear, 31inch bfg AT, winch, bumper, lift, led bar, and I want bigger axles. I know Dana 30s are good and 35s suck so I want to upgrade to 44s all around. I'm handy with tools and stuff so I want to do this myself. I just need to know what size to buy and what else I need to know. I saw something about WMS. What size do I want for mine? Driveshaft? I just need to know all the things I need for a swap like this. thanks
  5. EDIT: I guess the title should be more specific to the question about converting the front to leaf springs. Pardon my inaccurate problem description. I am kind of new to the off-roading modification scene. I am wondering what the deal is with people doing leaf conversions on the front end (SOA conversion, is that the term?) I've done a little bit of reading on the forums but cannot get a clear understanding. I don't understand the benefits or why someone would do it to their Comanche. I see it sometimes on Wranglers, and honestly with Wranglers the benefits seems more intuitive. But I'm curious about the Comanche. To me, it seems like it would drastically reduce articulation and turning radius (unless your wheels are sticking out a ton). I guess, specifically, I'm hesitant to buy a local Comanche that is for sale because it's got this SOA conversion on the front and I know nothing about. Seems like a ton of welding and whatnot, although it looks like it was done well. Says it's got Dana 44 and 60 and then 4" YJ leafs on the front. Is this front-end leaf conversion a normal thing? Just looking for some last-minute insight. Thanks much! These are the pics on the ad (you post it on the internet it becomes fair game, right B)). Image Not Found
  6. Hey guys, Just bought an 88 Comanche Chief 4x4 LWB with the 92 Ho 4.0 in it. The previous owner put Dana 44's front and rear from something else. I have no idea what they are off of so I'm am looking for all of y'all's infinite knowledge. The only thing I know is that the rims came stock on the axles so that's all you have to work with. We'll here it is! P.S. If I messed up the link let me know! Thanks guys!
  7. Can these be converted to disks like the wagoneer d44's can? Like this guide using chevy truck disks? http://www.jeeps-offroad.com/forum.php?page=d44-brakes
  8. I am about to order parts to regear my Dana 44, I have a mechanic who is going to do the install for about $250, i just need the parts the D44 is getting an open carrier because i bought an Aussie locker a several months back.. i want to use it... and i think the hole for the cross shaft roll pin was damaged causing the roll pin to come out and destroy my diff.... before i place an order does everything look correct. do i need to add anything? Dana 44 P/N - from rockauto.com USA20115 - $87.79 - Standard Open Carrier Case spline, 3.73 & down, bare. This case includes carrier Shims, roll pin, ring Gear bolts and a cover gasket. ZGD44354 - $125.79 - Ring & Pinion Gear Set w/ 3.54 ratio from 4wd.com (clickable link or use the spoiler) Dana 44 master rebuild kit - $118.99 Total cost: $332.57 I am keeping the 3.54 ratio because i can't swing the cost to regear the front and rear to 4.10 Thanks
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