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  1. A few weeks ago I was leaving work and the ole Comanche wouldn't start, unplugged the cps, replugged it in and cranked right up. Went about a week running fine and then it happened again. So I replaced the cps, this time ran 2 weeks just fine and now it's doing it again. Surely the new one can't be bad already!? I'm not sure where to go from here.
  2. I was at the LKQ u pull today and saw another Comanche. If this is your yellow and blue Comanche let me know!
  3. Well I appreciate y'all's input and wisdom I may just try to do a bastard pack to add an inch or 2 to the rear
  4. Put a piece of tape on the driveshaft and a piece of tape on your tire, get a buddy to watch as you pull forward slowly and get him to count how many times the driveshaft spins to get one full tire rotation, easiest way to get a rough estimate ( 3 driveshaft spins to one tire spin = 3.07; 3.75 driveshaft turns to one tire spin = 3.73
  5. Well I can see how it would be easy to judge my skill level from your point of view but I think I will be alright not knowing what a stock lower control arm on an almost 30 year old vehicle looks like. I already know about pinion angles and welding on spring perches/shock mounts. I already have an adjustable track bar so the only thing I really don't know much about are adjustable control arms and I think I will be able to figure them out. That's the only way I will be able to learn and then when I'm at your level I can tell people how they should think twice about doing it themselves ;)
  6. Jeez I wish I could find donors like that. People here in Florida know they are gold, your lucky to get a mj/xj NOT RUNNING and totaled for under $1000 lol.
  7. Isn't there a relay that idles the engine up when you turn the ac on to help with the extra load? Maybe that relay is bad and when your turning your ac on your idle is to low to start/ keep running
  8. Lol I didn't know what they were until I got a Comanche. I think only the metric ton package had the overload leaf? Maybe someone with a D35 can chime in and let us know. I'm trying to get my rear back to stock height so I can do an SOA without having 10" of lift lol.
  9. I was reading low volts on mine too, I put in new battery terminals from advanced and now my voltage is back to normal
  10. The bottom one is an overload leaf, keeps the other leafs from bottoming out when you have a really heavy load in the bed
  11. I'm trying to figure out whether my leaf pack is aftermarket or is a stock pack with Add-a-Leafs or maybe even has longer shackles? Are these stock control arms? They look really beefy Thank you guys for all the help I really appreciate it!
  12. Can't wait to order these! Just hope my shaky hands can put them on straight lol
  13. We should meet up in Port Orange here sometime soon and talk Comanches!
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