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  1. Dons contribution to the Jeep world will have lasting impact. As long as there is an internet, the information he provided will live on to help future Jeepers figure out their problems. Long Live Don
  2. A common air leak: The inner shift boot that bolts to trans tunnel below regular shift boot. I used a big piece of rubber from a truck inner tube.
  3. Sighted on an ‘86 at Gunner Metals in Lake Stevens, Wa. $30 you-pick. I need this but don't have time or $. Someone save it from the crusher!
  4. TeeHee! Yes. No axles would pose more than one issue...
  5. Maybe just take the axles out when towing? They are quick in and out, though he is an old man...
  6. Pulling the needle is 50% likelihood of breakage. Youve been warned!
  7. https://comancheclub.com/topic/18397-removal-and-replacement-of-my-slider-back-window/?tab=comments#comment-189047
  8. I carry an extra radiator cap and CPS all the time
  9. It’s such an important and tricky job that I recommend you take it somewhere to be done professionally. That said, I have done this twice. Follow the procedure posted below and do a ton of research on how to install a windshield because the process is similar. Removing old adhesive from the donor glass is a pain, but take your time and BE CAREFUL as MJ rear glass is impossible to replace. A local body shop supply store had the adhesive, and I made the cable saw for cutting out the window. Thanks to 64Cheyenne for the great write up! Good Luck!
  10. Does the fan stay spinning at the same speed when you select defog, or does it slow down / stop?
  11. Also are you sure it’s not clutch chatter (a common MJ issue)? Bad chatter on a lwb causes the whole rear end to shake and rattle similar to wheel hop. Has anyone visually confirmed that the wheels are hopping, or does it simply feel like it is?
  12. Not normal. Check your leaf spring bolts/ bushings and your shackles. What size/type of tire are we talking? Stock leafs and ride height?
  13. Hey gang. I’ve been rolling one of these cuoholders since 2014. Big ups to Ronnie for the original discovery. Autozone also carries this item. It’s where I found mine, and I have seen one in stock at my local store recently.
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