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  1. Amccutc21

    Rear Bumper

    Looking for a stock black bumper, but would consider a westin for the right price.
  2. Amccutc21

    Rear Bumper

    ISO: Rear bumper in good to great condition. Located in WV. Willing to pay for shipping if seller is willing.
  3. Amccutc21

    Back window seal ??????

    I have an extra rubber trim piece laying around if you end up needing one. Let me know.
  4. Amccutc21

    Pillar lamps

    https://www.ebay.com/i/121059797132?chn=ps Here is a link to purchase the Euramtec lights. Like mentioned above, they are a good alternative to the stock lights. They do require just a little trimming on the opening to fit, however.
  5. Amccutc21

    Seat Belt Bolt Size

    Since this is an old post and I have a related issue, I don't feel bad hijacking this thread. I'm putting back my interior and can't remember if all 3 bolts on each side are the same length? I believe one anchor point on each side had a smaller bolt if I recall, is this correct? I didn't do a good job of organizing bolts as I was pulling and don't want to run the wrong size anchor bolt into the wrong location and deal with possible associated headaches.
  6. Amccutc21

    Factory brush guard

    good deal! You take any other parts off the truck?
  7. Amccutc21

    No start diagnosing

    Never knew such a thing existed! I will give it a try when I get home from work to see if I can get any response concerning this issue. Thanks!
  8. Amccutc21

    No start diagnosing

    There's no visible corrosion on the cables where they make contact with the terminals. Any other place I should be checking for corrosion?
  9. Went to move my project truck today and like the title says, I was unable to get it started. The truck is a 1992 with a 4.0 and 330,xxx on the dash. I moved the truck several months ago, and had to jump it then. Today, I hooked it up to my other truck from the start and it turned over, would click, but wouldn’t charge enough to come close to starting it. I pulled the battery, and put in a good battery from my other comanche and got NOTHING. Dash lights come on, but will not turn over whatsoever. Not a battery issue obviously. When the key was turned on accessory, I heard a repetitive clicking noise from around the fuse box. Thinking it was the starter, I got underneath and tapped it a few times but still had nothing when I went to start it, but the clicking seemed to have gone away. The key will pull out of the ignition when on accessory, and turn back without the key in it which obviously isn’t supposed to happen, whether it’s related or not? Also, not sure if it’s related, but I have started the process of removing the bed and have heard of issues of no starts after people have done this. Any help is appreciated before I start throwing parts at it.
  10. Amccutc21

    ISO Long Bed

    I’ve found a rust-free long bed in North Carolina for $300, roughly 6 hours away for me. Would like to find something closer, but as you said, that might be difficult. I’d like a clean(ish) bed to put on and bob my existing bed that is damaged. Really needs the whole bed behind the rear tires replaced to be straight again.
  11. Amccutc21

    ISO Long Bed

    Looking for a long bed to replace the current bed on my 92 that has damage to the driver side. Must be within 4 hours of 26508. Bed must be in good condition overall. Will accept a little rust over wheel well as long as it does not extend too far up. Thanks!
  12. Amccutc21

    Factory brush guard

    Off subject, but would you sell that white tailgate? I assume you are close to Morgantown, WV?
  13. Wish you were a little closer to the WV line!
  14. Can you send me pictures of the rollbar to 304-545-2323?
  15. Been cleaning out and tracking down leaks (which are very apparent with the amount of rain recently on the east coast) on my 92. I noticed the PO had placed silicone around the top of the rear glass, which gave me a pretty good indication it leaked. I was taking care of some other things on the truck when I noticed that the rear window actually separates from the body as I shut the door, and can actually be pushed out at the top by hand. I can't imagine this is a common issue, but I could be wrong. Without taking it out, I'm struggling to grasp the idea of how these windows are supposed to seal. Is it the rubber trim that surrounds the window that seals? If so, and if i need to find another gasket, are they interchangeable from a solid window to a slider? The rubber gasket on the outside of the truck looks to be in good condition, but the inside looks rough. I have a glass guy coming to look at it tomorrow, but if this is something that can be tackled by myself, id rather put the $100 elsewhere in the truck. If pictures need to be taken in order for proper advice, let me know.