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  1. The leak is coming from an area that is not visible. I was trying to see if anyone has experienced a similar leak.
  2. Finally got around to locating the leak in my 89. I have attached pictures to show where the water is running. I don’t believe the back glass is the culprit, as the leak would be right where the frame seals against the pinch weld and the water intrusion would be visible. But would else could it be against the back wall of the cab?
  3. I don’t drive my 89 in the winter months to keep the salt off of it, but today I got a wild hair to open the door and check carpet for wetness due to the high amounts of rain we’ve had. Unfortunately, I found my driver side soaked. I spent the next hour stripping the interior, and while doing so, noticed the pictured yellow and gray boxes underneath the driver dash. The grayish clear box appears to say something about emission performance? Anyone have an idea what these are? Truck came out of NC, do they do emission testing there? Truck is an 89 4.0 5-speed 4x4. Feel free to chime in on common places for leaks on driver side floorboard. I’ve got baby powder down but I’ll take all the help I can get.
  4. As you can see in the pictures, this bed has not been babied. However, it is not covered in rot like most from this region. PO said the primer is where dually fenders has previously been on it. I would say it is repairable with a fair amount of work, maybe a good candidate for a bed bob if you didn’t want to cut your clean bed, or simply used for patch panels. Not pictured is the floor of the bed, which is bed lined. Not real sure on the value, but I’d like to have $200 for it. Must pick up; located in Morgantown, WV. Wouldn’t be selling if my townhome complex wasn’t complaining as I think the bed would be worth keeping for one of the above reasons.
  5. Amccutc21

    Rear Bumper

    Looking for a stock black bumper, but would consider a westin for the right price.
  6. Amccutc21

    Rear Bumper

    ISO: Rear bumper in good to great condition. Located in WV. Willing to pay for shipping if seller is willing.
  7. I have an extra rubber trim piece laying around if you end up needing one. Let me know.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/i/121059797132?chn=ps Here is a link to purchase the Euramtec lights. Like mentioned above, they are a good alternative to the stock lights. They do require just a little trimming on the opening to fit, however.
  9. Since this is an old post and I have a related issue, I don't feel bad hijacking this thread. I'm putting back my interior and can't remember if all 3 bolts on each side are the same length? I believe one anchor point on each side had a smaller bolt if I recall, is this correct? I didn't do a good job of organizing bolts as I was pulling and don't want to run the wrong size anchor bolt into the wrong location and deal with possible associated headaches.
  10. good deal! You take any other parts off the truck?
  11. Never knew such a thing existed! I will give it a try when I get home from work to see if I can get any response concerning this issue. Thanks!
  12. There's no visible corrosion on the cables where they make contact with the terminals. Any other place I should be checking for corrosion?
  13. Went to move my project truck today and like the title says, I was unable to get it started. The truck is a 1992 with a 4.0 and 330,xxx on the dash. I moved the truck several months ago, and had to jump it then. Today, I hooked it up to my other truck from the start and it turned over, would click, but wouldn’t charge enough to come close to starting it. I pulled the battery, and put in a good battery from my other comanche and got NOTHING. Dash lights come on, but will not turn over whatsoever. Not a battery issue obviously. When the key was turned on accessory, I heard a repetitive clicking noise from around the fuse box. Thinking it was the starter, I got underneath and tapped it a few times but still had nothing when I went to start it, but the clicking seemed to have gone away. The key will pull out of the ignition when on accessory, and turn back without the key in it which obviously isn’t supposed to happen, whether it’s related or not? Also, not sure if it’s related, but I have started the process of removing the bed and have heard of issues of no starts after people have done this. Any help is appreciated before I start throwing parts at it.
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