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  1. Hey guys Johnny Quest aka @dkpulsford here. With the way people are building Comanches these days, we thought it would be a good idea to create a new forum for those of us who are pushing the limits; Bigger axles, bigger tires, more horsepower, custom fabrication, etc. And thus EPIC TECH was born. The other forums here on CC will still be immensely valuable for us; the 4.0 can be a bear to trouble shoot, and there are decades of knowldge here that many new users don't utilize. Alot of us use Facebook and it's different pages for interacting with other MJ owners, and this isn't trying to replace that. But Comanche Club, and its forums have always great location for build threads, so we can research and go through a full build, vs asking people the same questions on IG or FB. This is also a place for all those crazy topics that keep you up at night: Rear 4 link? Check. V8 swaps? Check. Roll cage design? Check. Fuzzy dice? ummmm.....no The possibilities are endless. Welcome! -Dan
  2. is there a way to look up which trim level a comanche was from the factory by searching the VIN?
  3. I'm in the exact same boat right now. my ax15 works fine, but I'm wanting the simplicity of an aw4 when it comes to the really hairy climbs; i can't have the engine cut out at the crux, and end up losing power and momentum. i picked up an aw4, but have NONE of the other stuff.
  4. a buddy of mine did it, as i did have a welder at the time. i believe he used nickel rod, and i remember heating up the diff with a torch where we welded to it.
  5. finally! now i don't have to feel bad if i need to replace some body panels!!
  6. NICE! do you have any finished pics with the support kickouts?
  7. johnny quest


    they may have built the yellow 6x6 tj on portals that was 6 wheel steering as well
  8. johnny quest


    here you can see both cases, the middle axle, and the carrier bearing for the rear driveshaft
  9. johnny quest


    x2 on USA6x6 being sketchy, but i don't believe Stan (6x6 tj and 6x6 dodge builder) used anything from them, at least on these two builds. he may have used their dropbox on his 6x6 tow rig though. The dodge is on rockwells, which are toploader axles. they came in duece and a half rigs in 6x6 form. the tj has a 2nd tcase (divorce mounted 205) that acts as a drop box. 6x6 TJ build thread: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/jeep-non-hardcore/1055085-urban-assault-tj-zombie-killer-build.html
  10. johnny quest


    this is putting bad ideas in my head
  11. johnny quest


    local guy built this. also built the lime green 6x6 dodge ram
  12. there are a TON of local groups, and 95% of them are populated by the same people. so you get one guy trying to sell something, and theyll post the same add in every single group within 45 seconds. kind of annoying.
  13. that one was already broken, but yea, i need to build some armor.
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