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  1. Oddly enough the company that rebuilds our starter-generators recommends against it. They like clean water, or if it's really bad they say a mild soap and rinse it afterwards with clean water. Their reasoning is the harder cleaners can soften or damage the brushes, and are much more likely to wash the grease out of the bearings. Our starter-generators regularly explode though.
  2. Not gonna lie, I bought two more myself.
  3. I don't understand the point of Twitter. It seems akin to walking into a random room in a large office building, shouting out what you had for dinner last night, and then leaving before anyone has a chance to respond, WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN WORK THERE. Oh yeah, my account got banned because I signed up and my first "Tweet" was something like "What's this, a shout box? I'M GOING TO SHOUT!!!" Literally banned me as spam.
  4. I'd make a trailer out of it if I was local. Could really use another truck bed trailer, and one that matched the truck pulling it would be sweet.
  5. It's got enough dents in it that it would take a very competent body man quite a while to get back to decent... Probably only good for patch panels at this point.
  6. I wish I'd got in on that one.
  7. Ford one. https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/general-discussion-non-vintage-mustang/575181-ford-v8-air-compressor.html Ford V8s were the most common from everything I remember, going back as far as the flathead days. Before then they often used 2 cylinders of whatever type. Like I said, it's not new, but there's lots of reasons why it isn't popular. If you explore old mines you're likely to stumble across one at some point. The kit to convert them was cheap, and used engines were cheap, and most mining of old was done on the cheap.
  8. Old tech, used to be super common to see that style of compressor running the pneumatic hammers in mines, etc. Typically they used a V8. Yeah, there's a little more to it, but basically it was an inexpensive way to make an awful lot of air. I'd waste my time on something else personally. They didn't stop building them that way because they were awesome.
  9. They buy out inventory from anywhere they can. One time I got a bunch of valve cover gaskets for a buck each, they all came in NAPA boxes. I'm sure they still made a pretty big profit margin selling these for $14 each.
  10. Oh, actually I was wrong, the invoice is in USD. So they were $14.21 USD, $20~ CAD. So the price is the same. I'd still say order at your own risk, but I'm happy with what I got.
  11. The TPS in my XJ is iffy, so I figured I'd order a couple of RockAuto. They had the SMP TH67:P listed in a private label package (typically no returns as it's wholesale stock they bought for cheap from closing stores or whatever) for $14.21 CAD, which is about $11 USD. SMP is okay as long as it's not the T-series stuff, so I figured for the price I'd grab two, and they only charged $8 to ship them by USPS. They showed up today and... They're MOPAR. Yup, they didn't feel like putting the MOPAR sensor into inventory under it's own P/N since they're last of stock and will never have them again, so they put a sticker on them saying they're a direct replacement for the SMP TH67:P and sold them as that. They show they still have more of them, but the price has gone up, so I would not guarantee they're the same.
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