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  1. DirtyComanche

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I agree. I don't know what the application was, but I remember always running into them in the PnP. Chevy or Dodge something, would have had to be in the transition years in the late 80s/early 90s, I think. But I honestly don't know, that was a long time ago. I'm trying to get a passenger drop 241 for a contingency option on one of my current projects. They are rare now. I don't know why guys are using them for LS swaps, there's better options.
  2. DirtyComanche

    Similar axle?

    Just buy them new. They're wear parts.
  3. DirtyComanche

    First aid kit recommendations

    I'm also a "make your own kit" guy. I'm about triage, not doing things right. Quick clot, burn dressings, tourniquet, lots of bigger dressings, gauze, and tape. It's all just stick yourself back together and go home stuff. I haven't used a bandaid in 20 years, I'm not about to start now.
  4. DirtyComanche

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    I'll save the Pirate4x4 style response that I want to type and instead just say I'm glad you got the truck back.
  5. DirtyComanche

    Fab skills?

    I want to make a trar. Of course AMC basically sold one, so I guess I could get one of those.
  6. DirtyComanche

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    The "Solid choice" part was sarcasm.
  7. DirtyComanche

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    The most overprice and overrated truck of all time. Solid choice.
  8. I'm on my third or fourth Acer in a row. This is an Aspire Nitro, basically it's sold as a gaming rig, but I bought it just to be able to render video. It will be the last Acer I own. Build quality is terrible compared with the earlier ones. When I bought this one, the first one I was shipped was NFG, bad battery or charge controller and would only charge to random amounts, Acer wanted to take it for a couple weeks to fix it, so I just exchanged it with Amazon instead (they overnighted another one and let me return the first one at my leisure). Since then I've had keys hanging up and the backlight on the screen has done odd things. All in all it isn't as sturdy of a case as the earlier Aspires were either, you can feel it flex and creak all the time. I do not anticipate it will last anywhere near as long as the other ones did. My very first Acer was purchased in a Walmart in the middle of the night for $220. I broke my other laptop and needed one for that morning to print plane tickets. I took it all over the US, Canada, Afghanistan, etc for 4 or 5 years. The battery eventually was totally toast on it, but it still worked fine otherwise, but it simply isn't economical to buy a battery for a $220 laptop.
  9. DirtyComanche

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    That's a hell of an assumption you're making there. Being that you'd offend me with that.
  10. DirtyComanche

    Clutch Replacement

    I used a Luk. The slave exploded. In fact everyone I know personally that used the Luk slave had it explode. One guy went through 7? of them before he just lost his mind and found an external slave AX-15. There appears to only be two slave cylinders on the market. The Luk one and the Centric one, or plastic vs aluminum. When I say I had a Luk fail, it was definitely Luk branded, the guy I know that burned though them tried many from different 'brands' but they were all the same (there's one factory making them, some very minor changes existed but they may have even been just batch number specific). I went with the Centric aluminum one for the second go, and it's been good so far.
  11. DirtyComanche

    Axle ubolts

    Is "Cut them off and buy new ones" not an acceptable answer? Assuming he actually wants to know the socket size...
  12. DirtyComanche

    Battery gauge

    The contacts on the circuit board thingy on the cluster will corrode and do that too. But check the ground first. And as said, verify actual voltage with a meter to make sure it is charging correct and whatnot.
  13. DirtyComanche

    1987 Comanche Restore

    He's got a manual tranny, use 75w-90 GL5 oil, or something like that. Same for the axles. Personally I like synthetics, that's me. Tcase can use any ATF. Dex/Merc III is still available, but later Jeep manuals will say ATF+4 because they're Chrysler. It doesn't matter which, just make sure you put ATF in it and not gear oil.
  14. DirtyComanche

    Asking for an expert's eye

    Lots of stuff has been swapped on it. Like Minuit said, that interior wasn't what it came with, and it looks to me like a lot of the exterior stuff has been swapped at some point, likely when they painted it. If somebody that cared owned it and did this stuff, it's a good sign. If a hack did it to try to make it look okay to sell it, ugh. That's what my 88 was (and somewhat still is), a hack tried to make it look okay to sell it. When I say the $3000 price is probably okay, I mean as an asking price, I wouldn't intend to pay that even if it looks very solid. It's a 2wd, and it's been spraypainted (well, almost guaranteed that's spraypaint). Looks like it will need an exhaust too.
  15. DirtyComanche

    Asking for an expert's eye

    I'd be worried about what all that flat black paint is hiding. But it doesn't appear to be very rusted on the uniframe, so that's a good sign. Look at it in person and see how good it actually is. $3000 probably isn't a bad price if it's actually got a solid body.