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  1. I never understood the drinking age in the US. Anyways
  2. All I can think of when I read the title.
  3. Slider preferably. Shipping is prohibitive though, so I'll probably just buy one off Rockauto (they can ship cross border super cheap because of their account).
  4. If you can cut the rear windows out without breaking them, yeah, they're worth money. I need one actually.
  5. Not reading the article. The names were chosen out of RESPECT though. Similar to how you have the Apache, Iroquois, Comanche (that they unfortunately did not take to production), Chinook, Kiowa, Lakota, and etc helicopters, along with fixed wing aircraft such as the Dakota, Choctaw, Huron, Mohawk, etc.
  6. It's Canada. The sun ain't that hot.
  7. That doesn't seem like a good thing. I'm betting there's a nice charbroiled wire back there. I'd think heated rear window. If sized incorrectly it could get hot enough to burn, but not actually fuse.
  8. And I thought I had some bad ideas.
  9. Given how cheap the repop MJ tanks are, and that MTS is now making the senders, the only justification for not going that route is if you're either doing a 97+ swap, or if you're insane. I'm in the second group.
  10. Buy an aftermarket track bar and bracket. Reusing the stock bracket is not worth doing. The stock setup works fine in a stock truck, but it does not hold up long term with larger tires and lift. As a FYI the new track bar you bought likely won't fit the bracket you have either. They changed the size of the taper of the TRE type joint in 91~ (or something) and almost all of the aftermarket ones do not fit the old style bracket without reaming it out with the correct taper reamer. Or maybe it was earlier than that. I don't remember, like I said it's not a good setup anyways. That Iron Rock track bar and bracket isn't a bad deal at $210. The comparable RE one (RE1660 and RE1665, since they sell it as two parts) is $260. Most of the steering upgrades sold for the XJ/MJ are hack and I would not recommend them. Depending how much if you have just going with the V8 ZJ/late model XJ parts and flipping the driver's side tie rod is an inexpensive and reliable option.
  11. DirtyComanche


    The Renix represents the pinnacle of simple EFI. It does everything it needs to, and nothing it doesn't. It's too bad we can't get into the ROM and play with things a little more.
  12. DirtyComanche

    HUGE setback

    That's super frustrating that they weren't more forthcoming about what they intended with the position ahead of time. Have you made a Linkedin profile, or any for similar services? Some moron looking for an IT job in Florida made one and used my email by accident (I'm guessing we have similar names and he formatted it wrong) and I often get a bunch of emails from headhunters, so the service must work.
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