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  1. Yup. You can't just grab a pinion from one ratio and a ring gear from the other. They may be able to mesh if you shim them enough, but you'll never run the correct pattern. Beyond that, gears are matched as sets of a pinion and a ring gear... You can't really get away with using a pinion or ring gear from one set in another, even if they're the same ratio and brand. In theory if they're the same brand and ratio, and the checking distance is marked the same, and they're from the same batch, you can get away with it, but it's just not a great idea (and I can't see any scenario in which you would want to do this).
  2. Not even rust. Just a slight inkling of corrosion and they snap. It's a dissimilar metal thing I think.
  3. The chrome handles are metal. They're the only handles you can actually get off the doors without snapping the studs.
  4. I'd be torn on doing the intake/exhaust swap. There is more power to be made by doing it, that's absolutely for sure, but there is an awful lot of headache involved. I would solidly say it isn't worth it unless you're interested in trying to get as much power as you can, and damn the time and costs to do so. If you were to, you could either keep the Renix FI, or switch it to HO. Switching it to the HO would be far easier done with the XJ that engine came out of, assuming it was out of one, as you need all the wiring for the engine and cab (have to adapt some of it to work in the MJ), the ECM, etc, along with the intake/exhaust manifolds and associated bits, exhaust downpipe, etc. You can also just put the HO intake and exhaust on it and use the Renix FI, my Renix XJ is like this. You'll have to adapt the TPS, fuel lines, vacuum harness, intake, etc. I did it because I bought a stainless steel HO header to replace my cracked manifold, and when it didn't fit with the Renix intake I convinced myself that I should swap the intake rather than just buying a manifold/header that actually fit. In retrospect it was stupid and I wasted a ton of time on it. However when I pop the engine I have a HO head sitting here, so I will be able to get another 4 horsepower out of it next time. I'd guess your current high idle issue is related to the TPS or IAC, assuming the throttle isn't sticking.
  5. 84-86 XJ/MJ stuff is so much fun because they more or less played Parts Roulette when assembling them.
  6. I'd concur. I have a mix of late model ZJ and XJ stuff on mine, which has an 87 front axle. It works fine.
  7. I'm not aware of any modern automatic trans that requires sequential shifting. I'm curious what ones would.
  8. It won't. The AX-4 trucks came with 3.54s typically as they didn't have OD. Put an AX-5 in place of the AX-4 and you now have an AX-5 truck with 3.54s. But gear ratios are all Schrodinger until the cover is off.
  9. Out hiking rather than working. Working at a not yet functioning mine I last visited in 2011ish.
  10. Just buy a tank. If there's pinholes in it now, there will be more later. EBay, Rockauto, etc all have them.
  11. Pretty regular design. Angle the parts that meet the fender flares more, or you'll be cutting them off later for tire clearance. Make sure a Hi-Lift can actually get under it safely in multiple places. Unless you have no intention of using it for that. Make sure the brackets that attach it go back as far as the holes for the tow hook, and pick up the steering box holes. Make sure there's inner plates too.
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Oil-Filter-Screw-Adapter-Fitting-2-5L-4-0L-53007563AB-Wrangler-YJ-TJ-LJ-XJ/202682844175?fits=Make%3AJeep&hash=item2f30d6c40f:g:5~sAAOSwlZ5c4Fe2&vxp=mtr Or probably this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Oil-Filter-Screw-Adapter-Fitting-2-5L-4-0L-53007563AB-Wrangler-YJ-TJ-LJ-XJ/202682844175?fits=Make%3AJeep&hash=item2f30d6c40f:g:5~sAAOSwlZ5c4Fe2&vxp=mtr Point is they're on eBay often enough. Search the OEM P/N and buy one that will ship to you.
  13. Then get the standard standpipe and be done with it. Or be like me and buy 20 filters off rockauto when they're marked down.
  14. Fram cheaped out in the early 2000s. Before then they were good. And as I said, it's really only their lowest end filters that suck for the most part. The 4.0 is also tough enough that it will likely survive using them... unless you have a total failure of the filter, which does happen. Pete was damn near to that happening. I don't see why you would use them when there is better filters for the same price or less.
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