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  1. DirtyComanche

    Mud Tires

    They make good tires. That said, if they're the tire for you depends entirely on usage and expectations.
  2. DirtyComanche

    Street Comanche clone

    That stuff looks like 100% generic/universal stuff. I don't care enough to do any legwork, so hold that against me if you want, but check if they say those parts fit the S10/Dakota/Ranger/Courier/Mazda Bs/whatever other mini trucks, that will tell you right away it's just a generic part. Also, remember, aftermarket parts ONLY fit the box they come in. And that's a best case scenario.
  3. DirtyComanche

    Inherited '88 Comanche. Market?

    Where is it? And pics... (What those guys said)
  4. DirtyComanche

    Notice the missing MJOTM lately??

    Yeah, mine certainly isn't rust free or clean... And it made it. But I did dump a lot of time and money into taking something destined for the crusher and putting it back on the road as a daily driver.
  5. DirtyComanche

    Who am I talking to?

    Occasionally I wear sleeved coveralls. And, man was that pic a long time ago. 2008? I know I still have it somewhere.
  6. DirtyComanche

    Who am I talking to?

    Bumping this, because apparently there was some interest... If you're familiar with my YouTube (or not) you can go there to really see what I look like, but I ain't pretty, so don't go there just for that.
  7. DirtyComanche

    No problem keeping the beer cool today

    It's -10 here. Mildest winter I've ever seen here. We also had almost no snow until just after Christmas. Now I'm at the normal amount, which is too much to deal with. I think snowpack in the mountains is pretty low compared with normal though.
  8. DirtyComanche


    I'd pay $100 for one in good condition. I'd pay $200 for one that was mint or only needed paint. No lie. And it's spelled naive. Don't think I'm trying to be a twat by correcting you, it's a weird word and lots of people spell it wrong, I'm just trying to preserve the English language.
  9. DirtyComanche

    I needed a laugh... :)

    I really had to scrounge through my collection of random funny pictures to find one PC enough to upload to here.
  10. DirtyComanche

    One of our own is down

    I'm so sorry. RIP Don.
  11. DirtyComanche

    Street comanche #53

    I honestly don't think these Street Comanches are worth a thing, save maybe #1 of them. I hope not to hurt any feelings, but a body kit on a truck doesn't make it special. I should put a plaque on the glovebox of my '88. It's #3 of 5 (so far) that were owned and worked on by the legendary DirtyComanche!
  12. DirtyComanche

    moon go bye bye

    I'm so mad. $1600 worth of camera and lens, not a chance the cloud will break. Yes, that's it, at 150mm. I couldn't even see it by eye, and just let it expose for 10 seconds to see if it might show up. Was surprised I had it in frame... No hope of getting it in frame at 500mm when you can't see it though, and there's no point anyway. Other pic is the stars I took a few weeks back, just to prove I am not actually a total numpty with a camera.
  13. DirtyComanche

    moon go bye bye

    Clouded over just as it was getting started. I was going to walk out on the lake and get a good picture or 100 using a variety of lenses. Nope.
  14. DirtyComanche

    Bought myself something

    Does anyone have name suggestions? Pirate has failed me on this... I literally can't post 99% of the suggestions here.
  15. DirtyComanche

    Ain't nothing free and dumb is expensive.

    An article I read said that there's an average of 42 of these pipeline 'taps' done every day. Most don't end like this.