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  1. Put a 8.8 in the rear to replace the dana 35 and upgrade to rear discs now the question I have about the bakes is can you bypass that load height sensor? Secondly my question about shocks is I installed a 5.5 lift came out to about 6 inches wondering if bilstein 5125 10" travel shocks will work with my lift if not what did you guys use and with installing these new shocks will I need bar pin eliminators or any other shock mounts? Also any suggestions for weld on shock mounts for the rear? Thanks Tim
  2. I purchased a 1 ton steering upgrade (UTK) from JCR but have noticed the track bar bolt at the bottom is hitting on the tie rod when turned one way. Any ideas on what I could do with this? My thoughts right now are to just extend the stop bolts on the knuckles to prevent the tie rod from contacting the bolt. Thanks Tim
  3. I just started to install my front Rubicon express control arms and they just don't look right. Is there suppose to be a gap like that between the bushings and the arms ears? I have added pictures for a better description.
  4. Looking to buy fuse panel mine has had the biscuit. Will pay for shipping would prefer USPS. It is for a 1990 jeep comanche 4L 5 speed ax-15 thanks Tim
  5. Internal slave cylinder finally started leaking out all its fluid every 30 minutes so it is time to replace the slave cylinder and clutch. Does anyone have any tips or things I should watch for when doing the job? Thanks Tim
  6. Just going to weld the splines to the yoke on SYE simple fix :yes:
  7. I will be lifting jeep next weekend I have : Coil springs 5.5" Control arms drop brackets track bar and bracket drop pitman arm brake lines spring perches ubolts 3.25" coil spacers 1.75" sye 8.8 Is there anything I am missing? I don't know what type of u joints i need have a ax15 with a 231. I am ordering shocks for truck after it is lifted to see the outcome of how high the truck goes Thanks Tim
  8. that is the nicest tube box i have seen love the look of it congrats.
  9. Well had a minor accident when offroading and ended up with some front end damage. This was in process and finished product Was very happy on look of hood when I painted it.
  10. Recently had a little bit of an offroad accident but luckly only fender and bumper received damage. Need paint code for my truck its a red pioneer.
  11. look sweet man I am getting a new one across my back. Whats the golf cart indecent?
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