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  1. here is the kicker on my truggy all of the work on the back half was done while undergoing radiation and chemo.
  2. Thank again guys... Pete first plan is to change the cage in the Turd... so Avery has a seat in the back middle. Then I am going to work on a 24volt jeep buggy thing. She all ready has a 6 volt quad she rides the heck out of. As for beating the Big C.. it is amazing I am under 40 and have had two different forms of cancer all ready.. I am praying there isnt a third.
  3. Thanks guys. My lil one is just awesome and takesa lot of spare time and money, but she is so worth it. Thanks on the rides comment. It has taken yrs for them to be so cool.
  4. Well I have been away for a few yrs. Latest updates are I still have my MJ truggy, but now it is just a MJ cab.. and a lot more tube. Still being worked on, but it is a lot closert then it was before. I still have my chop top xj I wheel. It is now rolling on 37 pitbulls... and thats about it. I also now have a 16 month old baby girl named Avery.. and life is awesome. Lastly I just syrvived my 2nd battle with cancer, and I am now getting back to work soon. here is a pic of my xj 2 weeks ago at the Cove campground here is the start of the rear of my truggy... with the actual tires I am using the cage work on the rear 75% done
  5. A lil more work happened yesterday.. Woody tacking tubes together Side view... talk about a PITA to get the angles the way we wanted them. Front view.. Tody will plate Make some motor Mounts, and start tieing new frame into old frame By plating it. The motor is a true PITA to get out.. There is only 1/2 between the winch x-member bar and the front Pulley on the motor... Luckily nothing in the way anywhere else.
  6. Looks like the guy took a hammer to the rig.. not sure why.. but they are dented up :doh: This would have been a cool rig to fix.. but it is more work then worth
  7. wel today I went and picked up another free rig. This time I got a 2dr xj that was involved in a front end accident. Of course when I got it.. all the class was busted out of it :huh???: But it runs... Plans are to clear 33's with no lift, and enter it into the May Mudbog that is held about 20 miles from my house. Plans are to let anyone drive it that wil pay their fee and if it survives the bog.. I plan on seeing how high I can get it to jump before I take it to the crusher :dunno:
  8. pingpong

    New ink work

    I got ejected from a golf cart during the punkin run in 09.. ending up breaking my right leg bad enough to require 13cm'c of steel 5 screws and a bone graft to fix, as well as breaking my left foot
  9. pingpong

    New ink work

    Well I did some work on a Tattoo shop owners jeep.. so I get some ink done. First piece was for the golf cart incident. It is a Ed roth inspired design. The second one was done at the Local tattoo convention. It took roughly 9hrs. but was done in three sittings do to time and other clients. Talk about a painful tat. BTW back of the calfs suck.
  10. pingpong


    Just wanted to say HI.. I am still alive.. and Building my rigs. Check out Pong's rebirth.. some of yo might cringe.. but it was all ready a truggy :yes:
  11. How about the bedsides off the bed.. just the outer skin
  12. Picked up 180' of tube the other day :yes: Well today sold Pongs old motor Then work started. First had to bolt the doubler, and drivetrain together Then with a bunch of pushing shoving I got the motor in position.. but jack stands are 2 short so I have to cut and add some stuff to the bottom.. but this is close I still plan on raising the whole setup another 2", but this gives you an idea of what the inside looks like
  13. Got some more work done on Sunday. :wrench: It all involved 3 of my favorite tools. Plasma, sawzall, and Hammer :nuts: Inner fenders gone Well if you thought I was going to stop there :banana: Then to top it all off I rough notched the fenders so I could dovetail the nose a lil :yes: Today I will be checking on DOM prices and cleaning up the frame and d300.. nothing really special. Aslo wil be installing an ARB in my D44 so the Turd project can keep going
  14. More work got done 2wd beam out Tires setting in wheel well Here is the axle in place.. body at ride height..
  15. Wrenching at my Buddy Woody's shop. ABout 10 min up the road from me. Much bigger shop. I forgot to mention... the frame is going to change a lot... It is going to mostly be 13/4x.120.. and 1/4 plate. No need to sacrafice ride height, packaging so I can have a bad design. Less is more in my case
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