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  1. https://www.facebook.com/LokiLights/videos/1072327509542694/
  2. http://lasvegas.craigslist.org/cto/5415946126.html
  3. http://nanaimo.craigslist.ca/cto/5401168899.html
  4. i hope that in the future i can be of as much help to mj owners as the people on here have been to me over the years. the issue I'm dealing with now ( well, one of them) is a grinding kind of howl that at first i thought was coming from the d35. ( the one that's been run very hard without maintenance almost daily for many years, sometimes with 2/3 cord of wood on board, on 35s) i'm having a difficult time telling where the sound is actually coming from. i took the front driveshaft out for a couple of days and that made no difference in noise. i now really think that it is the output on the tc. ever since the spring-over the slip yoke has not been long enough to get a good grip on the splines. ( a tc drop of 1.5" did help quite a bit and also stopped the vibration, but still didnt make it insert quite enough and remained sloppy). it was suggested that i should get a yoke off a tj because they are longer and i always wanted to do that but haven't got around to it yet. my question is, can i just pull the output out of a parts tc that i have on hand - both 231s, get the longer yoke and be done ? - assuming that is my problem.
  5. i did get a less-than-perfect seal on that hose piece that connects under the blower. hmmm not sure where else to check for a leak, but that does make sense.
  6. that's the thing. it ran on all speeds so i figured it was the motor itself. the relay in the pic turned out to be part of an after-market security system that the po had installed. i put the one from the parts jeep in and it starts and blows well, now a strange thing is going on where it will change settings by itself and alternate between blowing to the floor (heat setting), and blowing for de-fog. this is without the actual control lever moving at all.
  7. yes its the 91. I'm going to change it out tomorrow. i didn't have time to trace the wires tonight but just from a glance it didn't seem to have anything to do with the fan. here's a recent pic of the truck now on 35s with the 4:10s from my 86. it's been horribly abused every day for many years now and i still wouldn't hesitate to drive it across the country tomorrow morning. i love this little truck.
  8. it's this. sorry for the big pic. ive read that when the blowers struggling it can cause a dash fire because of resistance melting the switch.
  9. i notice on the mj there's some sort of fuse or relay also bolted to the blower through one of the same 3 screws that holds it on. the xj doesn't have this. i'm going to assume i can just install it back onto the xj blower (that's going into the mj)?
  10. hi guys. just looking to see if anyone knows where i should start with this fan issue. it simply stopped coming on .if i pop the hood and tap the fan motor with a ski pole it comes on right away though. ( sometimes it makes some painful squeeling sound when i do this - sometimes it doesn't). bear in mind, electricity is still just some mysterious theory to me at this point. also, i have a parts xj that was just given to me. same year and running gear.( 91 4.0 5spd).
  11. these are gorgeous photos. so many more roads into the alpines down there. thanks.
  12. i see this with 6", LA's and 35s. i'd love the extra room.
  13. http://akroncanton.craigslist.org/cto/5263218879.html
  14. not the drain hole. so , yes.i put it in the upper hole. i did not put it in the speedo sensor hole though.
  15. i bet it's no coincidence that there is a howl now coming from that area. i'm pretty much convinced that it's the output of the tc. i couldnt tell for a while and just assumed the d35 was getting loud. plus i put my hand on it last night and it felt quite warm.
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