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  1. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    Sounds good Hudy, whenever you are ready.
  2. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    Thanks Pete!
  3. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    With the bed on the frame, then yes difficult to reach equipment to all the spots, and unable to address all clean up and coating. Bed would have to come off frame for this to be done thoroughly with blasting. I don't know what Hudy's plan is. Just offering my help. And letting all CC members that I have this available. Thank you!
  4. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    Hudy, I see that you are from Philly area. I live in South Jersey. I can help you out . I have a mobile sandblasting company. Let me know if you want me to blast away!
  5. Local Jeep show at Valenzano winery in Shamong NJ. Jeeps in The Vineyard. November 11 Saturday.
  6. What is this on my rad cap??

    Someone could have gone old school on that radiator in the past, and did a fix using stop leak and added fibers, hair, anything to help stop a leak. Black pepper and an egg in the radiator was a fix, years ago.
  7. Comanche Tailgate Bench

    Very nice! What did the wood come from?
  8. The auto show

    Funny you mention DiNick's, that's exactly what I ate,so good.
  9. The auto show

    Went to the Philadelphia Auto show this afternoon. I was hoping to be teased with a jeep pick up. Nope. Nuthn. Not even a concept jeep. The representative only had the same old not so clear info on when and what. Although there was a 2017 JK, customized by a subcontractor through jeep. Price on it was around 70k. Had a blast though checking out all makes and models, and had some really good food at the Reading terminal market.
  10. New Shirt for Christmas, what did you get?

    What's the return policy?
  11. How to Remove the Bed?

    It's a plastic fastener holding a shim to the chassis. It "should" stay in place when you remove the bed. If anyone of them gets moved or removed, just set back in its original location. you'll see when the bed comes off.
  12. New Guy Here

    Welcome Jeff. I'm in NJ too.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving All

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  14. wood burning stoves

    That should work, maybe two of those fans/3" ducts. Don't forget about the MJ tailgate furniture and CJ grill for the fireplace.