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  1. jdwillys


    Wow, that sure is beautiful!
  2. jdwillys

    Nj Offroad group

    I will be a vendor. Please look me up. I will have my Comanche at my vendor spot.
  3. jdwillys

    Nj Offroad group

    Hunterk, I suggest you go to the Jeeps in the Vineyard, next Saturday, Nov 10. Not too far from you. Garden State Jeep is running the event, and many vendors will be there.
  4. jdwillys


    Thank you! I never win anything! And yes Pete, I was the only MJ there.
  5. jdwillys


    Thank you to everyone for the towing advise/tips. Ended up not towing the cj5, my friend decided not to take his Jeep,and insisted that I use his ticket for my MJ. So I washed it down this morning, drove it to the show. Came home with a trophy!
  6. jdwillys


    Yes, that's my concern exactly. I barely noticed the 2a behind that full size truck.
  7. jdwillys


    Thanks you, very good info. It's my buddy's cj5. There is a Jeep show this Saturday in Yardley PA,( Jeeps at the Farm). His F250 broke down so he can't tow his Jeep. I will tell him we'll grab a dolly. That's the route I will do. The only prior experience I have with flat towing was years ago with my Chevy k20, and my cj2a on the back.
  8. jdwillys


    Thank you
  9. jdwillys


    I might be towing a cj5 golden eagle,304ci. It has a tow bar. Or would it be better using a dolly? But the real question is, should I not do it at all?? My truck is a short bed, 4.0, ax15, 4x4, 3.73 gears, Dana 44, dual diaphram booster, 35" tires. Front suspension, brakes, steering are new. One hour drive up, then back mostly flat driving. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  10. jdwillys

    Tailgate latch linkage bumper

    Me too. Thinking about using a band saw
  11. jdwillys

    Cool photos at sunset

    Took these earlier today while cruising at sunset.
  12. jdwillys

    Jim Oshel has passed

    I really enjoyed reading his posts. Always had very witty comments and great humor. One of those people that I wish I had the opportunity to meet.
  13. jdwillys

    Station Wagons

    Ahhh the memories. I'm 1 of 8 kids. My parents would stuff us all in the station wagon and go for a trip down the shore, or to the Grand parents. My favorite was a early 60's Chevy wagon. I remember folding the 3rd seat down, into the all metal bed, me and 3 of my brothers would ride back there. Days of no seat belts. And yes I noticed more wagons being restored/ for sale.
  14. jdwillys

    Nj Offroad group

    Garden State Jeeps is a popular club, I'm not a member, I just know that they are pretty active with shows and benefits, etc. Also if you go to the PA Jeep show in York PA in July, or the OC jeep invasion in August, you will meet different local clubs. And the garden State jeep club runs the Jeep's in the vineyard show in November. Hope that helps.
  15. jdwillys

    Thoughts on handgun safes

    Cut the back wall of your glove box, fab a lock box on the engine side. Put in a neatly hidden lock door in the glove box, back wall. Only you will know it's there.(and me).