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  1. Great thread! Big help, I will be using all of information, thank you!
  2. jdwillys

    Memorial Day

    Thank you and to everyone who served our country!🇺🇸
  3. For some reason I had a difficult time logging into the Cherokee forum to find jhc7399( could be because I suck at this whole computer/ social media thing), So as I was searching elsewhere I found them on line,( MotorMan fuel injector supply) I was able to call and speak to them directly. Ended up buying from them, I paid about 150. I wanted to buy from jhc7399, and wish I did, mainly because of the recommendations from here and as others said his price is less than 100. However, I am completely satisfied with Motor Man.
  4. Ordered a set of injectors, got them a couple days ago, had a chance to install them tonight. Took it for a spin, holy crap, what a difference! Thank you everyone who gave me advice.
  5. Here’s what I have in the hood: $50 for a good used hood $50 materials in blasting $200 for the louvers $100 for the body shop $400 sounds like a lot of money,, I actually have more than that into it, I was being conservative with the numbers. Because I am a sandblasting contractor, I am showing only 50 for blasting material, no labor cost. Hope you like
  6. The one for sale is the white one in primer, it does not have holes for pins.
  7. I have a hood, just completed. Sand blasted, Louvers punched , bodyshop finished with direct to metal primer. I will bring to York if anyone is interested. Please let me know, and I will bring the hood. Here’s a photo of the one in white primer. And some photos of similar hood on my Comanche. Thanks,Jim
  8. Thank you kook , I may do that, but what I’m against is time. I will definitely consider doing that if I cannot find a source. I am also getting ready to swap the radiator for an aftermarket one( I already switched over to open system). Any suggestions on brand, I see Quadratec has a few. Thanks again, Jim.
  9. Hello everyone. I’ve been procrastinating with fuel injector replacement. So I’ve been looking around for the Volvo 0280155746, “746” injectors. Brand new at the parts store is expensive. On eBay, looks like no-name brand is cheaper. But what I am having a hard time with is finding a reliable rebuilt set. Can someone please direct me to a person who sells them. I tried the names that I had previously ( thank you Neil), but having a difficult time with that now. Thank you for all the help.
  10. I have no excuses. I am local enough be there. I will start planning that weekend to be free to go.
  11. Abby, I am so sorry for your lost. And thank you for keeping us all involved. You and your family are in my prayers. Don was a great man.
  12. I want the squwallet. Looks like it can be used as a back scrather as well. And a bottle opener!
  13. Prayers out to you and your family Don. Get well.
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