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  1. name that part 2

    New from Ronco, turn any Jeep into an Amphi-Jeep. Batteries not included.
  2. name that part

    Should do good in mud, it has fins.
  3. name that part

    Spare tire
  4. Getting to know ComancheClub

    Welcome aboard
  5. Any idea what this is?

    Looks like an index finger
  6. what did you do to your MJ today?

    Did nothing to my Comanche today
  7. Philadelphia: FREE SWB Exhaust Pipe

    Hudy, I am local,is this exhaust still available? I happen to be finishing up and getting my MJ back on the road(again). Pleased let me know, Thank you, jdwillys
  8. No spark and no power to the fuel pump

    This is a stretch, but did you possibly unplug the wiring harness that goes from driver side tail light to the passenger side tail light (the plug closer to the passenger side). That must be plugged in, to complete the ground.
  9. Scavenger hunt/ picture challenge!

    Hahahaha, I had no idea what you were talking about until I zoomed in! Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    Sounds good Hudy, whenever you are ready.
  11. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    With the bed on the frame, then yes difficult to reach equipment to all the spots, and unable to address all clean up and coating. Bed would have to come off frame for this to be done thoroughly with blasting. I don't know what Hudy's plan is. Just offering my help. And letting all CC members that I have this available. Thank you!
  12. Rust Removal Above Inside Wheel Well

    Hudy, I see that you are from Philly area. I live in South Jersey. I can help you out . I have a mobile sandblasting company. Let me know if you want me to blast away!
  13. Jeep show

    Local Jeep show at Valenzano winery in Shamong NJ. Jeeps in The Vineyard. November 11 Saturday.
  14. What is this on my rad cap??

    Someone could have gone old school on that radiator in the past, and did a fix using stop leak and added fibers, hair, anything to help stop a leak. Black pepper and an egg in the radiator was a fix, years ago.