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  1. Thank you. But with the idiot's here in California with day time running lights driving at night with no taillights, I just want to be safe as possible. So a bright brake light would keep my rear in one peice. Hopefully.
  2. I bet to some of you that what I'm saying is quite weird, but it has helped me greatly. I have been addicted to porn for some 43 years. It's a very wicked addiction, extremely slippery side pit, that God has thrown me a rope to get out. How I got into this garbage is another story. But Comanche club has done many things for me. It gave me a new Avenue to get away from the porn addiction, by fixing my eyes on a real item than fake make believe garbage. And rekindled the love/hate affair of the disease known as comanchitist. Sniff sniff, excuse me while get a tissue.
  3. This topic should be a sticky. Anyway, I would like to add a rear third brake light with a truck bed light. So great junkyard gurus, what make, model should I be looking for? That would fit a manche. I would like to have it look somewhat Factory or match the curve of the cab. https://images.app.goo.gl/HCpVGMi4qFx2qYVMA
  4. Last summer, my wife and I went aboard the USS Midway. Aircraft carrier, in San Diego. Wow. The docents were amazing, Retired NAVY pilots who landed on a aircraft carrier.
  5. Its been sold, it went to Las Vegas to be restored.
  6. Mine. Its earning its keep.
  7. COM86

    Witness of history

    In Niles, California. A restored german built locomotive. The only one in 1964, for southern Pacific. This actually has a transmission. Not diesel electric.
  8. The brakes were not hooked up. So today I pulled off the cover and found the brakes were rusted. So I'm in the process of cleaning the rust off and refurbishing the drums.
  9. I'm looking for a jeep spare tire cover for a 17 inch wheel, to keep the sun off the tire.
  10. So I did. And was given this. It's a John Deere 770. 3cyl diesel, 4x4 tractor. The previous owner said that it smoked badly and the flat tire is a bad wheel. I replaced the hoses, fuel and vacuum. New fuel filter, clean out the fuel tank. And it fired right up. And hasn't smoked at all. I put in a new valve stem in the flat tire, and it still holds air. This little tractor has been beaten to death.
  11. My original spare tire carrier was beat to death plus someone stole my spare by cutting the cable. So I asked a friend who weld's to help me modify a RV spare tire carrier. He welded a pipe to it, drilled holes for a lock. And just now as I look at the picture, I see a design flaw. I need to have the lock go through both sides of the pipe.
  12. Ah yes, the Joy's of working on an old truck. Frustrated, bruised knuckles, and grease as sunscreen. But when you get done, someone will probably say why'd did you do that for..., and your reply is because I wanted to. That is all that matters.
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