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    Cool item

    Since my 86 dosen't have air conditioning, just a 260 ac. 2 window down at 60 mph. I recycle pallets, and I have a dog that rides with me. So I wanted to have an inside temperature unit. This one works great. https://www.amazon.com/DROK-180038-Temperature-Multimeter-Thermometer/dp/B00SXZDKTW
  2. So would it be in the best interest for me to use it or get rid of it? 8.8 axle swap.
  3. Picture work best. Also I have noticed that a brake line comes in. Ts off goes to this and then goes somewhere else.
  4. I'm doing a Ford explorer 8.8 swap. I have noticed that when I run the emergency brake cables that I'm going to have an issue with the fuel tank. Has anyone else had this problem? How did you remedy it? 1986 Comanche long bed.
  5. That attaches to the rear axle differential cover that has brake lines going to it?
  6. I agree, I love mine. I also have one of these lights. The cable is so long you can walk clear around the truck.
  7. COM86

    Is it just me..

    Or does the Rock Auto truck look like a Comanche?
  8. Oh that makes sense. The glue part. No wonder I couldn't get it apart.
  9. Curious about the name of the part that bolts/connects to the Ford 8.8 axle and the jeep driveshaft. The picture shows the 4 bolts. I tried to get the piece in question but had difficulty in removing it. Thank you.
  10. I want to tint it with the shade of blue used on the dodge challenger and charger. Since the interior is blue in my Comanche. I want to keep the 2 tone colors. White on top with blue below. Actually its a trial for my barn find 1960 Ford f350 one ton. I want to spray some areas on the 60.
  11. Well, as the saying goes. If the wife isn't happy, no one is happy. I was planning on using the 87 Comanche as a parts truck. I was nice to a guy at a gas station and struck up a conversation, told him that I had spare Cherokee parts on hand. Couldn't help him but he later called me to ask me if I wanted the Comanche for free. His rear axle split into. I towed it home and my wife wanted it. So it's my wife's truck, it's my wife color.
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