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  1. "And under the hood.....is a menagerie of complication" She's funny.
  2. I see pictures like that and am reminded of how blessed I am to have the junkyards we do up here. There's a couple of them like that, but they're way out in the boonies and I generally avoid them. I remember traipsing through them back up in PA....I don't miss them. LOL.
  3. Look up Deka AGM batteries when your need finally arises. I too was bitten by the Optima curse and swore them off. Deka (East Penn Manufacturing) is what I switched too.
  4. mjeff87

    CC cookbook

    We have an air fryer. Use it for two things......wings and tater tots. I did do a whole (fryer) chicken in it once, which turned out ok as well. To be honest, I enjoy wings better in the air fryer than in hot oil. And tater tots rock in them. We have an insta-pot also. Got it last year for dirt cheap on a black Friday deal.......it hasn't been out of the box yet. LOL.
  5. mjeff87


    On the way
  6. Excluding my wife's ride (she always has a new car, but.....she pays for it, not me), I DD a 2001 Focus and/or a 2002 KJ. I'd jump in either one right now and drive either to Florida and back if I had to.
  7. If you drove I95 to/from MD to get that, you literally passed within 5 minutes of my house in southern VA. If you ever need a break or a stopover on a drive like that, just shoot me a PM. Garage door is always open and there's beers (and sodas/water/whatnot) in the fridge. My next door neighbor is an LTL driver, and the guy at the end of my street is an OTR driver......that thing would NOT have looked out of place sitting outside my house, lol. Jeff
  8. Yeah, it's the "multifunction" switch assembly. I keep looking in the junkyard for a good used one, but all of the ones I've found either don't have the fog light switch or are cosmetically damaged too much for my liking. I'll probably eventually break down and buy a new one at some point.
  9. mjeff87


    Not sure what our plans are, we should be on property by noon at the latest Friday. Shes got everything mapped out, lol. Ill text you a sitrep once we're there....I just want to sit in a chair, relax and have a beer or a fruity drink of some sort. Maybe we can meet up Friday night or Saturday
  10. mjeff87


    How long are you down there Pete? Wife and I are flying in this Friday.....we'll be there thru the following Thursday.
  11. mjeff87

    CC cookbook

    jdog.....cut them in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds (or not, if you want really spicy). I like to then lay them out on a plate cut side down and microwave them for a minute or so to par cook them, but you can continue with them raw if you want to. Cube up some block cheese of your choice (cheddar, or my preference is jalapeno jack) and fill each one. Then wrap them with a half slice of raw bacon (I like to par cook the bacon a bit as well, but you don't have to). Secure each one with a toothpick so the bacon doesn't unravel and then either bake them in a hot oven (or over indirect heat on the grill) until the bacon browns and the cheese melts a bit. Enjoy. Warning: they are quite addictive.
  12. ^^^^ One other random thought, since you mentioned this one needs a new rear axle. The upper control arm(s) on the rear are actually a one piece design called a tri-link (lowers are typical individual CA's). The tri-link attaches to the rear axle housing via a balljoint type pivot that has a tendency to wear out. If you do get it, and swap a new axle in, I would think about proactively replacing that arm (or you can buy the individual joint and press it in but it's a bit of a PITA). Might think about new LCA bushings too, just since you're in there already. Like Pete says, most of them on the road have not been well maintained.
  13. Oh yeah.....forgot about the ball joints. Check them also. Aside from crappy transmissions, anemic (at best) performance and mileage of the 3.7L, fragile aluminum cylinder heads that like to drop valve seats and/or keepers, and warp with mild overheating, cheap ball joints, and the typical Chryco electrical gremlins (my dome light likes to come on randomly and/or blink in time with the turn signals among other things)......they really aren't a bad vehicle. I'm with Pete though. I like mine too much to get rid of it.
  14. Small correction on the "trannys are junk"......yes, that's mostly true. But very early 2002's (like mine) got the 45RFE trans installed. Then they switched to the 42RE's for all the rest thru 2008. 2002's also all came with rear drum brakes, 2003+ switched all to discs. OP, take a good look at the cooling system on that rig. If it shows ANY signs of distress I would be wary. Overheating a 3.7L, even once, is a death sentence for them. The idiot gauge in the cluster should be sitting at just a tiny hair to the left of the center hash mark on the gauge face when fully warmed up. Oh, and BTW....bleeding the cooling system is a royal PITA on these things. You've been warned. edit: one other small thing. Crawl underneath and eyeball the rear joint on the front driveshaft, where it bolts to the TC output. If you see a ring of grease slung around the tranny tunnel, that joint is either dead or about to die. Rebuild kits are available for a decent price.
  15. It's 4WD. I might have been able to talk some sense into him, though. He's considering taking it to a shop to get it done. I'm only shying away from it because, although I really enjoy wrenching, I enjoy it in a proper shop (or at least a garage with a flat concrete floor) with some cover, and the proper tools. I have the air tools, but he lives about an hour north of me and I'd have to drag all my crap up there. And probably leave it all there for as long as it would take.
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