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  1. mjeff87

    06 Liberty CRD

    ^^^^$36????? WTH?
  2. Where's the thermostat/water pump housing on the diesel? On the gasser, it's at the extreme lower left front corner of the block. The heater core hoses literally run straight vertical up the front of the engine, into the core which is level/slightly above the expansion tank. It's a gauranteed setup to push air into the core....stooped design.
  3. mjeff87

    Comanche Club Apparel

    Gray or black hoodie order inbound thanks mang.
  4. Yup, I'm in on this one. It's got all the makings of something "Why did you do that????" "because it can be done." Shifter is epic. Carry on.
  5. mjeff87

    Harmonic Balancer?

    Rent the puller from the local parts store....don't try to McGyver the thing off any other way. On a 2.5 you can carefully get away with pulling it without pulling the radiator, but it's safer if you do. Replace the front seal on the timing cover while you have the HB off, it's cheap and worth it.
  6. Yeah, but they can't do it right
  7. If you can believe it, the NEW (second one) radiator is now leaking.. Not bad, but it's dripping a few drops a day from the driver side lower corner. Clamp on the top hose is tight and I can't see any telltale leak signs anywhere above the bottom on that side, so I'm assuming the tank gasket on that side is compromised somewhere. I'm beyond pissed off. I did swing by the shop that did the install today after work and was civil enough to have a good conversation with them about it. They conceded and said just bring it back in and they'll put another new one in it. Problem is, I finally got the heater core bled out and have good cabin heat and don't really want to open up the system again now that it's cold outside and I actually NEED the heater to work. I might take it up there this weekend and let them keep it for a day to put another rad in.....it's supposed to be in the upper 50's with a lot of rain.
  8. mjeff87


    Cwhite.... the snow is finally done.....ended up with 12.5". My driveway/walkway is bare
  9. mjeff87

    Seat Belt Bolt Size

    Pull the darn CAD cover off and slide the coupler over to lock the axle shafts together. Pull the vac lines and cap them, replace cover and never look back again. Were about 6" here now, with another 3-4 to go
  10. mjeff87


    ^^^that is gorgeous, I agree My wife's uncle up in PA picked up a snowblower for me earlier this year (they don't really exist down here). It's only a single stage unit, but it's a Honda. I've been itching to see how it does, so I waited until about 2:00 today until we had about 5-6" in the driveway, and I fired her up. Despite this being a super wet, heavy snow, that thing was throwing rooster tails of snow out the chute about 20 feet. I did my driveway and walkway in 12 minutes flat. My neighbors are throwing me the stink eye, BIG time
  11. mjeff87

    Seat Belt Bolt Size

    I can grab some out of the 'yard here for ya Wahoo...but not right at the moment. We're in the midst of a blizzard here right now lol. How's it up there on the mountain? CHO looks like it's getting clobbered right now too, so I imagine you are too. Supposed to be in the low 50's here this weekend coming up tho, so I could swing down if you needed me too
  12. mjeff87


    Havin' us a good old fashioned snowmageddon here today. Started around 0800 and we already have 2+ inches so far. The real juicy stuff is supposed to move thru here early afternoon and if we're lucky enough we might even get some thunder snow. I'm guessing we end up with about 10 inches if it doesn't change over to ice later on today (fingers crossed it doesn't). It's been a steady 31 degrees here so far. Big, fat, wet sticky flakes Southwest VA and central NC are getting absolutely hammered by this storm, but I'll happily take my 10" of white goodness. Enough for me to not have to go to work tomorrow, lol. Schools here will probably be closed all week
  13. mjeff87

    Thanksgiving traditions

    That is awesome I realllllllyyyy want to do a whole pig roast one summer and invite all of my neighbors over for a big party. Problem is that my yard/grass is my hobby and I don't want to dig up/burn up any of it LOL. There's some common area beside my house that technically belongs to the HOA but I maintain it (I'm going to claim eminent domain on it in a couple years......) that I might use to build a temporary cinderblock oven on.
  14. mjeff87

    Cause of knock?

    ummmm.....yeah. That would do it. You can pull the lifter(s) out without pulling the head. Just make sure you use the type of lifter puller with the little "ears" on the end of the rod that lock into the top of the lifter versus a magnetic type. They are a very tight squeeze to pull up through the head, so much so that you have to use the tool to physically pull them. Use the same tool to reinstall to make sure the lifter drops back into it's bore, otherwise they will fall over and roll around inside the lifter valley. It's a beoitch to get them picked back up and positioned correctly when they do that. Ask me how I know......
  15. mjeff87

    Cause of knock?

    At 60K I doubt it's a timing chain issue. Shorting each cylinder like you did sort of proved its not a wrist pin or rod bearing issue, most likely. Drop the pan like sinkrun suggests, what you might find will probably point you in the right direction. Do you have dummy gauges in your cluster, or full gauges? If gauge, what's your oil pressure look like?