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  1. One of the local junkyards i frequent here is very close to an Army base (Ft. Lee). I'm not sure if its from there, or local outdoor shooting ranges, including local and state PD's, but they get in vehicles absolutely RIDDLED with bullet holes. Like Swiss cheese, through-and-through. I was shocked the first couple times I saw them out in the field....thought it was a gangster type assassination, until I kept seeing them showing up on a regular basis. Ill have to snap a couple pics the next time I'm down there. Lol.
  2. Sort of a tangent......I was our unit's wrecker operator way back in the day. Drove an ancient M543......because noone else wanted to drive it Good times were had until one day all of the bellhousing bolts loosened up on a motor march and the trans basically slipped off the back end of the engine. The irony of my tow truck being towed back to base by another tow truck (10T HEMMT) was not lost on me that day, lol.
  3. There's one spot up in western PA on the route we travel that is absolutely picture-postcard perfect when it snows. Only problem is that it's on the side of a mountain and you're so busy trying not to die driving to try to get a picture
  4. mjeff87

    CC cookbook

    Korean chicken wings and bacon and egg fried rice tonight. My mise en place is in place...stay tuned for cooked pics in a bit.
  5. Welp....$600 in, $600 out. $554 actually out.....I stimulated the lical economy at the emergency vet yesterday on garage kitty. She thanked me by darting out of the garage this morning and disappearing into the neighbors yard for a couple hours. So I went to the gym for and early workout. Got back and she mosied back in like nothing ever happened. Ate a half bowl of dry food and proceeded to fall asleep in her bed. Thats the first bit of food she's had since Wednesday. I think she gonna be alright👍
  6. The point. You are missing it entirely. Let's just agree to disagree on this.
  7. scguy....sorry for your loss and appreciate you sharing it with the group. Holler out if you and the wife need anything brother.
  8. This. This right here. Is why I'm so "afraid" of .gov. Ill say no more in this thread so it doesn't go full-on-retard political and get shut down, but suffice to say I'm right at done playing nice with this whole $#!&show. When There Wasn’t Enough Hand Sanitizer, Distilleries Stepped Up. Now They’re Facing $14,060 FDA Fees. – Reason.com https://reason.com/2020/12/30/when-there-wasnt-enough-hand-sanitizer-distilleries-stepped-up-now-theyre-facing-14060-fda-fees/
  9. Plan on new U bolts for the axle. Don't try to reuse your old D35 or the (new to you) D44 ones. Might as well swap new u-joints into your driveshaft as well, since it'll be off the truck. If you have a single tube rear driveshaft, you can have it cut down. If you have the big old "tube-in-tube" style, driveline shops won't risk trying to cut it. There's a rubber isolator in it that can't be replaced. You'll need a new single tube shaft.
  10. Oh, I want it alright. But, no sense in spending it on anything non-essential until we see what impact all of this "free" money has on our taxes. We might have a couple meals out at some local (non-chain) restaurants, and tip very generously.
  11. Going right in the bank, along with the first stimulus we got. We'll just end up owing it all back to the .gov come tax time anyway. edit: Or.....our outside/inside kitty cat seemed a bit sickly this morning. Not sure what might be wrong with her, I'm leaving work early today to go home and check on her. Might end up needing that $$$ to take her to the vet.
  12. Jim Rockford, all day, every day. Damnit all to hell. I had a good one saved up to post here, almost posted it this morning but I got busy. Maryanne or Ginger? Maryanne just passed away today She was my vote.
  13. ^^^so much that. I absolutely can't stand stepping on a bit of anything on the kitchen floor when barefoot or in socks. I sweep constantly, like every day and my wife always comments about me sweeping too much. I just tell her to standby and see the pile of crap I end up with when I'm done (that usually shuts her up when she sees how "clean" the floor actually wasn't).
  14. I'd mix up a small batch of ATF and acetone. Let it sitting the way it is and pour a bunch of it over the axle stub and let it sit for a few hours/overnight. Then try carefully tapping the stub (thread the axle nut back on flush with the end so you don't peen over the threads.
  15. Update...the spray stuff worked like a charm.. Ill probably go the whole way around the house and give every switch a tiny spurt now, since I bought a whole can for $1.99. Just some good old PM.
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