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  1. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    Walmart does PATS keys? Wow.....I'll have to check. I was just there yesterday, never thought to ask. I'll check that donut gasket too, but whatever is leaking isn't leaking bad enough for the shop not to pass it for inspection. I finally got a new sticker on it yesterday They were very quick to tell me that my front bearings are shot, and even wrote me up a "courtesy" quote to replace them. For $600. LOL. I politely thanked them for the info and drove away.
  2. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    I think I'm just going to grab a set of knuckles from a junkyard focus and have new bearings/hubs pressed into them (my buddy has a 20T press, so I won't have to take them to a shop). That way, I can just pull the old knuckles and swap withthe new ones in at the same time.
  3. mjeff87

    Any of my old friends still here?

    Don't sit on the tan couch over in the corner, lol. Also, if you haven't heard, Don (Hornbrod) just passed away. There's a big thread going on, you can read it to get all the details. Good to hear from you friend Jeff
  4. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    Sooo.....I've determined that the front end "mud tire" noise is actually the front hub bearings and not the struts. No big deal, right? Should be just like a unit bearing assembly....axle nut off, a couple bolts and Bob's your uncle. Newp. Turns out the whole bearing assembly/hub is pressed into the knuckle and held in by a snap ring. Have to pull the whole thing apart (balljoint, strut assembly, LCA, sway bar link, etc) and then have a shop press out the old one and press in the new one. Then put it all back together. Why, oh why, do engineers have to make things SO complicated???? This, however, is a good excuse for me to finally break down and buy an arbor press
  5. mjeff87

    The future of the ComancheClub...

    Pete, it's hard to put into words what you're trying to say, but I think we all understand and agree with ya. I don't have an MJ anymore and barely have a Jeep (KJ) that I don't wheel, lol. I still try to help out in Tech where I can though, from my experience with what I did with my MJ when I had it. I do see a lack of tech when it comes to the 2.5, as most everyone has a 4.0. I'm glad to assist with 2.5 tech as that's what mine started out with. Id be down for an east coast meet and greet too. I've only met a handful of members here and most of them have been either from VA/NC or PA.
  6. A Beautiful Mind. Probably the best movie Russel Crowe ever did. My wife used to work in a psyche hospital and we watched it together. I fell for it hook, line and sinker....with my wife arguing with me for over half the movie. It's one of only a handful of times we ever argued in our whole marriage. The ending hit me like a brick wall once I finally figured it out. I've never seen a movie like that before, or since. And I'll also agree with Shawshank and add the Blues Brothers in addition to Animal House
  7. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    New belt tensioner and idler pulley installed, all is good with the belt now. New motor mounts and trans torque mount installed too, that drivetrain is silent now. Still needs struts, the road noise from the front tires sounds like I'm running swampers Rerouted a bunch of coolant lines and vacuum hoses under the hood....they were all over the place and rubbing themselves raw against everything I also ripped the driver side door apart and PM'd the inside door latch that wasn't opening the door when pulled. Much, much broken OEM plastic little bits and it was clear why it wasn't working. A couple zip ties and a strategically placed sheet metal screw solved that issue I still have an exhaust manifold leak I'm tracing down, and I need to put a new timing belt kit on it. And the winsheild washer fluid resivoir is leaking, lol. I forgot just how much "fun" it is working on a FWD vehicle....not only are my forearms all boogered up, my darn back is KILLING me bending over to work on it
  8. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    Went to install the new motor/trans mounts I got from 1A Auto yesterday.....they sent me a mixture of SOHC and DOHC mounts and at least one of them didn't fit. Ended up returning them via UPS and picked up a correct kit from my local indy parts place (I shoulda just went there in the first place). Started it up tonight to back it up the driveway to get the jeep in the garage and heard an immediate "thump" under the hood and lost power steering and the battery light lit up on the dash. The new damn serpentine belt I put on got thrown off all the accessory drive pulleys. Apparently I completely stressed out the probably-still OEM belt tensioner when I put the new belt on and it $#!& the bed. Picking up a new tensioner in the morning and will replace it when I put the new mounts on. Also found out that the single key I got with it when I bought it has a chip in it and works with a PATS security system, and a replacement/duplicate key is like $85-100. The nice little girl at lowes said they are not allowed to just cut a door lock key without programming it due to some kind of lawsuit that got filed against them several years ago related to doing just that. I didn't ask for details though. I swung by the local dealership after work today (they're quickly getting to know me there, lol) and the parts guy cut me a gen-u-ine Ford key without a chip in it to use on the driver side door lock for $6. I'm going to pony up for an additional ignition key that's programmed, but for right now I'm just uber paranoid about locking the one key I have inside the car.
  9. Cool, cool. Tomorrow (today) is Focus-focus day. I doubt I'll do anything to the KJ this weekend. In fact, I've still got those OEM tow hooks I pulled and made real purty sitting on the workbench, waiting to get installed lol. Maybe if all the planets align and all goes as planned on the Ford I'll work on getting those put on. Doubtful though.....that's the joys of trying to PM a 16 year old vehicle (focus, not KJ) that never really had any PM done on it to date. You fix/replace one thing and break three other things in the process
  10. Hmmm......that is interesting. My seats are still in good shape, but I'm liking that fold down option Proceed with the guinea pigging, and do a full write up with pics so we all can copy it
  11. I have no d sire to dick around with this one, with easy outs or pipe plug removers.....I don't/can't weld, so if it costs me $25-50 or so to get it done I consider it money well spent. Like I said, if I fubar it all up, the whole timing cover on the front of the engine will need to be replaced. Consider yourself a lucky man, lol.
  12. Pete (or Sam), Do the diesels have that bleed screw/pipe plug on the water neck to burp the cooling system like the 3.7's? I managed to royally strip out the head (8 mm inverted allen) on mine screwing around with my cooling system so much...total bonehead move, all my fault. I grabbed a new one from a junkyard KJ but I have reservations about trying to get my old stripped one out. If I fail, I'll end up having to replace the whole stupid timing cover (the waterneck is cast into it all as one piece, dumbest thing I ever saw). I might just pony up and take it to a shop to have them try to get it out. Maybe they can tack weld an actual nut onto the top of the plug and spin it out that way. Welding heat should help, too (I don't weld).
  13. Literally anything you put back there is better than the OEM backup lights......I've never had a vehicle that was so hard seeing to back up at night. Part of that could be the window tint on mine, though. I like that hitch silencer thingy you got....I need one of those. I scored a reallly nice hitch basket from Northern Tool last year, but it bangs around like nobody's business. They had an el cheapo one on sale that I went to get, and the nice sales lady said they had a nicer one (like +$200 nice) that was a customer return so they couldn't sell it as new. She said she'd mark it down to $99 for me, but I had a coupon for $20 off a $100 or more purchase, so I told her I'd give her $101 for it so I could also use the coupon I walked out of there with it for $81. edit: it's this one....looks like they kind of came down in price a bit. It's foldable, too, but I have to use a hitch extender to fold it up otherwise it hits the spare. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200622233_200622233
  14. mjeff87

    Just rubbing it in

    We rented one of those things last summer out at Smith Mountain Lake. First time in my life I ever piloted a watercraft larger than a jetski or a rowboat. I didn't kill us all, so........yeah. Nice boat
  15. mjeff87

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    Oh, and I also installed a new passenger inner fender I pulled from the junkyard. They're only like $25 new, but the 'yard gave it to me as a freebie. But they charged me $8 each for the two door latches Win some, lose some....