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  1. mjeff87


    Yup. I was hatched inside the base hospital (a long, long time ago).
  2. He likes chicken......white meat. LOL. Have a great time guys, I was hoping to make it up this year but was un-committal on this thread because I didn't know what my schedule was going to be. Not going to be able to make it unfortunately.
  3. Florida, specifically northern/panhandle area, including Southern GA. Thats whats happening. Wife and I just got back from our 5th trip down there in the last couple years. Yeah, there are some faults, like everywhere, but probably in about 6-7years I'm thinking thats where we're going to migrate to. Either that or St. Croix.
  4. mjeff87


    Greetings. I'm from OK by way of birth, Comanche County (Lawton). Welcome to the club There's a brown couch in the corner.....don't sit on it. Lol. Jeff
  5. Get yourself a used tire (not mounted, just a tire without a wheel). Rest the sump part of the oil pan inside of it, then strap it down wherever/however is best. Works better if its a front-sump pan, but either way it will help stabilize it. FWIW, among other engines, I hauled a fully dressed 2.5L 15 hours this way in the back of a Ford escort one time. Works like a charm, lol.
  6. The T-handle type pullers work pretty good. And they're great for re-installing them too. https://www.repairtool.com.tw/hydraulic-valve-lifter-puller-m202507.html
  7. Yeah....thats a dead lifter (somewhere). Sounds like an exhaust valve to me. You can pull the lifters on a 2.5 without pulling the head, you just need a good lifter tool. Could be a bent pushrod or a bad valve spring too. I still recommend taking it back to the shop that did the rebuild to let them have a crack at it. But if you don't want to, I'd start pulling lifters and looking at the bases like Jeep Driver suggests. Doesn't take alot to dish a lifter base. Or one can be stuck and not rotating correctly. I'd suspect you'd find it pretty quick if you pulled them.
  8. I'm not seeing your video.....are you saying one of the lifters is noisy or ALL of them? New lifters have to be primed. You'd think a rebuild shop would know/do that (not saying yours didn't) but it can't hurt to ask them or take it back and let them hear it. If it's a true rebuild with new cam/lifters, I'd get that MMO out of there pronto, but that's just me....
  9. It works right up until it doesn't. And that's right about the time you need it to work.
  10. Bypass/jump your ballast resistor (white ceramic looking thing on inner driver fender area beside the airbox). See if that fixes it.
  11. mjeff87

    what are these?

    I learned how to sew in home ec way back in high school (and in the Army, lol). People may laugh, but it's a valuable life skill to have. My wife can't sew to save her life......
  12. You should have a 4.56 rear axle, just FYI. Finding a stock 4.56 D30 isn't going to be easy. You might could find a 4.10 one and regear it, or just do a full front/rear axle swap to a different (matching) ratio.
  13. mjeff87

    what are these?

    Yep, hem clips.
  14. And in other breaking news......some lady just got busted in Disney, in Epcot's Land of the Living ride. She jumped out of the boat and tried to steal a cucumber...... This is why we can't have nice things. Completely off topic, but it's Disney.
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