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  1. 4WD leaf packs will put your 2WD about an inch higher in the rear right from the start.
  2. Earlier models (all MJ's) were aluminum. Later model XJ's (96+) are stamped steel. The steel ones are preferable if your tired old 4.0 has a lot of blowby....the CCV baffle is at the top of the cover inside and oil is less apt to get sucked out and into your airbox. The aluminum ones have baffle towers that sit much closer to the valve train and pick up oil/vapors much more readily. Its an easy swap, but you will need a new gasket and have to change up the CCV hoses and fittings.
  3. mjeff87


    My wife and I honeymooned in Ireland (many years ago). I was shocked to see that most (all?) of the pubs there did not have refrigerators. All the canned/bottled beers were kept on a shelf or in a cabinet, right around 50-55 degrees.
  4. mjeff87


    I'm down in FL now visiting friends with my wife for the week. We were at a Mexican place yesterday in st. Augustine and Pacificos were $3 each. Needless to say, they had to reorder them for today's crowd after we left there Later on, we ended up at an Irish place (I'm Irish on my maternal side, we honeymooned in Ireland even). They had Smithwicks and Harp on tap (and the obligatory Guiness which I'm not a huge fan of....). I had more than a few Smithwicks, a Harp, and a local pilsner. Good times. Later on in the day, we found a shop that specialized in international beers (bottles and/or ans) and I had a couple Presidentes, which is the national beer of the Dominican Republic. One of my favorite beers ever....it is made with corn grits.
  5. mjeff87


    Jeep Driver, Good to know. Thanks.
  6. mjeff87


    Like I said....Si Vis Pacem, para bellum. Since HB961 was tabled, I was fortunate enough to find the guy I sold all my stuff to and was able to buy it all back. We'll see where it all goes from here.
  7. mjeff87


    Appreciate your point of view, but did you really need to post this?
  8. mjeff87


    Not a connisuir by any means, but I know my way around a beer menu or three. My EDC is what I call "grass cutting" beers, basically any light commercial beer. Virtually no taste or body, just cold fizzy stuff that you can drink 37 of and not feel any difference. Step up to a bit higher ABV (6-8%) if I'm out for a nicer dinner, 1-2 of them and I'm fine. Not a huge fan of overly-hopped IPA's, but Troeg's Perpetual IPA is highly quaffable in this arena and I can put them down like it was my job. Next step is the heavy beers, 10-12% ABV and +80-90 IBU 's, maybe 1-2 of those in a proper glass and temperature and I'm good to go, usually sitting at home on my couch. Chimay white or blue label is my favorite in that arena
  9. Yeah, it's supposed to only be in the 40's here late Thursday and Friday. Interior/central NC is progged to get a snowstorm (5-8") on Friday even, lol. It will actually be better weather back up in VA than down here come the weekend.
  10. It would have been a sumbitch trying to get a luggage tag on it
  11. We were able to upgrade our seats to first class on the way down (American). Flying back on Delta via Hartfield on Friday. If we can upgrade, our checked luggage should be free, lol. Spent the day today in St. Augustine....really cool little town. Weather here has been great the last couple days, but the bottom falls out tomorrow. We're just gonna stay inside and drink/eat all day
  12. mjeff87


    :mic drop: /end of discussion (no offense rokinn)
  13. I'm down in northern FL for the week right now, about 4 miles from the FL/GA line. Google says I can be in Macon in about 2 hours.....hmmm..... Can I bring it back with me on my Delta flight this weekend?
  14. mjeff87


    Thats a shortened version of our full state motto. It cherry picks the main points, but still gets the main point across.
  15. mjeff87


    Please merge this thread into the Hb961 thread, if possible
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