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  1. Congrats on home ownership. We rented/leased for the first 15 years before finally buying (building) a house. The key is all in the timing, and right now the RE market is going bananas. Lots of speculation why, I won't get into all that, but homes aren't getting cheaper anytime soon. Interest rates are still relatively low too, but that's not going to last too much longer either. Post up plenty of pics of the new digs once you get in.
  2. I'm going to unscrew/pop the motor out tomorrow. It's all screwed together, which to me means it should be a serviceable part.....LOL.
  3. Had the first ever problem with my house generator (Generac 20K, natural gas fed). Not actually a generator problem, but rather the ATS that's integrated into my panel (the generator came with the new panel as a package when it was installed 10 years ago). The ATS still works, but it's intermittent and I had it replaced for peace of mind. I kept the old one, and I'm thinking I (or someone) might just be able to replace the 12V motor in it that's the problem. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or is an electrical hobbyist that might want to work on replacing it for me for some $$$? I had a whol
  4. If you do end up replacing the MC, bench bleed it before you install it. It "should" come with a little kit of parts for you to use to do that, but if not you can either buy one or make one up out of some spare fittings and short pieces of brake line. Bench bleed it, install caps on the outlets, install it on the booster and then quickly remove the caps and screw the lines into it. Then bleed the whole system again as normal.
  5. We don't really eat in the parks, except at Epcot for the Food/Wine festival (and that's an all-day eat-o-thon). We usually eat one day there and just have snacks later for dinner 'cause we're so stuffed, another night at the restaraunt on property, another night up in Disney Springs somewhere.
  6. Any updates Pete? I've got to crawl under mine, probably this weekend, to diagnose an annoying little leak. About one drop every few days or so and it's driving me batty. I've been under it once to give a look but I can only see where it's dripping from (the lowest point) and not where it's leaking from. Need to get the front end up on some ramps so I can get under it better and really look around. I did see a youtoobs video of a guy who had a leaking o-ring on some kind of sensor in the back of the trans body. You can buy a new sensor, but he just pulled his and took it to a
  7. Definitely bleed the MC. Also, make sure your calipers are on correctly on each side. The bleeder needs to be at the top, not the bottom. It's not uncommon to put them on the wrong sides (upside down), especially when replacing both at the same time. (been there, done that, got the tee shirt)
  8. Thanks. 10 years, I've been cursing at myself every time I had to get the generator out/in. We actually took a few days to go visit her aging aunt and uncle (he'll be 85 this year) up in Philly, and he begrudgingly asked me to help him repair his shed ramp. I ended up tearing it completely apart and rebuilt it for him. That gave me the inspiration to finally build mine when we got back home. I did mine a bit differently than his, but its pretty darn nice to walk down the yard and right into the shed now instead of hopping up a foot or so. I'll stain/seal it later on this summer and lands
  9. I notched out the ends of a couple of the boards to clearance the lag bolts I used to hang the aluminum L channel piece serving as a ledger board (so they were all even). I cut a piece of aluminum strapping to cover all the boards and siliconed it down. I didn't measure the whole width, I just cut all the boards and laid them down and they ended up being 3/4" too short of a full board, so I ripped another board with my circular saw (buddy had a table saw but I didn't want to bother him) to 4-3/4" and slid it right in the center. Fit like a glove. You really have to look hard to see the nar
  10. I took last week off for vacation. Among other things, I built a ramp for the shed in the back yard. I may be good at alot of things, but woodworking isn't one of them. I actually impressed myself with this one. Now I can wheel the portable generator and snow blower in/out without having to drop them down a foot (and on my foot, lol).
  11. Thanks for the intel. Fast passes I can live without, we really don't ride many rides, and I've ridden the ones I've wanted to already. But, can you still get park hopper passes? I'll be pretty upset if not. We're going down to FL in July to visit our friends north of JAX, driving again, and then flying back down in August for Disney and staying on property. Our friends are planning to drive down and spend a couple days with us at Disney, they've never been before, and we want to be able to get them to all the different parks they want to go to (hence the park hopper need).
  12. On a side note.....how bad was Disney? Our re-scheduled trip from last year is still on for this year, in late August (to coincide with the food festival at Epcot, as usual). I'm still a little hesitant about going though 'cause of all the restrictions still in effect.
  13. Might as well toss USPS into the mix too, while we're all ranting. I sent a small (like 6"x6"x4") box to a buddy in FL through them. It took them almost a month to deliver it. But, just last week I ordered a new holster for my CC from a business in Jacksonville, which is only 25 miles south of where my buddy lives, and I had it in 24 hours, with free shipping from the seller. Go figure.
  14. mjeff87

    freeway bingo

    The FREE spot on your bingo card should be the ubiquitous busload of nuns that everyone claims are out there on the road, lol. I've never seen a single one.
  15. Kinda like a termite chewing on a redwood......but I agree. You use what you got to get the job done. Kudos to everyone involved (except the Captain)
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