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  1. That's it, we're officially disneyed out. We did (not Disney) Universal studios all day today, back to the property and then back out to Disney springs for dinner, just got back to the room and are flat out cooked. We don't fly out tomorrow until around 2:30, so we're going to sleep in a bit (checkout isn't till 11). Had ad a great time here this week, got to meet some great imaginary internet friends, and spent wayyyy too much money. But, we're gonna plan on coming back down again next year this same week or the week after. Maybe we can arrange another pow wow, like an annual event kind of thing.
  2. And you had that weapons-grade camera with you all night too Just got back from dinner at Paddlefish. Quite good grub but we're both exhausted, and old. Probably be asleep by 10:30 lol.
  3. Had a great time last night...great to finally meet you guys. Pete, you mentioned a Spanish guitarist. After we left the parking garage and were wandering around aimlessly looking for the cab stand, I think we found him. He was playing on one of the stages. Incredible! We ended up staying there for about a half hour watching/listening to him. Off to Epcot in about an hour here, Food and Wine awaits
  4. We're wrapping things up here at the homestead. We fly out @ 12:00 tomorrow, so that gets us to Orlando around 2-ish. Figure a couple hours getting to the property, getting our luggage and getting set up in the room, were shooting for 6:00 to get there too. See y'all tomorrow
  5. mjeff87

    Noob saying hello

    Hey Derf, welcome to the club
  6. So......Jock Lindsays then? Were cool with that. What time? We're not getting to Orlando until mid-afternoon, so I'm guessing we won't be able to get there until about 6-7:00. Is that cool with everyone?
  7. It's been said many times before, but bears repeating. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.....
  8. Yeah, the actual OEM part is a split roll pin with a bunch of funky profiles. If yours is worn, or replaced with anything else it could be causing the pop.
  9. Cool Pete. I'm sort of dealing with that now on the Focus, but I'm the one asking the questions.....the PO had a new radiator and e-fans installed before selling it and whoever did the work just decided to run all of the coolant lines/throttle cables/cruise cable and whatnot wherever they felt like running them. It's all functional but it's a royal mess (and I like things to look factory if they're not modded). I end up running down to the junkyard and taking pics of things, pulling new clips/connectors (to replace the broken or missing ones I have) and then fixing them. You should buy a Focus so I can just ask you
  10. Thanks guys.... There's no way this alternator is coming off unless I need to change it out. It is BURIED in there. Short of using any kind of cleaner (or water), I think I'm just going to try using my 26 gallon compressor and a long airgun nozzle to try and spray the oil out. I tried to get a pic of it from underneath but it's fuzzy (you can sorta see how oily the bottom of it is). Another pic from the top of the engine, you can't even see the alternator, but it's down in there....trust me.
  11. I finally got to change the front crank seal (and timing belt) on the Focus over the weekend. There was oil slung all over the front of the engine/ firewall from the leaking seal, including the front half of the alternator. I got the frame wiped off, but the windings are still dripping oil (and it's driving me crazy). I think I already know the answer to my question but I'll ask anyway......is there any (good) way of cleaning the innards without having to pull it off and disassemble it? It sits in an incredibly inconvenient spot on the engine (like most everything else on this thing lol) and I'd rather not deal with pulling it right now. It's working fine, knock on wood, and I'm afraid if I tried to spray electrical cleaner into the windings I might end up screwing up the front bearing and end up HAVING to pull it off 'cause it died. Theoretically, the oil inside it shouldn't hurt anything and I can keep driving it until it all eventually drips out. Thoughts gents?
  12. Here's a couple pics. I checked with a coupe Ford mechanics over on Garage Journal for what the book time was for the job and they said 3.1 hours. Altogether I spent about 3.5 hours doing the work (plus a good hour on cleaning up all the slung around oil from the old seal).
  13. That thing's been on CL for the last couple months (maybe longer.....)
  14. 5.5 hours....most of that was cleaning all the oil slung everywhere, and tiring to get the new belt on. I'll post pics later, but suffice to say I probably only had a couple days left on the old timing belt. It was BAD. It literally slid right off without me having to even loosen the old tensioner. New belt/tensioner/idler, and adjusted the cam gears (the exhaust cam actually skipped a tooth) and this focus is a damn race car now. What a difference.
  15. That's a nice looking GT. These are some fun cars for relatively cheap, lol. All set to do the crank seal and timing set tomorrow morning. My wife has to work, so the garage (well, her half anyway.....the KJ is sitting dead on the other side) will be empty at 0600 when she leaves, and that's about when I'm going to start. I figure I'll need a couple hours to do all the work, and at least an hour cleaning up the whole underside/firewall/inner fender of all the oil it's been slinging everywhere for the last week. I've got: new timing belt/tensioner/idler pulley new front crank seal new serpentine belt (the old one is drenched in oil....surprised it hasn't slipped off by now) new serp belt tensioner and idler pulley new valve cover gasket I might see if I can pick up a new passenger side motor mount after work today too. The old one is shot, and it has to come out anyway to do the belt. If I can't get one locally today I'll replace it later. It's very easy to get to (unlike the driver side one and the wishbone underneath). I'll post some ugly pics of the work as I go along tomorrow. edit: I'm actually going to take my wife to work at 0530 and keep her car, just in case I need to run to the parts store/junkyard.
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