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  1. You show me a way to pull a set of KJ hooks off in a couple of minutes (using a sawzall doesn't count....) and I'll GIVE you $50
  2. mjeff87


    We've been having blood red sunrises way over here too.
  3. Well, yours is the right color for military insignia. I say go for it. I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon showing mine some love. The paint on it is in good shape (no rust anywhere) but it really needs to be clay-barred and refinished. I like doing that about as much as going shoe shopping with my wife, which means I've never done anything to it except wash it. I pulled it in the garage and waxed the whole thing while watching football and drinking beer. 4 hours later, it looks alot better, but I need to take it someplace and have someone detail it.
  4. mjeff87


    NHC has designated that wave as tropical storm Wilfred (side note, the next system that forms will be named using the Greek alphabet....they're running out of names this season LOL). I'm not drawing any early conclusions, but here's why I might be concerned. At this point, it is almost a carbon copy of hurricane Isabel, which absolutely wrecked this area back in 2003. It has formed just a hair (about 2 degrees) south of where Isabel was born, and is projected to take the same initial track. I'll be quietly watching this one. Wilfred current track, and the historical track of Is
  5. mjeff87


    COVID has become the default excuse for EVERYTHING lately. I'm pretty sick of it. I'm considered "essential" in my job, and haven't missed a single hour of work since this whole thing started. I'm not allowed to make any mistakes, can't afford to get behind on our mission, blah blah blah...but seemingly everyone else in the service industry (take your pick of them, it doesn't matter) get to send out an e-mail couching behind COVID and saying they're "doing the best we can under the circumstances". Bull-$@&!
  6. mjeff87


    LOL, I got hosed on my MOS as well. My friend and I joined under the "buddy" system, were supposed to go through BCT/AIT together. Yeah, none of that happened. We both wanted to be mechanics, but they signed him in as 63B and me as 63J. Neither of us had any idea there was any difference. We both did BCT at Ft. Jackson, but he was a month ahead of me. He went to Fort Lost in the Woods (Lenord Wood) for AIT, I ended up at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. We ended up just shy of 5 inches of rain in my gauge last night. I kept out outside/stray cat inside the garage overnight, lest sh
  7. Small problem. Anyone else here use an iPad to login here? The site won't let me respond to any posts with mine now. I can hit the reply link just fine, but there's no text box available for me to type into. The same thing happened with the last site upgrade trying to use IE to post. That's not a problem for me anymore, I just quit using IE completely (like most everyone else). Works fine with Chrome, but I only have Safari installed on my apple device. Must be a browser compatibility issue, I guess (???) I use my iPad at home 99% of the time. Or, well....I used to anyway
  8. mjeff87


    Back in High School, my buddy and I decided to join the Army. If I'd have realized back then that the Air Force flew the HH's I probably would have considered going AF instead. Oh well.....they probably wouldn't have let me fly anyway, I wear glasses. (but only when I want to see something)
  9. mjeff87


    ^^^That's just ugly. We're approaching 2 inches now, according to our local NWS office storm total radar, with no end in sight. I'll be home in about an hour and I'll check my rain gauge to see what we actually have so far. Scattered reports of localized low level flooding are starting to come in around the area. Probably shoulda drove the KJ to work today, I might be floating home in the Focus
  10. mjeff87


    LOL....a tropical wave (atmospheric). Pardon my horrible drawing skills, but it's the orange "X" in the picture off the African Coast. It has potential to end up somewhere in the Caribbean. From there, depending on the atmosphere at that time, it could end up going almost anywhere, but would definitely hit land somewhere. Watch Teddy too, that thing is going to EXPLODE. Has all the makings of a stong Cat 4 or even 5 storm. It more resembles a deep Pacific typhoon than an Atlantic hurricane. Hopefully it doesn't hit Bermuda (which just got nailed by Paulette). It needs to fin
  11. mjeff87


    If you can believe it, we're getting remnants of it here in southern VA. Supposed to get 3-4 inches by tonight in my back yard. Yay. I'm a little bit concerned about Teddy out there in the Atlantic. Depending on how the atmosphere sets up north and west of it, the track *could* take it somewhere into the US East coast (although doubtful as far south to affect things around here). I hesitate to mention the dreaded "S" hurricane name....our friends up in the New England area don't really need anything tracking that way. What concerns me more is the wave that moved off
  12. Couple things pop to mind, since we're at the 20K foot level here. Engine side complete wiring harness from a compatible year Renix (87-90) that includes the TCU/NSS harness. New TB, or at least the auto trans cable (your current TB might already be suited for the cable different TPS (auto wiring harness has a separate connector to communicate with the TCU) new interior pedal assembly new auto shifter assembly (I'd opt for a floor shift version over a column shift if you can) different radiator, to include the trans cooler, plus trans lines to get there and
  13. X1000^^^ Happened to me as well. Those cheezy little U-shaped clips that hold the slave lines into the throwout are garbage. I barely got 100 miles on my new internal slave before one of them popped off. I pulled the tranny back out, saw what happened, and promptly replaced those clips with cotter pins bent so they'd never come loose. If you're now in the Richmond area and still need a hand, I'm around all weekend. Let me know, I can at least take a look at it for you.
  14. I didn't see any more of them anywhere...I assumed it was a closeout type of a deal. I got a nice pair of work shoes there once in the tool department, they were on closeout and markdown. I was looking at them, I wear a size 11-ish and the smallest they had was a half size too big but still fit me reasonably well enough. The lady in the tool department saw me looking, came over and hand-wrote $8.00 and her initials on the sticker (they were like $75 shoes, marked down to $30 or something). She said she had to get all of them out of there as she needed shelf space for new items. It was one
  15. Every once in awhile, God smiles at me and lets me cash in some Karma coupons.... I was at Lowe's yesterday buying some hardware and wandered into the small little towing/pickup truck section for no good reason. I saw a box holding a Reese adjustable hitch kit sitting in an odd place so I checked it out. It was complete, but for some reason it had a yellow discount tag on it. I looked twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things, then scooped it up and proceeded to checkout. Even the checkout girl said WTH when she saw it, but said "you hit the jackpot here". It scanned in at $9.
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