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  1. I've been twice. First time, a long time ago my buddy and I called off work and drove up to Niagra Falls (Canadian side). Found a hotel bar, drank a very expensive beer and promptly drove back over the border. Second time was just a couple years ago, we did a cruise that involved Halifax. That was a blast.
  2. A very happy Canada Day to all of our northern members. Pancakes and poutine for all, lol
  3. Surprisingly, the rest of the glass is in really good shape. That's why I want to get the chip sealed now, before it decides to spread any. The car obviously went through a hail storm sometime before I bought it....there's a bunch of tiny pock marks/dents on the hood/roof/trunk. They're really not noticeable unless you are up close to it, though. I don't care, it's a beater car
  4. Got her car back, it was done surprisingly quickly. We'll see how long this piece of glass makes it, lol. Now I have a rock chip/star in the center of the Focus glass....bought it that way. I just noticed it's starting to crack just the tiniest bit. I only have liability insurance on it, so no glass coverage. I'm gonna get the chip drilled and filled out of my own pocket. I'd rather pay $50-100 for that than have to pony up for a whole new windshield.
  5. Could really have been a sunlight reflection/burn....coulda been a water bottle left on the back deck one sunny afternoon like Ben says. Funny that it narrows in the center, and then that little "blank" spot in between the marks. My neighbor has one window on the south side of his house, which faces my window-less north side of the house. Every year, around mid-November when the sun angle is juuust right, and the siding temperature is cold, sunlight reflects off of that window and warps my siding right on the corner. If my house was 3 feet further away it would just hit the brick foundation and not be an issue. We've both come up with a plan to fix the problem this year, so I don't have to keep replacing the siding
  6. I'll toss Subaru a bone too. My wife is on her 4th one, started with a Legacy that she inherited from her grandmother when she passed several years ago. Traded that on a Forrester, then another Forrester, and another Forrester (see a pattern here lol?). Nothing wrong with any of them, she just likes to have a "new" car every couple years for whatever reason (says the guy who owns/drives an 01 Focus and an 02 KJ). She just got her windshield replaced yesterday, but that's another story...and wouldn't affect you unless you decided to purchase a 2018+ model. Outback is a little bit smaller than a Forrester, and has a pretty bad view out the back window due to design, but is a solid vehicle. She gets consistent 30-35 mpg in mixed driving her Forrester, and remember it's an AWD too. TONS of room inside of it, plenty enough for a couple car seats in the back and an unbelievable amount of room with the rear seat folded down. Puts my KJ right to shame. I've already said that if I ever decided to stop driving Jeeps, I would be driving a Subaru something-or-other.
  7. They're integral to the new safety systems that are now standard on all new cars.....adaptive cruise, lane-keep assist, collision avoidance, etc... I can't stand to drive the darn thing. You can disable most of the features (but not all), but you have to do that EVERY time you cycle the key off/on. And there's a campaign going to get a class-action lawsuit against Subaru about the faulty windscreen glass. It cracks if you look funny at it, lol. The problem started happening in 2018 when all the safety crap got installed....it seems it has to (or Subaru just cheaped out on) the glass so it would work with the system. Prior to 2017 they never had problems like this with their glass. https://www.classaction.org/subaru-cracked-windshield-defect-lawsuits#:~:text=No.,deny that any defect exists.
  8. Focus came back home last night, yay. Just in time for me and the wife to drop off her Forrester at the glass installation place.....she got a rock chip a couple weeks ago that decided to up and crack the entire way across the windshield last Thursday. Kicker is that her car has that "eyesight" system, which has cameras mounted on either side of the rear view mirror, that have to be re-calibrated when the glass is replaced. That's getting done this morning, I'm leaving work when they call to say it's ready to go back home, get her, and drive out to pick it back up.
  9. mjeff87

    CC cookbook

    Yeah...pizza eggs happened here today. Had 3 leftover pepperoni slices. I grabbed an onion and a bell pepper, diced them up and added them to the diced up pizza. A little extra mozzarella on top of it all too. Holy crap, that's a beautiful dish
  10. I'm not paying to read the full article, but I get the gist of it. $20 says the author drives a Prius....idiot. Although, my Jeep's name is the ultimate oxymoron and I can't believe no one at DC (at the time) ever noticed or said anything. I drive a Liberty........LIMITED edition.
  11. ^^^I need to be drinking for that picture to make any kind of sense to my brain.....
  12. I told my wife, when we were in our last house, that the next move we made we were selling everything but the 3 cats and the clothes on our back, buying all new and have it all delivered to the new place. Well....we ended up buying (building) a new house in the same subdivision we were living in about 1/2 mile away. Ended up moving everything redneck style with friend's pickups/SUV's/trailers in about 300 trips back and forth. Honestly would have been SO much easier to just rent a huge truck and pack/unpack it all in one trip. The NEXT house, which is gonna be the buy-and-die house, I will implement my selling everything plan. And I get the fun of helping one of my wife's friends move tomorrow (in 93 degree heat) from a 1-bedroom, second story apartment, to a 2-bedroom ground level apartment in the same complex about 15 doors down. That's gonna bring the suck.
  13. Focus has gone "up the road" for a bit.....one of my friends started a new job yesterday. He called me at 9:00 PM Sunday night, his DD crapped the bed (bad fuel leak, too dangerous to drive). So the wife and I schlepped the Focus up to him to run to the job this week while he tries to get his car fixed. I haven't driven the KJ much lately, so it's kinda good. I get to run it for awhile (although I'm paying alot more in gas to drive it ).
  14. Definately. We have to hear you gig in a band somewhere, some night. My buddy is an old drummer who did stuff in New Orleans back in the day, and up in PA when he lived there. We need a good night out to just jam
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