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  1. MJ Buds, It's been a couple of years since I sold my last MJ, the one I had for 13 years. A very weird power steering issue -- not solved after replacing ALL of the components (and getting two mechanics involved), along with a child on the way, forced me to sell it. I hated to, because I had a lot of money and time into it, and I had it just how I wanted it. Anyway, I will return one day, but for now, I am cleaning out the garage. See the pics, I have a ton of small parts, 3 power steering pumps, ALL GOOD, along with the reservoir, hoses, and pulley/bracket setup. Lots of
  2. Lower dash is now sold. Parking brake bracket still available.
  3. I have one. PM me and I can get you a picture.
  4. Have a black lower dash with no cracks if you're interested. Just over the line in NJ.
  5. I have a brand new Chryco pump for 2.5 from my 87 serpentine belt setup. Still have the box. Was installed once, and removed. Had a power steering issue that turned out not to be the pump. Can send pics if interested.
  6. Have one for a 2.5, if that's what you're looking for.
  7. Bump. Hornbrod had agreed to buy the dash, and it took me a LONG time to find a box long enough. It is now boxed and ready to go, unfortunately Don has passed, which I just found out in coming on to message him about me finally finding a box.
  8. Just read this after sending Don a PM. I'm very sad to hear about his passing. What a nice guy. FWIW, when I bought my 87 Laredo, it had ALL the chrome exterior stuff, and Don bought it all! It wasn't my thing. May he rest in peace, God bless him. Tom
  9. mjtjnj

    2.5L stuff

    Hopefully will have some pics after the weekend, lots to sort through. Yes, both are good pumps. The pump(s) ended up not being my problem. Never figured out what was, just sold the MJ after 13 years. Frustrating.
  10. Lower dash pending sale. Neal, I live more central, don't come down 295 too often.
  11. Moving and found a few spare parts. Have a black lower dash in good shape with no cracks! No ashtray included, but underdash lights still in place and I will include a couple of factory tweeters for behind the grilles if interested. $45 shipped. Also have the bracket for the e brake cable adjuster. Has some scale, but nothing that a dip in some rust remover wouldn't clean up nicely. $25 shipped.
  12. mjtjnj

    2.5L stuff

    Just moved and I have a bunch of 2.5 stuff lying around, and rather than throw it away, I'd rather someone take it -- even for just the cost of shipping. I have a couple new power steering pumps, one in the Chrysler box, and the other an AC delco. I sold my 87 after 15 years of ownership because of a strange power steering issue that neither I nor 2 mechanics could resolve. So these pumps were installed, and then taken back off. Also have most of a full gasket kit, a distributor, a bunch of sensors, dome lights that work but missing clips. Two or three new Wix oil filters in the
  13. Man, that's nice. Wonder what shipping from the west coast to the east coast would cost.
  14. Great job, Don! You are adding years to your life (and drive time behind the wheel)!
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