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  1. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    Damn, I’ll drive to get them but I’m trying to get the frame sand blasted and coated... it’s so damn cold I might build a small booth to blast it and coat it before hand... not sure just yet
  2. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    Or I might make my own if it comes down to it
  3. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    Good deal if it falls thru lmk, Dave from Allentown PA
  4. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    I’m game to test them if need be, she is almost ready for them
  5. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    Okay cool, I found some online but I want to order up a set ASAP! I’ll weld them in and 10GA is cool
  6. Just picked up a 90 4.0 4x4 auto, Dana 44... Needs a boat load of work but I’ve got it all going and ready! Shout out to MeanLemons for the hook up Stay tuned for the progress and pics Dave[emoji520]
  7. murdamanche

    Scar-Fab frame stiffeners!

    Sorry, do you have a price and what all they consist of?
  8. murdamanche

    Closed to Open Cooling System

    what about this one.. cheaper but not all "metal" https://www.mishimoto.com/1991-2001-jeep-cherokee-replacement-radiator.html
  9. murdamanche

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    lucky indeed! now take your bed off for me lol
  10. murdamanche

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    Ya i have D44, how did you get the right angle on the Drive shaft to weld them on? i was going to assemble the leafs with the drop brackets and put the perch under the spring, lower the jeep down and use a small jack to adjust the shaft angle and tack weld them in then ill use my stick welder with 7018? what do y'all thing?
  11. hey guys, so i decided to do a SOA conversion for the rear lift and i did some searching but I'm not 100% on what is needed. i got new 3 hole weld in perches new leafs so i will need new U-bolts http://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-dana-35-dana-44-u-bolts-hd-grade-8-each.html new strut mounts http://www.rustysoffroad.com/rusty-s-u-bolt-plates-mj-comanche.html am i missing anything or a picture of your set-up would be great Thanks Dave
  12. murdamanche

    Inner shift boot recommendations

    Wow! I want those seats!
  13. murdamanche

    02 sensor

    I recently got a 1990 Comanche with no exhaust, I looked for and O2 sensor.. where are they located? Thanks guys