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  1. ended up finding a crack in my 231, part number on it is C16118L i got another case but the L is not stamped into it.. what do the different numbers mean?
  2. murdamanche

    WTB, Renix distriburtor

    https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=27975&cc=1181584&jsn=378 29.97
  3. murdamanche

    Looking for bench seat belts

    I have a set, I have to check color tonight
  4. murdamanche

    NP231 Transfer Case

    well i need a new case housing only, no internals.. whatcha got? will this case work? https://www.crownautomotive.net/Front-Case-Half/83503572.html
  5. murdamanche

    Teraflex Ball Joint Question

    Doesn’t have to be those, I was just looking at an upgrade. No worries stock will be fine then Thanks
  6. in the process of restoring my MJ and i have a good amount of parts but I'm doing the single axle and eliminating the vac BS while i have it all apart I'm going to do the ball joints also, question is with the Teraflex Ball Joint do i need with or WITHOUT Knurling? if you can explain the two that would be juuuuusttt Great! thanks
  7. murdamanche

    Perfect tailgate

    Lol just text me price
  8. murdamanche

    Perfect tailgate

    I meant not bad
  9. murdamanche

    Perfect tailgate

    It bad
  10. murdamanche

    Perfect tailgate

    I’m looking for an almost rust/dent free tailgate. Color doesn’t matter, I just want a nice working one. Thanks, no rush to buy
  11. murdamanche

    MeanLemons’ SuperComanche

    Who ever got that bed was a lucky guy!
  12. murdamanche

    Black interior

    When and where is the show?
  13. murdamanche

    Black interior

    So many parts and no time! Sucks being an adult lol
  14. murdamanche

    Black interior

    Yes sir! My MJ won’t be done by July but I’ll bring my GMC so I can haul it all back home. Save it all for me guys [emoji12]
  15. murdamanche

    Black interior

    Allentown PA 18104