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  1. So i think 1st Deuce summed it up. Having owned a Nv3550 and a 370 i can say the Nv3550 is my favorite transmission for the jeep. There was a slip out of gear issue when body lifts were installed on Tjs can't speak for cherokees i was still about that frame life then. NOVAK came out with there shifter kit and that solved that. Note i didnt body lift mine just a flat belly skid with 2 inch lift on 245 series MTR tires. Went everywhere...RIP the Goat!! The only issue i ever had was with the throwout bearing. They make a ticking noise. After a few dusty trails and creek crossings. The ones from the dealer are all metal bodies. While the part store replacements (Junk) are half plastic half metal. Go back to the mopar one. These transmissions as mentioned can be found in 00-01 Cheros, 03-04 Kjs Renegades, and Kj diesels. Solid transmission. Id get it you won't be sorry or Pm me the link so i may have a spare lol. The 370, i hated it was in my LJR. That was by far the noisest transmission i ever owned. Shifter binding was a issue.
  2. Its as if it was meant to be, is there a garage on he property to facilitate the J10
  3. Better off rockauto and get a new one and get the red locktight and dab on those bolts, torque to spec. Note flex plates arent balanced. So you could get the existing flexplate neutral/ static balance( i forget the term used a machine shop would know). Its what the mercedes guys do to flywheels and flexplates that are replaced. Because they are balance matched with the engine from the factory.
  4. thanks Ohm for that valuable insight. i have one one question for the location of a connector coming off the firewall harness, i assume grounds go to block. So I'm gonna post pictures from my phone in a second, referring back to a alternator the bracket for the HOs have to be different i watched bleepin jeep video for renix orientation of alternator and the mounting holes don't match.
  5. Thanks Dando, and JMO413, Also i don't see this plug anywhere. That goes above the connectors. What its function, and designation.
  6. Curious to know if the renix alternator will fit with the factory HO brackets, or will i need renix brackets, also can i run a renix starter on a ho block? Can anyone tell me where these wires go they are near the battery tray. And i unpluged the this module and the bottom is cracked should i go ahead and replace of attempt to run it .
  7. Brought out the air tools and got the battery tray out. More rust then i wanted to see. Literally have a sky lite .
  8. Yes that should solve your problem if you still retain the factory renix system, The transmission shouldnt matter as eagle said you have to match the correct flex plate to the correct injection system.
  9. Thanks DewManche this community has been a great resource of knowledge and parts.
  10. Pardon my ignorance but what does that cat5 cable done exactly. Fusebox and relay is bitchin btw
  11. Seats look really good man are they full manual or partly electric? Did you just use 2 inch flat stock for mock up your mounts? The inside turned out nice..great job
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