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  1. Here is a link to the sockets I used, I’ve used these on my 88 MJ, and a buddies 89 XJ https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/dorman-conduct-tite-3-wire-ford-signal-and-parking-lights-socket-84716/5473632-P?utm_source=ET&utm_medium=TRANS&utm_term=TRNSCT&utm_campaign=20181210_A_EC_TX_ORDSHP&utm_content=ITEM Part number for cross reference: Part No. 84716 If you end up replacing the socket send me a pm and I can send you a diagram of which wires go to what to make it work properly
  2. I agree with JMO413 & 13 legion , if the harness seems to check out look at the ground tab in the bulb socket it likes to rust & corrode away & cause issues like these, I had the exact same issue as you for 3 months till I bucked up and changed the socket and now I’ve had blinkers ever since [emoji869]
  3. Thank you all for the responses! I’ve tested the light and believe that y’all are right about the light bulb being the culprit of the heat...what a relief [emoji106]
  4. Awesome! there is no fan current running to the switch which is why I'm a little more concerned about the warmth at the switch, I will have to try disconnecting the switch next time I have some free time and see if the warmth goes away, is it normal for the on indicator light to get warm when being used or does it sound like I do have an issue with the switch after all?
  5. It’s hard to access the switch I have installed without tearing the dash down, but I have a spare switch here the colors are slightly different but I’m sure they are in the same terminals on the switch just different colored wires if this helps anyone picture what I’m Talking about [emoji106][emoji39]
  6. Hey all a few weekends ago I replaced my stock little ac condenser fan with a larger late model XJ fan for more cfm, while Doing that I decided to Install a switch so I could toggle the fan while wheeling, I Followed 2 write ups on Cherokee forums and watched a few videos, I used a relay and 10g for everything as that’s all I had around and I used a stock rocker switch from an XJ fog lamp assembly and it seems to work great! Fan pull 10x more air and having a switch is amazing, my only issue now is that the stock XJ rocker switch is getting a little warm after about 10 minutes of the fan running which is making me nervous, I’m wondering if I possibly wired the switch wrong and am slowly burning it out, does anyone know the proper wiring for the stock XJ fog lamp switches? I currently have it hookup up like this: Solid green to 12v on fuse block Green/black to the spot For the switch on relay Black to a small ground point I found just behind the lower Lower part of the dash Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  7. I will make sure to check all of those on Friday when I get a chance to tinker with the jeep some more, I asked around to a few guys who have done transmissions in the past and all 3 of them asked if the dowl pins where in good condition and if I had replaced and torqued the two upper torx bolts so I guess I have a few other things to check too
  8. oh well, I saw Chrysler wanted an insane amount for a TC, for the price they are asking I'd throw a few hundred more on top and buy a brand new ax15 Anyone know if Dacco , Transstar , or Oregon performance are any good? those seem to be the only places I've found selling the AW4 TC for a reasonable amount
  9. Thank you for the food for thought! I never truly understood why vents where there other than to keep mud out & water out and oil in but I guess I learn some new knowledge everyday!!! based on your statement would you recommend against installing the outer seals on the axles as the inner ones are more than sufficient for there purpose? I think I've already come to that conclusion but I'm one of those who likes to get opinions from as many as I can and wager the pros and cons on things like this
  10. Any chance you remember who the seller was?
  11. Do one of these dealers happen to be Oregon performance? I can only seem to find them and import alliance who sell AW4 TC or eBay but I'm pretty sure the ebay seller is Oregon performance....maybe I'm not looking hard enough
  12. Does anyone know of a good reputable company that is either making new TC for the aw4 or possibly good reman’s? After replacing my flex plate a while back I’ve still been getting an intermittent “knock” and a “cans in a rock” sound on occasion when coasting and then reapplying throttle, it seems to go away when the TC is locked but with my new REM I can see the knock sensor go up about 5units on occasion when the TC is locked indicating (hopefully) that the main issue all along is a bad or damaged TC, I’m going to try to bring it down to AMMCO one of these days as one of the other members here on CC mentioned that they do free or super cheap diagnoses but I figured I’d start the search now as it seems these little things seem to run in the $200-300 range [emoji22] but I’m not sure which direction to look for a quality unit any help would be greatly appreciated!!! -thanks in advance I know this is a weird one
  13. Thank you for the response I’m leaning towards the factory outter as you stated it was designed that way and most of them have been just fine that way, I like the extra insurance but I’m not sure if it’s the best choice for my type of wheeling, I live in Cali and I’m trying to move the project alittle more towards a weekend crawler type rig (hopefully one day I can possibly take it to Moab or Shaffer lake or the rubicon without ruin any body panels) more than anything else, I do like to just go have fun on random back roads and what not and sometimes that includes a little bit of mud & water but I’m starting to think that the factory outer “seals” are just fine and that I’m going to have to drown the axle pretty completely and for a good amount of time for that axle tube to fill up, I don’t ever plan on that and I guess if I do that a whole seal replacement & fluid change would be in order afterwards anyways so I’m thinking those outers are more trouble that they are worth as they could hide a leaking axle seal or a packed axle
  14. Thank you for the response, I don’t do a lot of mud wheeling or major water crossings but when doing major fixes such as this I always like to upgrade when I can so I hopefully don’t have to go back to it anytime soon just I n case there is that one time I end up in a decent crossing or mud pit, I just received both the stock outter ring “seal” things and some aftermarket ten factory greaseable outter seals and am still debating on what to put in when I do this next weekend, I’m leaning towards the factory rings as the factory designed the Dana 30 To be this way but just hoping there is someone out there with them on there MJ who could chime in as well to change my mind before i just throw some new factory rings on :)
  15. Thank you for the recommendation, I have some of those ten factory outter seals on order currently will those suffice? I’m also seeing some alloy USA ones and a few other brands that just get more and more expensive but how important are these seals? I’ve been reading that they are a bad idea as they can trap water in and can possibly reduce the life of the inner seal and axle tubes as water can get trapped inside the outter seal is this just someone’s myth from not greasing them often or a realistic concern?
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