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  1. Awesome thank you for the quick response!! Kind of a un successful yard run both the Cherokees here where pretty far picked over Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Are cruise control throttle body’s special? I’m pulling a factory cruise control at the JY right now and was curious if I should snag the throttle body to go with it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I’ll shoot him a PM in a bit and see what he says it would be awesome to get him on here! Is starting a vendor thread something he can do on his own or do I need to point him in the direction of a moderator?
  4. Definitely something to add to your list it’s a godsend to be able to see & verify your live data against your predictions/ diagnosis and just to be able to keep and eye on things without having a massive & expensive mt2500 and even those are hard to readout and not as portable lol :) And I’m curious why he hasn’t started a vendor thread here yet too! He’s extremely talented and has an extensive knowledge of the renix systems & not to mention the technology he’s bringing back to our era of Jeeps! I think he only owns an XJ (I could be wrong) but that’s no reason not to get him on here I’m sure we would all love to have him contribute to our community and help keep our rigs on the road [emoji106]
  5. After I got the REM I was able to keep a constant eye on both the coolant temp from the head on the dash and the coolant temp from the block on the rem and decided I wanted to have more control over my e fan for hot days when sitting in traffic or on some trails, as the fan didn’t like to kick on till around 210-220 which I almost never hit, so I took it upon myself to replace the tiny 5” ac fan that came stock on the driver side of the MJ and out in a larger 7 or 8” fan I can’t remember the size but here the part number I used: 620001 I managed to find it for $35 from rock auto on discount, it mounted right into the stock location and plug and played, I then ran 12v to a relay, which was controlled by a switch in the cab to be able to override the fan and turn it on manually while still having the capability of having the ecu control it aswell (if the switch is manually turned on in the cab the fan will stay on, then when/if the ecu triggers the fan with the switch still on in the cab the fan seems to go into a 2nd speed and run a little faster, not really 100% sure how this worked out but it seems like something I did worked correctly lol) I used a stock switch panel from a XJ with the fog lamp switch and a rear window defroster switch, I figured the rear window defroster switch label looked enough to like a fan so I wired the e fan override to that switch and the fog light switch I wired up to a small 20” light bar on the front bumper that I have still neglected to install as I’d like to install my winch bumper before the light bars lol but the provisions are there for when I’m ready ;)
  6. Waiting for paint to dry on some current projects on the MJ so I figure I’d try to get this thread a bit more updated today, I had got tired of trying to diagnose odd things with a DVOM so after a few months of talking to@NickInTimeFilms he released his updated REM II+ and I finally bought one and let me say WOW! what a difference it makes being able to see live data when diagnosing or even just keeping things in line on the trails! I ran the cable through a small hole in the firewall right next to the Speedo cable all I had todo was poke a small hole in a factory solid grommet to run the wire through and stick the Velcro on the dash, I like how it it’s in your eye line when driving but not quite distracting and it makes you feel like a race car driver with your live data constantly reacting!
  7. @Pete M I can’t agree with you more! but hey it’s called a Jeep for a reason right!? Just empty every pocket [emoji23]
  8. It was again another few months until I did any major work to the manche but this time it was a little scarier, I had gone out over the weekend on a wheeling trip with a whole bunch of pretty heavily built YJ’s and a few XJ’s I kept up pretty well and thought I made it out without any damage until Monday morning I went to drive over highway 17 to go drop off some paperwork with the wifey and as soon as we crested the hill and started the decent there was a huge pop and bang and then a grind from the rear end.....I thought it was the rear brakes starting to grind or something and didn’t think much of it and kept on driving, about 3/4 the way down 17 there was another huge pop and I lost my engine braking...thats when I realized something was really bad.. after pulling over I saw my rear driveshaft had just been dragging under my truck the whole time I was pulling over, somehow on my way up the hill the rear pinion nut managed to work itself completely out and let the yoke slide off the splines of the pinion gear itself....not really thinking about how bad it was I shoved it back in place, threw some duct tape around the slip part of the driveshaft to keep it in place and went on our merry way,there was a little howling from the rear end the whole time but eventually I did pulled the cover there was a tiny but of damage to the carrier in one little spot but I somehow managed to get her home in one piece and gave me more reason to want to do an axle swap ;)
  9. It was probably another month or so till I did anything else to the manche, but eventually the radiator decided it had enough and sprang a leak right in the middle of all of the cores spraying right back onto my new water pump when it built up pressure , I managed to score a CSF racing radiator from rock auto for $180 and that was the end of that, I also got to say the CSF radiator keeps the 4.0 much cooler than the stock and it was a perfect time to upgrade my original “hack job” of a open rad install its been about a year since I’ve installed it and even on a hot 110 degree day I rarely ever see temps above 200-205 and thats when wheeling at low speeds!!
  10. Thank you guys for the responses! I managed to find this on RockAuto for $138 plus shipping https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=14197&cc=1181584&jsn=9 so I think ill go with @Dzimm idea of using the cheapest ones and welding in a flex pipe on the the down pipe to help the exhausts flex without cracking hopefully, I would much prefer to use @schardein idea of using the later 91 up exhaust because of the bellows on the tubes but I live in CA where we have these dumb smog laws and that would require me welding new bungs on the tubes myself for my 02 & EGR to keep my smog guy happy and I'm not a huge fan of welding headers they seem to crack right next to my welds every time.
  11. I know this is a widely discussed topic as I've spent the past few days going through the search function trying to find a recent answer but what is the general consensus on the "best" exhaust manifold for our Renix 4.0's? Reason I ask is I'm getting ready to replace the cracked exhaust manifold on my 4.0, I choose brown dog motor mounts to install while I'm in there to try to mitigate this whole cracked exhaust situation but I'm having a hard time deciding between manifolds.... I've done tons of research and I've kinda come down to 3 options unless someone can point me elsewhere I see these "OEM" replacements but I feel like why replace a cracked stock manifold with another "stock" one when it will quite possibly do the same thing https://www.quadratec.com/products/917622_07.htm I also see these Dorman ones which if I'm going to buy a stock one I'm leaning towards as its the cheapest option & they claim a lifetime warranty and that seems to tickle my fancy, but I'm not sure about build quality and have the same concerns as above... https://www.dormanproducts.com/p-5607-674-170.aspx (the link I want to buy from will not post so this is the closest one but I found but I found it for about $145 shipped) then comes kind of my biggest question because the above seems pretty straight forward, I also see these pacesetter headers for our renix jeeps, I really like the idea of upgrading & hopefully a tiny bit better performance even tho thats not really too realivent to me as its a jeep not a sports car lol but I'm really curious if anyone has actually ran them recently with success? I see tons of forums on both sides of the spectrum, some saying they are junk,leak,crack, egr doesn't fit, just doesn't fit in general, while others seem to be super happy with them and say they had no issues... but they all seem a little over 10 years old, and even the recent posts nobody has done a true update on them) now and I've read that they have apparently made some alterations to the design lately to make them better... is there any truth to this? Are they really worth the extra coin or should I just toss that Dorman in it and hope for the best? any other options or thought would be warmly welcomed https://www.summitracing.com/parts/psm-70-1191?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAiA6bvwBRBbEiwAUER6JSV9Iai8nrBUXuMe5oxyJA76VHfA2H1FplZT4D7nN1KtxOPUEbu4-xoCRaIQAvD_BwE
  12. Now that she had some new shoes and I was starting to take her everywhere I decided I needed to get some keys for the truck since the only keys I had where a screwdriver for the longest time.... doing the ignition lock was a breeze, when I when to use the puller on the wheel I was able to turn it my hand and it made the whole job super fast, the harder part was doing the lock cylinder on the door as for some reason nobody seemed to carry the correct one for a Comanche everyone kept sending me or trying to give me ones with no tabs that must have been for later model Cherokees or something, kinda shows being cheap doesn't always pay off lol I ended up buying new ones from the dealer and it cost me like $40 if I remember correctly but even after I bought them both I only installed the driver side because the clips on the lock part broke and it look me a while to find new ones and I didn't wanna go through that fiasco on the passenger side till I absolutely need it
  13. As y'all can see the tires on the truck where balder than bald the rears where starting to show wire in a few areas so I threw a cheaper set of 31" mud tires, I found the tire I desired and then price shopped it online and managed to find it from a Walmart distributor for about $480 all together went and picked them up the same day from there warehouse and went and got them installed and balanced for $100 at my local tire shop all on a Sunday non the less Last picture here is after many many many burnouts & tons of wheeling and probably 15-20k miles later and I'd like to say they have about 50-60% tread life left and are actually super soft believe it or not
  14. This was the weekend after I did the Water pump
  15. After a few weeks I was working on a job on a steep hill and was going in super early to meetup with my boss for coffee and a walk around(the beginning to every great jeep story lol) everything seemed fine up the 3 mile steep hill until I pulled into the driveway and Boom my temp shot into the red zone and a huge puff of smoke engulfs my jeep.... my water pump had just checked out and deiced my super Rusty coolant belonged all over this customers brand new driveway at 6am after a bit of power washing the driveway came out clean but now I was stuck stranded...but on a hill! After work I coasted down the hill to our shop which thankfully was located at the bottom of this super steep hill and left her parked for about a week until I got a OEM water pump in the mail from a Mopar parts place online. My dad happened to be in town that weekend and helped me with the water pump replacement, it all went well but somehow when admiring our work and drinking a few cold ones both of us got red RTV on our hands without realizing it and manged to wipe it on the front grill area and now the manche has two little memory mark from when we did the water pump......ah good times
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