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  1. 88mancheman

    Radesigns Rail Controller

    Darren thanks for your input! I’m starting to lean towards to rail shifter as it seems like it will give me the satisfaction of shifting while keeping my AW4 in there, I sent an email to Rory at Radesigns yesterday about using the rail shifter on the road hopefully he has some good things to say aswell :) Eagle I like the simplistic idea, I googled rotary switch shifter and couldn’t find exactly what you are talking about but I can picture it in my head kinda like the new Jeeps use the turn dial switch from P-D I could do that to switch 1-4 and tc lockup, or go one step further and maybe even do some sorta push sequential shifter for 1-4? I saw a YouTube video with a guy who made a sequential shifter for the AW4 which looks awesome but either time consuming or expensive to buy unless y’all have seen that for sale anywhere? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I tried searching but came up empty so far, has anyone ever used a Radesigns Rail controller or anything similar still on the market and had much success with it? My 88 has a AW4 swapped into it but the PO never put a TCM in the rig so it’s a manually shifting AW4 right now and it sucks not having 2nd gear till near 4K rpm (which I never hit in my rig) 1st to 3rd just seems so sluggish on the trans and I’d like to be able to use 2nd gear when taking off and something like the rail shifter seems to be small but a perfect fit for my needs if it’s ok to use on the road and helps in the dirt[emoji1745]‍[emoji3603] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. yeah I've been having to shift manually, and yeah the truck was stock a 2wd manual transmission truck but has now been converted to 4wd auto, where should I look for the TCM in a Comanche? I know in an XJ its under the searing coulomb
  4. Ill check out the spedo situation tomorrow, but the trans being a AW4 explains why it has 1-2 3 and D on the shiftier instead of 12 D I've noticed that it still has the manual transmission TPS could that be all that is holding the auto transmission from automatically shifting? ill start up a new thread on this tomorrow as this is beginning to get off topic
  5. but while we are on the subject of trans and such does anyone know if an 88 ran off a spedo cable? my spedo has never worked since I bought it and I've noticed that I have an electronic spedo input thingy with the gear on the transfer case when I'm sure it should be cable driven ill post a better pic tonight when I get a chance
  6. I re tightened the pinion nut to 200ft lbs and it seems a lot more secure on the diff now I haven't gotten the angle finder yet so that will have to be tomorrows project, but in the mean time here's some pics of my trans
  7. I'll take a picture of the trans tomorrow morning when its light out, I've had the thought that the trans is just disconnected somewhere or like you said has a blown fuse because the PO seemed to have left the manual trans TPS on the throttle body instead of swapping to an auto one with 2 plugs therefore the trans has no clue when to shift? MJCARENA I do believe that the shocks would reach the lower mounts on the axle, when I bought it I'm pretty sure that's how they where but they where both blown out and did nothing for the rear end so when I replaced them with the elcheapos to get me on the road I put them in the "stock" location thinking that would be a little more proper but I guess their is a reason they welded those on I will test the mounts for integrity tomorrow as well, but would those hack job of mounts be acceptable for shocks if they fit and seem sturdy enough?
  8. Thank you for the info eagle! I have an angle finder on its way it should be here tomorrow then I will confirm all the angles in the drive line once I find the angles would moving the pinion yoke down be as simple as loosening the u bolts holding the axle to the leaf spring and rotate it the axle a little bit?? dasbulliwagen would a relocation of the shock mount be necessary for a smoother ride? or would a smaller shock work better? and I'd assume smaller shock would limit my flex in the rear end if I did go that route am I correct? also I could be wrong but I believe I have a 32RH trans, it only had 3 speeds and I have a red button on my dash that drops my RPM which I assume is a torque converter locker, and I like to call the trans an autostandard as you have to manually shift the gears like your driving a power glide first gear goes to about 20mph at 2k 2nd does about 40mph at 2k until I lock the torque converter and then it does 50-60mph at 2k with torqe converter locked in 2nd gear and in 3rd gear I don't use much unless I'm on the highway because 3rd gear doesn't feel much different than 2nd gear unless I have the torque converter locked then its like a whole other gear maybe it is just too high of gearing for town speeds but she will reach about 75-80 with the torque converter locked in 3rd gear
  9. MJCARENA could you clarify that a little more? my shocks are currently mounted to the stock location on the frame under the bed and mounted to the top side of the axle mount on top of the leaf spring which I believe is the stock location right?
  10. or is it irreverent what the angle is if it have a Slip yoke eliminator?
  11. Dzimm I ordered the dial angle finder it seems a little more straight forward, does my pinion angle being too positive have an affect on the SYE?or is it unsafe?
  12. Thank you all for the responses I've taken the "swap Dana 35" off my imminently fix list as y'all confirmed that this is a Chrysler 8 1/4 axle and hopefully better than a Dana 35, also eagle the pinion nut should be set to around 200 ft lbs but its only at about 100ish right now with some locktite, I'll try and take your advise and take the silverado to work tomorrow and rent a 250ft lbs torque wrench after work and re tighten the nut down to 200ft lbs, other than that does the rear axle look correct or does it look like I could have some other issues as well? also is their a difference in size between the Chrysler 8 1/4 suspension setup and a Dana 35? I believe the El cheapo shocks I have are for a Dana 35 setup as they are super long and only have about 1/4 of suspension before bottoming out....
  13. 1 25 Amp Rear washer / wiper - Located just right of top center in fuse bank. 2 15 Amp Radio, Cigarette lighter 3 25 Amp Heater blower motor - (* - if this keeps blowing or you only have heat on one speed check your blower motor resistor pack.) 4 20 Amp Turn signal, Back-up lights, Rear window defogger relay 5 10 Amp Dome light, Courtesy lights, Glove box light, Cargo light, Radio memory, Power mirrors, Teltak connector (For old analog "bag" cell phones, I think.) 6 15 Amp Hazard warning lights, Brake / Stop lights 7 10 Amp Parking lights, Headlight Warning Chime/Buzzer, Instrument panel light dimmer 8 7.5 Amp Gauges, Instrument cluster, Seat belt warning, Headlight delay, Chime module, Overhead console 9 5 Amp Instrument panel illumination 10 25 Amp Rear window defogger 11 30 AmpCircuit Breaker Power door locks, Power seats, Trailer towing wiring harness 12 10 Amp ETR (Delco OEM) radio, Power antenna 13(1984 - 1987) - - - Spare Fuse (GM automatics and manual transmissions.) 13(1988) 7.5 Amp Transmission control unit (For AW4 automatic transmissions) 14 25 Amp Headlight delay, Horns, Security alarm 15 5.5 AmpCircuit Breaker Front windshield wipers 16 30 AmpCircuit Breaker Power Windows 17 10 Amp Clock, Security alarm (Ignition)
  14. I'm no expert if I where you I'd wait for Eagle or someone to chime in but in my experience there is a 20 amp fuse for the turn signal, backup lights, & rear window defogger it should be fuse #4 in the fuse box behind the break/clutch pedal, there is also a relay for the turn signals located to the lower left of the fuse panel its a large round looking thing check both of those just encase something shorted or is just going bad, also check the bulbs and make sure they are in good condition that's just my quick 2cents hopefully I helped a little
  15. 88mancheman

    Fuse Tab Broken!

    could the flasher relay stop the actual lights from coming on or is that a ground issue still? I will grab a relay this weekend after I get paid and report back again