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  1. I will defiantly double check everything on the transmission and checkout the flexplate again but I’m slightly concerned about the black oil looking stuff that was coming out of the tail pipe I’ll have to update in better detail this weekend when I get back around to checking her out :)
  2. Does the fan clutch have resistance when trying to spin the mechanical fan? A bad fan clutch could cause some overheating issues, as for the not starting, I would check to make sure 100% no wires are disconnected before going onto the next step turn the key on and off 2-3 times and then leave the key in the on/running position and check to see if fuel pressure is building/holding in the fuel rail ontop of the intake manifold here : If your getting fuel to the fuel rails then that is 1/3 things the engine needs to run and air is everywhere around it so that is 2/3 things, I would then start checking spark by pulling 1 of the spark plugs putting it back inside the spark plug boot and putting the spark plug against the block of the engine and have someone crank the engine and see if you see spark on the spark plug if so then that’s 3/3 things the engine needs to run and hopefully enough basic info someone with more knowledge of the Renix system can help out :)
  3. Hey all after weeks and weeks of hard work the Comanche is almost ready for summer EXECPT... the ole 4.0 seems to be knocking somehow... she had a bad flex plate knock that I addressed last weekend but after I was all finished up I took her on a test drive she was perfect for the first 20 minutes or so but as soon as I came to a stop light and idled for a few minutes I noticed there was a slight knock, I pulled over and inspected and it defiantly sounded like the engine had a slight knock at idle but nothing past idle.. so I let her cool off and drove her slowly home listening for odd sounds, nothing happend on the drive home but as soon as I pulled her into the garage I noticed she was spitting a tiny bit of oil out the tail pipe onto the wall..... I shut her down and have been pondering what could have caused this, as the only 3 things I’ve done to the engine in the past 6 months have been a new radiator, flex plate and muffler.... then I got to thinking...the muffler I welded up was an old flow master off a friends 5.0 v8 mustang it was a the same diameter as the Jeep and from a v8 so I figured it would have a larger flow and work just fine, but is it possible that this muffler is causing too much back pressure and harming my engine? Or is this starting to sound like a rebuild...?
  4. Here is a diagram to confirm your serpentine belt configuration (Note the idler above the alternator in this diagram is the AC unit on AC equipped 4.0’s) Here is a dirty picture of mine for comparison
  5. Update flexplate is in and it runs! If anyone knows how to post videos here I can post up a video of it :)
  6. The rule of thumb I learned back in collage was to reduce torque by 25-33% depending on the type of lubricant being used as like eagle stated it’s not the actual torque of the bolt that matters but more of the clamping force the bolt has against the other material, I tend to not wanna use “lubricant” on any threads unless they hold such a small torque value that i worry about them them backing out like the flexplate to torque converter bolts or odd things like that that only bolt 20-30 ftlbs becuase I feel that at Lower spec the bolt won’t reach its elastic point and achieve as much clamping power, just my thought process though [emoji106]
  7. I will keep you updated as it goes in, I am setting up everything to put it back together now should have some definite answers in a bit :)
  8. I had some similar issues after brining my MJ to a shop when I first bought it to have it checked out, they wanted todo $2000 worth of work on it and when I told them they where crazy they didn’t seem to happy About it....turns out accident or not when they where doing an inspection somehow 2 of my fuel injectors magicly disconnected themselves and created a massive issue, i noticed it was down a bit on power but anywhere past half throttle I had a massive backfire and 9 foot flames spitting out my tail pipe, took her home and noticed the injectors disconnected and a few other odd things fumbled with that I wasent happy with , not saying your shops are as crooked as the ones around here but it’s always worth a shot Incase the magical injector decided it wanted to pop off, it’s a long shot but worth a mention hopefully!
  9. The first photo may have been slightly misaligned as I’m only using hex keys as rough placeholders for a better point of view, but the crankshaft bolts match up even when bolted up the the crank, it goes into the same spot the old one came out of and appears to have the windows in all the correct places when bolted to the crank, and the same manufacture as far as I can tell.... I will be installing this afternoon and I will try to keep everyone updated through the project
  10. Sorry for the late reply all but I didn’t quite want to report back till I was 100% sure on my findings, so here they are I ordered the omix ADA flex plate for 87-90 Cherokee from jegs speed parts, P/N 440-16913.11 on jegs website here is the link to it: https://www.jegs.com/i/Omix-ADA/440/16913.11/10002/-1 Annnndd.... They are a match!! It’s seems that omix ADA still makes a flex plate for our Renix CPS!! I can’t tell y’all how relieved I am to be able to find a flex plate that match!! Now for the fun stuff.... to install and make sure everything works correctly, I used some hex wrench’s to hold the flex plate in place when taking pictures and all the cps marks line up, 20 squares in between the large rectangle for the cps on all 3 sides just like the stock one :) even after lightly bolting it up to check for clearance and positioning it fits right into the exact spot my old one came out of and all 6 bolt holes line up! Here are some more photos of the omix ADA flex plate next to my “stock” one Forgot to mention above when I called the dealership they told me that not only the flex plate but MOST dealer Renix parts have been discontinued...BUT there is a company out of Texas that buys all of Jeeps discontinued and overstock parts and resells them on there website here : https://www.vintagejeepparts.com After a bit of searching I found the flex plate: P/N 33002675 (note use that P/N with discretion as that part number on other sites will reference the wrong flex plate) Here’s the link: http:// https://www.vintagejeepparts.com/products/33002675_Flexplate%2C-87%252d90-Jeep-Cherokee-%28XJ%29.html I know i I kinda solved my own problem in a way but Hopefully this can help someone else who has the same problem as me and doesn’t have to go through the fiasco I did to get a new one, BTW thank all off your for the advice, I will say I was leaning toward having a matching shop weld it up If I couldn’t find a new one I’ve heard of it done before successfully in odd ball cases but I figured it was just best to hunt down a new in hopes of solving this issue for others aswell :)
  11. Thank you! This will defiantly help solving the electrical gremlins in my 88 [emoji106]
  12. Ok so after hours of frustrating phone calls to parts departments who wouldn’t help me I walked into my local dealership and turns out the flex plate for Renix era Jeeps is discontinued from the dealership, but they gave me this website to search on as they told me this website buys all of Chrysler’s old parts when they are discontinued so after alittle more searching I think I’ve found it https://www.vintagejeepparts.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=4176 After alittle more searching I also found what I believe to be the same part from JEGS for about $15 cheaper https://www.jegs.com/i/Omix-ADA/440/16913.11/10002/-1 Hopefully this can help other people who are having the same problem as me
  13. Unfortunately you where right Eagle the timing slots where about 40 degrees off so left it with them, where should I end up sourcing one from? Jegs can overnight me one tomorrow by crown but I’m not sure the crown flex plate will work aswell
  14. @gogmorgo you where right the cracks where hiding under the odd spacer plate, off to the parts store to get a new flex plate
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