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  1. Productive day; new brake booster installed, new CPS, new dizzy and degreased the engine bay and under side of hood. Also received the BDBTSB winch mount. this goes here
  2. I had C105 disconnected to do some re-routing and cleaning up the wiring harness, but the alternator harness is there. This yellow wire runs with the harness from the alternator up towards the C105, but splits off with the larger gauge red (with fuseable link) that goes to the starter relay.
  3. No fuseable link in this wire. I guess it could have been cut off. Still no answer.
  4. Not sure yet as the truck is down waiting on new dizzy. I was going to check the cap and rotor button and discovered the PO had cross threaded one of the screws. It broke off when trying to remove the cap. I tried to no avail to extract it and re-thread the hole. Screw was to jammed in and the body of the dizzy is very soft, so basically a lot of cussing and a broken drill bit. Once I get the new one and have her running again I am going to check if the wire has any power going to it at all. The only connection for the wire is at the alternator with the tan/brown stripped wire.
  5. Time consuming and a royal pain in @$$ but it needed to be done and is definitely worth the effort.
  6. Also picked this up off marketplace to replace the idiot light cluster. It’s from a 90 RENIX so should be plug and play once I change out the sensors.
  7. Tomorrow’s projects: new CPS, refreshed the cover that goes over the hole in the trans and will see if I can get it back in place. New brake booster and master cylinder. This one I am not looking forward to, but I need brake help badly.
  8. While waiting on new dizzy to come in I decided to spend the day finishing checking and refreshing factory splices and cleaning up the wiring harness in the engine bay. No reason I chose yellow and red zip ties just what I pulled out of the stash.
  9. Installed mine in the full console. For under the hood I reoriented the diagnostic port so the the cat5 wire now feeds towards the firewall. Haven’t permanently routed the cable into the console yet.
  10. Just realized I miss read your reply. There are no single bullet connectors that I found in the area, and I do not appear to be having issues with the charging system. I’ve run at idle for probably 3 hours and driven about 5 miles so we shall see.
  11. So theoretically this yellow wire should go to the starter relay with the larger gauge red wire?
  12. Gleaning up some more of the wiring mess the PO did and found this. Yellow wire coming from alternator not connected to anything. I have a 87 Renix 4.0 with basic cluster, but will be swapping to a 90 full cluster soon. I have gone back through several alternator post and still am not sure where this should connect? The brown/tan striped wire goes in to a separate connector. As it should from what I’ve read. thanks for any help you can provide.
  13. Well things never go as planned. Got the exhaust done. Was warming her up a little before attempting the O2 sensor removal. After shutting her down decided to take a good at distributor cap and rotor button. This is where things take turn. PO cross threaded one of the cap screws and sure enough it snapped off. Was going to try and drill it out but after pulling the dizzy I think I’ll replace it along with the cap and wires.
  14. CGCWO

    How old are you?

    Looks like I am on the upper side of the age range (56). Joined back in 2013 ish finished first build in 2014/15. Was out of the group until December when I picked up the 87 Pioneer and the 86 XLS. Still learning and appreciate all the knowledge no matter where or who it comes from.
  15. Hope to find out today if the CPS was bad. I am pretty sure from the REMII readings that the O2 sensor is bad or at least faulty. Muffler had been dented on the bottom and was somewhat bent up. Cut it muffler and tail pipe off Monday to find that e muffler had a hole in the top of it. Being a bike rider I know this isn’t great for back pressure. Hope to get new muffler and tail pipe installed today also. Found a used (working throttle body) that I will be swapping with the current one. PO snapped one of the screws that seals the tube from the air filter. Being able to tigh
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