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  1. Yes and I ran general grabber AT 30 x 9.50 x 15s on Grand Cherokee Canyon wheels. Not sure about the shock fitment. It was a 2.5 4speed manual.
  2. After going back through the old build thread, I see I used the JK coils 1.5inch spacers and Rustys shocks and a add-a-leaf in the rear.
  3. I used a set of JK 2dr front coils on a 89MJ 2wd about 5 years ago gained about 2.5in in the front. Trying to find the build thread.
  4. Fuse block out of a 1986 XLS. $40
  5. Dash clock out of a 86 XLS. $45
  6. Original Carpet from 1986 XLS Honey Tan. Has some fading and some of the backing is missing. Still wet from power washing in pic. $100 + shipping
  7. Scored this H&H shell for Little Blue today. Not Comanche specific, but measurements are 61” x 74.5” should be a good fit and I really like the style. Came off a late 90s SWB Mazda B series truck.
  8. Washer fluid reservoir $30 including shipping. No visible cracks and was about half full when unbolted.
  9. Are you referring to the transmission indicator? It’s pretty rough shape.
  10. Let me see where I am at with parting, I’ll PM you.
  11. I can pull and ship, shipping might be expensive on the column due to size and weight. I could get an estimate if your interested.
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