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  1. hakukamana

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    Unibodies and T-bones don't fair well. Even on a frame table it probably still wouldn't be straight within factory specs.
  2. hakukamana

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    Fabric or no fabric just no hole in the panel for the window hand crank. Gray in color. I just finished installing pwr windows and door locks my panels have the window crank hole.
  3. hakukamana

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    Gray power window door cards in good shape?
  4. hakukamana

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, UPDATE

    Gray door panels for power windows??? No manual window crank hole?
  5. hakukamana

    Group Buy on Headliners

    Steve it was a little weird, I guess I saw the offer in the modification section but then I clicked on the offer you made and good this post. But I am still interested, Smoke Gray. I understand shipping to me will be a bit more exepensive, we might want to talk about FEDX or another carrier, USPS would probably destroy all your hard work.
  6. hakukamana

    Headliner Group Buy

    I'm in if you can get it to Hawaii in one piece. Gray Interior
  7. What Control unit do you have ? Heater or AC/Heater? You do have a defrost door on the heater core housing, no vacuum=wide open. The panel door is closed, and the Floor Door is closed, vacuum. Green plastic line to dashpot for defroster door, from #9 on heater control switch, the heater controls also need to be in the heat mode. The heater controls are all rubber connectors and plastic lines to the various dash pots and the heater control switch.
  8. hakukamana

    Battery gauge

    Just a thought, the electrical load from the vehicle will pull the voltage down. It should not pull it down into the red, but lights, blower motor, reverse lights(???) I don't know why?, if you have a short, or a severe load on the electrical circuits in the truck it will pull the voltage meter down from the normal 14 position. The more circuits that are in use the larger the load on the charging system and the battery.
  9. hakukamana

    Battery gauge

    Check your instrument cluster ground. Is your alternator case grounded? Is your alternator plug a two wire or a three wire? The two wire is usually one wire triggers the voltage guage, the other is for an AC feed. Have you checked your battery for voltage while the truck is running? Should be 14.+ Do it with a DVOM The last thing I would say is I have a 93' YJ and had a similar issue, it was the charging circuit in the ECU, sent it off to have the circuit rebuilt or so the rebuilder claimed, got it back hooked it up and "POOF" in a cloud of smoke the ECU fried. If you find it is the ECU don't waste your money on trying to have it rebuilt. Find a similar year, engine, and transmission combination from a donor and replace it. It will be cheaper in the long run.
  10. hakukamana

    Asking for an expert's eye

    Aren't those seats and the molded headrests from the 88' and earlier model years?
  11. hakukamana

    Asking for an expert's eye

    If you had access to a Snap On Modis MT2500 scanner, it would help a bit to see the engine soundness. You would also need the correct adapter and the chips for the scanner. These trucks don't have a memory, they are live data only critters. But having said that it will give you a look, a rpms, engine temps, pulse width, timing, TPS voltages, charging ect. Check the steering, loose track bar, drag link, ect. Listen and look for sounds out of the rear axle, see if its got a 44(Dana) might be an Eliminator?
  12. hakukamana

    AC and relationship to engine idle?

    Ok, hooked the red brick up guess what can't read IAC steps with the Snap On Modis, MT2500, does not provide that function. I did check engine RPM, AC off, AC on and as everyone has said no noticeable difference in engine idle RPM. The Eliminator is an automatic and does idle higher than the Metric Ton, engines are the same. Just one is manual and one is an automatic. Different ECU's also. I have a 29 in one and a 28 in the automatic.
  13. hakukamana

    AC and relationship to engine idle?

    OK, that makes sense. Probably a dumb question, but I like to know how things work. If Ohm is correct its got to be something internal to the ECU.
  14. hakukamana

    AC and relationship to engine idle?

    I am going to plug in the Red Brick and see if I can see a difference in stepper motor steps.
  15. hakukamana

    AC and relationship to engine idle?

    Hornbroad, no bogging down, just no real increase in the idle from no AC to AC on. Its just like it doesn't care that the AC is on. I guess I was expecting a little bump in the idle due to load. I can see the volt meter, sensing the blower draw.