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  1. Anyone have a source for the fuel pump assembly? Part number? 88' 4.0L Sport truck. I was changing the fuel pump out today and found that the entire unit was encrusted in some type of white crusty scale, and that everything was rusting. My guess is its the original pump or close to it. I can find Bosch pumps, but no entire assemblies. Let me know what you guys think. The sending unit tab is broken on the sending unit as well so I need to get the entire assembly.
  2. I got it. There are (2) clips. The upper clip is a guide for the two tiny cables that control the shifter positions. The lower cable clips to the shift column that rotates as you shift from P through the various gears. The lower clip is actually what controls the position of the shifter indicator. The best way to get to that clip is to drop the lower valance it gives you access to the clip from underneath. Pretty simple but a pain in the a**, move the shifter adjust the clip and so on. Once done you have to compensate for the slack in the shifter arm as well. Thanks for the help, got me going in the right direction.
  3. I am not getting the picture in my mind. The clip slides off of what? I understand the dash bezel removal, I think. The clear lens then the idiot light cover (dash bezel), then I should see a clip and a string?
  4. Trying to figure out how to get the PRND32-1 adjustment on the column shift. Looked in the FSM not much help. I know there is a cable to the transmission, but I also think there is a cable to the gauge cluster. Anyone have experience with this? The P position is fine but everything else is off like between the letters off.
  5. Eagle I don't think the transmission is a 44RE, if memory serves me, is that what was used in a Grand Cherokee with a 5.2L? I would think in 88' it would have been a AW4.
  6. Eagle Scout you are correct. After your post I compared the license plate lights, the inner plastic caps and the brackets it was a factory tube bumper. Its trash and rusted pretty badly. Its been backed up into the tubes and they are bent and dented. I looked at the tube thickness looks like .0625 thickness its paper thin. No wonder if you backed into anything it dented. The piece of channel I think was used as a tow ball extension. The spare tire winch is in tack and functional, the load valve for the brakes is there and the rod and the bracket on the diff all in place. This is the first truck I've ever seen with all of these pieces still on the truck. Looks like the original muffler, and exhaust pipes.
  7. Its a little rough, this is the one that had the RH mirror delete. Got a pinched DS fender. Had to take off and pound out..
  8. Just purchased, running but not driving. No Brakes. 1988 Sport truck Short Bed. White. Project "future", $300, just couldn't pass it up. 4.0L Automatic column shift, 4x4. Bench seat mini console for 4x4 shifter. Idiot gauge cluster. Drivers mirror only. White Camper shell. AC, power steering, manual windows, fixed vent windows. Blue Interior.
  9. That sounds confusing, so on the sport truck I only have the bracket for the drivers side flag mirror, I am going to drill out the rivits on the silver base, and install the bracket on the white sport on the passenger side. The silver base will get corner mirrors that I have and I'll have to weld up the holes from the rivits and the screw holes.
  10. Well Eagle that says a lot. The White truck is a 88' Sport Truck but it has AC and is an automatic on the column, 4x4 short bed. The Silver truck is a 89' Base 5 speed 4x4 long bed. All my others are Eliminators, Pioneers, or Metric Tons, and all had vent window mirrors.
  11. What I can't believe is why only a LH mirror only? Were mirrors an option?
  12. You know my 93' YJ has mirrors like that, it was the only year that had mirrors mounted on the doors.
  13. I have got (2) trucks that have these strange holes in the doors that appear to have a riveted bracket inside the door. They sit south of the vent the window, right up against the door window belt moulding. I know about the mirrors for the vent windows, and the trailer mount type but these look like they were factory, LH mirror only option? Can't have that these days. Anyone have pictures of what these things looked like?
  14. No problem thanks for checking. Doesn't matter if they are fixed or moveable as long as the frames are in good shape.
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