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  1. Have you got door window seal and weather stripping. All the soft parts for the window, interior and exterior.
  2. Thanks Minuit, Everything went well except at NAPA, they had a hardware kit but nothing matched up. Went back and they told me that this is what the computer says is for the truck. I even had the old parts and they said that it was probably from another vehicle.
  3. Short shoe to the front of the truck or long shoe? I got this truck a couple of months ago and everything I tear into is either wrong, backwards or broken and fixed with duck tape.
  4. OK, now I am totally confused, Dana 44 rear axle, should be 10x2.5" brake shoes. Here are pictures of the brakes by side. Ist one is left, second one is right
  5. Don't laugh at a senior citizen, I have the most recent 89' long bed with the Dana 44 and I am do the rear brakes. Which direction does the adjuster point ? I have one side the star wheel is pointing forward the other side its facing rearward. The backing plate has two slots for the adjuster. The FSM does not really show the correct orientation of the adjuster. I just want the brakes to be correct. I know if they are not correctly installed they will work backwards. I have to install new adjusters anyway, rust, rust, rust.
  6. 1st pic, stock switch with broken lower tab 2nd pic, new switch installed 3rd pic, rerouted brake switch wire
  7. I spent more time going to NAPA and buying it, than the installation of the switch. You do need to reroute the brake light switch wire between the hood release cable and the brake assembly but not a big deal. If you need a switch, which I did, "safety check", if the light no workie you no pass the safety check. I would say yes its a good choice. I'll take a pic tomorrow and post it up.
  8. The solution is not an exact replacement but, fits the location, functions just like the factory switch and is only $10.00. NAPA part number PB4016 fits the requirements for the Comanche parking brake switch, the only difference is the position of the brake light tab. The tab points down and points to the rear of the cab, the factory switch tab points up and to the firewall.
  9. The contact tab that engages the switch when the brake is applied, the lower section of the tab appears to have snapped off. This is probably the original switch to the truck, the part number on the switch is 8956001966. There are a lot of similar designed switches out there but the closest one that I found was TLS300, its a Echlin part number "NAPA" not exact but pretty close.
  10. Looking for a part number or a source for a parking brake switch. Looks like the OEM number is 56001966 but as usual discontinued. Its got to be a GM part for late 80's GM vehicles. NAPA shows nothing, along with AZ, and O'Reillys.
  11. 88mjsally, Merry Christmas, got a pic of they fray?, How much, paypal, 96704 for shipping. USPS flat rate is best for me. Looked at the pic's can't tell which one has they fray. Thanks
  12. Any parking brake handles left?
  13. eaglescout, does this look about right? Inner boot 53002864 Shift Bezel 53000056 Shift Boot 53004433
  14. Ok got the Azzy's shift linkage assembly, and the "installation instructions". The instructions are not very clear as to how the assembly installation differs from the OEM shift linkage. The front driveshaft was removed. The shifter part of the linkage was really tight to bolt onto the shift lever, had to remove it from the truck and pinch it in a vise to get the tabs to go over the bottom part of the linkage and bolt it to the shift lever. The biggest issue was the transfer case lever which is flipped 180* it points up when bolted to the transfer case. The adjustments are made with the transfer case in 2wd high, and the shift lever in the 2wd high position, its tight up there. Once its in the adjustments need to be made to get the levers to hit the sweet spots on the transfer case so they lock in correctly. The shift movement overall is good and much smoother than the factory linkage, the instructions are poor, and the install can be frustrating at times. The 4 low position on mine is a little iffy right now doesn't fully lock in like I would like it, the shift doesn't feel like its centered in the 4 low position . More adjustments are required, better than the factory linkage with a simpler mechanism, but not a 15 minute job.
  15. As the title states, my latest project was the 89' long bed base. It came with a bench seat and a mini console, "kinda". I am swapping in MJ buckets and a full center console. What I am missing is the details on the shifter boot and bezel??? I have all the parts for the center console which was from an automatic, but now I need the shift boot and some type of bezel to retain the boot to the full console opening. I looked in my parts book and don't see anything. Anyone have parts book pictures or part numbers. I know how the console goes in for an automatic but not for a manual.
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