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  1. Thanks I really appreciate the offer. But based upon the review of the video and the overall simplification of the linkage assembly, I bit the bullet and ordered the Azzy's design off of Amazon. I will let you guys know if it works as smooth as "Butter" as the video claims.
  2. Have either of you guys used the Azzy's design? Looks pretty straight forward, looked at the install video, appears to be less of a headache than the z type linkage.
  3. Well I have another project, another 89' LWB 4.0L AX15, NP231 with a rear 44 with 3.07's who made the decision to put those gears in????, with no linkage for the shift lever to the NP2331. I can salvage some of the linkage parts from a hulk in the back yard but the bushings are all shot. There is also a bearing (kinda of a plastic bearing with a metal housing around it) It mounts to a bracket bolted to the drivers side transtunnel . No front drive shaft either. Is there a source for the bushings or the bearing?
  4. Whats low series tracking????
  5. I know Cruiser said at one time I think that there was an option for a high altitude CPS. He would be the one to know. It was a Zone 71-Los Angeles truck It also had a Perforated Steering wheel w/Red Stitching Interior is gray Solid back window
  6. Here's the link: https://fcacommunity.force.com/RAM/s/equipment-listing Getting a Jeep Build Sheet for Jeeps Built Before 1998 Here is where it gets really challenging to find your Jeep build sheet. But we’ve heard stories from jeepers who have been successful. Here are 2 things you can try: Option 1: First go ahead and try the steps above. John at Chrysler told me that sometimes folks are able to get their Jeep build sheet using that method if the records were input by someone at Jeep. He explained that factory build sheets prior to 1998 are fairly obscure and yet some of them managed to make it into the system. It really depended on the vehicle and model and which sites were active prior to 1998. At that time Jeep just wasn’t keeping all of the records digitally. It wasn’t until 1998 that all Jeep build sheets were required to be input. Option 2: Contact FCA Historical Services. This is really more for vintage vehicles, but John said that it is possible they may have build sheets for Jeeps built prior to 1998 and that he had heard of some success stories in finding them through that method. If you contact them, make sure you let them know you are looking for your factory Jeep build sheet and provide them with the 17 character VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your Jeep. Here is the contact info for FCA Historical Services: Mailing address: FCA Historical Services 12501 Chrysler Freeway CIMS: 410-11-21 (That is their Department Code) Detroit, MI 48288 Email: danielle.szostak@fcagroup.com (Please allow 5-7 business days for a response.) Fax: Yes, as of my conversation with John they still use a fax machine. But if you want to go that route, the fax number is (313) 252-2928.
  7. I checked the Chrysler vin check registry it came up. From what I understand pre98' is a hit or miss situation. Someone had to enter the data into the database. I guess after 98 Jeep went to a fully digital format and it automatically updates the database with build info.
  8. 10x2.5 rear brakes Black vinyl floor covering Command-Trac Part time 4WD 230MM Front axle 3.07 rear gear ratio Bright Windshield Moldings AM MTR Radio Skid plate group Straight Back Bench seat 5-Speed Manual Transmission Dana 44/226MM Rear axle Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle Left Manual mirror High Altitude Emissions 15x7.0 steel wheels Rear spring Group I Left front spring group VIII Right Front spring group VII Low series tracking Sold new 12-17-88 Color is Silver???? Mileage 230K speedo is not working Location Captain Cook, Hawaii Runs and drives
  9. Sounds good, PayPal I am assuming?
  10. Interested in the best set of taillights
  11. I have enough Jeeps at home but a good set of taillights would be nice. Let me know what you got, PM me or shoot me a picture
  12. Cruiser taillights????
  13. As the title states, time for a pair of either very good "USED" tail lights or the ever elusive NOS pair that are in some ones closet or garage.
  14. No emissions testing at all. We have a "Safety Check", if the wheels stay on the car you pass and $25 for the inspection. I think that fitting might be a M22x1.5. Went through my sizing gauges and the OD only fits M22, the only two M22 size thread pitches are 1.5 fine, 2.5 course. Thread distance measurements look to be 1.5. Now which way to go with the EGR?
  15. Anyone know the fitting size for the EGR tube fittings? I am in the process of installing a Pacesetter header on the Eliminator, and of course the new EGR bung on the exhaust manifold has moved causing an issue with the installation of the EGR tube. Not sure about doing the EGR delete versus trying to fab up a new EGR pipe. I did try to fab a pipe out of a extra EGR pipe I had, but could not get it air tight, had some leaks. I took it to a weld shop and so far they are not having much success either. I saw some flex pipe that would take the heat but no real way to make the fittings work. You need a flange at the end of the pipe to seal when the fitting is tightened up and a straight length for the fitting to swivel when installing. It appears that this simple modification has turned into a nightmare. Any ideas would be welcome.
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