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  1. thanks ,i may try that.its already broke so it can't get any worse.
  2. thats what my original box did.i robbed the module out of my gf's 94 zj and everything worked.on the box they say zj or xj or yj but the only difference i see is the zj box is twice as big as the mj box.it plugs up and everything works.ive went through several delay modules in my gf's 94 zj.when I'm at the pick n pull i grab everyone i see and test them as backups but unfortunatly ive went through them in the last several years.my local pick n pull has been getting scarce on having xjs to rob parts from and you never see a mj there.
  3. i am .no hurry just whenever you get to it.tackling the floor board rust right now.
  4. thanks,its definitly bad as i took a zj module and plugged it in temporarily and it parks itself now and the delay works.
  5. yes the box is what I'm after.
  6. looking for a good wiper delay module for my 86 mj.please not one if you don't know if it works or not.
  7. the end of my kickdown cable broke off when i tried to hookup my new weber carb.the carb end must be a little larger so when i went to hook the cable up the plastic end broke off.does anybody know of a source for this cable?i looked online but didnt see anything.i know the 86 with the 2.8 is the redheaded stepchild of mj's but it serves the purpose for right now.i would gladle swap the 904 out for something else if anybody has any suggestions.it is a 2wd for now but plans for 4wd are in the future so i don't want to spend a fortune on a 2wd tranny.
  8. i just looked on acc's site and it showed 252 when added to cart.thanks for the heads up on rockauto.
  9. i seen the 250 price tag and i don't really mind that but if it doesnt fit I'm not paying 250 for it.
  10. yes the vinyl flooring is what I'm after.89 mj what was the brand you used?
  11. does anyone know if the rubber floor mats are available for our trucks.mine came originally with rubber and would like to keep it that way.i really don't want carpet.rubber is so much easier to keep clean.
  12. thanks that helps alot.the underhood sticker appears to have been missing way before i got the truck.i was happy yesterday to have finally gotten a brake pedal on the truck.after a new master cylinder,3 brake hoses,2 wheel cylinders and all new lines to the rear from the master cylinder to find out that the rear load valve was bad.i bypassed it and have decent brakes now.i dd resurface the drums and rotors and replaced the 2 rear brake cables so at least the brakes are in good shape.
  13. thanks.does anybody have a link to the underhood hose diagrams?would like to get some of this stuff hooked back up,
  14. after many years of missing my 88 i picked up an 86 2.8 mj 2wd for 300 bucks.it has been sitting for about 5 years but i got it running.i bought a new fuel tank and vent valves for it but rodents have chewed all of the hoses away and was wondering if anyone knows where the vent hoses hook to or have a vacuum hose diagram for it.i replaced the old carb with a new weber but it needs alittle fine tuning.thanks
  15. I've used clr to help clean them out.i run it about a day or two then flush it out.a mechanic at a truck shop showed me this as he regularly does this on big road tractors.
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