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  1. Another year has gone by, and the Comanche is still relegated to firewood and general ranch duties. I still have too many trucks so it is time to let is go. If anyone runs across this and is interested, let me know. I still like to the little truck, so I am not going to advertise aggressively, but if a Comanche fan wants to buy it and do something with it... it is available.
  2. Quick update, I have been using the truck around my property and enjoying it. Put a couple other rigs up for sale so my parking area isn't feeling as crowded. I am still willing to sell the rig, but I will keep it unless I get 1k. The rear main has a pretty decent oil leak and there is a loud rattle, I am assuming is, associated with exhaust. With the age of the motor, I am thinking about pulling it and re-sealing the motor, inspecting everything, etc. My question to the forums, what engine gasket set/ rebuild kits do you folks like to run? I am not looking at replacing pistons, cam, etc. unless I run into problems once I am in there. The set I am looking at is sold on Amazon by Guardian Engine Kits. $400 Mahle gasket set and rings Cloyes timing chain set Melling oil pump King bearings https://www.amazon.com/Engine-Rebuild-Timing-Bearings-Gasket/dp/B0115WYQ06 As always, I appreciate any comments and suggestions.
  3. I hear you, I am just kinda over it. To me selling it for $500 is more finding it a home than anything. I am sure I could part it for more, but I kinda want to see the truck go to somebody whole. I have way to many rigs, everything runs and drives. It is time to thin the herd. My next move was to buy a parts Cherokee and fix up the Comanche, but I would rather invest my time into other projects. I do like that little truck a lot, hope somebody does something cool with it.
  4. Well after getting it up and running and doing a bit of thinking. I am going to pass this truck along. I simply have too many trucks (projects) at the moment. Best offer takes it
  5. Listed for $2k on Craigslist. Listed for $1k here. After I put in a little more work, I will probably not take 1k anymore, but I would like the rig to find a good home.
  6. Worked on the rig again today. Bad relay for the fuel pump, so I replaced it. That took care of the fuel problem. Found some rodent damage to one of the injector wires, so I soldered in a couple new pieces of wire, got it all wrapped up with heat shrink. Truck fires right up. Still has a pretty good rattle under the truck somewhere, but that is for another day. Rummaged around and found a used set of bfg all-terrains for the truck. Hopefully sometime this week I will get the tires swapped. Now I am on the look out for a set of seats and a floor covering.
  7. I am still planning to sell it, but I will likely regret it someday. I have a few too many projects. It has been fun working on the Comanche though.
  8. Took a peek, looks like a big project there. That will be a fun rig.
  9. Went out to where the truck has been sitting, rooted around a while inside the cab and found an ignition key. The missing key is the primary reason it has been sitting completely idle. I had been using around my property for firewood. Threw in a charged battery in the truck and it cranked but no start. I couldn't hear the fuel pump prime, so I wandered back there with a test light, no power the the fuel pump. I ran a fused jumper wire from the battery back to the pump, worked like a charm. I unhooked the fuel line and let the pump get any old fuel out of the tank. Nothing, no gas in the tank, but I could hear the pump. I guess my past self was looking out for me and drained the fuel sometime after I lost the key. Hooked everything up, added some fresh fuel and went to crank it again. Super slow crank, I could hear the starter solenoid very clearly, but the starter didn't want to turn the motor over now. Funny, it cranked great a few minutes ago. Grabbed a cheater pipe and beat on the starter a bit, while using a remote starter switch to trigger the starter. Motor cranked and fired up. Changed a tire on the rear and drove it on up to the shop. The engine was missing on the way up to the shop. Check engine light was on. After moving it I evicted the rodents, Vacuumed out the cab and hosed off the outside. Next is diagnose the fuel pump power problem and the cylinder misfire.
  10. After listing my Comanche up for sale, I got a lot of inquirers, but no one followed through to purchase the rig. I have decided to start working on the rig and bring it back around, might be a bit of a project. I used this rig as my daily driver for years, but I haven't used it in years. 1986 Jeep Comanche XLS 91' 4.0l H.O. straight six motor 4.10 gearing dana 30/35 AW-4 auto trans vacuum and trans temp gauge Roll cage Permanently registered in MT I have most of the interior bits in storage and a truck box full of misc parts The truck has been sitting for around two years, but hasn't really been used daily for at least 6 years.
  11. As an aside, I have experienced death wobble with an '88 and an '86 MJ. The '88 had worn ball joints and a bad tire, later the tire blew out. On the '86 I changed a loose track bar the tie rod ends, not sure which caused the problem, but it fixed the problem.
  12. Sounds like the tie rod end needs to be changed at the least, cheap part and added piece of mind. Kind of a bummer when one tire decides to steer independent of the steering wheel. if the TRE is endlessly spinning it will be hard to get it tight. As mentioned above you can carefully grab it with needle nose or something, but it is better to just change it out.
  13. Are you smelling/ seeing coolant or steam coming out of the coolant overflow bottle? A handy thing to have around is an infrared thermometer for verifying temps. Helps quickly rule out gauge/ indicator light problems. Plus they are just fun to play with.
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