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  1. Thanks, Pete got my poster and stickers today
  2. Chad R


    True probably just a little bit. But when you have a repair shop sometimes they just find you. And we don’t discriminate we also have a studebaker and a few chevys.
  3. Chad R


    I have a 49 cj3a far from being road worthy. 52 and 59 willys pickup. 53, 54 willys delivery wagons, 55 willys wagon, fc 150 and 48,49,and 50 jeepster between me and my dad. There are some other Jeeps we have but not willys. Some are done some are projects and some are parts.
  4. Yes I did have not opened box yet. I’m in the middle of doing floor pans .
  5. I started cutting out my floor pans and making new ones
  6. Nice collection
  7. I’m with jdog, what ever you decide is better than nothing.
  8. Chad R

    Nos motherload

    I would be broke if I worked there. I would be trying to buy everything.
  9. Had a thrush on a yj once got a year out of it before it rusted off. Ran a borla on a tj and got 12 year out of it before the welds broke at inlet and outlet
  10. I don’t remember who’s post mentions doing it but THANKS. So who ever wants to take credit for it.
  11. In the middle of cleaning everything
  12. It will bounce from 1/2 tank to empty like a tack. Very fast the 86 I had 20 years a go did not do that
  13. My fuel gauge bounces when I drive it. When it’s parked it shows proper amount. Do I need to start looking at the sender or the gauge?
  14. My best guess is it’s some type of moly grease
  15. I would think so. The pressure in the cylinder would blow it out when pushing it in. The rubber cup seal is the only thing that seals it. No different than a brake master cylinder. Seeing that the clutch master cylinder uses brake fluid I would not even want to put grease anywhere near it. If I did grease it I would use a ceramic brake grease so it would not harm the rubber seals .
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