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  1. Chad R


    This is my original truck that my dad bought brand new in 86 and I traded in in 2001 and found in 2021. Trying to buy back now. Sorry pictures upside down
  2. Chad R


    Well I finally was able to go and look at my old truck. It was a sad sight. It has been parked last couple years with clutch problems and a lot of mold growing on it because it’s parked under a tree. The lady that owns it now is on the fence about selling it, she is going to let me know this week. The driver side floor pan is gone the unibody frame rails still looks good but if not saved from its present location in next couple of years it will be junk. Cab corners are gone rockers look ok. Bed sides are holding up ok but you can see where the old body work was done to fix rust years ago. Going to keep trying to get it home. I tried to get pictures up right sorry
  3. Why can’t it been South Bend LKQ lol
  4. Looks like you have a very nice fleet of Comanches
  5. Chad R


    Nice looking truck
  6. Chad R


    I might have hit the jackpot! The guy’s dad was in the shop today. He told me that the clutch went out a couple years ago and they never fixed it and said that he was going to be going over there tomorrow and would ask if they wanted to sell it or at least let me come and get some pictures of it and definitely the vin number.
  7. If it’s 12mm you want napa has what you need.
  8. This is the style we use in the our alignment shop from napa
  9. Chad R


    I guess there is only one way to find out
  10. Chad R


    A little update I found out the name of the people. Bad news is my dad new the lady’s dad but he passed away about 10+ year’s ago and never knew his kids. I was talking to a friend today that owns another shop in town and he knows her but hasn’t talked to her in 20 years. I feel I’m getting closer in my own way.
  11. Chad R


    I found my original Comanche that my dad bought new in 1986 and I traded in 2001 for a new wrangler witch I still have. A little back history on this truck. It was supposed to go to Germany to a guy in the military but he got transferred back state side and couldn’t get financing for it. My dad worked for a company that worked with E.H.Arms and the guy new that my dad was looking for a Comanche and told him that they had this truck in Lagrange Georgia. So my dad bought sight unseen and had it shipped to Michigan. It is a 1986 2.5 carbureted with a 5 speed 4wd. The real sad thing about this is we had ALL the paperwork for this truck that E.H.Arms gave us and in 2005 burnt it all because we didn’t have the truck anymore. Now I just have to go nock on the door and that is not a easy task for me.
  12. I have no mercy for ground bees! Kill them all! I pore gas on the nest and leave it I don’t light it. I leave it to soak in and it seams to work for me
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