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  1. With American collectors my 74cj5 is under $100 a year but my blown pro-street 70 nova is $780 a year and this is in Michigan. I have not put insurance on the Comanche yet. I also run year to date plates and that saves $125 per car
  2. Sounds like it will be a very nice shop.
  3. They should be held for treason.
  4. That sucks! Around hear they are steeling catalytic converters like there is no tomorrow. the police have them on camera under a van in a grocery store parking lot at noon on a Saturday and tell the guy “ well insurance should cover it” and leave. Thief’s are getting bold today and seems no departments care because they don’t want to arrest anyone because of WU-FLU!
  5. From the world of drag racing there is a ultra bell . It allows you to put just about any engine combination to any transmission. There are a couple manufacturers so google ultra-bell bellhousing and you might find something if you go down this road.
  6. Not super hard but I’m not easy on it. Where I live in Michigan there is not much unless you go mudden witch I’m not into. So I haul mine up to northern Michigan to wheel when I get time.
  7. When my tj had the dana 35 in it I had a lock right lunch box locker in it and I daily drove it that way for about 10 years. It had its moods but the biggest thing was it would eat rear tires. I rotated very often to help but still ate rear tires.
  8. I bought my gmr radio kicking and screaming. Jeep Jamboree decided to switch to gmr radios this year so I had to buy one if I wanted to participate. If it’s better or worse than a cb I don’t know. I have seen a few other groups and clubs are starting to use them. In my TJ I’m going to be mounting both a cb and gmr radios.
  9. I didn’t want you to go down the road I did. Two years ago I bought a very nice cb for my TJ and now I have to buy a gmr radio.
  10. Before you buy your cb are you going to wheel with friends that have cb’s or go on organized rides which groups? The only reason I’m throwing that out is because a lot of groups are going to GMR radios.
  11. You are correct on drum measure. To measure the shoe measure across the face of the shoe.
  12. Not yet our friend at the body shop called us just before we got ready to take it and told us he had Wu-flu. Then after he got over that then we got dumped on with snow and could not get to the car trailer. Now that the snow is melting we are trying to get together.
  13. I have had a tool like that for a couple year at work. They work great. The only down side of ours is you can only run it for 30sec then let it set for 30sec and so on. Well worth the money
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