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  1. I have had a tool like that for a couple year at work. They work great. The only down side of ours is you can only run it for 30sec then let it set for 30sec and so on. Well worth the money
  2. Might be looking for some licensing money?
  3. I think I might have a update on the garnet color interior. I picked up a real garnet door panels for my truck and firethorn is way to bright. So I started looking and found napa red ( sem 15273) which is to dark, but with a firethorn base and a mist coat and one light coat of napa red it come out pretty close. In the picture firethorn is on the right and my mix paint is on the left.
  4. Chad R


    Yes it was sold at a IAA auction. I had a friend pull the car fax on it. From what i can tell it spent its whole life in Norfolk Virginia area went to auction and ended up at Daveys Jeep’s in Ohio and then to Michigan.
  5. We are going to body shop next Saturday to get pulled. Will get pictures up hopefully next Saturday night if everything falls into place
  6. So far so good. I attached it by threading on the out side of the rubber boots, the original one threaded on to inside of rubber boots. Literally took 10 minutes to do it.
  7. Chad R

    wood stoves

    This is my 2nd one I have had the first “overgrown outhouse” saved me probably about $18k and this outhouse in the last 4 years is about $7k.
  8. Chad R

    wood stoves

    Yes it heats the water and is pumped into the house. It goes to a heat exchanger in my furnace. I also heat my hot water with it so I can turn off water heater. So winter months I don’t have very much of a gas bill The gas company comes out every year to check meter because they think it’s broke.
  9. Chad R

    wood stoves

    In side stoves are nice, but I hate the wood mess inside and cleaning the ash out. This is what I have.
  10. I was told for what it’s worth that they dropped that color because of the sun glare reflecting off the dash onto the windshield. Not sure if that’s the truth but most I have seen have gray interiors .
  11. Yes I have. My mom had bought a brand new grand Cherokee larado shortly after they came out in 93. The exterior was dark cherry red and had red interior. Never saw another red interior in one since. Was told that half way there production in 93 they quit that color interior, I don’t know.
  12. I am running savvy’s arms on my daily. I was hesitant with the aluminum arms but figured if it’s good enough for king of the hammers it’s good enough for me.
  13. Chad R


    Southwest lower Michigan no snow as of now
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