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  1. We are going to use the roof and the upper part of the cowling there is a body seam where it is spot welded together is where we are going to change it.
  2. Started cutting up a 1953 station wagon shell we have for parts.
  3. So we had a couple of hours to kill today so we started to drill spot welds and removed the roof today.
  4. It finally went to get the A-piller pulled. Now that that is done now we can cut the top off and the cowling.
  5. Chad R

    Tough lesson

    I thought they were. The only thing that came back was all my contacts. I had to reload all apps then try and remember all passwords, that are now written down in a book. Luckily most of my daughters pictures I had taken I had sent my wife so those are not lost.
  6. Chad R

    Tough lesson

    On Monday morning before work my iPhone decided to commit suicide by jumping into my outside wood boiler. It was in there for about 5 to 7 min before I realized it was in there. Body of phone looked ok the phone case took most of the damage. Unfortunately It was in to long and must have melted the inside of the phone because it quite working. I have been able to get all apps and contacts recovered but lost all my pictures.
  7. Assuming all air is out when I adjust rear brakes I like the rear wheel to turn 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn before it stops when you spin it. About 2 in petal travel is not horrible as long as it’s not halfway then you should be fine.
  8. I have a hydraulic brake flaring tool I use at work and once in a while I get bad flares. If you are using a hand flaring tool the chances are greater of bad flares. How much petal travel do you have? A inch or two or half a petal.
  9. Leaving the e-brake on will not cause that line to leak. The only thing that will make that line leak is a bad flare.
  10. Chad R


    This is my original truck that my dad bought brand new in 86 and I traded in in 2001 and found in 2021. Trying to buy back now. Sorry pictures upside down
  11. Chad R


    Well I finally was able to go and look at my old truck. It was a sad sight. It has been parked last couple years with clutch problems and a lot of mold growing on it because it’s parked under a tree. The lady that owns it now is on the fence about selling it, she is going to let me know this week. The driver side floor pan is gone the unibody frame rails still looks good but if not saved from its present location in next couple of years it will be junk. Cab corners are gone rockers look ok. Bed sides are holding up ok but you can see where the old body work was done to fix rust years ago. Going to keep trying to get it home. I tried to get pictures up right sorry
  12. Looks like you have a very nice fleet of Comanches
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