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  1. AMCJeepMJ

    The gun

    Aww all I have is a Sig P320 9mm compact, a Sig P365, a S&W Shield 2.0 .380EZ, a 1942 Mosin-Nagant with bayonet on an Archangel stock, a Berika pistol grip 12ga, a Zastava NPAP M70 (semi-auto AK) with tacti-cool bits, and a Hi-Point C9 YEET CANNON G1. Yes, I said a Hi-Point YEET CANNON... never been fired... because Hi-Point.
  2. Pretty light load for me. Front left: keys Front right: phone and loose coins Right rear: wallet Left rear: empty Appendix: Sig P365
  3. The daughter sent another MJ spotted in Hilo, seems to be a few of them on the island.
  4. Dead thread revival as it's winter; good reminder for those in certain snowy climates to throw some sandbags in and have winter tires on this time of year. Just put on a set of Firestone 'Winterforce 2' studless tires on the truck, going to have to hit up Lowes for a few bags of sand for the bed.
  5. They went with the van sale; new owner's husband is a Ford guy and allegedly was to put them on... I haven't seen the van around town... not that I actually get out any more these days, so who know if he put them on.
  6. Yessir! Patriot 80" side pipes from Summit. With the 139" wheelbase they would have fit perfectly. I am glad I never pulled the trigger on the Hooker long tube headers I was eyeballing.
  7. Ya, it sure was. Wasn't expecting for it to turn over so quickly. Just broke even on it, too.
  8. Negative, and I am down to my last two.
  9. Final update: Had a mobile dog groomer randomly knock on the door on Monday asking if the van was for sale... two days and 3800.00 later and she was gone. Sidepipes had just arrived too, never got a chance to install them.
  10. The daughter spotted this MJ in Hilo Hawaii at the Safeway today. No other pics taken, she shot it from her 97 XJ. She's always sending me pics of cool cars on the Big Island... do we have a Hawaii section?
  11. Valve cover gaskets addressed and valve covers cleaned up. Voltage regulator failed so it became time to give the old girl a replacement alternator as well.
  12. Purring like a 45 year old kitten with leaky valve covers. Holley_500_2V.mp4
  13. Threw some E3 plugs in and installed the 500 cfm Holley 2bbl carb. Still need to adjust the kickdown linkage but she starts right up and idles like a champ. The Motorcraft carb had a vacuum actuated choke; the Holley is electric. This is my first attempt at an aftermarket carb switcharoo; looks like I didn't booger it up too much.
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