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  1. Negative, and I am down to my last two.
  2. Final update: Had a mobile dog groomer randomly knock on the door on Monday asking if the van was for sale... two days and 3800.00 later and she was gone. Sidepipes had just arrived too, never got a chance to install them.
  3. The daughter spotted this MJ in Hilo Hawaii at the Safeway today. No other pics taken, she shot it from her 97 XJ. She's always sending me pics of cool cars on the Big Island... do we have a Hawaii section?
  4. Valve cover gaskets addressed and valve covers cleaned up. Voltage regulator failed so it became time to give the old girl a replacement alternator as well.
  5. Purring like a 45 year old kitten with leaky valve covers. Holley_500_2V.mp4
  6. Threw some E3 plugs in and installed the 500 cfm Holley 2bbl carb. Still need to adjust the kickdown linkage but she starts right up and idles like a champ. The Motorcraft carb had a vacuum actuated choke; the Holley is electric. This is my first attempt at an aftermarket carb switcharoo; looks like I didn't booger it up too much.
  7. Daily driver: 2015 Toyota Prius Wife's daily: 2008 Ford Escape Weekender: 1985 Volvo 245 Project: 1975 Ford Econoline mini-camper
  8. Spare tire carrier went onto the right door, and both doors received a realignment.
  9. Right?!? It drives and handles like an old boat as well.
  10. Well, while waiting on the Holley to arrive, got the rear doors swapped out from a 1991 E-250. Not a color match but at least she won't leak. Factory privacy glass is a plus.
  11. Starting and idling issues have been narrowed down to the carb; have my eye on a Holley 500 cfm electric choke 2bbl model to replace the ancient Autolite/Motorcraft that is on it now. Not cheap at 400+, but cheap as far as performance go.
  12. I need something like this for my Volvo 240, but again at the cost of already narrow front seat legroom.
  13. Liquid Metal on the satellite radio. Metallica does on Youtube a live show from past years in its entirety every Monday at 5pm Pacific while the CV thing is going on.
  14. Yep, we have done the reallocation as well; once elective surgeries and individual practices get rolling again in the upcoming weeks it will get back to 'normal'.
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