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  1. Thats what I'm hoping. I just don't have the space for any more projects as it is. Or the time, or money. And my xj DD is less than reliable. So time to liquidate some projects, make some room, and work towards eventually getting another one when I have some more space.
  2. Its been a LONG time since I've been on CC. Work, internet issues, computer issues, more work, you know, life in general. Selling my mj, already regret it and its still sitting in my driveway. Sucks when you no longer have the time and space for a 4 year project. Just need a reliable vehicle at this point and that 2.8 just won't cut it anymore. Anyway, just stopping by to say hello. Need to check in more often, still my favorite forum around, some great guys here :cheers:
  3. I got jerked around like that with Navy recruiters, eventually leading to me not shipping out ever and leaving the DEP. I'd follow shelbyluvv's advice. Also, if for whatever reason you have to see a doctor before you ship, don't tell them. Thats why I'm still a civvy and not on a ship somewhere.
  4. I would love to pay $400 a year for insurance. I pay $90 a month just for my mj.
  5. My dd zj has 203k on it, xj has 280k. Before that, my first truck, a '90 Chevy silverado with the 5.7 had 38X,XXX miles on it when I sold it. All of which are/have been my dd and/or only vehicle. Mj has an unknown amount of miles on a questionable 2.8 with the sloppiest transmission in the Midwest, a leaking slave cylinder that can't be removed without a torch, and door gaps you can stick your hand through, and I dd'd it for a year before getting the zj
  6. This. Drove the piss out of mine for over a year. And I mean over-revving, shifting hard, pretending I'm a race car, using crap oreilly oil, late oil changes, blah blah blah. The way i saw it, when the engine blows up, i can justify the money to swap it out for something better. Engine still runs though, and the only reliability issues i've had are crappy electronic fuel pumps, and more recently the carb kicked the bucket.
  7. Man its SERIOUS now. Watching game 7 has me on the edge of my seat! Gotta agree with Hornbrod though, Bumgarner is a helluva pitcher!
  8. IIRC, Royals Stadium was the first stadium built specifically for baseball. Went on a tour through all the secretive bits when I was in high school. One of the bits of info that stuck with me. That and the field is sod over sand, so it technically can't get rained out because of flooding.
  9. I have to drive past 3 entrance gates to get home.....
  10. Its quite SERIOUS :teehee: when its right here in your hometown! I can see the stadium from the shop I work at. Just sucks trying to get home!
  11. Checked the overflow hose, put a new clamp on it, no change. Lower rad hose had a new clamp and the lip on the edge for a better seal. The reason I made the guess about the overflow bottle was because it leaks until the overflow is empty, then stops leaking after that. But the puddle is always under the lower rad hose, despite new hose, rad, pump, and clamps all around. I'm going to pull off the shroud for a day so I can see if the cap may be leaking down the rad, that's the only thing that makes sense at this point, unless I just got a bad radiator
  12. So this is on a 96 zj 4.0, but figured it applied to MJs too since it's a 4.0 Jeep was leaking coolant for a while, finally got around to replacing the leaky lower radiator hose, fixed it for a day, then the water pump started leaking. Replaced the pump, noticed the radiator was rotting out and had a pool in the bottom of it, so replaced that too. Fast forward about a month, jeep is still leaking coolant, has been all month, it's dripping from under the lower rad hose, leaks until the overflow bottle is empty, then stops. Doesn't overheat, but what could the problem be? Since it's leaking on the opposite side from the overflow, I can't see that being the problem. Ideas?
  13. Seen someone use a crown royal bag as a shift boot once....
  14. Just checked mine...everything seems to be working as it should :dunno:
  15. Meh...life gets in the way of things. Thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it! :peek:
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