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  1. Is it crazy to have 202,000 & still drive it everyday? Theres no overheating isses, although with engine warm and sitting idle at a redlight,my oil pressure is about 16 .. Been at this for years. I'm considering going up to 15-40 next oil change.
  2. So it just paints on like a thick paint? Floors arent too pretty. Sheet metal,framework,screw heads etc .....was hoping for something that would hide the bare floor. But I will consider this considering Rockauto wants over 100.00 for just a vinal floor.
  3. Since my carpet is ruined now & I will remove my seats to get the rest of the carpet up. It was heavily staiined anyway .....I'm considering leaving bare floor but its a bit on the Ugly side even sprayed with the bedliner mat stuff. - Are there any places that sell a vinal floor in place of carpet for comanches? even if its a cherokee flooring & I could just cut the back half off for the right length.
  4. Mine used to have that same problem. Its the fat seal for the blower motor. Mine had a small leak rigtht at the bottom. I got a tube of all purpose indoor outdoor clear sealent from home depot & globbed me a nice clear stream of it and it hasnt leaked since.
  5. Its not the accordian type rubber hose type thing thats used to cover the wires. Mine has those on both doors. - The holes I'm talking about are on the Outter side Cowl pillar I guess? Its about 5 inches in front of the doors if you took the fenders off. Theyre right next to where the antenna goes into the truck. The fat plug where it enters into the cab. - My truck is missing the big plastic wheel well cover. The one thats like 3 feet long half moon & keeps water in the wheel area instead of slinging water all up under the fender.-Mines missing that. .maybe thats why its makin
  6. I'm gonna seal around my antenna rubber where it plugs in under the fender ...........ALSO while I was leaned in there looking, Just above the antenna plug hole but closer to the hinge area, there 2 big holes. dunno what they are for. Looks as if maybe they take a big rubber plug maybe. If you look under the passenger wheel well & can get your head kinda in there you can see the antenna plug ......then 2 big holes,unless yours is plugged by the rubbr/plastic capoff plugs? I just know water is trailing in almost at the floor back behind that side kick panel next to the lil light under the
  7. I have SOAKED floors. I stopped all leaks when i bought the truck 5 years ago. - I just went outside now since its pouring rain to see where its coming in at . The Passenger side side kickpanel below it where it meets the floor theres 3-4 streaks of drip coming in & puddling in the floor. What could be there that would allow water to leak in when the truck is parked just sitting there??? Isnt it solid frame area there between the door & the front wheel?? Somehow water is coming in and dripping down from under that plastic side kick panel. Any ideas??? ALSO The back windo
  8. Hi-Had to post new thread since all old ones were deleted. I have my NEW overflow water tank finally.........and bought the hoses I need in 5/8 size. Problem is...........the INLET tube on the water tank is a bit smaller than 5/8 & the Outlet (bottom) tube is much bigger than 5/8.(its the exact same size as the entire 5/8 outyside hose size) .Does any one know what size Hose goes to the INLET(top) AND the Outlet tube(bottom) on an 88 Comanche coolant overflow tank? plz let me know if you know because I am now stranded with no way to get to the store but will catch a ride
  9. Okay thanx- What happens if its filled full? thats what Ive always done. Now that I'm thinkin about it,it would build lots pf pressure that way.
  10. wow that sucks. but they know when we need something we;ll pay what they want usually,or someone will at some point.
  11. I have the 88 Comanche manual pdf, but yeh ,its exellent for reference
  12. reaso9n Imasking is because I have a new tank on the way & have no idea what hose to buy for the bottom nipple thing that goes out to the water pump
  13. Thanx Comanchefan. I just may have to fall back on that. That "T" pice (center bottom) sure looks handy & very similar to what I need,except it needs to turn to the other way instead of toward the camera. Thanx though,this May work.
  14. Hi- Another issue here: Someone bypassed the heater control valve on my comanche 4.0 so here s the layout of my hoses. From water pump to Heatercore Intake , from heatercore OUT to radiator Overflow tank(next to pass hood hinge) From overflow tank to waterpump intake line. here's THE PROBLEM ........ I need a hose to from from Firewall/heatercore to the Overflow bottle which is close to the heatercore line. . its 5/8" hose . try to follow this part ........it comes OUT of firewall about 3 inches,goes UP about 3 inches,then goes LEFT about 3 inches to go into the over
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