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  1. Through '94. Also, all bucket seat parts through '94 can be swapped like legos.
  2. Minuit

    Born on dates

    Agreed with all of the above. All around great guy and constructive club member . Eagerly awaiting info on my 89 once he gets to it. Also hoping I have the 91's build date right
  3. The warning light is useless. Why add an aftermarket gauge? Just swap in a full gauge cluster. You'll gain a tach, trip meter, and temp gauge too. The odometer can be adjusted to the correct mileage. This would also be easier if we knew what your vehicle was. You should create a signature:
  4. It's worth checking for sure. You might be able to make the trans move a little bit if you really rock it around (that's just the compliance in the mount) but it shouldn't move very much and it certainly shouldn't be easy to shake it around. Check the motor mounts too. The three mounts all work together to support the drivetrain.
  5. You have a perfectly good port for an oil gauge already, on the block right next to where where the oil filter is (2.5/4.0, not sure where it is on the 2.8). If you insist on running an aftermarket gauge, I'm sure it won't be much trouble to connect the aftermarket gauge up to the factory location. Easier to swap a full gauge factory cluster and use the factory style sensor, which is accurate enough so long as you verify it against a known good mechanical gauge.
  6. The doors are an upgrade worth talking about for all the reasons listed above. The front clip is a matter of taste. I don't care for it, but I'm one of those dirty purists that DirtyComanche mentioned. As far as I know, no MJs that didn't have PW/PL are "wired for it" in that you can just plug window regulators and lock actuators in and have it work. Through '92 all of that is on a subharness that plugs into the fuse box that can be added with absolutely no changes to the existing wiring. Starting in I think '93 it is more integrated into the dash harness, and I have no clue on the specifics of that. When I added (year correct) power windows and locks to my 91, I snatched the cross-body and door wiring from a '92 and all of the other stuff from various 91-96 XJs. Didn't have to touch the wiring on my truck, and with some small modifications to the cross-body harness it all plugged into the fuse box.
  7. I think the switch was where the little "coin tray" is in the newer consoles. That's why I love the very earliest XJs. So much early installment weirdness and strange parts that were only used on a handful of vehicles. Then Chrysler got involved and Jeep started acting like a real car company. Boring!
  8. The noise you're focusing on in the video sounds to me like a worn "division bar" weatherstrip as they call it, or possibly the "window channel" seal where it meets at the front corner of the door. I have had trouble with aftermarket weatherstripping fitting poorly in this area, causing a very similar noise. Also, double check that the door seals line up. I've had trouble getting the door to squish that seal properly at the top of the door frame. Somewhere I have a list written down of all of the Mopar part numbers for the weatherstripping. I'll see if I can find that. Replace all of the weatherstripping in the door with good quality new parts (prefer Mopar where possible) and see where that gets you.
  9. 11:22 on that video. Ouch.
  10. I... may have taken some slight inspiration from the system you built. By that, I mean I did the exact same thing. When I get down to business on this, I'd be happy to accept any help from anyone willing to lend it that knows their stuff. It'll make for a better end product if multiple qualified people review it.
  11. I believe it has to do with "likes" on your post from mobile users... or something like that.
  12. The oil pump creates flow, not pressure. The pressure comes from the bearing clearances in your engine, but the pressure still won't be up to snuff if the oil pump is worn out. The best oil pump in the world still won't lead to decent pressure if you can fly a B-17 between the main bearings and the crankshaft. Replacing or rebuilding the pump probably will help a little, but it's a toss up as to whether your engine is even capable of making good oil pressure anymore. Case in point my '89: Engine sounds like $#!& and has probably never been treated well. The engine abruptly lost oil pressure, leading me to rebuild the pump. On the original pump gearset, it made 60 psi cold, dropping very quickly to almost nothing when hot. The pump rebuild made no difference to the cold oil pressure, but it brought the warm idle pressure up to roughly 20 psi, which is just within spec for the 4.0L engine. Still not great (and it still drops like a rock as the oil warms up), but better. The oil pump was worn enough to reduce its ability to pump oil, but the bearings on this engine are just too worn to provide very good oil pressure once warm. When I did the RMS in my '91 I replaced the oil pump with a new unit. That made literally no difference to the oil pressure, warm or cold. That engine's in good shape and has been treated well its whole life. The lowest oil pressure I've ever seen from this engine is 30 psi at hot idle. The original oil pump was providing sufficient flow, and the bearings are tight enough to provide oil pressure well within the design specifications for the engine. Get a real oil filter and see if that improves things. My rule of thumb is Wix or Bosch, Motorcraft if it's a Ford.
  13. That was a mid to high end priced MJ in the first place. Maybe it's cheap by Wrangler standards, but by MJ standards (and mine) they're throwing their wallet at this thing full force, and that's before we talk about the sponsored parts. I don't think I have the $6500 purchase price into my 91 from beginning to now, and if I do I'm not over by much. Admittedly, I have very different priorities from these guys, but still. I also didn't spend 3 grand rebuilding a BA-10, so I've got that going for me. Maybe it's just me, but I get absolutely nothing out of "builds" where they just go to a shop and open the wallet. Doubt I'll keep watching this series. If I want to see a lifted MJ on 33s, there is plenty of material on this very site. Way more entertaining to watch someone actually doing things, even if they're fumbling through it.
  14. Isn't bureaucracy just great? Drove Mr. 89 about 10 miles to the dump and back yesterday. It did alright! Even after fully warming up, I still had a not-great but-better-than-before 20 psi of oil pressure at idle! Gotta do those control arm bushings though. I can feel it in the steering wheel, the caster is way under spec. The axle gets a little shaky under there too. Wouldn't mind having a cooling system that holds pressure either.
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