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  1. I agree 100%. I feel like everyone who does this kind of business has to learn this lesson once. I got burned by something similar to this not long after I started selling radios, and ever since then I do everything on my desktop. All critical info gets triple checked and if there's even a shred of doubt I figure it out with the buyer. Especially if it's an international shipment. The only thing I use my phone for business wise is to read and reply to emails, and I don't even do that often because I type much, much faster on a desktop than a phone. Also - if I'm ever typing out an address on something that can cause formatting problems like FB messenger, I type every line out as a separate message. Might make it a little clearer to see what it's supposed to be.
  2. Hello neighbor! I want to say I've seen this truck driving around before. Looks like it's pretty straight from your pics. Good to see more people from middle TN around here!
  3. Horn button is pending. Everything else is still available.
  4. I have it on good authority from my mother, who was around the truck since it was brand new, that my original bench was never comfortable. She was much happier with the Eliminator seats I have now. On long trips with the bench, I couldn't make it an hour without some kind of pain. Now it's up there with the best car seats I've sat in.
  5. If you want to swap to a bench, be warned that you're likely to lose some comfort. The bench seat is by this point usually saggy and didn't offer much of any support to begin with. I find the basic factory bucket seats to be quite comfortable compared to most car seats as long as the cushions aren't collapsed. The top-level "wingback" buckets are even better. If you're sure, you should have absolutely no problems finding someone to take your buckets off your hands, and maybe swap for a bench. Doesn't hurt that the covers look to be in excellent shape. I agree that the truck was most likely a special order. Back then, you could order options in pretty much any combination you wanted, and you've got a fairly unusual one.
  6. I recently spent a fair bit of time touching plug wires with my engine running and never once did I feel even a tingle. If I ever got zapped by a plug wire it would be replaced immediately. Maybe I'm just a little weeny, but I don't mess around with that stuff.
  7. 300k is no big deal for a well maintained 4.0 engine. If it still runs to your satisfaction, has good compression, and makes some amount of oil pressure, run it and don't worry.
  8. Minuit


    It says it works on vinyl too, but I don't know how well it works since I haven't tried it.
  9. Minuit


    You may be able to find something close, but the SEM is worth it.
  10. The old style belt tensioner isn't so bad once you learn how to reach all 17,000 bolts you need to mess with to adjust belt tension, and assuming you keep the adjustment bolt lubricated. The one on the lower rear of the P/S pump bracket (the one with a fuel line in the way) is a pain. I find it easier to get it from the bottom. OK, maybe it is a PITA after all... I do wish it had an auto-tensioner every time I need to mess with the belt though.
  11. This is how the purist side of the club feels, myself included. It's not like we're going to reach through the monitor and strangle you if you put a 2" lift and all terrains on your truck, but there are a lot of us here who will look down on someone bouncing straight, clean trucks off of rocks. If your plans include irreversible modifications like fender trimming to run large tires, I would advise you to not buy a clean survivor. Also, if you live where the roads are salted in the winter, that rust-free truck will not be rust-free for long at all. If you plan on driving salted roads, I would suggest at a minimum a full application of fluid film or similar to the entire underside, with special attention paid to the rear wheel wells and inner bedsides. Better to not drive a rust-free classic truck in the winter, but that's just me.
  12. Minuit


    I can't think of anyone better to be our benevolent dictator, Pete.
  13. I was in your place once. My '91 was my first vehicle and I started on it before I got my license. The MJ is one of the best vehicle platforms to learn on. It's a blend of old and new technology (although an 87 has more old technology than my 91), and you'll learn most of what you need to become a well rounded mechanic. From the one pic you've provided, that truck looks worthy of your time and a good buy. Make sure to check the floors for rust. That doesn't look like any type of original paint, and on old trucks that always make me feel a little nervous, because the paint could be hiding anything. You may want to run a magnet along the bottom of the cab below the doors and above the rear fender flares. If the seller has a fit when you ask to do this, I'd be a little more suspicious. If it's a manual transmission, they have a nasty problem where fluid from the clutch system leaks directly on the fuse box. Inspect the fuse connections for corrosion and check the plastic frame for warps and cracks. If you see those, you might be in for a bad time.
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