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  1. A/C has been restored and all is well. Proceeding as normal tomorrow morning. New compressor (reman junk) is quieter than the old one ever was. Not gonna say I was sold a dud, but I have a feeling it wasn't 100% right out of the box. Just glad I caught it before it did damage to my system.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we have A COMPLICATION! Heard a faint knocking noise from the A/C compressor when I was inspecting the truck today. Didn't like it. I have a compressor on order at 4:30 this afternoon. Already removed old compressor, found no metal shavings. Caught it in time. Going to hot-swap the compressors. Should be plenty of time to make it to the show.
  3. Minuit


    One of these days, I'm going to piece together a vintage stereo system. Always kinda wanted to get into that stuff, but never had the time, space or funds. I'm especially interested in the weird stuff - not all that surprising if you know me at all. Not a record player, but still exactly my kind of weird. Start this one at 3:23 if it didn't work:
  4. I'm officially registered and good to go. Current plan is to leave approximately 4:00 Friday morning for a hopeful arrival at kryptronic's place in the late afternoon to early evening accounting for the time change. Might check in on here at the halfway point.
  5. '84-'94 XJ and MJ. A minor change came in '91 when the ignition cylinder changed to a Chrysler version that is held into the upper housing with a spring loaded latch rather than being held by a screw. Manual transmission columns will have a release lever next to the ignition cylinder. Automatic floor shift columns have a park lock mechanism that expects to be hooked up to a cable coming from the shifter mechanism. If you'd like intermittent wipers or tilt (and don't have them already), now's the perfect chance to upgrade. Make sure the break-away brackets about halfway down are not broken loose - this would indicate either rough handling or the vehicle having been in a severe accident. Make sure the donor vehicle has not been in a significant collision. These columns have a collapsible center shaft that will break in the event of a wreck.
  6. There should be a bracket on your speedometer cable to hold it to the driver side upper control arm bolt. It uses one of those push retainer things on the threads of the bolt to hold it.
  7. C'mon, hop in your truck and drive 1600 miles to meet us. We're worth it!
  8. Always so weird when Eric O works on something familiar to me. Every single one of his videos is pure gold.
  9. Hey @krustyballer16 when do you plan on leaving? One of the ways I can go takes me pretty close to you. Was hoping I could convoy up for at least part of the ride up there. I'm thinking leaving early Friday morning, but I'm flexible.
  10. I'm not that concerned about it on that truck, certainly not yet. Control arm bushings that aren't rotten would be a good enough start on that one
  11. Geez, guess my '89 won't ever see cruise control in its life then. Ouch.
  12. You don't have to, they unbolt fairly easily. They do leak though, so be ready for that if you decide to install them.
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