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  1. I've decided I'll be making that list into a DIY writeup with pictures and everything. Those are on the list, but were a late addition, so the DIY writeup version will have more detail and pictures. (they call 'em Zipties over here )
  2. Here's some things to do. Should keep you busy for a while, with a focus on electrical performance and "the little things" that often get left out of lists like these. This list assumes that the mechanical necessities have been already taken care of and your truck is more or less roadworthy. Preventing fires Headlight relay harness (and throw the sealed beams in the garbage while you're at it) - everyone here will have a different opinion on what headlights to replace with, but almost all agree that the sealed beams are bad. My personal preference is Hella H4 housi
  3. I seem to have misplaced one of my chrome arm rest trim pieces somehow. I only need the driver side "top" piece, but I'll take all of them if you have them in good shape. I need one in very good shape without peeling chrome. Shipping to 38401.
  4. Here's some hot and spicy drama for you: After I went to the hospital at the beginning of all of this, I was referred to Neurologist #1, one of three neurologists working as part of the hospital system in my town. After a couple of months, I got very tired of how hard it was to get in touch with Neurologist #1 (and the fact that I had to pretty much start at day one every time) and demanded a transfer to Neurologist #2 (with some difficulty, I might add - I actually had to get kinda nasty for them to transfer me). Why did I have so much trouble getting in touch with Neu
  5. Need it. (do you know a good label guy? I have some things I'd like to reproduce)
  6. Upgrading from the sealed beam to *insert choice of non-sealed headlight here* is the real winner as far as brightness/visibility goes. If your existing wiring is in good shape, you shouldn't see much difference in brightness with just the harness. If you DID see a large difference in brightness, you had a significant voltage drop somewhere in the system and you better be glad your truck hasn't already set itself on fire. The safety of not passing full current through the switch is the real point, and for those so inclined, the ability to run higher powered headlights depending on how beefy th
  7. I have the full 91 FSM on PDF. PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  8. https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/19716/PHILIPS/TEA5500.html
  9. Does it have a window in roughly the center of the chip? If so, dollars to donuts that's an old-school EPROM that is erased by shining UV light directly onto the silicon of the chip. Any pics? Miiiight be able to pull up a datasheet for it.
  10. Not to brag or anything, but I've gotten a couple of those for free Not to mention, it'd be quite easy to replicate. I'd spend quite a bit of free time dicking around with making my own before I spent $430 on a used one.
  11. You definitely could. But you'd run into all sorts of FCC mumbo jumbo if you ever wanted to legally sell it (any halfway decent keyless entry being an RF transmitter-receiver) and you'd have way more man-hours into designing a circuit and PCB to fit there than you'd ever get back considering how much easier the alternatives are. and a perfectly good junkyard Camaro module can be made to fit anyway, and it's very easy to make an adapter harness to plug it straight into the factory wiring. and I had to cut out that part of the overhead console to get it short enough to fi
  12. If I had to guess based on my experience with test equipment of this age, the "code" is probably stored on an EEPROM or similar non-volatile memory chip. The remote likely has a similar chip, and it works by blinking a LED in a pre-programmed pattern, which the receiver compares to what's stored in its memory. That chip was probably programmed on a very expensive and rare machine. [1] Even if you had the equipment and knowledge to read and alter the programming, desoldering the chips can cause loss of memory or permanent damage. You'd have to be very careful. This is a
  13. Funny you mention that. We had a few buffalo get really, really close. And also, got some pictures of idiots being idiots and getting WAY too close to animals. A park ranger came by and yelled at them right after this picture was taken, thankfully. Some more pictures - picking out the good ones as I sort through them. For all that are curious, photos taken with a Canon SX50 point-and-shoot using manual settings by a crappy (AT BEST) photographer. For what it is, this camera has served me very well in the last 7 years or so. If anyone wants a full size version
  14. I'm sure I'll end up getting one as part of this. Any recommendations?
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