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  1. Manual or automatic transmission? While we're at it, fill out your signature with year, engine, and transmission at the very least. We can't help if we have no idea what you're driving.
  2. Wow... that's just asking to get smashed by something.
  3. That is correct. If I could find out what the stock connector was, I'd try to source the female end of it and make an adapter first, but knowing Jeep, the stock connector is something weird and no longer available. I'd love to be proven wrong on that though. I can't actually figure that out for myself, because neither of my trucks have the stock connector anymore.
  4. These are great. I have them in my 89 and I think they're actually a little brighter than the Euramtec ones. Bonus points for the splice haters among us - these lights use a 3-pin Molex connector that's still available, so you don't necessarily have to splice a pigtail in!
  5. Minuit

    Comanche Club Apparel

    I'd prefer the logo on the front only.
  6. Minuit

    holy midrange batman!!

    I think my eardrums just offed themselves simply from the sight of that thing.
  7. It certainly doesn't help that it's been copy-pasted ads and all from some other site, but this was anything but economically written. Not that I have a right to judge. As someone who used to read a LOT of car and tech blogs, most internet writers are nowhere near as good as they think they are. Probably because their writing experience consists of getting into slap fights on VWVortex.
  8. I've seen and done a lot of crazy things in the name of details, but I have NEVER... EVER heard of someone re-bluing axles as part of a restoration like this. You're an absolute madman and I love it. The fact that I'll be providing the tunes for this build is just icing on the cake And as someone who's just cleared enough space in his garage to park the MJ in and walk around it, there is one simple truth: No matter how big it is, the garage is never big enough.
  9. Minuit


    I keep track of my vehicle maintenance with a binder full of "worksheets" where I write down mileage and date of fluid changes, etc. I add a new sheet about once every two months and keep track of fluid level and condition, tire tread depth and so on. I can share the sheet template if anyone would be interested. I would never roll back my odometer to 0. I know you don't mean to cause any misdirection by it, but it would personally sketch me out if I were to do it. I'd probably source a replacement gauge with as close a mileage as possible and either live with that or have the mileage adjusted to be correct. It's not like those gauges are hard to find after all. But that's if having a correct odometer matters to you, which it does for me.
  10. Minuit

    Comanche Club Apparel

  11. Minuit

    Something new to me, and very different:

    I like that Puma dash. A lot.
  12. Minuit

    Lap belts and more

    Going back to this: I went and tested the belts in my '91 (read: stomped on the brakes really hard on a closed course) and they are definitely the "Type one" that AZJeff talked about. They won't lock no matter how hard I yank on them but lock immediately and consistently under even slightly hard braking. Obviously not a bad idea to test your own belts, but you shouldn't be concerned right away if they won't lock simply by pulling them.
  13. Minuit

    Led headlights

    I think the one thing we can all collectively agree on is that a relay harness of some kind is an absolute no-brainer. Brighter headlights AND no more melty headlight switches? Sounds like a good deal to me.