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  1. I can't give a solid timeframe, lest I be crucified when I fail to meet it, but several months at least.
  2. I was going to post something on the 8th to mark a whole year of my situation, but this is close enough I guess. Last seizure was still the 1st of the year. I've been using the last month or so to slowly... sloooooowly transition into things I'd normally find myself doing, which includes getting my diet back in check and occasionally doing things that require physical exertion. I've been trying to figure out if there's been any long-term changes in the way I act, feel, or engage with the world. I can think of a few things: Things that I've been told to chang
  3. All I needed to hear to know it was a good decision.
  4. If it makes anyone feel better, those switches fade from black to chalky white in like two or three years, tops.
  5. The tool I have is identical to the one you can rent from the parts stores. Makes the job a lot easier and is safer for the crankshaft. A little bit of oil on the installer tool's threads will help too. Also, make sure the last guy to have it didn't mess it up. Make sure the threads aren't damaged.
  6. Damn it! I was gonna post exactly the same thing. Geoff...
  7. Minuit

    Printer #2!!

    Yeah, I did that stuff back in college, but I'm rusty. It's mostly just the fact that it's on the list of things I want to do, but there are things way higher on the list that compete for my time.
  8. Minuit

    Printer #2!!

    I've actually started to like our little Ender 3 for making various stupid little things, albeit ours barely has an original part left on it. One of these days I'll sit down with a CAD package and actually model something complex out... once I stop being lazy about it.
  9. But I'm telling you it is. It's an AX-15, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It's split laterally, not longitudinally - which rules out the BA-10. The case consists of a front half and a back half connected through a thick plate in the middle, ruling out the NV3550. It bolted up to a 4.0L engine, which rules out the AX-4 and AX-5. The case has vertical and horizontal ribbing, which rules out the Borg-Warner T4. So you don't have to just take some random dude on the internet's word for it: Just outside my house I have an '89 Comanche 4.0 with its original 2-wheel drive AX-15 insta
  10. AX-15. Maybe a broken AX-15 that won't go into 5th, but totally an AX-15.
  11. Bosch pump. You'll need to do some trimming to the plastic pieces that are included with it. Don't just look at the ground and test it. If you're going to go to the effort, you might as well clean the ground put it back together.
  12. Just got back from getting the first shot Pfizer. Second shot is on my birthday. Gotta love it.
  13. Post some pictures of the front grille and passenger side firewall. If it has A/C controls on the inside installed, there's a good chance it's actually an A/C truck but just doesn't have all of the parts installed. The dashboard is shared with 84-96 XJ Cherokees. The grey interior color was used from 1988-1996. In approximately 1994, a minor change to the dash eliminated the crotch vent. Other than repairing the dash you've got, finding another one is your option. I haven't had good luck repairing even very minor damage to these vinyl-over-foam dashes, but that's probably just me.
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