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  1. I used to be into building scale airplanes and cars when I was a kid. Not that I was any good - my best work was a brush painted 1/48 Spitfire Mk. II that looked OK from the other side of the room, but that's about it. Funny that this comes up, I've been thinking about getting a real airbrush setup and doing it for real this time. I probably have half a dozen kits in the attic that I never even started.
  2. insert smart-@$$ comment about Renix scale railroading
  3. @jdog is pretty much right on the money here. I would absolutely love to start adding Bluetooth to radios, and if legally selling them didn't cost tens of thousands of dollars I would start selling them tomorrow. But the reality is that it's just not economically viable. However, the aux input I provide works perfectly with any Bluetooth receiver that plugs into a 3.5mm stereo jack, and there are plenty of them that are very reasonably priced.
  4. Yesterday, I seriously thought about selling this truck to a guy who was driving past and saw it parked in the driveway and asked if it was for sale. I didn't, though.
  5. Minuit

    power antenna

    Be warned: I had to buy two Crown power antennas to get one working one. The one that worked has worked for a couple years without problems, though. The connector coming off of it doesn't look like it should plug into the existing antenna wire under the kick panel, but it does. The power antenna is triggered by a relay, which receives 12V from the radio's power antenna wire. The power antenna relay is located roughly under the glove box. You'll need to take the lower dash panel off to get to it. None of the wiring is present in the Comanche dash harness, including the t
  6. For those stubborn ones of us insistent on keeping the 84-96 square mirrors (now that I found a good power set and installed them in my truck, I damn sure ain't taking them out for a while), I found that sticking on a rectangular blind spot mirror in the top corner helps greatly. My idea was so brilliant that Ford actually copied it from me and built it into their mirrors.
  7. Black Cow Cheeseburgers: with or without ketchup?
  8. You'd just use it in place of the fuel pump relay. Seems like a slick enough solution to me.
  9. Minuit

    2 door XJ owners

    How tall are you? My subjective experience from sitting in XJs is that the seats go back much further in the XJ than in the MJ (you're limited by the back of the seat smacking into the back of the cab in the MJ). Other than that, I have nothing to add to this. A nice '91 XJ Sport in Dark Silver Metallic with red stripes and spare tire carrier is an irrational desire of mine.
  10. ...but the individual parts (frame, upholstery, foam, side bolsters) are all mix-and-match within the 1984-1994 time frame, so a 2-door XJ (or MJ) seat with destroyed upholstery can be combined with a 4 door XJ seat's good upholstery. Non-bolstered seats can be converted to bolstered seats as well. Probably good to take the upholstery off a new-to-you seat and run it through the wash anyway. Who knows what kind of gross crap the previous owners subjected it to.
  11. I use 175 +/- 25 mA as a general rule of thumb for standard 30 amp Bosch style automotive relays. Larger relays with higher current ratings may vary, and likewise with smaller ones. To calculate it for a given relay, measure resistance of the coil (in ohms) (usually pins 85 and 86 on an automotive relay), and divide 12 by that number, assuming it's a 12V relay. It is often possible to get a manufacturer datasheet for a relay (especially if it's an electronics or industrial relay) which has all sorts of useful info in it. So, what Ohm said.
  12. I don't think I've ever heard a 4.0 make a sound quite quite like that. I think it sounds pretty cool, but definitely the kind of thing that would get old after a while. Very interested to see what you come up with audio-wise.
  13. Minuit

    rustiest MJ

    Geez, does it rain salt and vinegar in WI?
  14. How much of a draw are we talking here? A number would really help figure out what the draw is coming from. The easiest way to troubleshoot a parasitic draw is to (with the ignition off, both doors closed, and everything turned off) unhook one battery cable, place a multimeter (on amps mode) in series, note the draw, and remove fuses until the draw goes away. For what it's worth, there have been two occasions where I've had parasitic draw on an MJ, and both have been the glove box light. It must be adjusted to turn off when the glove box is closed.
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