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  1. Minuit

    HVAC mode actuator location

    There are several actuators, one for each "mode door". They're all mounted on the left side of the HVAC box, except for the recirculation door. As Don said it's more likely you have a vacuum issue, as the air will blow out of the upper defrost vent if no vacuum is available.
  2. I notice it says "with American air conditioning" - what about factory installed air conditioning?
  3. Minuit

    Pizza Oven interior temps

    Tinted windows will help. Knowing the tendencies of our trucks to leak water onto the floorboards, I'd be very wary of putting things that absorb water on the floor. Duct insulation would keep some heat out, and foil-backed mass loaded vinyl would block both heat and sound. Of course, working air conditioning is better than any of the passive options.
  4. Minuit

    2000 XJ audio spectre

    He didn't say how much amp he has, but my first thought is a voltage drop.
  5. Minuit

    Vent window...?

    I got REAL tired of them dripping water onto my carpet and whistling on my nice truck, so I put them on my not nice truck. Don't do it if you care about water leaks.
  6. I'll try to remember. I don't drive the truck much these days so it will take some time to get many numbers up on there.
  7. Irrelevant to the thread, but I have an '87 cluster in my '89 and it does have the potentiometer.
  8. Now THAT's a name I hadn't heard in a very long time. I'm on there, and I tracked my mileage for a little while. Wow, I got some really bad MPG back then! Almost all city miles and on an engine that needed a tune up. For what it's worth, my truck gets about 17.5 to 18 highway and about 15 city these days.
  9. Minuit

    Mystery connector plugs

    Yeah, 2-pin Weatherpack connectors. The lights have the male connector though. (and those aren't Weatherpack connectors in his pic)
  10. Yeah, you can't just unscrew it all the way. It'll hit a stop, and then you push it down to unscrew it the rest of the way. I guess it's to keep you from accidentally completely unscrewing it if the engine is hot?
  11. Minuit

    Jeremy's Radio Emporium

    Not yet ready for production, but fairly soon. I have a few orders to clear out, and then I will be focusing my efforts on that project. Once you have an amplified system, you can't go back :)
  12. Minuit

    SB tonneau

    How do these fasten to the truck? I see clamps in Limey's post, are those for the cover? I'm very interested in one of these but I'm not interested in modifying my bed for the cover.
  13. Minuit

    Ghost 1992 Base Build

    Glad to see one of the precious few true '92s going to a good home.
  14. Before I found the full set of spare tire tools, I just used a large flat head screwdriver. The flathead end of the tire iron will work too (and is what I normally use to work the winch on my 91). Is the '86 spare tire winch somehow different?
  15. It can be installed that way VERY easily if the person working on it either didn't know how it's supposed to go or wasn't paying attention, and it's no harder to install "wrong" than it is to install it "right". The LSV linkage needs to be unbolted from the diff, and the arm that comes directly from the LSV needs to be rotated 90 degrees CCW - that is the correct position. I know this because I hooked mine up as in your pic back in 2012, and about 3 years later someone saw a picture of it in my build thread and told me how it was supposed to be put on. As it is, it is sending minimal fluid to the rear brakes, and so your rear brakes are probably not doing any meaningful work at all. I noticed an immediate and drastic improvement to my brakes after installing it correctly, and even more improvement after adjusting it as described here: