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  1. I would describe my experience as the exact opposite of "insanely smooth" at any speed. Above 55 it felt like I was driving a paint shaker. Sounded about like one too.
  2. I know this probably isn't your problem, but a few years ago I bought a set of those and had two of four be severely out of round.
  3. There was one, but the ones I've seen look a little different. I don't think they had the curve at the ends.
  4. Hot damn, it's been 3 years already? This truck is looking better by the day. Congrats on MJOTM.
  5. Another thing to check is the connector to the headlight switch. They like to melt. The proper fix for that is to replace the connector and install a headlight relay harness.
  6. Ah yes... the troll option. Gotta admit, the idea of someone doing that sounds hilarious in the worst way possible. I don't have anything to say that anyone else hasn't said already. The 90 is the obvious choice to keep nice. The 92 sounds like a basketcase. If you're going to wheel any MJ, make it one that's in rough shape already.
  7. Thanks guys I don't check this thread enough...
  8. Minuit

    I've never seen a new one

    I've been using Rockauto since about 2011 and never once did I see an MJ tail light on there (and I'd like to believe I would've seen it if it was on there)
  9. Top notch work as expected, I especially like it when people go to the effort to add connectors for things
  10. Minuit

    Another feeler!

    Glad you agree.
  11. Minuit

    Another feeler!

    I much prefer using front mud flaps and modifying them. Doesn't hurt that the factory front XJ flaps are still obtainable. But at least the brackets will be around for those who want them.
  12. Yes. Someone probably dropped it when changing it, easy to do.
  13. Minuit

    Another feeler!

    So how much longer will it be til you start making complete MJs from scratch Brandon?
  14. A cracked vacuum line to the MAP sensor did a very similar thing on my '89. Immediately fixed by replacing that line.