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  1. Well I found a pair or rust free fenders and they by some miracle the same colour as my MJ. The guy is a Comanche owner too and I told him about the site so hopefully he joins up! i am now on the hunt for a bumper among other goodies 😛
  2. Yes I checked out RA and the fender prices were amazing between $30-$55 CDN for the closeout items. The shipping however was between $700-$1,300 CDN. 😳 i just cannot understand that one.
  3. Hi All I am wondering if anyone in Western Canada -(BC/Alberta/Saskatchewan) - has a pair of MJ/XJ front fenders in good shape for sale. Thank you! Chris
  4. Hi all, just to give you an update I followed the great advice on this forum and managed to solve my electrical issues once again! So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped out. As usual this site has proven invaluable in helping would-be driveway mechanics like myself learn how to fix the MJ! I now have both a test light and a multimeter to help me figure out future issues as they crop up. It turned out I did in fact have it wired up correctly the first time based on what I thought I was reading on the electrical schematic. But I had made a bad crimp which prevented the circuit from being completed. So when I re-wired the socket I in fact crossed them up giving me the super bright always on abnormality. Fixed now. Thanks again all! 🤘🏻 Chris
  5. I should have mentioned that my original 1988 headlight harness on the right side has a brown, a blue and a black wire and the donor socket from a 1996 has a black, dark blue with red stripe and a green wire. Thanks again
  6. Hi all, I have begun slowly working on the MJ again after having some of the those special life problems that keep some of us from our projects and and decided to address my wonky passenger side turn signal. When I was driving the truck I did the headlight harness upgrade but have always driven it with the passenger turn signal out of commission. Both rear signals flash and both headlights (high beams too) work as they should and my left turn signal works up front but not my right. I have the solid arrow on the gauge. I recently spliced in a donor socket and now all four corner light up solid when I turn on the headlights which is great but I am still only getting three of the corners flashing when I use the turn signal indicator. That passenger side won't flash! Plus it's super bright now compared to the driver's side. Did I wire it up wrong? Thanks everyone and I am hoping to get back to my build thread asap. Chris
  7. Awesome resto! What did you use for your lighting in the gauge cluster? Chris
  8. I did find this thread from last year: http://comancheclub.com/topic/45621-hvac-selector-vacuum-leak/ But I am still unsure as to what the smaller black plastic line does? I see now the pink line is the heater control vac line.
  9. Hi All, I am in the process of replacing some of my deteriorated vacuum line hoses and I cannot tell what this thin plastic black line is. It's obviously broken off and the part in my hand runs into the firewall on the passenger side (along with the pink line) and the remaining piece of line travels along the inside of the passenger side fender, down into the reservoir behind the front bumper. Is this something to do with heating? I have pretty good heat in the truck. Also my vacuum harness looks to be in good shape but the rubber attachments and hoses are breaking down. Can I replace just these and keep the plastic harness? I think my charcoal canister hoses are also deteriorating. Can we get these separately? Thanks for the help all! Chris
  10. Ok thanks! I will look at it on Monday when I am off work. Are there any recommended replacement rubber parts? Are the lines (like the pump) interchangeable between the XJ and MJ? Everything rubber on that unit is pretty much pooched. A quick look online shows pumps with what looks like kits that have the 90 degree hose and seals etc. and others show only the pump and strainer. Also the tank is still attached to the truck (so I have not had a look inside) but is this the time to bring it down and flush it out/clean it? Is that something that is recommended? Thanks again for the help and input! Chris
  11. Hi All, I am curious if this is an XJ sending unit and fuel pump? I had it checked and it looks remarkably clean but the rubber hoses and most of the rubber components were deteriorated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Chris
  12. Hi all just wondering if any Alberta members have the aforementioned axle shaft (it's the longer of the two). I require one to move the Comanche back home. Thanks, Chris
  13. Ok, good point! But the tires I have are 235/75R15 (Wrangler Duratracs). Do you think this will be a problem? I want them for out Alberta winters and occasional off road.
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