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  1. I am sure I have one and can ship on the buyers dime
  2. i'd be interested in the tail lights , gate, ect, PM me
  3. Kev scored huge on it! and has been helping me clear out spare parts ;) Its becoming a family thing :)
  4. You are lucky I didn't have any more room! lol! Could not be in better hands You are doing an awesome job on it! Spike and I are related so the sickness runs deep!
  5. Following! Need to do the same with my front axle and "clearance" the frame Just added after the photo was taken 1.25" spacers to the rear to fix the track
  6. And it has lasted without issues? Mine has been good 10 years now,....
  7. Just looked at a lot rotted Comanche, can someone help me with Moar info from a VIN One of those links should work,.. Posting from my phone
  8. I LOVE cars, but I agree, truck did it's job, protected the soft squishy things inside,...
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