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  1. 91Pioneer

    Is this the right NP242 to buy?

    Both supposedly came from XJs so as-is you think either will be fine? I need to change my driveshaft anyway going from 2WD so I can find the right yoke.
  2. 91Pioneer

    Is this the right NP242 to buy?

    I also found a NP242 out of a 99 XJ for sale. Will a 99 work as well?
  3. I have a 91 4.0 AW4 2WD MJ but I want to convert it to 4WD (full time) and AX15 manual. Will this transfer case work? It's a 242 with 23 splines. I dunno if it's a long, short, or medium shaft. I do not yet have the transmission, I'm parts shopping now though. The sellers description: "I have a Jeep-XJ , NP 242 j Transfer case ,tag has build date of -8 -30- 95 , assy.no -5209-8384 and has 2 wire select position sensor ,23 spline input and exposed style output shaft , is good upgrade from NP231 or NP249"
  4. 91Pioneer

    Buying a house...

    This guy is your friend if you are a home owner: https://www.youtube.com/houseimprovements
  5. 91Pioneer

    Eliminator bumper color

    Satin black Rustoleum https://amzn.to/2RCf6P8 or similar
  6. 91Pioneer

    what do you use for a wallet?

    I hate thick wallets. I've tried a half dozen slim wallets, I've settled on this one. I like the color because I won't leave it when I leave if I happen to set it down somewhere. It's a bonus that it matches my Comanche.
  7. 91Pioneer

    Pillar lamps

    You need to trim slightly. Click the link in the second post in this thread for details.
  8. 91Pioneer

    Pillar lamps

    There is this note attached to that auction: Strange!
  9. 91Pioneer

    Pillar lamps

    I have them in my truck, they're great. But, Euramtec is out of business.
  10. 91Pioneer

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    Do you mean the rubber strip pieces? I may be interested in them if you take them off.
  11. 91Pioneer

    1988 MJ LWB Part Out in SW MO/Springfield

    Yup that's sweet, don't sell that or you will regret it. Are you going to put the factory decals back on?
  12. 91Pioneer

    Bed reinforced areas

    Reinforce for what purpose? Rust holes? Additional cargo capacity?
  13. 91Pioneer

    helping my idot friend

    "asking for a friend". LOL yeah right. Tell me English is not your first language...
  14. 91Pioneer

    Newbie build - 91 Eliminator

    Your truck is amazing, you have inspired me to restore my truck now