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  1. oh man I want a short box bed mat. I'm just too far away and in Canada or I'd be all over this... shipping to me here would probably be crazy...
  2. I'm looking for some NOS or close to it exterior mirrors for my 91 resto. I have the folding manual remote ones and I hear the Dorman ones are junk plus the joystick sticks out too far. So trying to go OEM/NOS if possible.
  3. I have an NOS driver side tail light for my 91 restoration but I need a passenger side one. If you have one that is NOS or close to it let me know. Thanks.
  4. Thanks so much!! I'm restoring my truck so it's just a little at a time right now. I see there is an aftermarket version as well FYI in case future people are looking (it's made by Crown) same part #.
  5. I was looking on RockAuto and you can buy a manual trans brake pedal pad but they don't list an automatic transmission brake pedal pad. Does anyone know where I can source one? Ideally I want to buy a brand new one since I'm restoring my truck but I suppose a very top condition used one would be OK too.
  6. So after owning my truck for 5.5 years, I'm finally going to start accumulating some parts to restore my 91 Comanche. The front fenders both need body work but surprisingly aren't really rusty. I am thinking of buying some cheap Chinese aftermarket fenders from RockAuto. Does anyone here have experience with them? Do they fit OK or not? I know a lot of cheap Chinese parts don't fit so well or take more labor in fitting them right compared to OEM stuff.
  7. Any update on the truck? I still want to buy your truck instantly right now if you find you no longer like it
  8. I basically haven't driven my truck in a year and I still have the new belt in the package, so yeah haven't done a thing in 4 years LOL...
  9. Thanks for the info, I recently picked up Comanche #4 and it’s missing these sockets.
  10. I think it would look more "normal" if it wasn't so dark, the area you painted. I've never seen an actual black turbine wheel in real life, I've only ever seen them in promo/original pics. Did they actually ever paint them black for production? Black accents on a white truck don't look good if you overdo the black bits.
  11. LOL. I'm in Saskatchewan, it got down to -40C a couple nights ago and it's been frickin' cold. So yesterday it was only -29C and it felt WARM!! I know what you mean.
  12. Turbines go better with the chrome front end. I like your video style but I didn't sub because I didn't want to watch all the other stuff. I'll stay tuned in the thread here.
  13. Or you could find a close color match interior dye such as https://amzn.to/2FToHf8
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