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  1. Bill

    Wanted: Built MJ

    Yep ! Used to anyway, I recently retired from that job though. Hope you have some luck looking for a Comanche you like!
  2. Bill

    Wanted: Built MJ

    Fun to hear someone else in North Dakota likes Comanche's too ! I've got a couple in Minot. Good luck to you in your search, hope you find one you like, maybe I'll see you driving it sometime!
  3. Thanks for sharing this, that is a good deal!
  4. Thank you for all the times you posted these lists and all the work that must have been, they've sure been fun to browse through !
  5. I'd like 4 please if you get more made.
  6. If you still have any bucket seat bezels left or plan to get more made I'd really like a couple grey ones or any color if grey isn't available.
  7. I don't have an extra console but I am glad to see I'm not the only Comanche fan in North Dakota!
  8. Bill

    needing headliner

    I bought a headliner kit for my 1989 Comanche from the vender forum here, SMS headliners, it was last year and I don't remember how much I paid but it was very good quality, the color matched perfectly, came with the board and fit great.
  9. Bill

    tail lights

    I have a passenger side you can have for $ 5.00 to cover the cost of shipping, it's not perfect though, a little faded and where the screws go in from the tailgate side the plastic is broken on the back, it seemed to be pretty secure on the truck in the junkyard though with just the outside screws and looks not bad on the outside where you see it, would maybe get you by cheap until you find a better one?
  10. Last year I bought some new grey carpeting from a company thru the internet, I think their name was like "Stock Interiors" or something like that, was only about 120.00 and it fit perfect and looked factory, I was really satisfied with it.
  11. Bill


    1992 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 4.0 / AW4 / Short Box Build Date: 08 / 91 Located in Minot, North Dakota Excellent condition, low miles, just over 21,000 miles on it. Red exterior ( was originally grey but I'm nuts about red ) with grey bucket seat interior, A/C I think I'm the 3rd owner, the second owner bought it in the early nineties and stored it for many years.
  12. Bill


    1989 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0, AW4 Short box Build date : 03 / 1989 Minot, North Dakota 214,000 miles and still runs great Red exterior with grey interior, bench seat, column shift automatic, A/C I drive it almost everyday
  13. Just got my key chain and Jeep grill key holder in the mail today, really cool ! Thank you Bryan !
  14. Thank You for making these lists of Comanche's, fun to see !
  15. I wished it was red too, but they look pretty good in the silvery grey also, the different shades of grey on the Eliminator graphics add to the look I think, anyway it could have been green with yellow dots and I'd have still wanted it, James, the guy that had it in his garage (super nice guy! ) forever told me over the phone that it was in really nice shape, I figured even if I factored in the 25% or so that people selling cars usually hype up their description it still sounded good but he didn't exaggerate at all, he just took great care of it for all those years, it looked like new, just great. It did sit awhile without being started he said toward the end and the gas got old, but before I picked it up he took it to a Jeep dealer and got the tank and fuel lines flushed and a new fuel pump and it ran great when I got it. Since then I changed all the fluids, etc. but haven't had any troubles at all although I haven't really driven it that much either, I meant to, I was driving my 1989 Comanche all over the place and I planned to sell that one when I got this 92' but the new one might get a door ding at the grocery store or it might rain.... So it's still a bit of a garage queen and I'm still driving the old one most of the time. Anyway, that's what happened to the Comanche in that ad, I think I found the ad by typing " Jeep Comanche Jaxed" into the internet search when I was looking to find one, worked pretty good. Good luck on search for a nice red one !
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