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  1. I've been for drive in this truck. Hauls azzz. If it weren't for paint flaking in spots .... this would easy be 20K truck on Bring A Trailer.
  2. Many thanks for CC vendor making indicators that never were made.
  3. awesome detailed for trouble free build as always. Your daughter will appreciate her first Jeep. enjoy the time spent
  4. Kinda boring but necessary parts. drivers door latch, have passenger which is easy find. correct gas cap with no retaining strap.
  5. I figured chrome trim was Laredo, thanks for confirming could be other trim levels.
  6. Think this shift handle is for Laredo? Will bling console area of Eliminator :) Nice rubbery texture.
  7. I haven't pulled trigger on RCV's yet. Main reason is when turning don't feel U Joint binding.
  8. Yea no air box opens up lots room. Behind the bumper was only spot I could find on 01 XJ. Just added so she doesn't have go to gas station to fill tires when she goes off to college. Just got Revolution 5:38's for my LJ. Wish RCV made different color boots besides orange.
  9. I mounted the ARB single compressor to drivers side backside of bumper on Daughter's 01 XJ. Also doing Artec C gussets & lower control arm mount on new HP30 for Eliminator.
  10. Once in lifetime snow in East TX. XJ lineup in my yard: And day later Comanche made it to check on camp house.
  11. Haven’t had 4 light adapter on list. seen pics and it sticks up too high
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