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  1. I’ve got the blank test sheet where you pencil color the circles and send them off to Chrysler get graded. Also the book explaining why Comanche is better than Ranger, Toyota, Nissan etc to prepare you for quiz as a car salesman. If anyone wants I can take more pics
  2. Pics of toolbox, please. is tonneau powder coated or anadized ?
  3. Experts here would of aced the Chrysler test that this training kit has:
  4. What amps are those ? Hurry up and finish the 97 & put your talents towards MJ :)
  5. Humm.... great idea, I'll send him my 91 MJE with bed full of NOS parts
  6. Looking good you almost out of stuff to do.... time find new project :)
  7. winch mounting kit & brush guard 8200332 And later version or 82200647 Warn transformer is WAR39637
  8. That’s a AMC era brush guard. I’m looking for grill guard with winch mount combo. Planning to make All Breeds Show (this summer) and if I haven’t found combo by then I’ll be contacting you about buying your brush guard.
  9. Nice survivor MJ in my favorite color :)
  10. Red Mistress

    Winch Mount

    Looking for grill guard with winch mount combination. i can email Fedex shipping label & have them pickup to make easy.
  11. yep sure is, how’d U guess? Also grabbed these Comanche dealer prints at Cherokee Chief stash:
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