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  1. weld nut welded into position & powdercoated. First clean off the underside of where the sport bar brackets are located. You want them as flush as possible. Each bracket will need to be tweaked to fit exactly to bottom of bed. If not the nuts will not be square with bottom of bed. Then I used a center punch, some are difficult to tap so just spin by hand and make a mark. Followed up by spring loaded punch. Had to use small right angle drill for pilot holes. Then remove and drill holes to 7/16" this will allow some wiggle room and also room for paint on freshly drilled holes. Sport bar instructions say 1/2 for light wiring and to use rubber spacer template. Wiring goes on drivers side. I could not decipher if they wanted to drill thru the U-chanel, so I didn't. Plenty of room to fish wires thru.
  2. Sport Bar installation with OEM brackets . The factory just put a tiny tack weld to hold nuts just meant for a one time installation. Sandblasted and McMasterCarr had exact same weld nuts that have locating centering ring. The pan head Torx bolt that is correct for Sport Bar is a M10 x 1" long. 28 are required. Top is a used one middle is front XJ bumper bolt. Bottom is NOS correct, I have managed to find 25 of them.
  3. Yea, I may have dig them out and install for more interior bling :) And might as well put map pockets on too. Wish the Eliminators got luggage cloth door cards, Man that pic of burgandy looks fantastic.
  4. Interior super cleaned and back together. No more coffee stains and no smell whatsoever. Will come back apart when MJE gets dissembled for paint. NOS RX 171 with Bluetooth and aux lights & other accessories will be added at that time. Special Yetti cup holder is tacky and therefore temporary. But it’s good feeling not to worry about losing drink.
  5. Got all the interior panels seam cleaned and brought color back to new looking with plastic varnish. OEM Carpet was pressure washed, chemical hot water extracted and dyed back to all same color, looks & smells just like new car :) Seats got similar treatment. Installed NOS weatherstrip & door seals on both doors. Made drivers door waterdam from clear shower curtain liner. Installed these Rockford speakers and they fit great. Installed NOS B Pillar lights Next up OEM SportBar install.
  6. Vapor steam machine, even the cheape ones clean great, just takes while waiting to reheat. Got floor seam sealed with self leveling sealer. Works fantastic as it creeps down into irregularities. It flows about the consistency of snot. i sealed up the floor plugs and tomorrow will use brush on seam sealer for plugs under seat as slope is too steep for self leveling.
  7. Man... I would be nervous cutting NOS doors. worthwhile mod to have one piece windows and not have mess with door striker and retain factory look interior. the subtle mods are always my favorite. good to see that 31x10.50 spare will fit without modification: I’ll be doing same and hope factory style Walker exhaust will clear. and the TJ sway bar ... will be looking at this thread (please post lots pics) to study if exhaust will clear. keep up good work !
  8. Finding floor plugs has proven to be a challenge. the 1” plugs are easy to find NOS and reproduction as I pictured precisely. the 1.5” plugs x 4 for underneath seat are difficult. most people I see use plastic plugs. But the cat converter is directly below them and I think they will fail. so I searched for metal plugs. Electrical knockout plugs... could not find any with a true 1.5” size, even though they list them as 1.5 that is a trade name size for size of pipe so don’t fit. This plug has been stalling getting MJ back on road. Finally found suitable plug from Tacoma that is steel and nickel plated. Can now seam seal the floor.
  9. Almost as rare as it gets, if the paint is original it is the rarest MJE that I know of. More pics :)
  10. Nice truck, nice yard scores & nice write-up about future of MJ's collectibility. Grill guard you found is early narrow version that mounts with 4 bolts, not the revised wider Warn you have pictured.
  11. Installed NOS heater motor blower and fan. Twain aftermarket- compared to Jeep. Also Twain vent hole is clocked incorrectly, so correcting PO repair with correct vent tube. Vapor steamed the evaporator and inside vents, for hours. Unbelievable how much dirty water came out drain to shop floor.
  12. I will be restoring my Eliminator black / chrome moldings. I’ve seen a guy insert chrome tape in middle of Ford OBS moldings. he said took forever with exacto knife and the water / soap decal trick.
  13. Floor plugs of course OEM is better than repro, but repro not too bad.
  14. No more missing paint and rust! Got 2 coats of POR15 on floors. After paint dries ...Going use this internal spray hose to get under floor reinforcement areas. I think the exhaust cat converter melted sealer on metal floor plug and caused leak.
  15. Daughter and I been doing some work on Comanche. Installed drivers window regulator and door check strap and door pins. And speakers. still haven’t found a Plastic water dam, I understand that the later models are reusable for few times. Passenger mirror didn’t remote adjust so put a NOS that was scratched up. Rockford speakers with Co-aux tweeter that doesn’t protrude into door card grill. Pulled seats for steam cleaning and carpet. OEM carpet In decent shape and getting dyed grey. Passenger side had water leak from rear area. Paint was missing in few spots but Thankfully no deep rust :) Drivers side about as mint as could be expected. Definitely got to the pan just in nick of time. Wire wheeled everything that looked like paint bubble. Then rinsed truck out with super strong “solves it” cleaner. Treated with POR15 acid metal ready to promote adhesion of their POR 15 paint. Fan drying in shop awaiting paint.
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