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  1. Got these nameplates from grandson of deceased Jeep employee. The silver one is metal, so not a printed reproduction. i have seen other Jeep parts changed in appearance but continue the same part #.
  2. Anyone ever seen a Comanche nameplate that wasn’t chrome? this silver nameplate in middle of picture is NOS original
  3. Found 2 NOS tow hook kit’s 🤟 .... but tow hooks sold separately. one for MJ and one for XJ Chief chief needed as required for hidden winch kit. I’m thinking of Chrome hooks for Chief & black for MJ Eliminator. Do the common Warn store bought hooks have same bolt pattern to fit the mounts?
  4. Took us hours even with overhead winch to unload the bench. Bet it weighs 800 pounds ! Do you Still have pics of it assembled? And the pic of it strapped & bolted to Liberty is a classic “where there’s a will there’s a way” post up picture when U get tailgate hung :)
  5. Great to meet our moderator Pete. good trade for dealership bench & monitor combo. enjoy NOS MJ tailgate will look fantastic with bedside on wall. you deserved it :)
  6. Fantastic getting kids to help with hobby. ”Black Market” Before i got XJ Chief, I wondered what big deal was with black interior. Now I know that’s best look of all :)
  7. Looking good ! Wiring is my weakness, glad you good with it and got sorted.
  8. I’m having exact same issue. A/C works until shut off truck. Clutch won’t engage until engine cools off. i suspected weak clutch or clutch gap worn beyond .020 to .030 spec. that Sanden says. May be a combination of factory wiring and worn clutch. Thanks to this thread I know where to start work.
  9. Besides the mint cargo light kit... this black tailgate protector cap is my favorite MJ Jeep SE accessory !
  10. ordered Zymol Vinyl Conditioner, pricey but if it met your standards worth it :)
  11. Figured would have get Comanche nameplate Stripped & re-chromed and bake paint .... but ! thanks again Cody Williams
  12. One of most difficult to find nowadays NOS parts peculiar for the Comanche !!! Going to good home & great to meet ya 👍
  13. Nothing like smell of NOS !
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