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  1. Here is a picture of nice looking cut / paste job someone did on a indicator panel. Team Cherokee got my order correct ! Although the charcoal hockey armrests are too dark for my grey mist interior. XJ Accessory slush mats are nice find. Does anyone have late 80's or early 90's accessory book? I need part # for Charcoal carpeted floor mats, so I can hunt them :)
  2. Anyone know who owns this one now ? http://www.jeeptruck.com/mjs/sale15/adm130/adm130.html IIRC Mt. Zoin Offroad in PA fixed some rust and sold it.
  3. Didn’t know anybody besides EagleScout was wanting gun safe instructions & he’s not in hurry for them. Thanks Strokermjcomanche for posting. Saved me getting it outta attic, it’s hot now.
  4. Nice details with pictures :) Another thing I want to add to my build.
  5. Humm...great idea... cut and paste switch pod overlays :) Parts book confuses me on which switch pod to even search for, or if there was even a dual overlay for trans / sport bar lights.
  6. Yes think you are correct. Gjeep must of typo'd or meant switch is same in above linked thread. I like learning all the nuisances of what Jeep did, especially the accessories.
  7. Thanks for the thread link it's a good one! No one has has pictures of all 4 switches. Gjeep did verify that this is correct order from left to right: Fog Lamps, Cargo Lamp, Power/Comfort, and Sport bar lights. And although not pictured, the Trans power comfort / Sport Bar lights have indicator panel with same symbol as fog light. That indicator panel has to be the hardest thing for Comanche parts peculiar to find. Thanks YellaJeep for Al Unser, Jr. pin, it will be used to hold visor from sagging until restoration starts.
  8. Camper was loaded to gills with heavy NOS parts. Trip from Boston, MA to OH to TX.
  9. Nice cargo light with dash indicator panel & tinted RH vent window. Good trade for NOS Blue floor mats. This brings me to a late model dash indicator question for adding cargo light & sport bar lights with transmission comfort switch.. My understanding is that the switches are placed Left to right in this order: Bumper fogs / Cargo light Trans comfort power / Sport bar lights Anyone know answer or have pics of a MJ with trans comfort switch & sport bar light dash indicator?
  10. That looks fantastic, I plan on doing my silver trim. Did you use a hard tipped artist brush, toothpick or paint pen marker to apply ?
  11. I've read misc debates on which is better open or closed, but never did see where 91-92 had "open" system. Interesting exterior door handle. It's made of metal, book shows for 84-86 XJ. Now something else to find, a metal companion door handle.
  12. Acrylic / lexan / plastic dealership sign. Like a large display sign that would of only been at a Jeep dealership.
  13. Looks fantastic... motor will match color of the truck ! Can't wait to see in person one day.
  14. So I hear there was an acrylic sign that said Comanche on it? Anyone heard of such a sign ?
  15. great idea on the Master lock tailgate lock, going to order https://www.masterlock.com/personal-use/product/8253DAT
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