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    1992 MJ Eliminator SWB 4x4 4.0 HO,Auto AW4,Factory Dana 44 rear axle 3.55 Gears Limited Slip, Factory Up Country Springs
  1. You did good, it's cool I like it. Merry Xmas.
  2. Thanks, The Video was very enjoyable for me. Way to go !!!!
  3. Congrats !!! hard to beat a 91-92 H.O. Comanche. Your maintenance plans are just fine. Best of luck.
  4. Your wheels and hood scoop look just fine as is. Are they 16 in or 17 inch wheels, they tuck in the wheel wells just right, you probably have no spacers or adapters I am guessing and a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern ?..
  5. Your Camo paint job is just great. I like your wheels, door vent visors and roll bar also. Outstanding look on your Comanche.
  6. Thanks for turning me on to these backup lights, just ordered mine from Amazon tonight. Since Don is happy with them I am sure I will be also. Nothing like good lighting at night when I back up my boat trailer to launch. Bill
  7. Our Comanche truck sun visors mount with 3 screws. I would like to change mine from the soft fabric to a harder vinyl similar to what they use on earlier Jeep Wranglers but of course those will not fit. Has anyone used a different sun visor maybe from a 80's Chevy truck or any other manufacture . ? Vinyl would be nice for me and would not show greasy finger prints and you could wash them off easily. Thanks.
  8. Don, thanks again, got a 1994 Cherokee 4 door passenger seat today from pick- n - pull yard today for $25, took the seat apart and put the bottom pan and foam on my 1992 Eliminator using my original seat bottom fabric that is still in great shape, the pan fit like a glove and was a pretty easy job swapping them, now I finally sit straight and not crooked, glad I did it. Thanks for your great advice and help. Bill
  9. Hornbrod, thanks again. so the metal pan is the same up to 1994 mj/xj bucket seats for both drivers and passenger seat side, Correct? If so I will go junkyard hunting tomorrow. those new one are super expensive wow. Bill
  10. My 1992 Eliminator bottom of Drivers seat has a cracked broken metal pan that is located below the foam. Will a 4 door Cherokee pan and/or a 2 door Cherokee both fit OK up to years 1996 or so? The numbers on the bottom of my pan are 8F C35 ( ) 1371 and 65418 PAN, and 30889. Any one have that pan they could sell me also? Thanks from Alabama.
  11. I used a long about 8 inch round flat tip 1/8 inch diameter punch also, tapped mine out from the drivers side of engine. Best of luck to you.
  12. Great write-up on the RedTek . I just ordered myself some from Amazon. I did not know this would work Ok, so my thanks to Hornbrod for the great info. Bill in Wetumpka Alabama
  13. Ouch !!! Big Bummer for your Comanche. Difficult to dodge those deer sometimes. Body Shop should make it pretty again soon. Just one day at a time.
  14. Thanks Hornbrod, guess there is no fooling the computer stuck with the 3 revolution start up I guess. Long live my Comanche.
  15. This: http://www.ebay.com/itm/One-Man-Reverse-Brake-Clutch-Bleeder-Kit-4-FREE-EPDM-Brake-Bleeder-Caps-/272279487374?hash=item3f651f438e:g:Bz4AAOSw~oFXL7ZK&item=272279487374&vxp=mtr
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