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  1. Wow thank you so much JMO413, according to the build sheet it had a Dana 44 rear, something I will have to source and put back in when it's being restored. It came with a XJ 8.25 SOA without the spring perches being relocated, so I had swapped in a D35 from a parts truck,
  2. I know it, that's why I'm glad I was able to get it from my friend. I saw on a Facebook page someone mentioned only 90 Eliminators were made in the year 1992 towards the end of their run, so I wouldn't be surprised on your estimation of 500 Eliminators for all of 92 year model. I know no one knows the exact number, but I know it wasn't that many, especially factory 4x4. I was lucky for what I got it for, but it isn't a show truck by far, at least not yet, it'll get a complete and proper restoration.
  3. 1992 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 4.0/AX15/NP231 Dana 30/35 SWB Build date: 3-92 Current Location: Houston, TX Status: Was on the road as a daily driver and work truck, still runs and drives. Driver floor board is rusted out, bed sides are pretty banged up but will be going through an extensive restoration. Notes: Factory Hunter Green, Factory Skid Plate Package, and all the standard options for the Eliminator, bucket seats, center console, sliding rear window etc.
  4. Also have this, but the pages are stuck together, but it came with a list of accessories and their part numbers and prices
  5. I can get better images of this book later on,
  6. Kinda late into seeing this, but I would be interested in any of roll bar brackets as well,
  7. Yea me too, although lately I've been seeing them more and more driving around but they're usually 2wd, but I have still yet to find a 97-01 2dr in a junkyard, And funny you say that, I'm actually thinking about converting them to power if I can get all the parts together, I know most people do the opposite, but I think I would just like the convenience, then again it's just an idea right now and only if I were to find the parts which is not that easy,
  8. Thanks guys, all I did was pretty much trade the red one for the new black one, even though it's in rough shape, lower miles and 5spd made it worth it for me. Here's the new build, http://comancheclub.com/topic/49770-99-cherokee-2-door-black-unicorn/
  9. Well that lasted maybe 3 weeks, and then I found my unicorn.... Image Not Found Image Not Found It's a 99 just like the red one, but it's an SE instead of a Sport, so not many options, but has the one thing I really wanted, 5spd 4wd. Among that it strangely enough came with the same skyjacker 3in lift and 31' BFGs my red XJ had, and it only has 121k miles and K&N intake. I will be starting another thread for it, as I have a decent amount of work to do to it and I don't plan on selling it,
  10. Then I saw a post on a local XJ Facebook page of someone looking for a 2dr XJ, I offered it, and they bought it. I was sad to see it go, but the plan was to put the money towards finishing the MJ.....
  11. So just a late update, I changed the rims to 15x8 Ravines Then it was kinda put on the back burner for a while,
  12. Sorry that would probably help, I need the driverside regulator. Master switch is good; the motor wasn't getting power and I'm sure the previous owner cut the cable from the regulator to be able to lower the window. I fixed the motor, turned out to just be the wire connector to the motor, now the motor works fine, checked the master switch and it works fine as well. I've actually been looking at steigerperformance's pictures to get an idea how the regulator works(being mine wasn in pieces inside the door) and while the fix kit they offer would help fix my regulator it won't fix it completely unfortunately,
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