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  1. So we're discussing this basic piece? The one I pointed at in the pic. The base that the oil filter screws into. Sorry it might not be exact. I am using my 2.8 not my 4.0 because it is what happens to be in the garage right now.
  2. As a hopeful future Aussie that's trying to come over as a mechanic on a skilled worker migration Visa, what's the difference? I would think oil is oil...
  3. @Aussiemj I don't have the dash out yet, I'm doing the seats and carpet first, but here's a pic of the fusebox under the dash. I took this pic to show a friend the rust hiding under the dash but it will give the fuse box orientation. (Trust me! This isn't the one I'm taking with me!)
  4. @Pete M I had that thought. But the reality is with it not running, is someone going to be willing to travel this far south for a carcass? Prolly not for the price I'd need to sell it whole. The reality is with the guy I bought it from failing to tell me it had a crap ton of electrical problems, At I paid too much for it. I never would have given him what I paid if I had known I'd hook a battery up to it and it would be a pure cluster $%^. It's not just about the money but the time to work these problems out to break even or turn a profit. As far as the transmission goes the AX-5 never occurred to me. I was just thinking Peugeot vs the AX. When I crawled under it at the seller's house I thought someone had already done a swap and I had just hit the lottery. I just read up on the AX-5 vs the AX-15. I've got an AX-5. Magnet sticks to the collar on the case and the drain plug is on the passenger side. It didn't occur to me that the 2.8 would use a different transmission from the 4.0. Up to this point I figured 6 cyl was a 6 cyl when it comes to transmissions. Another hard lesson learned from experience I guess. Oh well. Someone with a 2.8 or a 2.5 will want this thing and I have a front axle and linkage I didn't have before.
  5. I've talked to a couple of buds that are local to me that are Jeep nuts that either have or have had Comanches. It's been decided that it will be parted out. It sat up in a field and as much as I want to save it, she's just too far gone. To properly save this Jeep she needs stripped to the CORE and given a good electrolysis bath and then have proper body work done. I hate it when people let these things go like that. All because someone hydrolocked the the engine and then when it sat the rodents got to the wires and the next owner that tried didn't understand fusible links and let it sit even longer in another field. Can it be saved at this point yes. But when you look at it from a cost analysis of what it would take vs would is already out there for the money this Jeep would loose every time. I hate it, but on the flip side it hasn't been out in the field so long to rot many of the more valuable parts she still has. There are MANY good usable parts still that will make other Jeeps (especially mine ) better vehicles for it. Once I get her apart and decide what I'm keeping and what I'm selling I'll start posting in the for sale section of the forum. Maybe except the bed. @Pete M I don't want to store it. To quote Bones in Star Trek 6 "My God Man! I tried to save him! I was desperate to save him!" @acfortier I'll attach some pics I took the other day, they aren't the best but it's what I have. It's got what I have assumed is the the ax-15 stripe. If the AX-4 or AX-5 has the same spacer plate I don't think I could tell them apart. I can take more pics when I pull the transmission down. Once that happens I'm going to take it to a transmission shop to validate it because I'd like to use this transmission in my 88 due to it being a 4wd model. I'd be one pissed off SOB if I put this thing in my truck and it sticks and grinds though all the gears. Anybody got a real good transmission guy within driving distance of the Atlanta area?
  6. Well... Guess what I read wasn't right. I'm 263 as of Jan 9th. That's an incredible list when get into it.
  7. I was just reading in 1JTHX6516GT209964 and it was said that it's build date of 6/9/86 was the second oldest build date found so far. What is the oldest found so far? Because this one was built 1/6/86.
  8. It's most def a fusible link. I saw some make shift wires going to a box that looked to have a bunch of fusible links coming off it. I decided to take a chance and put a fused jumper on it from the battery positive and magically about half the stuff came on including the headlights and the radio and gauges. No marker lights, tail lights, or flashers. I still have a hosed ignition switch so I can't even attempt to turn it over right now so see what condition the engine is besides rusty rocker arms. With more electrical grimlins to tackle I think I'm going to skip all that troubleshooting and go straight to pulling the seats and carpet to get a glimpse of the floor pans so I can factor that into this Jeeps final disposition. Part out, part swap, or get running and flip. With all the electrical work the prior owner failed to let me know about I def feel I paid too much for this vehicle now. But I honestly forgot to ask. Bad engine, electrical problems, if it's got bad floor pans then that's most likely this Jeeps last strike and she's out for the part out. I guess I'll ask over in the wanted section if anyone has a running 2.8 they already pulled they are willing to let go of cheap if these pans pan out. (Pan out. Get it? heh heh )
  9. Does anyone have or know where I can find the wiring diagram for an 86 v6. I have the 88 manual which works for most things, but is of no help when dealing with a v6 because they had already swapped to the 4.0 i6 by this point. The FSM that's online isn't of much help either. I'm bout to head over to my paper FSM for my 88 is of any help. I'm trying to diagnose a totally dead vehicle. No headlights, hazards, nothing. I suspect a fusible link somewhere but need to know where to look. I've already checked the body to engine ground and have continuity. I have power to the starter. I've replaced the all the fuses because they were all ancient and cracked and crumbling but so far no power at the fuse box. The ignition switch is a hot mess that barely moves, I'm currently pulling the headlight switch to see if there is hot power at that location now because the breaker is in the switch. The electrical problems may be the actual reason this vehicle was left for dead not the water logged engine.
  10. Until I retired I’ve always had a car as a commuter. I might drive my Jeep or my truck one day every few weeks but mainly I drove my car. My commute with Atlanta traffic was an hour to two hours each way, average length 1 hour 20 minutes by the time I retired. I figured out every 4 weeks I easily put in a 40 hour work week in my car and I easily did 100 miles a day. I drove 10 years to that job in 4 vehicles as my commuter car. 2005 Jetta GLI, 2012 Jetta TDI, a 2015 Nissan Leaf, and back to a 2015 Jetta gas one. I can’t remember the trim. Before that in 2008 and 2009 I drove an 04 Jetta 270 miles From Fayetteville NC to Charlotte once a week and in my 13th month I drove it that 270 miles daily till I graduated from UTI. I know me some commuting in Jettas. The leaf was great till the chargers at work died and it was decided they wouldn’t be repaired. And if it weren’t for the Dieselgate buyback I’d drove that TDI into the ground. As stated earlier it was great on fuel, and those things are reliable as can be. When I got my gas one to replace the leaf the TDI models weren’t for sale yet but was still a great car! The cheaper fuel almost offset the mpg gains of the diesel. But the diesel at least pre modification was king. In my experience while I like the looks of the 4th Gen Jetta better than the 5th, 6th, or 7th. The 6th Gen was more reliable by far! I never had anything major wrong with my 04 or 05 Jettas that wasn’t caused by me just lots of little crap. Knobs, buttons, well… I did have a coil die one time. 6th Gen vehicles were ROCK solid. Nothing but scheduled maintenance. I had a buddy have to change some bushings on his but that’s it! I didn’t like the gawdy chrome grill of the 5th Gen and I don’t like the interior of this new 7th Gen. So I guess I skip generations. When I retired I decided I wanted to do more car restoration and my commute was cut next to nothing so fuel economy wasn’t a thing. I traded my Jetta and sold my old truck for my 2019 Nissan Frontier which hauls old cars and heavy loads better than my old 4 cyl 2000 Frontier did. IF I were to go back to commuting though first I’d try it out with my Subaru BRZ but those race seats and long commutes may not be a good mix. If were on a budget then back to the TDI Jettas. Mid 2010s is where it’s at for value. If I decided do buy a new or newer vehicle I’d go with the Subaru Legacy. In recent years I feel Volkswagen has screwed me over 1 too many times. Both at the Corporate level when dealing with Dieselgate with our trade (a whole separate and crazy story) and the local level at the closest Dealership. Our family owned VW was bought out by big box Autonation and since then everything involving that building has turned to Crap. Sales, Service and Parts! By the time I drive to another part of town to go to another VW Dealership I can be at a Subaru dealership. * So I can vouch for the Volkswagens but with Caveats.*
  11. As I'm looking at this Jeep more and more, @Pete MI'm thinking you may have another bed to come pick up and it's right down the road. LOL As I get into it so far... yeah there's no crazy rust yet but there's lots of surface rust spots under the hood. You want to do it right you need strip it down to the bare truck without the engine and such to get to that surface rust before it becomes more than surface. That's a big restoration job when there is much cleaner stuff out there cheap. Tried to put power to it nothing. No headlights nothing. Body ground has continuity. Hot power to the starter. Replaced all the fuses. I see a lot of roads lead through the ignition switch which barely turns but still doesn't explain the headlights not working. Some of the wire under the hood seems brittle. Was going to hunt the yellow fuse box feed wire but gave up and decided I was done for the day.
  12. I’m in Georgia, but until I sell what is essentially for you guys is a D40 Navara I still have the ability to trailer my MJ to any port. If my Jeep is where I want it to be when it ships, I can drive it there even if it’s a distance. I know it will most likely be cheaper going out of the west coast. I still have to look at cost difference of using an East coast port vs the fuel to drive across the country. I’ve already learned all Kinds of stuff. I’m aware of pre approval from the Aus govt before you even start. I’m aware of the asbestos certs before you even leave the country and all the rules and fees about them having to wash the vehicle in quarantine. I’m also aware about once it gets cleared at the port it will need to be trailered to a mechanic where they will inspect it for a red or blue slip. And then I can take my slip to Transport NSW for “rego.” I just haven’t decided on who I want to hire to actually put the Jeep on the ocean. I know there can be SO MANY hang ups at this point with the port on either side. I know the right shipping agent can make it break this experience and word of mouth is prolly the best way to find the right agent.
  13. Sweet thanks Eagle! And thanks Pete. That glass is making it's way into my shortbed for sure then! I got a factory solid pane and what I found out after I bought it is an aftermarket slider but I like idea of factory glass! Solid pane will go in if I try to save this thing! Did it not show the original selling dealer this time? And does anyone know what the earliest build dates are for these things?
  14. 1986, Jeep, Comanche (maybe X at this age emblems can lie) 2.8v6 / AX-15 / 4wd / Long Bed Buford, GA ( I know it's been in Tennessee based on it's title) Status: Parts vehicle maybe someone else's future project I own her. Picked Her up last night. I honestly bought her so I could do an interior swap for that sexy factory black interior. But there are many other useful parts that I plan to steal or swap. Her final disposition is undecided. She also is 4wd and main MJ is a 2WD! So I have everything for a 4wd upgrade outside a rear drive shaft. I might revive her, or I might part her out. Lots of good unique or rare parts. You can tell that at some point she was owned by some kids that did not treat her well. Engine is a 2.8 v8 that most likely is toast. It was taken out off-roading, then they got water in the intake and hydro locked the engine. It sat in that state for a long time (like years) with no since of urgency to get the water out. There's rust on the rockers so it's a long shot and I don't have great expectations but I think I might try to at least attempt to get her going. Outside of that from underneath the floorboards look solid but truth will be revealed when I pull the carpet. If the engine is unsalvageable and the floors are rotted out, I'll most likely part her out. If the floor boards are clean and I can get several little things like the doors to line up better, even with a bad engine I will prolly send her on to a new home after I swap her interior for grey. I might do it and try to turn a profit if I can find a cheap v8. I just hate seeing good MJs trashed for a few basic parts. Tomorrow we will start to find this out. I'm done for the day after playing yard, garage, and driveway Tetris with running and non-running vehicles. If someone has a lead on that black strip at the bottom of the dash and an ashtray I'd appreciate it. Oh and someone has already swapped the BA10 for an AX-15 so BONUS! Also can anyone tell me if this is factory or aftermarket back glass?
  15. I just picked up a second MJ last night and plan to do a full interior swap because it’s that’s full black interior with rare MJ specific black leather buckets. I’m going to shoot video of it for YouTube and make it so I can watch myself disassemble when it comes time for reassembly. I’ll snap lots of still pics and can post them up here as well. I plan on getting started in the next 24 to 48 hours because I want to get the parts I need off this second MJ and need it gone. I don’t want to have so much overhead in parts i don’t need or worry about where I’m going to store the whole Jeep as I live in a subdivision and parking space for all my normal cars much less my projects is in short supply. Not only that but we’ll be moving hopefully in about a year. Today’s project, get it off the trailer and move all the cars around so I can begin working on it. On that note we’re planning a move to Australia as soon as our visas are approved. I need to arrange shipping for my MJ to take it with me. I’ve been in contact with a guy that’s imported Jeeps to NSW from America but the shipping company that he used for all 3 Jeeps has folded. What company did you use and would you use them again? Thanks!
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