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  1. I am looking metric thread oil sticker thanks
  2. https://edicustoms.com.au/ This is company I have used This is my contact Craig craig@edicustoms.com.au
  3. Thanks but I would like one of the metal firewall . I need the orientation of fuse box.
  4. Where are you in the states as that have effect your shipping company. Are you going bring the cars in as a returning personal import just be careful of rules of registration in nsw and import approval rules of the federal government.
  5. Hi everyone i have lost a heap of photos on my phone of dash are as I remove it. I have remove every thing so any photos of wiring looms /air conditioning ducting would be grateful. thanks paul
  6. Hi guys what glue do you use to join the back to the front thanks paul
  7. I would weld but part is to damaged plus being alloy
  8. Hi everyone my 1990 4 litre 5 speed has a broken transmission lug mount . Can I use rear case from a yj or does have to be xj/Mj part thanks paul
  9. 2 inch lift is what i have got and will did install a drop brkt mainly for strength it just seams the sway bar is not wide enough with the jks disconnects.
  10. hi guys this problem is on my xj not my mj but I thought i would throw it out there. my xj has two inch lift and the say bar disconnects hit the track bar holder and the sway seems to be 50mm to narrow. does anyone now the dimension of the overall width of a sway bar thanks
  11. All my brake lines are rusted and the nut have seen better days. has any one used classic brake lines as they list Mj on there site. paul
  12. Hi everyone What is this hole used for in the driver side front chassis rail. As you can seen the steering box has destroy the rail thanks paul
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