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  1. PRICE REDUCED $175 These are older style Currie gold tone adjustable control arms. We had them set at 4" lift for the 1990 metric ton. Asking $250 --- plus any shipping ---- note these are pretty heavy (19" long)
  2. Very Sad news, I've met with her several times at events out here and she was a very nice lady & a hell of a driver
  3. Superwinch Tiger Shark 9500 SR (synthetic rope), Lightly used, includes aluminum hawse fairlead and battery cables. Sorry no remote control located in Garden Grove, Ca $250 Thanks
  4. just go to DC to see the ones in congress
  5. found this to be interesting https://www.ebay.com/itm/REDNECK-EDITION-truck-JEEP-car-EMBLEM-LOGO-DECAL-SIGN-CHROME-RED-NECK-NeW-1/252724703344?fits=Year%3A1989|Model%3AComanche|Make%3AJeep&hash=item3ad790f070:g:Ca8AAOSwux5YOkV6
  6. you're welcome, it help with your rebuild and helped us out ---- still gonna need to see picks on the trk when the time comes
  7. will that require two extra batteries just power the paint??
  8. teenage mutant ninja turtles - attack turtles
  9. Leonardo on the left Donatello on the right
  10. thanks all, ended up finding a deal on larger canister filters, that have a QC built in. Just need to add shut off valves --- way easier.
  11. thanks DirtyComanche, I was thinking the same thing ---- probably better in the long run to just get garden hose disconnects
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