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  1. You might want to confirm that the warning lights in the side panel are the same between the clusters. Seems like I have noticed differences in those panels. The differences are probably between Renix years and HO years, but might still check to be sure.
  2. There is another way. I switched out my original 91 cluster for a 120mph police cluster. I wanted to maintain the correct odometer reading right down to the tenth. What I did was disassemble a spare speedometer to get a small shaft with an attached gear out. This shaft is what drives the odometer. Then I disassembled the speedometer I was going to use, just enough to separate the driving gear from the driven gear of the odometer. I clamped the shaft and attached gear in my corded drill. I sat the speedometer on a folded towel. I adjusted the trigger of the drill so it turned at a fairly slow rate of speed. Then I laid it on a folded towel and adjusted the level so the gear in the drill engaged the gear on the speedometer. Then I turned the drill on and locked the trigger down with the trigger lock. I watched it for a few minutes to get an idea of the rate it was moving the speedo. Then I simply checked it every 5 minutes or so until it was close, and stopped it on the exact mileage, to the tenth. I didn't take any pictures of the process. But I might still have that shaft and gear in my box of gauge stuff. It probably sounds janky, but worked like a charm.
  3. Yep there is a vacuum operated flap as others have said. I've noticed in my XJ that if I shut off the engine and sit for about 5 minutes, the vacuum bleeds off enough to allow that door to either open or close, whichever way it is spring loaded. I clearly hear it.
  4. The problem is the headlight buckets stick out the back quite a bit. The fender mounting points do not sit flush against the wall. I'm not going to mod the parts, I might need to bolt them on someday!
  5. Yep time for rebuild. Was there any noticeable metal in the oil? Does the pinion have any play? Turns smooth?
  6. The camshaft sensor in my 91 XJ would cause a hot shut down. When it cooled off, the truck would start and run again. I first thought it was a crank sensor, as that had been my previous experience. Also, due to unrelated wiring problems, I couldn't use the "key-on-off-on-off-on" and count the flashes of the check engine light to get the trouble codes from the computer. When I repaired that wiring, I was able to see the computer was throwing the code for the camshaft sensor. I replaced the distributor with a later model one (as others have suggested in this thread) and it cured the problem. Another nice thing about the later distributor is the sensor is replaceable without disassembling the shaft from the distributor housing. Makes it very simple to carry a spare sensor and replace it as a quick test.
  7. There shouldn't be any side to side movement, or in and out movement. Either would indicate worn carrier bearings, or improper setup. But, if you grasp the ring gear and hold the pinion gear stationary, there should be some slight "play" in the ring gear in relation to the pinion gear, in its normal direction of rotation. This play is called backlash and is part of the ring and pinion setup.
  8. Finally got the last piece I needed to complete this wall hanger. Anyone actually hang one of these? I want to make some sort of bracket to secure it to the wall, rather than just set it on or hang it from screws.
  9. Genuine Mopar aluminum valve cover (53008559) for the AMC 4 cylinder, for replacing the plastic valve cover. I've got about 8 hours of cleaning in this, which is reflected in my price. Listing here first. $150 shipped. This valve cover has been completely disassembled and cleaned. Every part has been cleaned and I would use this on a new engine. The brass metered vacuum fitting was completely clogged with sludge. It's been cleaned and polished. The fresh air intake elbow was also heavily carboned/sludged and is also clean. Most of the original finish on the valve cover came off during the cleaning process. It's ready to be used as is, or polished, painted etc. Nothing was sand- or bead-blasted, which can leave debris that can find its way into the engine. Included- valve cover, oil fill cap, metered vacuum fitting, fresh air intake elbow, cable guide and retainer, the vent stand offs and baffles w/bolts, and the original mounting bolts which are longer than the ones used with the original plastic valve cover and are needed for the thicker flange on the aluminum one. One thing needed is a new gasket. Also, when originally assembled, there are gaskets between the stand offs and the baffles, and the baffles and the valve cover (so total of 4 gaskets). I don't know if these are available anywhere. I would seal them with a thin coat of RTV or something similar. I would also use a thread sealant to the vacuum fitting during assembly. I have more pictures for anyone interested.
  10. Yep, although I don't know the actual cut off date. This was on an 84.
  11. Not sure I'd call this a score, but grabbed this recently, just because it's different.
  12. It's most likely factory. Here is a factory unit with the screw on lower portion. This is for a very early XJ with the 3 speed transmission. Are you sure which transmission you have? 3 speed or the 4 speed AW4? I have never seen a 4 speed AW4 shift bezel with the bolt on lower part, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In any case, the one I showed from the 1996 would still work if you have the 4 speed trans.
  13. This one will fit all XJ and MJ to 1996. However, it would not be correct for pre-87 models with the 3 speed auto transmissions. Also, this one came from a 1996, and the font is different from the earlier ones. Compare it to yours and you will notice the difference. It will fit and work. How about $40 shipped?
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