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  1. Found another source for this connector:
  2. I did my monthly junkyard run today and made a great discovery. While looking at the engine compartment of a Cadillac CTS, I found the same connector that is used on the taillight harness on my 91 MJ. I think it will be correct for 87-91 MJ. This will provide a cheap source for a replacement connector, or to make a plug-and-play trailer wiring harness that doesn't require cutting and splicing the factory harness. The Cadillac application has some wires in different locations than the MJ, so it will require unpinning some wires and moving them to the proper place. This one came from a 2003 CTS, but I suspect many early to mid 2000s models like the CTS, DTS, and STS may use the connector also (disclaimer: I am not a Cadillac expert). Included is a picture of where the connector is located. It required a 10mm (socket size) bolt to be removed from a retaining bracket before clipping it out of the harness. Additional previous discussion on this topic is located here:
  3. This would have been about 3 years ago, I think. I didn't find a lot of Jeeps, but I did find a 91 XJ with a column shifter and the 120mph "police" cluster. Since I flew in, all I had a was couple screwdrivers and a 1/4" set, or I would have pulled the column also. Best I can remember, this was the Pull-N-Save in Glendale.
  4. WOW. Beats my method of unscrewing the cap and pouring straight out.
  5. My place is always open if the route brings you this way again. I trailered my CJ out to Tahoe last year and did the Rubicon Trail. Great junkyards in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Reno. I've also explored several good ones in the Phoenix area on a different trip.
  6. The part number 56000032, when searched on Rockauto, brought up that WVE brand part. But I am not 100% sure it is correct. I will get pictures of mine today and maybe we can determine how to tell the difference by looking at pictures. If I ever get around to installing mine, I will document it. Because it was a pain to get it out. I hope anyone else who does the swap would document it. I've already added the delay box behind the kick panel, and swapped the stalk to delay type, just need to add the switch.
  7. How much? Rockauto- $140.79 https://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/wve,1S4795,wiper+/+washer+switch,4856
  8. The actual wiper switch is in the column, and they are different for tilt and non-tilt. And they are expensive. I have a non-tilt delay wiper switch pulled from a junkyard MJ. They are actually rare. I can post a pic tomorrow. It was a huge pain to get out of the column. Edit: If you have a manual trans, I think it would actually be easier to swap the entire steering column from an intermittent wiper equipped XJ, instead of finding and swapping out the switch. If you have column shift auto, no other option but to change the switch.
  9. For those that read this post this far, the pitman arm nut is 1 5/16". I pulled a 97 ZJ box from the local yard, left the pitman arm on it as they didn't charge extra for it. Part number P52088488AB came up on a google search as 98 ZJ, Rockauto cross referenced to Cardone 277560, which says it fits a bunch of vehicles, some which I suspect didn't have the fast ratio. Cardone specs says "Total turns lock to lock- 3 to 3.5". Box is 3 turns lock to lock.
  10. Just noticed something odd. The diagram shows THREE mounting brackets on the rear carpet (#6). No rear carpet I have ever seen has three mount points, only the middle and pass side. Hmm.
  11. Did you install new carpet? I ask because the rear carpet panel mounting brackets should be under the rear carpet. They are covered by lift up flaps in the original carpet. See my pics above. Even my factory vinyl floor cover has the flaps to access the rear carpet panel mounting points.
  12. My 91 with bench seat did not have the rear carpet (I added it from a jy MJ). It's a SporTruck, so pretty basic, 4.0, auto, AC were about the only options. Didn't even have a factory radio. Maybe the rear carpet was a trim level thing.
  13. In my experience, all MJs came with the upper plastic panel. If it's missing, someone took it out. The lower carpet piece was mostly used in trucks with buckets seats, because it was visible. Bench seat completely covers the rear wall. I say mostly, because I've seen some 86 models with the bench seat and it still had the rear carpet. I suspect that later models the carpet panel was deleted when a bench seat was installed as a cost savings move.
  14. I had a light roaring noise in my high mileage XJ that would come and go. Turned out the old rubber transmission mount was oil soaked and super mushy. New trans mount solved it.
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