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  1. Ashtray and arm rests are sold. Carpet is pending.
  2. Yep the 96s interchange and as Jeremy noted they seem to be a better material. There is another thread on this a while back, I bought aftermarket from Rockauto and they left a gap where they should tuck under the flares. Getting original used from a 96 is the best bet.
  3. Yes to the transmission jack and engine hoist. Not sure if this counts, but going with what Jeremy said. I've been doing and enjoying wiring work for decades, but just upgraded my terminal crimpers. Part number 08913440 for Packard 56 series terminals. Not cheap, but this thing makes the most beautiful crimps.
  4. Update on glove box door, noticed these cracks:
  5. I have these parts in black: Cab back carpet w/screws, $100 Small arm rests, pair, $20 Glove box door, $45 $20 (because cracks, see next post) Ashtray, $35 Plus shipping, or best offer, discount for all or multiple items. More pics available.
  6. Price drop, $150 to $100, shipped. Or make offer. Keep in mind it's about $30 to ship.
  7. I mow about 2.5 acres. I replace my blades every other year, unless I've obviously damaged them, which has happened. By the time I replace them, sharpening them doesn't seem like a option. Been looking on Amazon and Ebay for a deal on buying 10 blades at once. Found one on Amazon for $77, hesitated and then it went up to $100 and never came down. I look at lawn care as a necessary evil. Time and money that I could be spending on other things. In fact this year I was thinking of letting part of the lawn return to natural. I live in the country. I enjoy driving through suburbs with nice houses, perfect lawns, garage doors all shut, no motorhomes or boats or project vehicles in the driveways... but could never live there.
  8. My cell number is an area code for VA but I live in MO. Get calls about once a day from numbers with a VA area code. I guess they think I will answer since it's a "local" call.
  9. For the HO motors, the generic replacement manifolds with the bellows on each end are the way to go. Rockauto has them for $80. For over a decade, I have looked at every XJ in the junkyard I have come across. EVERY stock manifold has the cracks near the collector. Once, I found a Borla header. On a several other occasions, I found these replacement type manifolds with the bellows on each end. $35 out the door, pressure wash, high temp aluminum paint, new manifold and donut gasket and done. I have junkyard replacement manifolds on my XJ (5 yrs) and MJ (5 yrs) and both still going strong. No flex pipe in downstream exhaust.
  10. I frequent pic-a-part type yards for parts for myself, and to resell to offset my cost. I'm always trying to learn more about desirable parts, but didn't know about the knuckles. There are threads out there about junkyard upgrades for Cherokees/Comanches. I can remember seeing several threads here along the lines of "I have this old XJ, what should I grab before junking it"... Do we have (or need) a definitive thread on these valuable parts?
  11. Thanks to some quick work by Pete and Kryptronic, I can post more pics. Here is one of the connection at the TB, overall routing of the cable (with clamp at overflow bottle), and the actuator at the fender. Yes, I've swapped to the later stamped steel valve cover and later horseshoe style intake manifold.
  12. The ICON CJ3B is really cool. I remember studying it closely when articles came out about it. I wonder how much shorter the Chevy 4 cyl is compared to the 258, and if you can mount it further forward to give more room for rear driveshaft length. I'm guessing you could gain upwards of 6", giving room for a 5 speed. Use Novak's super short D300 output would probably result in a rear driveshaft length that was livable. The shifters for the 5 speeds are pretty far back, so it wouldn't be real far forward on the floor if you pushed the whole drivetrain forward.
  13. I try to be brief, haha. I pulled the 4.0HO out of my CJ7 that had been in there about 16 years. Put in a 5.3 Chevy. Plan was to put the 4.0 in the CJ5 with better brakes, and everything else basically stock. Sort of a sleeper. Using a T5 and 3.73 gears and stockish 30" tires it should be a great driver. Well, the 5.3 in my CJ7 is so much fun that I am now moving towards putting a 5.3 in the CJ5, using a Sm465 4 speed, and 3.54 or 3.73 gears, 2-3" lift and 31-32" tires. Should still be a good driver, be able to start out in 2nd gear, run ok on the highway, and with the low first gear be good off road. I also have a 4:1 gearset for the Dana 300 that would actually make it lower geared than my CJ7. But for stockish sized CJ that won't be heavily abused, a good condition T5 would probably last. I pulled the original out my CJ7 in 1998 to put a T18 in for the lower first gear. It still worked fine. It took some getting used to the T18, which shifts like a bread truck, versus the T5 that shifts like a sports car. But the low first gear made it worth it. Anyhow, I'm torn on the CJ5. I could build it with my existing parts basically for free. Or I could spend a couple grand and do the 5.3... decisions, decisions... The rest of the story, is if I went the 5.3 and slight lift route, I would convert it to wide track axles. The day after I was daydreaming about this, a rare 1986 factory widetrack CJ7 Dana 44 was listed for sale 30 minutes from me. It's sitting in my workshop now...
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