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  1. This makes me sick to my stomach. Sometimes, violence IS the answer.
  2. Also, I had a friend who special ordered a 1997 Jeep Cherokee. He requested front and rear tow hooks and a receiver hitch. It came with a tow hook bolted to the rear receiver hitch, designed like the picture. Only one I've ever seen like it.
  3. What MJXJJeepguy said. And I agree, the hook pointing down isn't the best design. Although adding tow hook clips would help retain a strap or winch line.
  4. I ran out of time, was only in town for the day. And I did get free entry at the second U Pull!
  5. I've talked with Pete, and I think he is planning to stop at my place in Success, MO, either on 31 Aug or 1 Sept. The more the merrier, so anyone who would like to come is invited. I'm retired after 30 years in the Marine Corps, and live on 30 acres in the Ozarks. I have a large workshop where we could hang out and talk Jeeps, and a small collection of Jeep CJ/XJ/MJ parts. I've got plenty of room for parking. Overnight guests are fine also, but I only have two rooms, one reserved for Pete if he decides to spend the night. There are campgrounds in the Paddy Creek Wilderness of the Mark Twain National Forest only about 30 minutes from my house (primitive camping on a river/stream, bathrooms only, no water/electric). I don't know how full they get during holidays though. Or feel free to pitch a tent on my property. I plan to fire up the grill for lunch/dinner (depending on Pete's schedule) and we could have a small bonfire behind the shop later if we wanted. I have a small (500 feet?) off road course in my woods and I can shoot out to 200 yards. I'm not a big drinker anymore, but hold no rules against it, other than shooting and alcohol don't mix. Pets are ok but not in the house. I have two cats that will hide when strangers appear. If interested, post here, and I will PM my info.
  6. My standard vacation for the last 5 years or so consist of an off road trip with stops at junkyards on the trip to and from. I really enjoy it. I've noticed the number of Jeep XJs in junkyards on the east coast steadily declining over the last 10 years. There were so many in Sparks, NV, that I couldn't look at them all. And they are mostly rust free. Found this in Salt Lake, it was for sale complete:
  7. LKQ Pick Your Part, 6100 North Federal Blvd, Denver U Pull & Pay, 390 W 66th Way, Denver U Pull & Pay, 1370 Zeno St, Aurora Still processing the whole trip. I will say this: I attended the Jeep Jamboree USA Rubicon Trip. It was truly epic, they have a helicopter that brings in a piano so you have live music while eating your ribeye dinner on Saturday at Rubicon Springs. But, their rules state that Jeeps older than 97 are not permitted to register without prior approval. I guess I'm a rebel, and registered my 83, didn't call, just showed up. They were not happy. Quizzed my about my driving experience and Jeep details. Funny thing, I probably have more off road driving and instructing experience than most, if not all, the trail guides. They grudgingly "allowed" me to participate, and I had zero issues, while numerous "newer/better" Jeeps experienced breakage and/or required recovery. Still it was a great trip, the scenery was awe inspiring.
  8. So I just completed an epic trip from MO to Lake Tahoe, and ran the Rubicon Trail in my CJ. During the trip, I stopped at 7 junkyards (3 in Denver, 2 in Salt Lake, 1 in Sparks, and 1 in Lincoln). I have a box full of stuff, but this is some of the coolest. I found an 89 2 dr XJ, 4wd 5 speed with full factory skid plating and tow hooks. It also had a 28mm front anti sway bar, and the longer rear leaf spring bump stops. Not only did it have the front tow hooks, it also had the factory rear tow hook, a rare item I've never found before. I pulled the fuel tank skid plate, and on a whim, pulled the transfer case skid plate. I've seen transfer case skid plates before, but the mounting bolts were always seized to the thread inserts, causing the inserts to spin and the bolts to not come out. This is the first one I've been able to remove. I know, mostly XJ parts, but I thought this was a cool find.
  9. Sorry, it went right over my head haha.
  10. I am in Springfield at the PnP and Buddies U Pull at least once a month. 1.5 hours one way. There is also a local place in Lebanon MO, about 45 min one way. S&S U-Pull-it. Tools? See the Tool Talk post, haha. 2nd page.
  11. I've ran Lockrites, Detroit EZ locker (don't know if they still make it?), and the Powertrax one that isn't supposed to be as loud. All worked fine for me. I think you are right, normal price is $230-260, still a deal.
  12. Interested in this, since going to junkyards is my hobby. If someone sees something they want from Springfield, St Louis, or KC, I might could help. Not sure what the going rate for this is, but St. L is a 5hr round trip and KC is 8 for me, so there would be significant cost in gas + parts cost + my fee + shipping.
  13. This is the Dana 30, but the D44 and Chrysler axles are on the drop down box. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007N3P9DA/?coliid=IZVMAYC12ONG3&colid=2QS8CVSGRO4WX&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  14. I used to own a 2000 XJ. Added cruise using junkyard parts. Didn't work, and it was because the switches weren't the right year as others have stated. Went back to the junkyard and got the correct ones, and it worked flawlessly.
  15. I'll let you in on a little secret. Put in a search for AMC, not Jeep. 86-87 Comanches and 87 and older XJs will sometimes get listed as AMC.
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