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  1. still have the instrument cluster?

  2. I'm a big fan of replacing the factory bumper mounting clips with those brackets. Most of the XJ/MJ bumpers I remove, those clips seize, twist, and break. The brackets work so much better even if you aren't running the tow hooks & other related hardware.
  3. Thanks. Perhaps you could cut & tape a cardboard box to the dimensions of the refrigerators for a test fit to get an idea.
  4. I run bucket seats without a center console, and my measurements match up with Pete's, about 8". But it's going to be tight between the floor side seat belts. And at 15" tall, I don't think that fridge will be a "good" fit in the small cab of an MJ. With that said, I have a Dometic CDF11 mounted between the front seats of my 2001 Silverado. I removed the factory center console, and used the existing floor bracket as a base to build a custom mount bracket. It is absolutely awesome on road trips. It works so well I will do the same mod on any future tow rigs I own if it is at al
  5. That first picture... that was a weird day at the JY. First, the counter person told me they didn't have any XJs. Then I found 3 of them out there. I said something to them when I checked out, and they didn't really have an explanation. Then, I got an email for a survey (this is from Pick-n-Pull). So I replied about the inventory mistake and about what I considered a rude/unprofessional way I was asked to wear a mask. To my surprise, I received a reply from the store manager of that actual location, offering a possible explanation for the inventory mistake and explaining the City Ordinan
  6. You might know that those colored electrical plugs fit in the fuse blocks of GM and Jeep vehicles 1979-late 80s. Each different color is "keyed" to a specific location in the fuse block. Anytime I add an electrical circuit to my Jeeps, I use these plugs to pick up power from the fuse block. Makes for a clean installation. I used to cut a longer pigtail to splice the wire onto, but I now have the terminal that fits that connector housing, so I just run a new terminal and wire these days. Terminal is GM 12020320 for a 16-14ga wire, available from various places including Amazon.
  7. Just completed the Jeep Jamboree in Ouray, CO. On the way out and back, hit 5 junkyards. Here are some pics. Found a super early XJ that had "Four Wheel Drive" on the rear fenders instead of the usual "4x4". Found an interesting water neck repair. Scored a nice set of Turbines and a decent XJ/MJ steering wheel Got a license plate lamp from an XJ with the optional factory swing out spare tire carrier And a nice assortment of XJ/MJ odds and ends.
  8. If you still need these, send me a PM, I probably have some.
  9. Pete this might help. These have been cut down in length to work with an early grill but using later headlight bezels, but you get the idea.
  10. Very cool. I looked for one of these modules. Pass side kick panel, right? Either they were already snagged, or didn't come with them? In your experience, did all Camaros have these, or were they an option? I'm assuming you got these at a pull-a-part type place, as opposed to eBay or whatever.
  11. Jeremy, it's obvious you've thought this all through. I have a comment/question. The panic button on my Silverado honks the horn. If you used a remote with a panic button, couldn't you use it to honk the horn? That way it would have a function and not be a pointless/useless button. Or does the Camaro module not support that?
  12. Here is a remote and a smoked dome sensor I pulled from an XJ. It's been long time so I don't recall the year, but something in the 91-96 range I think. I was interested in getting it working until I read about how bad they are.
  13. I don't know how I missed your post, sorry. I sold the orange/green indicator to OldSch88l. I still have the bezel on page 7 and still have the other green/white indicators on page 6. I could let you know if I come across another orange/green bezel.
  14. Let me know, it's still available.
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