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  1. schardein

    About this here now Comanche Club forum thang ...

    Thanks Pete. This is one of my favorite places to visit on the internet. Even when I'm not in a Jeep mood (rare...) I still like to drop in.
  2. schardein

    Jeep "Pioneer" name

  3. schardein

    Jeep "Pioneer" name

    Ha, true. Kind of like Liberty Limited
  4. schardein

    Jeep "Pioneer" name

    So, just for the sake of discussion... I saw an early Jeep Cherokee in the JY yesterday with Pioneer trim. I thought to myself, that is a cool name for a trim package for a Jeep. Why do they (Jeep) not still use it? I did a quick google and only found Pioneer trim levels in reference to Cherokee and Comanche, which is what I am familiar with and expected. Wondering, does anyone else think Pioneer is a cool name for a trim level for a Jeep? Does Jeep still "own" the rights to it? Has it been used on any other models of Jeep? Picture added just because.
  5. schardein

    4-States (Mo,ks,ok,ar) Jeepers

    I'm just south of Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I wheel my 83 CJ-7, as the MJ is still 2wd. Locally, I've been to: SMORR- Great place with a beautiful campground and easy to hardest trails. They do a Jeep Jamboree there the first week of June. Moonlight Racing ORP- Great trails. The one time I went there was a party atmosphere going on and drinking on the trails. Flat Nasty- Only an hour from my place but haven't been yet. Byrd's Adventure Center- Near Cass AR. Great park. I did the Jeep Jamboree there last year, Sept 2017. It is going this coming weekend and I will be there again. I have a collection of XJ/MJ parts, PM me if you are looking for something.
  6. Renix relay cover and clips. Cover is part # 8956 002 298. One of the clips is cracked, see pics. $35 shipped or pick up in Success, MO.
  7. schardein

    Ever see a Comanche with multiple carbs?

    I'm not for or against carbs, but looking at that picture gives me a headache remembering hours of time spent tuning...
  8. schardein

    Another feeler!

    I wonder if there would be interest in this bracket, which is part of the factory front tow hook setup:
  9. Original poster-- there might be another path to consider. Trucks with cruise have a short speedo cable that connects to the speedo on one end, and on the other end is a speed sensor with a wiring pigtail. This sensor sends a signal to the cruise system. Also, the trucks speedo cable from the transmission (or transfer if 4x4) attaches to the end of this speed sensor. If the cruise control application cable was cheaper or a better fit, there is no reason you couldn't use it with the correct short cable and speed sensor. Someone probably has one laying around. The sensor would only serve to connect the two cables in this case.
  10. schardein

    door weatherstrip

    Another option for a w/s with worn sections-- I've noticed that the rear door weatherstrips on my XJ seem to wear out where peoples feet rub across it getting in. I've seen similar on my MJ, holes worn in the w/s in certain areas. I pulled a w/s off a 96 XJ and then cut one foot sections out of it and basically made "patches" for the worn sections of my w/s. I slip an appropriate size vacuum or fuel hose inside the "bulb" of the w/s at the butted joints of the patch.
  11. schardein

    Got a $100K?

    I have a feeling the interior video gets clicked on a lot.
  12. schardein

    Re using axle u bolts?

    I've often wondered why U-bolts can't be reused, but wheel lug studs generally last the life of the vehicle and will certainly be re-torqued multiple times.
  13. schardein

    HVAC mode actuator location

    HAHAHA I had the same issue with my $400 XJ. It seemed he went out of his way to do poor repairs. Just one example, he cut one of the support rods for the wiper transmission assembly, I suspect because he couldn't figure out how to get it out. Then he taped it back together with electrical tape (yes, yes he did). Me, wondering why the wipers are out of sync....hmm, never seen this before. And I had a leak at the vacuum ball... defrost only.
  14. schardein

    Cool photos at sunset

    Very cool! I remember driving my 78 Chevy to college on a curvy country road on fall mornings. Some of the shadows cast by the rising sun were epic!
  15. schardein

    One Week Anniversary Today

    I smoked off and on in different stages of my life. The on stages lasted years. I always quit cold turkey. At one point, I had been off for nearly 5 years. Was at a Marine Corps Birthday Ball celebration and was offered a cigar. What could it hurt? Plus I didn't want to seem ungrateful to be offered an expensive cigar, right? I was smoking again two days later and it lasted for 10 years. I quit again in 2012. Now I guard it. I am addicted to cigarettes like alcoholics are addicted to alcohol. When someone offers me a cigar, I flatly refuse and tell them why. Usually they are very supportive, which of course is a welcome surprise. I still occasionally have an urge, but as someone stated before, it quickly passes. It doesn't bother me to be around it, although some who quit are bothered to be around it. If you are, don't be afraid to speak up or remove yourself from the situation. Congratulations on your achievement! You are past the hard part. PS, I'm also addicted to Jeeps, but that's ok.