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  1. schardein


    I've owned three used Toyotas, and they gave me a fair amount of problems. Granted, the first was pretty modified, but the next two were stock, and gave me the most trouble. So much so, that I swore I'd never buy another. I'm talking used, I think that a used car's reliability has a lot to do with not only original build quality, which could vary by day of the week, but also how it was driven, and especially how it was maintained. I think the last two I bought were on the 3rd or 4th owner, where they were pretty neglected and had problems caused by the last owner doing their own version of "repairs". Maybe Toyotas reputation for reliability is justified, and first owners benefit from that. My experience is a used buyer does not.
  2. Not sure if this will help, but there are three wires: 12+. hot all the time Ground Ground through the door pin The lights have power all the time and are controlled through the ground circuit. The regular ground is for the rocker switch on the light. The other ground is through the door pin, so when the door is opened, the light comes on.
  3. schardein

    Jeep people = good people

    This is true. Also, I've been spending some time on other Jeep forums recently, with mixed results. It's always nice to get on ComancheClub where the info is generally reliable and people act like decent human beings.
  4. schardein

    Black Friday score

    I've replaced 3 old chain drive openers with the belt drive and love them. It's nice to have functioning openers at all three locations, controlled from any of three cars (3 button remotes) and the outside remote control. And yes, they are quiet! My sensors are taped together and laying on top of the opener housing (for now). So this thread has went a little sideways on ebay's global shipping program, and I have a comment/question: I sell on ebay. I use the GSP. The cost for me is to ship the part to Erlanger, Kentucky and is the same standard rate I would pay to ship anywhere using USPS. Either first class or priority mail. This is an extremely good deal for me, or at least it seems like it. I pay $2.66 for a 1-3 oz package (first class, after ebay's discount on USPS rates), and then it goes ANYWHERE in the world that is covered by the GSP. I've often wondered how they do it. So... International Ebay buyers, do you see an additional charge on the listing for use of the GSP?
  5. schardein

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    Underdash courtesy lights- 90 was the changeover year for the plug, they should work in your MJ Front sway bar- a 90 Laredo may have a 28mm bar that is a direct fit on your MJ A Laredo probably has factory fog light wiring you could swap into your MJ Dash clock ashtray light chrome trim plates under the hockey stick style door handles
  6. schardein

    ‘94 tcase overhaul

    I've had the linkage be out of adjustment. Not because the linkage moved, but because the engine mounts and transmission mounts have settled over time, and the result was when in 4 low, the transfer case would pop out of gear. The fix is to adjust the linkage. However, I found the linkage was rusted together and would not adjust. I had to completely remove it to be able to work on it on a bench and get it to free up. Once done, I reinstalled it, and adjusted it. No more issues and shifts smoother than it ever has since I owned it. Side note, it was a huge pain to get the shifter mechanism out, because the screws that go into the body stripped out/broke the welded nut loose from the body. It took me more time fighting the stripped screws to get it out, than freeing up the rusted together shifter adjustment. I eventually replaced the engine and trans mounts, and then re-adjusted the linkage again, still shifts good and doesn't pop out of gear.
  7. The factory connector plugged directly into the light. That doesn't mean a female end isn't available (actually, male terminal end, in this case), but I don't think one is. That would be something to research, though. (sorry for the blurry second pic)
  8. Pic of the backside with wiring pigtails. Jeremy, are you saying cut off the stock connector and crimp on the proper molex terminals, then use the proper molex 3 pin housing? Never thought of doing it that way.
  9. I think there are other threads on this, but another option is to use the rear cargo light from an S10 Blazer (circa 88-90). The opening in the B-pillar must be opened up slightly on both the length (1/8") and height (1/16"). Splice in the connector for the light and you are good to go. These have a rocker switch for on/off and also come on when the door is opened. I think they look really good.
  10. schardein

    To my fellow veterans

    Ha, thank you! Thank you. I'm going to take some time off for a year or two. Do some things I enjoy like going Jeeping and hiking (while I can still do it!). Then, I'll see what interests me.
  11. schardein

    To my fellow veterans

    Thank you Eagle, and all our other Veterans. I attended my last Marine Corps Birthday Ball on active duty, on Saturday night. Had a great time as usual, but a little bittersweet too. USMC, 1988-2018
  12. schardein


    When I got my 1991 XJ, the trip meter did not work (along with just about everything else...). I sourced a replacement speedometer from the junkyard that was within 10,000 miles of my original speedometer. I adjusted the mileage on the new speedo to be correct for my Jeep, which took some creativity with an electronic speedometer. However, in the end, I accomplished it. So, no idea on how to repair the trip meter, other than replace it.
  13. Funny, my brother showed me this article last night. Entertaining article, but is it true a clean, unmolested XJ goes for 10k? I think the author is reaching there a little.
  14. schardein

    Anybody else have an MJ and and XJ?

    1991 MJ Sport truck 1991 XJ saved in 2013 from the PO who made a lot of "repairs" before throwing in the towel. I went to look and told him "no thanks". He was asking $800 and asked me to make an offer. So I threw out $400 and he said yes and put out his hand to shake before my words were completely out. Since then I've fixed EVERYTHING except a leaky windshield seal- wipers, heater, AC, headliner, horn, cab wiring (shorted/burnt wires from radio install), crank sensor, cam sensor, oil filter adapter o-rings, etc. And made some upgrades- factory tinted glass, 28mm sway bar, late model horseshoe intake, replacement exhaust manifold and exhaust system, 96 throttle body, 4 hole injectors, engine/trans mounts, shocks, tires, replaced D35 with Chrysler 8.25. I now have just over $1700 in it. Serves as a daily driver, preferably on days when it's not raining. Also have a 1993 XJ that will give up a healthier 4.0 and a 4wd auto trans to convert the MJ to 4wd. I'll then have to decide how or if it gets reassembled and sold, or junked. I used to have a nice 2000 XJ that I sold, and immediately regretted (hence the 91 XJ) And back in the day, I owned a really nice 1989 XJ Wagoneer, woodgrain on black with the 4 headlight grill. I also have some CJs: 1983 CJ7 1980 CJ5 1967 CJ5
  15. schardein

    I know what I'll be doing tomorrow

    Yeah sometimes dragging a whole vehicle home can be a pain, but that looks like it has a complete 4x4 driveline minus the engine. Worth it to get the whole thing and pull parts at your leisure.