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  1. SOLD Used battery tray from a 96 XJ (pn# 55235294). Be aware that the 96 trays are slightly smaller. 87-95 trays are roughly 7.5"x10.5", 1996 is 7.5"x9.5". They use the same hold down hardware. Tray shows some wear but is perfectly serviceable with no cracks. It's been scrubbed with dish soap in the sink, so this is as good as it gets unless you want to paint it. Includes the tray, T-bolts (pn# 55014375) & nuts w/ free spinning washers, and the 3 nuts that secure the tray to the fender (chemically stripped of rust, soaked in WD40 for a few weeks, washers spin free).
  2. DBW vs DBC- this comes up all the time in forums and FB pages. One thing about DBW, the entire throttle blade acts as the IAC. Because the throttle blade is giant compared to the tiny air passages of a traditional IAC, it can react more quickly to changes- might be important if you are planning a cam swap. Here is some interesting reading: http://bdturnkeyengines.com/dbw-water I will say that modifying and mounting the DBW pedal in my CJ felt like it was more work than installing the motor. At the end of the day, I'd use whatever your motor comes with.
  3. I've done two LS swaps (CJ and LJ) but used the factory harness and computer both times.
  4. There are also other options. There are lights from a Chevy S10 Blazer that work if you are willing to enlarge the opening slightly. There are also lights from a VW that work. For the shift bezel, are you talking about the transmission console shifter? If so, 3 speed auto or 4 speed auto? Do you care how original it is? You can use ones from later Cherokees, but the font is slightly different (if it is for the 4 speed AW4). It might help if you add your Comanche's info to your signature line.
  5. I ran a Detroit EZ Locker (I don't think they make/offer it anymore) in the front D44 of my 79 K5 Blazer with a 454 and 35" tires. I ran a LockRight in the front D30 of my 83 CJ7 with 32" tires. In my 67 CJ5, I have a LockRight in the front D27, and a Powertrax whatever it's called in the rear 19 spline D44. The rear one is the one that is supposed to have less ratcheting noises. The only issue I ever had was in the CJ7. I had parked the Jeep in front of the house. Got in, started it, and went to back up. Went about a foot when the Jeep jerked to a stop, like the br
  6. schardein


    Those half doors are from a YJ. Easy retrofit to a CJ7, check to see if they open and close easily. Looks like they might be 1987 doors (no lock cylinders), or the locks were removed/covered over. Not important if you don't care about locking it up. The front spring shackle and fixed end mounting point look odd. It looks like they replaced the rear (fixed) front spring mounting points, which is odd. I'd carefully inspect the frame for repairs. I've seen rust holes filled with expanding foam, covered in bondo and painted black. Besides looking for rust, I would che
  7. And it arrived safely. Nice packing job, by the way.
  8. Good to know. I haven't bought any new Snap-On tools since the initial purchase, other than the odd item here and there at estate auctions. I'm invested in Dewalt for battery op tools. I know everyone loves Milwaukee, I got into Dewalt almost by chance.
  9. I don't understand "it dies every time the alternator starts charging the battery". Your alternator is charging from the moment the engine starts. When you start the engine, how long does it run before it dies? What makes you think the alternator started charging and stalled the engine?
  10. Since this post got brought up top again, I'll make a small update. I bought a Snap-On tool set while in college training to be an auto mechanic (with a student discount, through the university program). Love the tools but struggled to replace broken items throughout my 30 year career in the Marine Corps. Retired, and one day called Snap-On to ask help in locating a truck to make an exchange. I was momentarily speechless when the lady on the phone said "give me the part number you'd like to exchange". Long story short, I've exchanged every tool I broke over the last 30 years, Snap-On mail
  11. Do you have the Mastercool tool? If so, how do you like it? I've used the old school flaring tool, and the one Jeremy linked. The Mastercool has been sitting in my cart in Amazon for a couple months, waiting to pull the trigger.
  12. Yep, 66-71 CJ5 equipped with the Dauntless (Buick) V6. I never put my emblems back on, and the engine was replaced with a later Buick 231 even fire.
  13. Chevy used D44s in front until 78/79, when the 10 bolt replaced it. My 78 K20 had a front 44, 79 K5 had the front 10 bolt.
  14. K5 all day. Owned a 79 K5 for 32 years. 454/TH400/NP205/14b/D44/35s
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