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  1. Hi everyone, I have a several Comanche parts leftover from a restoration I did a couple years ago. Asking $175 for everything in these pictures. I am located in North East Ohio. If you are interested, you will need to come pick everything up. If there is one item that you would really like but not the other items, let me know and I can see what I can do.
  2. Thanks for all your replies. Here's another question. I thought I heard somewhere that the 4.0 Comanche was one of the most powerful mid-size pickup trucks of its time. Is this valid?
  3. Did you guys see Jeep’s two door concept? I really hope this makes it to production.
  4. Spotted the new Jeep truck at a dealership. The silver looks so sleek.
  5. Whose Jeep’s are these? I like the blue Comanche.
  6. Looks like you’ve got plenty of good suggestions. I can tell you that I once bought a 90s Ford Ranger that belonged to a heavy smoker. Using a rug doctor carpet cleaner works wonders. You can can use it on everything, but I would suggest replacing the carpet if it is old and worn out. Then use Ozium (I like the new car smell scent). Another tip, the BEST car air fresheners are from bath and body works. You have to try them out.
  7. I'm working on a video and wondered what you guys think the answers are to these questions. 1. Why did Jeep discontinue the Comanche? (I'm pretty sure it was low sale numbers towards the end, but maybe there were other reasons involved) 2. Around how many Comanches are estimated to be in existence today? Thanks
  8. The first Cherokee I saw at the junkyard had the lights, but it was the wrong style of connector for my 1987 Comanche (The Cherokee was a 94 I believe). Maybe I could make them work?
  9. Do you have a link to the catalogue?
  10. Thanks, how did you find the build date?
  11. The weather strip that is attached to the truck itself is brand new. The old stripping was worn and cracked.
  12. Ok, so here’s the situation. I have a 1987 Comanche that has recently had the interior restored (Floorboards repaired, sound deadening material, new carpet, new headliner, etc). With the sound deadening material everywhere in the cabin, even inside the doors and b-pillars, it is MUCH more quiet than it used to be, HOWEVER, there is still some noise in the cabin. I believe that it is coming from the windows due to worn out seals. The attached videos shows what I’m talking about. There’s a bunch of wind noise coming from this area. I placed my ea
  13. I have this light from my junkyard haul in back in March, and I can't remember what it goes to. Any of you guys know?
  14. I bought them from SFX Performance. Make sure to check that the louvers will work with your style of window. The simplest way is to call the manufacturer: http://www.willpak.com/ They willl give you the dimensions of the louvers so you can double check fitment before placing an order.
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