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  1. NEO auto


    Do you have a link to the catalogue?
  2. NEO auto


    Thanks, how did you find the build date?
  3. The weather strip that is attached to the truck itself is brand new. The old stripping was worn and cracked.
  4. Ok, so here’s the situation. I have a 1987 Comanche that has recently had the interior restored (Floorboards repaired, sound deadening material, new carpet, new headliner, etc). With the sound deadening material everywhere in the cabin, even inside the doors and b-pillars, it is MUCH more quiet than it used to be, HOWEVER, there is still some noise in the cabin. I believe that it is coming from the windows due to worn out seals. The attached videos shows what I’m talking about. There’s a bunch of wind noise coming from this area. I placed my ear near all other areas around the window and couldn’t hear anything near as loud as this area (This was at 55 MPH). Does anyone out there know of this problem? Another thing I notice is that my ears pop due to the air pressure in the cabin (Sorta like cracking only one window in a fast moving vehicle). Another thought I had was, maybe the doors are not sealing up well enough and need aligned. I had trouble with leaks due to the door seals not making full contact everywhere with the cabin. 545662C2-35E8-4B71-ABFB-8C17AE0C0349.MOV
  5. I have this light from my junkyard haul in back in March, and I can't remember what it goes to. Any of you guys know?
  6. I bought them from SFX Performance. Make sure to check that the louvers will work with your style of window. The simplest way is to call the manufacturer: http://www.willpak.com/ They willl give you the dimensions of the louvers so you can double check fitment before placing an order.
  7. I didn’t realize Comanche’s had this feature. Where are the lights positioned?
  8. I sprayed water with a garden hose to mimic rain.
  9. I installed the clock today. So far it works great. I had to remove the instrument cluster to find the harness. I also found the harness where the ash tray light plugs in, but the bulb is burnt out. I would like to replace it with an LED equivalent bulb. Anybody know what type of bulb I need? Also, I have these extra wires and lights from my trip to the junkyard. Can’t remember what they go to. Anyone know what they’re for? Extra wires, not sure what they go to. Interior or is finally put back together after figuring out my water leaks.
  10. I have a 1987 Comanche with air conditioning. It blows out somewhat cool air, but on a hot day, it is not near cool enough. My question is, does the factory air conditioning get pretty cold? I bought an A/C recharge kit, and the employee at the parts store said it should fix the problem. He showed me under the hood where to plug in the recharge kit (See pic with location circled in red). I'd hate to use this recharge kit and still have the same air temperature (It was expensive). I'm willing to give it a try, but could it be there are other factors at play? Thanks for any advice.
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions. I really appreciate it. It turns out the weatherstripping was not making full contact with the truck and water was just pouring in. We put a 1/2" diameter rope between the weather stripping to push it outward to make contact with the door. I've had no issues since. My only concern is how the cotton rope will react with the metal of the truck. If it retains water, would I have to worry about rust? I thought about wrapping the rope in electric tape. IMG_8173.HEIC
  12. I'm still on the fence. Might get one later down the line.
  13. Thanks for all your suggestions. I have taken almost all the interior pieces out until I find and fix the leaks. Last week we had a severe storm with heavy rain. Inside the cab, where the passengers feet go, there was a pool of water. To give you an idea, I placed my hand flat on the floor and it was submerged to my knuckles. I felt around the windows and doors to see if I felt moisture leading to a leak, but couldn’t find anything. Interestingly, the drivers side was not wet at all. In my previous experience with heavy rain (driving through it) the drivers side was very wet as well. I am flabbergasted as to how that much water is getting into the cab. I am going to continue searching for the leaks, but I’m starting to lose my patience. This is the only thing keeping me from driving the truck.
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