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  1. 61 year old two seater. How long ago was that?
  2. Familiarize yourself with the FAF form and process. Don't overstate your family income because that will work against you. Most grants and scholarships are based on financial need and academic performance but some target groups you might not be aware of. Have you thought about majors? With the smarts and focus you exhibit here, you will do as well as you decide to.
  3. Having been on both sides of the educational process, as undergraduate, graduate and professor, my comments might be different. Stay on campus for the first two years. Some of your most memorable times will be the crazy schit you did in the dorm with new friends. You will learn a lot about yourself and others. The car or truck? What is the family budget? If everyone has a BMW at the school you have chosen, then why not? But who wants to go to school like that. I had a 2 door sedan with a back seat and enjoyed having buddies pile in for an afternoon at some beer party on the side of a mountain or an overnight trip to ski or visit females at another college. Get a car you can have fun in with friends. One that is not so nice you get upset when rowdy souls spill something. With luck, you will make friends that you will keep for the rest of your life.
  4. Manche757

    The gun

    When was your grandpa born and would you guess he bought it himself?
  5. Manche757

    The gun

    Bump. Anyone have a pic of a proud revolver to share?
  6. I had factory air installed in the MJ that never had ac 2 years ago. Shortly there after, the blower would only work on low. I had the fan replaced and shortly there after the resistors replaced. Fyi, the original resistors did not have a cover over them. About a year ago, those failed and I had them replaced and those were covered. A week ago, I had the steering pump replaced that had been replaced about a year ago and also had the turn signal/flasher switch replaced which was probably original. When I picked up the truck, only the high speed would work on the blower fan. The mechanic said newer cars have gone to something electronic. Any suggestions? I am feeling like a government subsidy having stuff replaced that has already been replaced.
  7. 89MJ, 4.0. Has any clever person come up with a way to do away with the resistors and replace them with something electronic? Replaced them about a year ago and now it has gone out again.
  8. Looking for the fake bolt type
  9. Manche757

    The gun

    Have a pic you want to share with us? Anyone have a 26 and willing to share a pic?
  10. Off to a good start neighbor to the south. Got any tugboat parts to adorn the front? Power on!
  11. The 3 most important things are: new radiator, new radiator and new radiator.
  12. We have all been thinking you are the nicest guy on CC and now you tell us you have been pumping hot air.
  13. I asked the mechanic that and he is to search through his records. I don't want the same brand installed whatever it might be.
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