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  1. A man with a plan. Send us a pic the body airborne.
  2. No it has a 327 SBC in it. It runs great but the entire suspension, brake and steering systems are down right dangerous. We are chassis swapping it onto a 99 Explorer. That way it will be all Ford. Smart move. My Dad had a '52 that looked like that. Sold it to a neighbor, totally innocent, that had a head on collision with a log truck. Died in that truck. A dead wagon for sure. Totally unforgiving frame and steering column. Glad to know you are putting the body over something safer. How will you lift the body off without mangling it? Cool way of releasing the hood latch on them.
  3. You have an expanding stable of toys. Still have a 6 volt system?
  4. Awesome truck and a great story to go with it. What is the 48? Not by chance a Dodge Power Wagon?
  5. Almost for certain, some prior tenant/owner got tired of replacing overloaded fuses and put a very unsafe 30 amp fuse where a 15 amp fuse should be. Check the wiring. Most likely it is 14 awg. If you are don't know the wire size by looking at it, trace it back to the jacket and it will be marked. Most likely 14 awg. A major, major fire hazard. If any circuit becomes overloaded, the fuse ( or breaker) should be the weak point and blow. With the 30 amp fuse the wire is likely to burn in two (if very lucky) or set the house on fire. Replace the fuses with 15 amp fuses. What is the draw in amps from your unit? The rating will be on the plate on the unit. The unit might be designed to work on 110 or 220 volts and the plate will indicate that also. Amps draw will be twice as much at 110 volts as 220. Tell us the amps it draws (at each voltage if rated for 110 and 220) and we can tell you what is needed. The cartridge fuses in the panel should be rated 30 amp for a dryer and 50 for a stove in the kitchen. The L neutral on the plug in the pic above is a safety feature to prevent a 30 amp rated plug (with 10 awg wire) from being plugged into a 50 amp receptacle. If something goes wrong with the welder, you want the circuit to fail quickly before you electrocute yourself or burn up the unit. FYI, fuses are safer than circuit breakers, so no need for concern there.
  6. Hope your Dad's surgery goes well. If you were looking for a first rate paint job, including under hood, inside cab and doors, what would would that cost, exclusive of any body work needed?? I need to have two MJs painted. Any tips about finding the right shop?
  7. April 4, Jeep buy day. https://www.foxnews.com/auto/2020-jeep-gladiator-launch-edition-only-on-sale-for-1-day
  8. Virginia Beach. Hello Tidewater
  9. The broken off piece was in a crevice on the floor. Glad it was not in cylinder. The key has Jeep on one side; American Motors on the other. Chrome over brass.
  10. The second key went in without any trouble and turned and started the truck without any trouble. Could that have happened, if the ridged part of the shaft wasn't pushed out the other end of the cylinder?
  11. I was leaving the gym at 6:20am this morning and thought I had a jump on the day. I put the key in the ignition and the tumblers hung a little as they often do. It was dark out and only one of the interior lights work. I fiddled with it a little and pulled the key out and saw that it was broken off on the smooth part of the shaft; all of the ridges were in the cylinder. I had not forced it but I think it was an original 30 year old key. I thought hell, I will call a cab. Have the truck towed to a mechanic and hope he can get to it today. Another cab to pick it up when finished. Much of the day blown. But..... I keep a spare key hidden on the truck and thought what the hell I will give it a try. I was amazed that the second key went in without any hesitation. I assume the other end of the cylinder is open and the broken shaft was pushed out the other end. Is the inside end of the cylinder open for that very reason?
  12. If diesel gels at 20F, how do you get it to flow from the tank even if the block is warm when it is well below zero?
  13. Alexia, many thanks to you and Krytro, as our cyber gurus, for keeping the CC up and running. You earn every penny of the exuberant salary that Pete (does not) pay you. Kudos!
  14. I believe per your link that the ship is in Philadelphia. After reading your post, I looked up the SS United States. Several groups have tried to save it but funding has fallen short. Beside being a huge ship and setting the cross Atlantic speed record that has not been broken, there were other interesting things about the ship. Although the speed record still holds, previous written histories stated that it was only going about half throttle. I looked for that yesterday and did not find that, but I did find that it eventually came out that the actual speed was wiithheld. Although privately owned, it was subsidized by the US government. Its construction in 1950-1952 came soon after WWII. The US government interest was to be able to convert it quickly to a troop transport if the need arose. Korea was heating up. I do not know what condition it is in today but based on yesterday's read, it is stripped but not scrapped, having been towed across the Atlantic and back. Looking for a way to spend all that money you made as a hedge fund manager?
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