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  1. Impressive. All for your own use or are you in the trade? Did you insulate it with foam?
  2. Anyone make or buy any new tools?
  3. How did the spot welder work out?
  4. Ever see any big critters that high up in winter?
  5. Manche757

    Happy Easter

    Glad Påsk (Swedish) Wesolego Alleluja (Polish) Buona Pasqua (Italian) Felices Pascuas (second most spoken language in the world) Feliz Páscoa (Portguese) 复活节快乐 Fùhuó jié kuàilè (Chinese) Other CCers add yours Happy Easter
  6. Moving forward a decade: No quiz but here are some of the more interesting cars of the 60's https://www.brakeforit.com/classic/epic-car-masterpieces-of-the-60s/10/
  7. Did you make any progress untangling your Willys?
  8. Thanks gogmo for more great pics. I love winter hiking and camping out in extreme cold. Tell us about the current state of snow shoes. Looks like those are improved from the clumsy things of not too long ago.
  9. The question was about the rail in your yard
  10. Buck, his horse. lived to 45 in real life. Lornre Green also rode the same horse if you know Westerns.
  11. I had thought you are a cop. Sorry. In American lore there were cowboys. In the 1960s there were "Westerns" romantisizing that era. The best known was "Gunsmoke". Matt Dillon (James Arness)was the sheriff. "Miss Kittie"(Amanda Blake) owned the saloon named the "Long Branch" that fancied pretty girls that "sold more than whiskey". A family show that featured whores, guns and shooting others when you felt the need.. Actually women in the trade did not have the heavy stigma that followed. Like opera? Courtesans were kept by weathly men. "La Traviata", the fallen woman, by Verdi is one of the very
  12. What do you have going with the rail? Matt Dillon going to tie up Buck outside the Longbranch? Know any good law men?
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