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  1. The bodies are in curiously good condition, especially with trucks not running. Who was the seller (not asking name) that had all that space?
  2. What is the other end of the cable hooked to?
  3. That would be nice at the back of the open cavity below the glove box
  4. Good location and good job of installing it square. What are you using an ethernet connection for?
  5. Post a pic, front and wiring in back.
  6. I use a USB adapter with two ports but my GPS is not happy with it. So it needs the cigarette lighter socket. You can get those two slot adapters at the Dollar Store - for a dollar
  7. That looks great. Like it was always there and not an after-thought. Have you added anything to a min-console with a bench seat?
  8. Has anyone come up with a cleaver place for USB ports? I leave a GPS plugged in to the cigarette lighter socket and remove it and use an adapter when phone or other charge power is needed. It would be nice to have a second source for USB power while leaving the GPS plugged in. Edit: Opps! Clever not cleaver. Cleavage?
  9. Thanks for the help. If I can find a honey one new, I would prefer that.
  10. The ubiquitous JeepDriver has the skill set and talent. If you see phone number, mind posting it or pm it? Anyone recognize what the tail light came out of? It looks like the caliber lens that MJs should have come with in the beginning.
  11. That lens looks better than original ones. Top follows slop of ridge on fender. Do you know what it came out of?
  12. I bet you are not going back there this weekend either. Honey interior? Knee board there too?
  13. I am looking for a honey colored mini-console for a MJ 4.0, 5speed. I have found a mini-console for an automatic. Will the auto indicator pop out so a boot will fit in?
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