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  1. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Impressive. Everything looks freshly painted and no smudges. Fresh water cools the engines and that water is cooled by sea water?
  2. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Got any pics from back then? Also would be curious to see a pic or two of the engine bay
  3. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Another great pic. You and your brother grew up in that 10 years. School team or a community league? Curiously, neither pic would open for me unless I signed in. Maybe one of the computer guys can get it to post. The tall kid in the first row with the startled look on his face in the first pic looks like Brad Pitt
  4. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Great pic. Which young champ are you? 8 years old or there about? I downloaded the pic and tried to post it. Maybe someone else is better at it than I am will do it
  5. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/pts/d/gloucester-older-mopar-parts-some-gm/7115972055.html
  6. In 9 posts, is Going to the Sun Road closed part of every summer?
  7. It may take a while to get your meds and dosage tweaked. Know that we all want to see you up and running as well as a finely tuned MJ.
  8. Manche757

    CC Handles

    It is official; you are a party animal.
  9. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Shep for shepard? Pic please of you in your canine finest
  10. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Gotta pic of that first team you were on?
  11. Appropriate "Buy it now" price. Well written ad. Good luck with you sail.
  12. Manche757


    https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/appliances/dishwasher-reviews/ https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index.htm How much is that doggie in the dishwasher? Awesome lab
  13. Manche757


    The chrome looks pristine. What's your trick?
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