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  1. A time for pride; one of life's finer wonderments. Wrapped in swaddling clothes. Glad son in ok. Hope Mom is too, especially since she did 99.9% of the effort. Nice to know you feel connectiveness to the CC. There are great guys here. You included, Dad. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Someone left the door open and one of they locals wandered in.
  3. Not a sunset but fires seen behind the Stanley Hotel at Estes Park, CO. For fans of Stephen King, this is the hotel seen in the "Shining" that was released in 1980.
  4. Please post if you find those pics. The US National Park Service has described Moose as "majestic and silly" looking at the same. Gotta love that.
  5. A lot of positive energy going on. Big. The word "studio" catches attention. Planning a display or creative area for a future adventure?
  6. Awesome. The garage has a better view that most of the world. Ever see moose in the roads? Thanks for the post.
  7. Life is a gift. Temporary at best. You have good karma. Don't put off the good stuff.
  8. Impressive. Some of us will have to come up and apprentice and help with your barn raisings. That piece of wood would finish out nicely to be a high end, free form dining table. This Old House had an episode that included a table that was made by leaving the edge of the wood in original shape on the most irregular side and cut the other side to glue to a another piece. That piece of wood might bring several hundred dollars marketed to serious furniture artisans. Maybe that is a next adventure for you, a master cabinet maker.
  9. This is a cabin at Big Meadows in the Shenandoah National Park. Made of Chestnut; harvested and constructed in the 1930's by the CCC. Notice the unfinished edge to the siding.
  10. Like I said, you write a good thread. Great pictures too. Looks like you have a decent rip operation at your place. What kind of wood is that? Nice grain. You might want to leave some of the edges to the boards. It makes for great rustic siding.
  11. In the good ole USA. I did not take this one either but one I saved it a while back The Grand Tetons. There is dispute about who named them originally but French trappers are one group that called them "Les Troi Tetons", in English that is "The Three Teats" Curiously, that land was available and not yet exploited when John D Rockerfaller, Jr acquired it in 1949 and gifted it to form The Grand Tetons National Park, the big teats.
  12. Snow in other places. I did take these pictures. The "Christmas Markets" in the "Old Town Square" in Prague
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