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  1. Did anyone come up with a solvent that freed the movement? I have the same issue with the same mirrors. Are new ones, with brackets, available?
  2. That truck is pretty, but when was the last time the grounds were cleaned? The inside of the rims have been polished in the last month? It does have high performance lug nuts, doesn't it?
  3. Thanks AZ, will look for those
  4. Buy it at $7K before someone else grabs it! You would spend waaaaay more than that to get it in that condition. Give it a knuckle knock above the rear wheel well to make sure rusted metal has not been covered with bondo. Change the the indicator lights to gauges so you will know what might be going on with the engine and protect it. Otherwise, you found yourself quite a truck
  5. Do you have a pic of where that goes? Any suggestions for replacing blower motor and fan?
  6. Anyone have a part number for the door check? 89MJ, 4.0, 5 speed
  7. No. Door stuck when closing. Snaps or pops to free it. Typical old car thing
  8. Who has a magic bullet for door hinges making a #$!&^@ noise when closing. Lubing last 10 days. New hinges?
  9. What's the round thing on the front fender near the top corner of the fender flare? To turn alarm system on or off maybe?
  10. How much for that white MJ you have pictured?
  11. Electricity: electrons and protons flow negative to positive and produce current that flows positive to negative. When trying to determine a relationship in an equation, change only one variable at a time. The relationship between resistance (the opposite of conductivity) and voltage is inverse, i.e, when resistance goes up voltage goes down.. The resistance relationship to current (amps) is also inverse. George Ohm, that you have named yourself after, came up with equations to measure the relationships; an Ohm being a measure of resistance. As resistance increases it produces heat. That can be good or bad. Intended resistance heats your oven or stove top burners or it creates resistance in the heat strips in the back up heat source in a heat pump. Unintended resistance can start electrical files or melt the electrical connectors on your MJ. Over simplification but hope that helps
  12. I don't understand the question. If resistance increases for any reason (corrosion, broken wire) there is an inverse relationship with voltage and current. Can you rephrase your question? At absolute cold (like a mathematical limit, it can not be achieved but can be approached) is 0 degrees Kelvin or -459.67 Fahrenheit. Resistance is still present even slightly above that. Albeit pretty low.
  13. You proved that the indicator light is connected to the load side of the switch. Origanally you had the line connected to the load side of the switch which energized the indicator light all the time.
  14. Switch the line and load leads. The light should get power only when the switch is on, of course.
  15. 87 MJ, 4.0, 5 speed. Going to swap the instrument panel that has indicator lights for one that has gauges. Can someone that has purchased the right sensors in the last year, recommend ones to get? Ones to avoid? 89 MJ, 4.0 5 speed. Going to replace blower motor and fan. Can someone that purchased those in the last year, recommend ones to get? Ones to avoid? A year ago, the fan on the 87 was replaced and it does not have the high speed that the 89 has. Any ideas about that?
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