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  1. Google indicates that I am 1,085 miles from Success, MO. I only know what is in the workshop of our fine CC member, Mr. Greg Schardein by asking questions. Although if you had your electric panel in your shower, chances are you would never be electrocuted. I see electrical codes as minimums, not something to cheat or beat. If a homeowner takes plumbing short cuts, his house might get flooded. Electrical shortcuts can lead to fires and death; fortunately that does not happen often. I have known of high voltage electrocution of a man with two two young sons and wfe. Known someone that had their electrical panel blown out of their wall by a lightening strike to a poorly grounded panel. I have seen an overloaded power cable burst in flames. I have seen connections to the hot side of a breaker by a home owner that did not know better. GS stated his workshop feeds from a power pole and the shop was used commercially by a prior owner. Usually homes have two phase electric service and three phase service is not allowed. Large homes being built here now have two 200amp two phase panels. Most commercial and industrial locations have 3 phase service even if it does not seem necessary. The 100 amp electrical panel in his shop looks to be in good condition. His comments support that. It is a little suprising that a 200 amp panel was not installed originally if it is relatively new. The difference in original cost would have been minor. If three phase, there would be a third bus bar carrying 110 volts.
  2. Multiple question but will not put them out there at once. Is that panel 220 single phase and not 3phase? Add up the total amps on all the breakers as it is before you change anthing Your welder plug AND the recepticle plug look to be single phase. Look at the plate on your welder. What does it state?
  3. I am planning to have body work and painting done on an 87MJ in May and want to have any underbody coating/painting done before that. A discussion thread of what some of you have done and the results would be helpful to us all. After all mechanical work has been done, what have you done to seal up things from the weather and winter hazards?
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  5. Very nice and clean looking truck. V8 in an 87. I assume that was not original. I have not seen a radiator fill cap located where that one is.
  6. Yes. It is your workshop and your stove, but if you are as close as you say to the electric panel, I would suggest you run a new circuit. There are any number of reasons to leave the stove fully functional, i.e. it could be used when you might have a cook out in the yard, you could cook something while in the shop or use it at Thanksgiving to cook that extra dish. Next step would be to look at your panel in your workshop. If a detached workshop, I assume it is on a branch panel. What is the panel rated in amps? Then check your main panel in your house. What is the amp rating for it? If you want to go the distance, pull the cover off the main panel and see if the branch panel is connect to a breaker there or if it feeds directly to the main lugs; hopefully not the latter.
  7. The air compressor circuit is ok. Look again for the rating plate. Most likely it is metal and it is often along the edge of the oven when you open the door.
  8. The receptacle is rated 20amps. Look at the plate on the appliance to see what the rating in amps is. Next look at the wire gauge. If it is likely 12ga (rated for 20amps if within 50 feet of the panel) but don's assume a prior owner did not change out the receptacle to his needs.. Finally, what is the rating for the breaker? 20amps hopefully. Depending on what you find, you should run a new circuit. What is the rating in amps for your welder?
  9. What is everyone so afraid of? That you will be inconvenienced and have to stay home? That you will get behind on your bills? You resent someone telling you what to do? Why look to the worst side of everything? Although I was not around in WWII, I doubt people complained about rationing and wanted to overthrow the government. The economy will tank, but it will recover. A million people will die but 7 billion will live on. Those that get the virus and live, will create resistance to the Corona virus in future generations. Life will go on, but maybe not for you and for me. Patriots don't complain about that.
  10. After trying every which of way to get it to load and work, I got a CC message of the types of files that will work. It is a .3gp that is for phones but will not work on CC. Can email be sent to someone's CC email from an email outside of CC?
  11. ignore. can't get vid to work
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    It looks great. Someone did a good job of the block work
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    Is this why Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore? What does the building look like now?
  14. Actually that originated around 1880 at the time of the famous Irish potato famine. Erin, a fair haired Irish maiden, came to US frontier territories. A great Indian Chief, who chose to be anonymous so his name is lost to history, saw her and said: Erin go bra-less
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