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  1. Cool Hand Luke. famous lines: "What we have here is a failure to communicate" "Get your dirt out of my hole." The Dirty Dozen. Charles Bronson was the quintessential tough guy with few words. Lawrence of Arabia, the number one epic movie of all time should be in there too.
  2. Manche757

    Sound deadening?

    I need to replace the stick shift boot on both an 87 and 89. Both are 4.0, 5 speed. Any ideas on an upgrade that is more sound proof? Any ideas on soundproofing either side of the firewall?
  3. Manche757

    One Week Anniversary Today

    A poignant read but DH shared his struggles with his usual snap. Others followed his lead
  4. Manche757

    Shed Moving Day!!

    We get away with mounting them on an outside wall in eastern VA but temperatures don't drop below 10F often. Carbon monoxide is scary.
  5. This topic has been covered a few times but the conclusion is not the same as I last understood. This morning I had a three piece rear window replaced with a one piece on an 89 MJ. One of the three panes had been replaced with plexiglass by the prior owner. I preferred one piece to cut down on noise and possible leaks. One piece glass is NOT available new. The glass is tempered. Fortunately, they had a used one from 2014. It has a scratch but otherwise it is ok. Additionally, 3 piece windows with sliding center panes ARE AVAILABLE NEW. He showed me the availability on his computer screen and I saw that has 3 panes, not the 4 pane ones we know about. It is available in CA, AZ, CT and possibly a few other places. He said shipping would be about $150 to VA. I preferred the one piece as stated. MaGrand is the glass company that he searched. He said it is not available to everyone. I paid $125 for the used rear window installed. I asked if he would match a price he charged me 3 years ago for windshield that they installed in an 87 MJ. He said prices are up and normally they would charge $165 but he cut the price to $150. The old windshield had a chip but passed inspection. My reason for replacing it was because of the surface fractures and the resulting night time starbursts. With windshields that cheap, a used one does not make sense. The rear glass is tempered and does not get surface fractures. It is amazing how clear a new windshield is after looking through an old one.
  6. Manche757

    Shed Moving Day!!

    Neo, that's quite a story. You put so much of yourself in your projects and telling the story. Impressive. Gotta question: explain the funky vent pipe sticking out of the side of your house.
  7. Manche757

    Quote notification emails

    If you said it, it must be so. A reminder that if Pete tripled his salary, it would still be zero. Kudos to Krytro for behind the scene jobs well done. Give a hand.
  8. Manche757

    door window guides

    First the taillights, now radios. If 4.0s become scarce, look for a big disturbance in the magnetic field around Minuetville
  9. Manche757

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Dzi, what did your awesome blue look like when you bought it?
  10. Manche757

    Black Friday score

    Jeff, you are the nice guy in the CC family, but do I understand you are not replacing the one with the offending noise until after the inlaws leave?
  11. Manche757

    Quote notification emails

    You are innocent of any wrong deed, intended or accidental, I think. I speculate there was a system update to the server hosting the CC. If Windows 10 runs the server, that is likely. An update to 10 could have corrupted CC performance. Figure that out and make the fix. Meanwhile, go to "threads I follow" that jumped in that should not have and delete those you don't want email from.
  12. Manche757

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    MJnewbie, we are trying to save you from yourself. Don't buy that truck. That much rust will cost you a ton and more than you would ever think. If you are going to tackle it yourself, it will take more time and money. That truck is not at any give away price either. A friend with a muscle car restorvation business advised it is the rust that you don't see that is the issue. He also advised going out west where they don't salt the roads. I was not so concerned about outside paint or seatcovers because both would be redone anyway. I bought that first one based on lots of pictures. I flew out and picked it up in Texas and drove it about 1200 miles home. The flight and motel cost me a thousand bucks or so. The best money I ever spent.
  13. Manche757

    Quote notification emails

    My preference is to get email from threads that I started but not from any others. I don't know your preference, but note this is a thread you started. If you frick around with "threads you follow", you will mostly get what you want.
  14. Manche757

    Quote notification emails

    I have had trouble too. The most direct fix has been to go to settings and to "threads I follow" and eliminate ones you do not want. Somehow ones you don't want there get there. Those are some but not all you have posted too.