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  1. Manche757

    wake up call

    Cruiser, the brusier, glad to know you are still in the game with a good prognosis for the future. Don't go do it again; we haven't had enough of you.
  2. You have the wrong end of the stick. When the key is in on positon with the engine NOT running, there is NO noise. The level of noise double today. I hope it is not a fine hazard. Radio and Jimmy Hendrix off.
  3. Thanks for noting that it does NOT fit a MJ. Kryptronic, delete this thread.
  4. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/pts/d/woods-cross-roads-jeep-cherokee-xj/6992998862.html ng a windshield visor/ cab visor for a jeep Cherokee. Will fit xj or mj (comanche) vehicles. Visor is made of fiberglass and is painted black. Fiberglass is not cracked or chipped. Located in saluda/king and queen, virginia. Asking $200. Please text Andrew eightOfour8one5four4two7.
  5. https://richmond.craigslist.org/pts/d/amelia-court-house-1989-jeep-comanche/7012112842.html 1989 Jeep Comanche 2 wheel drive 4.0 . Miles 300k. Doesn't run previous owner said the fuel pump went out. Body is in great shape only rust is on the floor pans. No time to take on this project right now. Rebuild it or use it for parts. Probably one of the straightest trucks you'll find for the price. $1000
  6. '89, 4.0, 5 speed. A whirring sound is coming from under the bed that has not been there previously. It is constant and not clicking and can be heard when parked and not in gear. Is likely to be a fuel pump going bad? There is no malfunction with engine performance. If the fuel pump is going bad, is it something that should be replaced or is it like an old rear end roaring that could go on forever? If not the fuel pump, is there any other moving part under the bed?
  7. Jack_fur, I see that this is your first post and you have been a member for all of 4 hours. Welcome to the Comanche Club
  8. If the tree recovered, that is only possible if the girdling was not complete. Decades ago, a girdling device was made to strap on a man's back. It had a gas engine about the size of a small lawn mower motor. A cable was hooked to it. The other end had a fat metal doughnut with notches in it. The man would go through the woods girdling undesireable trees. Poison can be poured in the gash to speed up the process. Obviously you don't want to kill a tree that will eventually fall on a house
  9. Bringing firewood is the right thing to do. I assume you meant 40oz and not 40 Coors. . Looks like you had a great night out under the stars. Spend a night at Guitar Lake on a hike to the top of Mt Whitney, if you haven't already. 12,000 ft I think
  10. All of the nutriants that feed the entire height of a tree travel in the "cambium layer" which is just below the bark. A thin layer. If you cut that layer all the way around the tree, the tree can no longer feed or hydrate itself and will die. The process is referred to as girdling the tree and is used in forrest management to kill undesireable trees. For example, to kill hardwood trees in cultivated pine forrest that are grown for timber. I girdled a 40 foot sweetgum tree a couple years ago to kill it. It might take a few years because some trees can store starches. If cut all the way around , that is not survivable. If you are concerned about the tree in your yard, pull loose bark away because it gives insects, like bark beetles or borers, a place to hide. The exposed wood is subject to rot. If rain water becomes trapped in the damaged area, cut a channel so the water can drain away.
  11. Your camp site looks devoid of trees and available fire wood to gather. When I backpack, any ax or hatch is too heavy to carry. A trick I use, is to find limbs up to 3 inches thick and swing them like a baseball bat and smack them hard against a tree. The end will come flying off. Makes lots of great noise too. Scares the bears and cats away too. For bigger logs, I drag them across a fire and as they burn down, pull more of it across the fire.
  12. Learned something. Thanks for the info. There are no 6 bit door cylinders that will fit and could be matched up? My ignition switch needs replacing and the door cylinders are not in great shape either. It sure would be nice to have it all work together
  13. Nice looking truck! Interesting other world looking landscape. Looks like you pitched your tent in a flash flood area.
  14. 89 MJ, 4.0, 5 speed. The ignition switch is evidently going bad. Radio, blinkers and blower fan will go off while the engine runs and doesn't skip a beat. Move the key a little and the accessories come back on. Since the switch needs replacing, I would like to replace both door key cylinders and have one key for the ignition and doors. Can someone point me in the right direction to get this done?
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