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  1. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/d/virginia-beach-1995-jeep-wrangler-low/7173718436.html I purchased this as a project and its ready for it's next owner. Many new parts. Runs, drives, and stops well. Jump in and enjoy the rest of the summer!!2.5 engine with 109K. 5 Speed. 4x4. 100% stock. Never modified. Its hard to find wranglers in this condition. Its in good shape in and out with some scratches on the doors from improper storage. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Wrangler. This is a base model and does not have AC nor power steering.Underside is clean with no rust on frame or sheetmetal. There is no back seat or rear seat belts.May consider trades for cars, trucks, or motorcycles.
  2. Thanks guys. I learned something that I never would have known otherwise
  3. Ok, so I am the heavy. You make a good impression online. Rethink that self-imposed limitation. As a son on a white father and a light skinned Puerto Rican, I grew up in the Jerusleam District where Nat Turner was hanged and I later taught at a black university. It is my belief that character and intellect do not know racial barriers. Why have hamburger for lunch every day when you can have miso soup and terriyaki chicken also. We need to focus on who we can be instead of transgressions of the past. I am excited about having a new next door neighbor from Belaruis
  4. Not of the same bent, but it is agricultural: There is a bitter plum that is used to make jam. Damson. Either sweet or bitter with half the sugar which I prefer. Great for toast or bagels. I also use it when cooking venison. Can't find them local. Anyone in the semi-arid northwest states, or otherwise, find them?
  5. One morning last week while I was looking out a window, a large hawk of unknown type swooped dow, plucked a sqirrell off the side of a tree 20 feet from the house and flew over the roof with it. I have been trying to invite it back to solve a bunny rabbit issue. Other than the obvious of putting up fencing, does anyone have any other successes? In city limits, so no gun power is allowed.
  6. After the pickles are eaten, pour some of the left over liquid in tuna salad as flavor enhancement. Also, cut fresh cumcumber as thin as you possibly can and put them in the jars with the left over liquid after the pickles are gone. A great garnishment to a meal. Keep in the frig and serve chilled.
  7. I also prefer sweet homemade pickle over dill. They make a ham sandwich. And add pickle chips to tuna or chicken salad. Which store available spices are you using? Years ago, I used Sauer brand but no longer find them.
  8. Are you still around? Make any progress on the 4 wheeler?
  9. I take your joint denials to mean that hemp is grown from CA to VA. And by two of the CC's finest. What is this world coming to? 87 was the give away in each of your names. That is the police code for cannabis on Mars.
  10. Did honey colored interiors have black steering columns across all years? I am changing the interior of an 87 from black to honey but am going to leave the steering column black but did not know that was the original MJ combo
  11. Is that cannabis behind those tomatoes?
  12. Free slide in camper. The inside needs rehabing but if you are looking for a mobile place on the cheap have a look. https://norfolk.craigslist.org/zip/d/church-view-truck-slide-in-camper/7167878669.html
  13. I would not antagonize her if I were you.
  14. That thing looks worthwhile and I will look for it. I bought a 60V battery Green Works weed eater from Lowes and am surprised at the torque and how long the battery lasts before it needs to be recharged. Then comes back from the dead in 15 or 20 minutes. It runs with full power until the battery goes out. It came with .80 string. I have been cleaning up some honey suckle, common ivy and poison ivy all grown together and tangled in some scrub trees, bushes and dead limbs. A three foot tall mess. The area is on a golf course side of the property line I share with it. I got tired of looking at it and tore into it with the weed eater. A bush hog would be more appropriate but the weed eater surprisingly has the power but it is more than the string is designed for. I will have to try the .95 string that larger weed eaters use.
  15. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Tugboat95, Thanks for taking the time to write all that up along with the pictures. After reading your comments, I became curious how water was kept out of ships 150 year ago and googled that. Basically the same system you describe. I include a link, for others here that might be interested. The 60 gallons per hour of fresh water is made by reverse osmosis? I think nearby to you Ocracoke Isand uses that for their municipal water system. The 7th picture with all the valves: Are those lines filled with hydraulic fluid to control various systems? https://www.quora.com/How-is-the-driveshaft-of-a-ships-propeller-sealed-to-prevent-water-from-getting-into-the-ship-And-how-did-this-technique-change-in-the-last-150-years If you will, speak to the trip through the Panama Canal and how an ocean going tug does in rough open seas. I understand that water to refill the locks comes from an unending supply of fresh water from a lake that stays full from all their rain. I bought my second MJ from a small car lot in New Bern, which was a lot closer than the 1100 mile drive home from Texas for the first one. I hope the 2018 flood of the Neuse River did you no damage. I had thought you might be from Elizabeth City because of the Coast Guard base there. I think your not knowing how something works is a temporary condition.
  16. Per Stihl, it is Hygroscopic. Huh? The string is nylon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq12a2Z1fSY https://www.greentractortalk.com/threads/per-stihl-soaking-your-trimmer-line-in-water-is-a-good-thing.4058/
  17. Not a relevant topic to Jeeps, but here goes. I suppose I am late to learn that weed eater string should be soaked in water to reduce brittleness, as well as, to prevent it from melting together. Snapping string has got to be one of the world's major frustrations when trying to finish the task only to have to frequently stop and rewind. After stumbling across this information, I researched and found that Stihl recommends it also. Soaking for 24 hours to storing the string in a zip lock bag with water. What are some of you doing?
  18. Manche757

    CC Handles

    Got a few pics, from inside the hull and outside, to share of this? How is the shaft sealed to keep the sea out with so many rev's and constant wear?
  19. Looks like he can toot with the best of them.
  20. It might be another 30 years before you realize that is one of life's finer offerrings. Got a pic of that shared moment with junior?
  21. It happens to my MJ routinely when I am in a hurry to get somewhere. I usually turn the key back and forth hard 4 or 5 times and cuss at it. I thought the lock mechanism probably needed lubing. What is the fix?
  22. What was involved in getting it mounted? Did it comes with any brackets needed?
  23. Anyone have any updates on suggestions? I am going to have an 89 MJ body worked and painted. Since new rear bumpers are not available, I want to find a new chrome one that is stronger than the original one but looks like it blends with the truck. Comments on what will be needed for brackets is appreciated also.
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