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    I have a 91 clock, PM sent.
  2. 135621055105763647 expires 14 June
  3. It's been a while now, and I didn't get a receipt. But I wanna say $400 for 5 wheels and a few odds & ends thrown in. That is with a warranty that if they ever peel, he will redo them free. I actually don't remember exactly now. I had a set of Jeep CJ wagon wheels and a 6 cylinder Borla header done (header done in high heat resistant). It was expensive. Then I had several batches of various brackets, Jeep armor, etc, and it was surprisingly cheap. I'm set up to do my own powder coating now, but not sure I would tackle a set of 5 wheels. I'd be doing them one at a time in my garage (kitchen sized) oven, where this business can do them in one shot in the walk in oven. If you are thinking about it, just call around to your local shops to get an idea. Obviously, bringing in a set of wheels (no tires) and being flexible on the time frame would be cheaper than driving the car in and letting them handle it start to finish. This place does a lot of bulk work at the city level, so the fact I am flexible on completion time helps get a good price. EIDT: the owner is a great guy who has helped me out with other contacts, a guy who does zinc & cadmium plating, and a pinstriper for my CJ wheels.
  4. These are my favorite XJ/MJ wheel. I've collected a set buying them one, two, or three at a time at junkyards. Generally pay $25 - $40 per wheel. I've also bought sets usually around $100. Exceptionally good shape might bring more. Poorer shape might be considerably less. I picked my worst set and had them powder coated. Very happy with results, but expensive enough I don't think I'd ever get my money back if I was to sell them. I've listed aluminum wheels for sale at about scrap aluminum prices. Some sell, some get scrapped.
  5. OK, not an original MJ/XJ part, but thought I would list here in case it fits someone's plan. This is a two-piece hazard knob with spring loaded outer collar. Used on a lot of GM products from the 70s-80s. Usually they are black, but Cadillacs (and maybe other full size cars?) have them color matched to the column & interior. This one is dark blue. Hard to tell from the pics, last pic shows a black XJ/MJ knob for comparison. Not sure if MJs ever had a dark blue interior, but... fits our MJ's Saginaw columns. Make offer, pay shipping. Just uploaded pics and it looks black. Trust me, it's a very dark blue.
  6. Excellent shift boot and plastic retainer. I believe this fits all floor consoles and manual trans used in the MJ and XJ up to 96. $25 shipped.
  7. Factory power antenna mounting pad 5600183 and "escutcheon" (mounting nut or sleeve) 56000552 removed from a 92 XJ. Best I can tell from the parts manual, the mounting pad is the same for power or non-power antenna, sleeve is specific to power. $25 shipped.
  8. Missing the horn button, top trim piece to center console, and pass window crank. Steering column is gray when it should be color matched, suggesting someone swapped it in, maybe to gain tilt. Tilt lever looks like it is zip tied to something behind the dash bezel, suggesting something is wrong with the tilt. Not a single picture of the engine compartment. Missing driver side "COMANCHE" and "XLS" emblems, missing 4x4 emblems, missing radio antenna bezel, broken driver side seat recline lever, pass rear flare has a hole in it, driver door uses mirror that bolts onto the door and is missing the trim where the wing mounted breakaway mirror attaches, pass side has wing mounted breakaway mirror. I would run, not walk, away from this for 9k. I would have to see it in person, and start offers at 2k for a rust free truck (if it is) with some cool bits- Potentially nice early interior with buckets, cargo light (at least the switch is there), chrome trimmed tail lights, chrome tailgate handle.
  9. That's a great point, it's important to point out this alternator is regulated by the HO computer. Swaps into a Renix originally equipped with an internally regulated alternator would require an external regulator.
  10. I have some brief notes on an 136 amp alternator upgrade, from 97-98 Dodge Durango & Jeep Grand Cherokee, OEM part number 56027913, alternate number 0280155703. I ran this on the 91 XJ motor I put in my CJ7 from 1998-2014. At some point I switched out the XJ bracket for a YJ bracket, and I can't remember if the 7913 alternator fit the factory XJ mount or not. It's just been to long, I can't remember, but I want to say it's a bolt in. EDIT: I think the alternator bolted in, but the pulley had 7 grooves, versus 6 for the XJ/MJ. I used it anyway, with a gap at the front, with no issues for over a decade before swapping a 6 groove pulley onto the alternator.
  11. Seat lower cushion in the picture is gone. I still have the pass side folding seat frame & top cushions, and not pictured, another lower cushion to make a complete seat. This other cushion has no cover and is "ok" but was a driver side so it shows some wear.
  12. I have a both a black pair and a chrome pair of hooks.
  13. This is a pass side fold forward bucket seat removed from an early XJ. I have the seat frame and cushions/upholstery (red). No seat base. Seat bottom cushion seems like it's in good shape, not surprising since it's the pass side. Upholstery is rough. Does have a cool pocket on the back that I've only seen on the very early XJs. Make offer on part or all. At this time, I'm not interested in shipping the seat frame itself. I don't have a box big enough, and I only use USPS. Any other shipping option is a hour drive away from my rural home. I need to make some room and these parts are on the throw away list, especially the cushions/upholstery. I know the rules require a price, but this is really make an offer worth my time to box it up, and pay shipping, or make a road trip and get the whole deal.
  14. The service manuals I am familiar with say a case spreader is required. That you have gotten by without one in the past doesn't mean they aren't a standard tool for diff work. If you are putting in new gears, the old shims are only a starting point. No guarantee they will be right. Backlash & gear pattern must still be checked and shims adjusted to get them right.
  15. Another interesting thing about brass doorknobs- they are naturally antibacterial. Discovered this surfing the net one time, don't remember what I was originally searching for...
  16. I get it. I remember the days of repairing my only vehicle. It can be stressful. Luckily, I have backup vehicles now which is nice. The MJ D44 build is basically on hold for a bit while I finalize some things on my CJ7 in prep for four wheeling trips this summer, and prepping for a friend who is coming to visit for a few days, bringing his LJ that needs some work done. I've got all the parts, next step is installing the new ring & pinion and want to be sure I have plenty of time to commit to that, so I don't have to stop in the middle.
  17. I really like that truck. Was able to zoom in and see the tire size- 30x9.50-15s. I like the stance- do you think it has a lift? 4x4 emblem is usually beneath the cab vents- did Jeep ever put them on the bed from factory? Not knocking the MJ, just asking for when I do my 4x4 conversion.
  18. I think I have a pair of hooks, if you want to piece a full set up together. Can get pics this afternoon. All the originals I have seen are chrome plated. If you are ok with black painted, I think any generic tow hook will fit https://www.harborfreight.com/10000-lb-capacity-tow-hook-kit-67497.html
  19. I've got a bed light and corresponding switch bezel & switch. I scored it at the JY and was going to put it on my MJ. But as I cleaned it up, I was honestly surprised and how... shall we say... "low tech" they are.' I like the repair, you'll probably never have to mess with it again. I hate drilling extra holes in the body, even if hidden by the light. If I were doing this, I might run that ground wire down to the driver side rear speaker bracket and ground it at an existing screw.
  20. Thanks, yes it looks like they could be painted to match , like the s10 lights
  21. My 91 MJ has done this since I bought it. Let it sit a couple days and it will rattle for a good 5-6 seconds before quieting down. It keeps on running good though. I am doing a 4x4 conversion soon, and will swap to a 1996 4.0 at the same time. I don't know what causes it.
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