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  1. I'd heard of this, but never seen one. I pulled this instrument cluster from a super clean 1985 XJ Wagoneer (2.8 V6 and manual trans... yes manual... with cruise control). I have always thought all Renix clusters are blue and all HO clusters are white. This is the exception to the rule, although I guess technically this is a pre Renix cluster. I suspect it would still work on an 86 MJ though. The XJ was one of those super clean rigs that almost makes you sorry to start taking parts off it. Almost. .
  2. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    There is no doubt that someone took very, very good care of it. You hit the nail on the head, how can the interior look that good at 164,000 miles? I do think though that the carpet had been touched up with paint or dye. Possibly some of the other parts as well, but very well done. That steering wheel... the plastic horn button looked NOS, like a mirror. Not a single smudge or scratch on it.
  3. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    Well darn. I didn't realize it was worth grabbing or I would have. It was 18 degrees and already late in the day when I stumbled across it. Had it been earlier in the day, I might have reached out on here to see what people needed/wanted.
  4. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    I've pulled an 86 cluster from an MJ, and it was blue. See pics. That cluster went to a CC member, but I do not remember who.
  5. schardein

    1985 full instrument cluster in MO

    This full cluster is out of an 85 XJ 2.8 V6 manual trans 4wd. I suspect it would work on an 86 MJ. Comes as pics show, with wiring plugs and short cable and speed sensor for the cruise control. Surprising to me, every bulb in this thing worked. I don't think I've ever pulled a cluster that didn't have some blown bulbs. $150 shipped. I have shipped several of these and never had a complaint of something breaking. It will be properly packaged.
  6. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    Plugs aren't for sale separately, but the cluster is. I will post separately. I wanted to put this in tech to capture that pre-renix "white" clusters do exist.
  7. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    I know right? I don't have them. This Jeep is 4 hours from me, and I won't be heading that way until the weather gets better. And they are likely gone.
  8. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    I had a 78 Chevy Scottsdale and still have my 79 Blazer, both with the camel interior. My favorite interior color by far, although the maroon in my 91 MJ has grown on me.
  9. schardein

    1985 white instrument cluster

    I have the grill, but it's not for sale. The lights were decent but I didn't grab them. If I remember right, the reflectors were rusted at the bottom.
  10. schardein

    Need a pic of the visor Selec-Trac sticker

    Here's another. If you are making a reproduction sticker, I'd be interested in seeing the result.
  11. That was a little before my time. Not to change the subject to books, but I've read all the original Ian Fleming/James Bond novels, and thought they were really good. After reading Dr. No, I watched the movie. I'd seen parts of it, but not all.
  12. Good to know. I'm getting a Borla header for a 4.0 and 4 CJ steel wheels done now. Depending on how they turn out, I may do the Turbines.
  13. schardein

    Pilar/Dome light

    That is interesting. If used in an interior other than gray, like maroon, they would need painted. Would lose the on/off symbols. I think most everyone is familiar with the S10 Blazer lights, which is another option. It does require some trimming of the panel to fit the lights. Another option I have been wondering about. This is a Jeep Commander light that is right above the front driver and pass window. Push the lens to turn it on. I don't know if they would actually fit, probably require more trimming than the S10 lights. And they use a smaller bulb (#194), so potentially less light. But to me it would be cool because it's a Jeep part. Commander light left, S10 right.
  14. What is a fair price for powder coating? Local place wants $75 per wheel for one color. Owner says to mask the non-polished areas and do a different color is to labor intensive and triples the price with the intent that no one will ask him to do it. I have two sets of these and want to run them on my MJ and XJ. But they are pretty rough looking. Anymore pics of powdercoated wheels? Prefer a silver for these type of wheels, black is not my cup of tea.
  15. schardein

    July 2019 Mid-Atlantic CC PowWow / All-Breeds Jeep Show

    15 hours for me. I would love to come though. Make it a 3 day drive and stop at junkyards on the way. Six Jeeps, but would probably drive my Chevy for his kind of trip.
  16. schardein

    Sway Bar Upgrade

  17. schardein

    which sticker cut would you prefer?

    I like the crop in the first post.
  18. If you go with a 242, the shift bezel is different, it has the additional "full time" setting. This part is obvious, what is not obvious is that the metal shift gate below the bezel, bolted to the floor, is different from a 231 to a 242. From what I have researched, the shift handle and shift linkage below the body is the same, but that gate is definitely different. I have a D44 rear and 242 case that will be going into mine as I convert it to 4wd. Hope to start the work this summer. First pic is a 242 gate and bezel, second pic is a 231 gate.
  19. I was 10 years old and my little brother and I were spending the summer with my Dad in Topeka, KS. My Dad would drop us off at the movie theater on Saturday afternoon with enough money to watch two movies. It was a different world back then. I didn't get it at the time, but he would go spend time with his girlfriend, then pick us up. I remember watching Star Wars the first time, and the shock when Darth Vader killed Ben Kenobi. The next Saturday, my brother and I saw it again, twice. When Dad picked us up, and asked us what we saw, we yelled "Star Wars!". And what else? "Star Wars!". He was like, you saw it twice?? The next week, he went with us, and loved it as much as us. It almost seems like a cliche now, but I still think it's the best movie ever. My Dad never had a lot of money, but we always had enough for a few comic books every week. I grew up reading The Avengers, I feel very lucky to be seeing all the Marvel superheroes being brought to the big screen, and my Dad would have loved those too.
  20. schardein

    flowers for Don's funeral

    Nice job Pete. Funds sent.
  21. schardein

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    I would be interested in some of these. Can I make a recommendation for a paint scheme?
  22. schardein

    One of our own is down

    My condolences to the family and all his friends, including those here at Comanche Club. I had several personal interactions with Don during my time here at Comanche Club. Since hearing the news of his hospitalization, I'd been looking forward to his recovery and first post saying he was back. I'm deeply saddened by this loss to our shared community. My thoughts are with the family during this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Chief.
  23. schardein

    Xj Cluster Swap

    THAT^ I've got two of the clusters with gauges but no tach. Large fuel gauge where tach goes. But they would be closer to a direct plug in. The cluster housing you are looking for will have a blue housing. The 1991 and later have a white housing and use an electronic speedometer.