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  1. This is what my fuel trim says while idling and warm.
  2. 02 Heater gets 12v power with key ON for about 3 seconds. After that it has no power unless you start the engine. The heater only has power while the fuel pump is priming with Key ON. Still having a rough idle. I'm starting to think maybe the 02 isn't a good brand? It doesn't have any markings on it but it is not the original 02 sensor. Another question, When indexing the distributor, with the #1 cyl at TDC, where do I need to set the rotor at? The write up says the trailing end, but in the picture on the write up it shows the tail end of the rotor covered by the #1 terminal. Is it supposed to be like this
  3. I think the bumper is super nice but I agree with the above statement. When I was lifting my Jeep I had my short jack stands maxed out with a solid concrete block under them to get more height. One of the corners of the solid block busted and sent the Jeep falling towards me. It was the scariest moment I've been involved in so far and my right leg only just made it out from under the frame before it hit the ground below. Since thing I feel blessed to have a concrete driveway at my new house and I take my time when setting the Jeep up on stands.
  4. I really dislike these guys videos. They show no actual knowledge behind Jeeps and they seem to refuse to do any actual work themselves.
  5. I also found a bundle of yellow wires that were poorly soldered and wrapped in duct tape. They were further down toward the firewall though.
  6. I found this little bundle of poorly soldered orange wires wrapped in duct tape. Any idea what they are? Also found that the relay that Google said was the heater relay, was not actually the heater relay. Instead of being the first relay on the right, mine is the second relay from the left. The one I'm pointing at. The right 2 relays have 4 terminals in use and have 1 wire with 12v power with key OFF. The left 2 relays have 5 terminals in use and only have 12v if the key is in the ON position. The heater relay has a yellow wire (86) which has 12v power to it with the key ON. but upon back probing the relay with the key ON, the orange wire (87a) does not have power still. There is also 2 orange wires coming off of 87A. Any reason why? The fat orange one has got multiple breaks in the insulation. I'm thinking by the end of this I will have to replace a good section of it. The engine does NOT have to be running to have power to 87A, correct?
  7. Which wire from the relay supply's the voltage to the heater?
  8. I've swapped the relays with no change in anything. I'm suspecting faulty wiring?
  9. Looks like it's time to break out the soldering iron and get to work, eh?
  10. 4 had 11.7V and 9 showed no volts. Upon moving the relay center back to look at the wires, I found this... An utter mess. There's a fat orange wire that is nasty and has breaks in the insulation across about 12 inches of it.
  11. When testing the black wire it came back with .002 OHMs. Testing the orange wire for voltage with the key in the on position did not show any voltage unless the black terminal of my multimeter was grounded through the grey wire (c on the plug). It only showed 5 volts though. Even grounding the black terminal of the multimeter through the frame did not show a reading on the orange wire.
  12. That's what I figured. Not too sure where I'm going to start next.
  13. My pins were not labeled but I tested the red and black wires and got exactly 6 OHMs. Is this test to be done with the engine hot, or cold?
  14. So for a few months now my MJ has been running rough once it idles for about a minute after start up. Gets worse as it heats up. I've checked everything. 02 sensor, CPS, TPS, MAP, IAT, CTS, cleaned throttle body (it's a bored out one. Clean as a whistle). I've tightened my intake bolts and plan to change my exhaust manifold and the gasket soon to rule out any possibility of a leak. I've deleted the EGR and the Jeep already had the Cat cut off (planning to redo the whole exhaust and add a cat again to regain the back pressure). I've refreshed grounds and indexed the distributor. Changed plugs/cap/wires/rotor within 5000 miles ago. Tested fuel pressure and the regulator and both check out as good. Any idea where I should start next? It's frustrating me because I want to get it running perfectly before I continue doing other work to it.
  15. The trucklite knock off's on Amazon are great, inexpensive upgrades to the headlights. Plus the relay upgrade has made a night and day difference for me. I love LED's and am slowly swapping all of my lights to them. Including making custom marker/turn signals out of 3/4" LED'S. @Keyav8r how much for a set of those courtesy lights?
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