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  1. Howdy fellas! I was working on the Jeep and noticed some bad signs of blow by. About 1000 miles ago I added a cowl intake that I put together and added an HO valve cover. I didn't really notice much blow by beforehand. All of the lines going to the intake are set up correctly ("pcv" line and ect on valve cover) I have noticed that I'm having to add oil a lot more frequently than usual. Any insights on where I need to start?
  2. If you were to come up with a good bracket to mount the alternator where the compressor is, then I would probably buy one from you eventually. I want to get rid of my compressor in general and have the alternator up top. My AC doesn't work and all that's left of the system is the compressor.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. I'm curious about the hood though.
  4. I loved my H4 housings and bulbs. But my Truck Lite knock-offs please me WAY more than they did. I'm a sucker for LED's, and the dark look of the Truck Lite design. I got brightlighted quite a few times when I first got them but then had my brother drive towards me with me in my Civic... And I understood. Since I hit the deer I never adjusted the aim on the headlights, the driver side was shining straight towards oncoming traffic. Fixed it and now my lights are better and less of a nuisance.
  5. The 5k came with a mount but it was just a plate that you had to weld to something in order to use the winch. I used it as a template for my hitch-mounted set up. Since the 5K is an ATV winch it didn't bolt up perfectly to a full size winch plate, hence the reason I needed a template to drill holes with.
  6. Every bit of this makes me question if I should of signed that lease on the house and decided to get married. I could get it if it wasn't for that
  7. This guy is making me question everything I thought I COULDN'T do out of my own home garage.
  8. Money is fixing to be coming your way! And I would slap one of these stickers on my Jeep so quickly it's not even funny.
  9. As soon as I saw the driveway and carport I knew I'd be signing the lease no more mud and rain for me when I'm working on the MJ!
  10. I sign on a lease Saturday! 3 bed, 1 bath, cute little house right up the road from my job. Super clean inside and the renters are really nice and have given my fiance and I freedom as far as the yard and interior of the house. We can paint it, plant gardens, whatever. Has a carport, big shed, and a full concrete driveway. Very excited to get moved in!
  11. I was so close to getting to drive to Huntsville to meet him and give him my old load sensing valve I wish I could be there but I'm signing on a lease for a house and doing a charity event for Special Olympics that day. I'm going to miss hornbrod a lot... Don was one of the first guys on here to message me and get to know me and he really motivated me to keep going with my Jeeps.
  12. I've been working on this for my front marker lights and turn signals. Only got done with one side today sadly but I'm excited to have them done. The regular LED's come on with the headlights and the Amber is for the turn signal. Once they're completely done I'll be spray painting the plastic and possibly fogging out the LED lense so they're completely black.
  13. Got it all mounted up. Just gotta wire it now. Very happy with how it's turned out. Had to drill new mounting holes on the plate because it wasn't made for this small of a winch. Also had to buy a bigger roller fairlead since the one with the HF winch was made for a smaller mount. Ended up drilling another hole in the part that goes in the hitch so now it's 4" closer to the bumper than it would of been if I used the factory hole on the Curt mount. The hitch mount is tight in the hitch and doesn't jiggle at all. Got me a cover for it as well that's big enough to go over the winch AND fairlead, which is what I wanted. Sadly didn't get started on the wiring for the winch and my dual battery since the rain got too heavy today.
  14. Sadly terrible. They must of been using a good camera... Cause it was not that nice at all in person. Floors were scraped up, it was across the road from the biggest Section 8 housing complex I've ever seen. And it had a weird scent to it. Also took the rental agency 3 days to return my call on Monday.
  15. Only comes with a fridge. Going to be talking to the owners about that.
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