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  1. Y'all were close. 320 for it all! I'm more than happy with that considering the prices of the air tools alone. Wife didn't like me spending it, but what does she know?
  2. Since the house is now legally mine and the previous owners got the 12x16 shed cleared out, I decided to celebrate with a tool haul. It just so happened to be at the same time as a older lady at work started cleaning out her deceased husbands (a MATCO tool truck owner) garage. Got a good haul and could've got more but the wife limited my haul a bunch... Either way, I got a LOT of tools that I've wanted ever since I was a beginning shade tree mechanic. First off was the Craftsman 30 gallon air compressor. It's exactly what I needed. 120v, 15 amp, holds enough to run any tool I need to. It's a 2003 model but it's in perfect condition and was hardly used. So far after a month of use it has done me very well. next is the Kobalt 3" cut off tool. Always needed one of these to get into tight areas that I can't get my 4.5" angle grinder into. Then the Matco tools stubby 1/2" impact. The one I got from her is used but only 6 months old. Then the last air tool I got from her is this. It's used as well but still works perfectly. No picture but I got a BIG table vise as well which I've needed for a long time. She also threw in an assortment of air fittings, 100ft of 3/8" pressure line, a MATCO hat and mug, and a Rigid impact drill that didn't have a charger and was held together by duct tape. Still works though. This all has already paid for itself in time that I've saved by having them. I love using the air tools and they will come in handy during the Jeep/house remodels. On another note next week I will be purchasing either a 2wd AX-15 to slap in the Jeep (if the junkyard finds it) or a US General Series 2 5 drawer mechanics cart. Keeping it in my carport to help keep my Jeeps toolbox clean and keep my tools organized while tinkering. Now the fun part! What do YALL think I paid for all of those tools? I'm happy with what I paid, I want to see what y'all think...
  3. I'm looking for a good AX-15 2wd. I know a lot of people that swap from 2-4wd so I was hoping someone would be getting rid of one! I don't need 4 wheel drive but really want a stick shift again. I would prefer external slave but wouldn't turn down internal for the right price. I don't need it at all, just really want one if any one has a low priced good one. I'm located in upper Alabama and would drive a bit for the right price/trans! Thanks!
  4. Got mine painted and installed. I love them. No where near a perfect fit but it's very unnoticeable unless you're really looking for it. The self tapping screws helped with getting it tight to the body lines. Not bad for 80$.
  5. All of my sets are in and ready to ship. PM me if you're still interested!
  6. I have plenty of sets ready to ship out. PM me and I can get you taken care of!
  7. You've got 1.75" coil spacers waiting for you at the winery. Enjoy
  8. Shhhhhhhhh..... she already knows I miss living in ol' Attalla with my family it was nice making 65k and not having rent to pay.
  9. Upon receiving them tonight so far I am VERY pleased with the fit of these caps. I will be installing completely on Thursday afternoon after work and will get some pictures for everyone. I slid one over the part of the bed side that doesn't have my tool box sitting on it and it fit the body lines perfectly. I don't plan to use the double sided tape for install so the fit will probably be tighter. I plan to install with self drilling button screws.
  10. I'm a young gentleman that came and talked to you about your Jeep at the winery a couple years ago... Good to see you on here again! Sadly I've moved out of my mom's house and live about an hour away in Leeds now. But what I would recommend for under 100$ is ZJ front coil Springs. (MOOG part Number CC782) Should get you about 1-1.5" of lift in the front which I would think would level it out perfectly with the weight of the winch/bumper.
  11. I really want a 28MM sway bar and a good ZJ 12.7 ratio steering box. Both would be a pain to ship is the only bad part...
  12. Thanks a bunch guys!!! I'm loving this little husky... Thankfully he is very good about not "going" inside the house. Waits for us to take him outside. My biggest training opportunity is how he acts with other animals. He is very aggressive.
  13. Upon us purchasing our first house (we close in 2 weeks!!!)my wife and I decided to get our first child... Meet Kodak 2 years old on June 17th, purebred Husky. I had a husky when I was 8 that passed away when I was 14. I loved that dog more than anything and this little guy is the spitting image of him except my other dog had 1 brown and 1 blue eye. My wife and I always wanted a husky and thankfully we found this one at a shelter because he killed a baby goat at his previous owners home. Already neutered and has all of his shots. Only cost 40$ to adopt him. Now to install a gate on my driveway so he can run around outside when we're not home... Enjoy!!!
  14. Doesnt look too bad. Good enough for me!
  15. Diamond plate. I plan to paint it Black. I've been looking for these for a LONG time...
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