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    My two boys. Both rescues. Kodak (the husky) is about 3 now and was abused by his first owner which made him very aggressive at first. He was taken back twice to the shelter we got him from due to killing a baby goat and attacking another dog. Thankfully it was a no kill shelter and we got him a day after he was taken back the 2nd time. After months of easing him into socializing with other animals and getting the second dog, he now is the sweetest Husky you will ever meet. Bandit is a border collie (I think?). He is about 1 1/2 years old and we honestly know nothing about his past other than he was tied to a shelters handrail outside one day and then was adopted by an older woman who ended up regretting getting a high energy breed of dog. She then called me and my wife and said "either you take him or he gets put down". He is now my baby. I love Kodak, but Bandit is MY dog. Most cuddly, loving, animal I have ever met. I love animals more than anything. Having these two fluffy guys has helped me a lot with stress from work and I just can't imagine coming home without them there.
  2. Picked up a VERY well cared for, one owner, 2011 WK2 with the 3.6l yesterday. Only paid 10,500 out the door. Pictures to come once it's daylight 😁
  3. I'm actually probably looking at a 2012 GC with the 3.6l tomorrow. It's loaded with every option possible, has 106k on it, 1 owner with no wrecks, crystal black pearl paint with leather charcoal grey interior, and 4wd. They're asking 12,900 for it. I'm still not sure if I want 4wd or not honestly though...
  4. Thanks for the replies! I've been researching, crunching numbers, and talking with the warden (wife). If the right deal came up then I may end up grabbing a 11-14 GC. Does anyone have any experience with the 3.6l Pentastar engines that are in those? Are they any better than the engines in the earlier models mentioned above? My main goal is to have a reliable vehicle so if I have to have a car payment then I guess so be it 😂
  5. So the time is soon coming to retire my 97 Sentra that has possibly been the best car I will ever own. It has reliably driven me for about 5 years now with two of those years driving 700+ miles a week. It currently has 230k miles on it and is mechanically perfect and the AC/heat still works perfectly somehow. It's not leaving the family, just simply going to be parked at my brother's house so he has a spare vehicle for when someone in the family is in need. So now down to business; what in the world am I going to replace it with? I'm stuck between a Liberty or a Grand Cherokee. Ideally I would like a 2014-16 grand cherokee but I simply can't justify spending 15-20k on a vehicle. Plus I like the way the 2005-2010 grand cherokees look more. As far as Liberty's go I would probably be looking more towards the newer boxy looking ones unless I found a PRISTINE older one with low miles for the right price. My main concern are the engines. Personally I enjoyed my mother's 3.7L that she had in her 06 Liberty before a rocker arm dropped (she got 240k miles out of it) but I have seen a lot of bad reviews about them. I hear that the 4.7L's are the same way. I would love to have the power of a v8 but I also would like decent MPG for an SUV. What are yalls opinions as far as those two models of Jeeps and the engine options for them? (obviously the Liberty only gets the 3.7L sadly) It will be used as a daily driver that may occasionally tow a utility trailer if I don't feel like breaking out the MJ when I need to move something big. Whatever I decide to get will also get a 2-3" lift and slightly bigger tires as well so if anyone has experience with these vehicles lifted, please let me know!
  6. What is this method? I can get my MJ to most of the posts easily. My yard isn't big at all. That home made post puller is a great idea though, thanks!!! I will look into a concrete mixer/auger rental. I like just having extra tools laying around so usually I buy instead of renting. The dirt here is soft so I expect it to be easy to dig. Also I will look into doing the posts every 6ft instead of 8. Everywhere I saw recommended doing 8ft stretches
  7. Been working up plans to build a privacy fence around my yard and wood prices are finally getting low enough to do it. Anyone have any experience in this? Currently I have a 4 ft tall chain link fence that was built when the house was built YEARS ago so it is sagging and my 60 pound husky/45 pound Border Collie hop it easily when they see a squirrel on the other side. I've already gotten permission from all of my neighbors and and I am paying for it myself because I am the one who really wants the fence (honestly I hate how my neighbors yards look so it's mostly to make my back yard look better) the total stretch is about 260 foot of fencing plus a gate on my driveway. Gameplan is to buy a Predator gas auger, and have my two best friends come over for a weekend to help. Going to either pull the chain link posts up if they're not cemented or cut them flush with an angle grinder/sawzall. Once they are gone we will be stretching a string from corner to corner and painting every 8ft on the ground to lay out the posts. Posts will be 8ft 4×4's put about 24-28" in the ground. Plan to use about 40-60LB's of quickcrete in each hole with gravel at the bottom. Going to have 3 2×4's stretched between each post. One as a cap beam at the top to protect the 4×4's end grain and make the top look better and the other two will be flush on the side of the 4x4 in the middle and about 4-6" off the ground. Going to use 3" deck screws to put the 2×4's on the posts and then use collated galvanized framing nails to install the fence pickets. Pickets are going to be 3/4"×5-1/2" 6ft tall dog ear pickets that will be stained/weather proofed either before or after installing. Plan to lay a 2×4 on the ground while installing the pickets to help create a small ground between them and the dirt so they do not rot as quickly. Once the fence is said and done I am going to add a wire anti-dig system at the bottom. Total cost at today's prices for just the fence/nails/concrete is looking at being about 2k-2400. And yes sadly I will be contacting the city to get a permit Does anyone have any tips based off of experience? First time building a fence so anything helps 😁
  8. I would be interested in a SWB one depending on the cost. Don't really know my limit honestly cause it depends on how much my wife spends that week 😂
  9. I completely forgot about this thread honestly. I got caught up on the house and taking care of her that week and forgot to check back. I appreciate everyone's kind words either way! The update is that thankfully everything was fine for her. She was stuck in bed for about 3 days. The worst days weren't the first few, but the last few. She still can not smell anything and the doctors say she won't be able to for about 6 months at least. Otherwise she was perfectly fine after 6 or 7 days of symptoms. I somehow didn't contract it from what I can tell. I never had ANY symptoms despite being around her the entire time. Honestly, it was just a free vacation for me. I got a lot of work done on the house and went and bought a new washer/dryer and refrigerator the day after I was cleared to leave the house again. Once again thanks a lot, and I hope anyone else who has gotten it had as good results as we did. I have personally seen people die from it young and old so it was hard to see my wife get it.
  10. I think I'm going to try to pull it out of the Jeep next time I'm up at my mom's house and take a look at it. I drove it consistently for a couple years and the BA10 was fine other than the whine in the 5th gear. Either way I will keep the Aw4 handy in case the BA10 went out all of a sudden. I know most of what I need to grab from the manual Jeep to swap it over, but do I need the computer from it as well? Or will my automatic one be fine?
  11. I also just realized I put this in The Pub instead of MJ tech that's what I get for typing this up at a red light on my way to work
  12. My MJ is fine other than death wobble at 60MPH, and either the flywheel is cracked or I have a low end engine knock (has been happening since I bought it 5 years ago.). The rest is all just minor issues like the dash being demolished and the driver side window regulator went out. The MJ that I'm planning to pull the BA10/5 from would require a lot of work because it has been sitting for 5 or so years and I have been pulling parts off of it to fix my current MJ as needed.
  13. So I've been wanting a manual transmission for quite a while now. There are NO AX-15's around me in decent condition for a decent price and honestly right now even a decent price is too much for me due to me paying cash for everything while I remodel my house/replace appliances with new models. I originally was looking for just a 2wd one but recently decided if I'm going to do it then I'm going to go ahead and put a 4wd in even if I don't replace the front axle with a 4wd one immediately (2LO with a locked rear end sounds nice to me). I got to thinking about it and realized that I still have my old MJ at my mother's house with a 4wd BA10/5 in it and a brand new clutch/flywheel. I would only have to purchase about 100$ in parts to install it most likely and it would fufill my urge to drive a stick shift again. The only issue I remember from the tranny was that 5th was starting to roar a bit, but I didn't even replace the gear oil before I decided to park it. I rarely drive my MJ past 55MPH and never really run it hard. Would I be an idiot if I was to swap that transmission into my MJ until I could afford an AX-15 swap?
  14. Well my wife, who is a respiratory Therapist at UAB (she works with Covid-19 daily) finally caught the bug. She tested positive. She is perfectly fine other than a few small symptoms, but due to us being married I am out of work for 2 weeks or longer if I end up getting sick. She called me and told me today while I was at work so I promptly told my manager, left work and stopped by Lowe's for a quick supplies run to make sure I have something to do for 2 weeks. Going to install new ceiling fans throughout the house, finish my washroom remodel, and start on the kitchen remodel. Got family and friends leaving groceries on the doorstep for us to stay alive on. Gotta make the best of a bad situation!
  15. You guys now have me convinced enough that I'm saving up for a set of 15x8 Mammoth Boulder rims. They look great for the price.
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