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  1. I also got the military wrap ones in a group buy about 2 years ago. They managed to lift my MJ about 3 1/2" compared to the worn out original 2wd springs that I had. I LOVE my military wrapped 4/1 ones. I can load them up with wood from Lowe's and they barely squat, they also ride very nicely.
  2. If you don't mind me asking what state are you located in? I'm in Alabama and have been looking for a 2wd 5 speed transmission. I would take your old one off your hands if you were near by
  3. It's going to be ran about 75 feet. Everywhere I've read says that #6 is enough for it. The AC unit is as small of one as you can get since the shed is only 12x16. My thought process is that I'm VERY rarely going to have everything running at the same time. I'll look into seeing how much it'll be for #4 wire though and it might be worth it for the price!
  4. Ended up having enough scrap 2x4's to piece together the filler pieces between the studs! Now just to sand the top and create a shelf below.
  5. I've been thinking about both! I'm going to try sanding the top and throwing a sealer on it once I get a good oscillating sander. The 4- 2x8's only cost about 30$ so if I tore up this top it would actually be less expensive to replace than plywood or metal. I did it exactly 10 feet long so that if I ever have to replace the top I don't have to measure or cut. Next project is adding a shelf underneath and getting things hung on the wall in front (tools, battery chargers, ect) Next BIG project is getting power to the shed. The lights currently are ran through 100ft of extension cord, which is fine since they're LED. But it's a pain to do every time I go to the shed. I found an empty 2 breaker slot in my outdoor breaker box so plans are to run 6/3 UF-B from the box (will have 60 amp breaker in place) to the shed with a 100 AMP sub panel in the shed. From that panel I will have 1 20 amp plug beside the sheds window which will have power for the AC unit I'm installing and the lights on the ceiling. Then a 20 amp circuit for both walls with 4 plug boxes on each. Then I will still have room for a 220v outlet if I ever feel I need to install one!
  6. Already got a plan for it! Just didn't get enough 2x4's. Going to lay 2x4's between the studs on the back, level with the bench. Will give me more workspace and fix the issue of parts coming off the back
  7. Got a week off of work and have immediately gotten busy on projects! Been needing a workbench that could stand up to anything, so after a month of research I stopped by Lowe's today and got to work. Total cost (including a 25$ box of 2 1/2" screws) was 104$. It's made entirely out of 2x4's and 2x8's. The front is twice as thick to withstand extra pounding on the vise. Last thing to do is run 1/2" lag screws into the bottom of the legs through the floor of the shed. Depth is 29", height is 32", and length is 10'. Almost 100% built with Harbor Freight power tools! I love my Bauer impact driver, Admiral miter saw, and Chicago Electric miter saw stand.
  8. That's the same leaf blower I have Keeping my back driveway looking like this is the only action it gets, though. Pine trees during the fall make me have to leaf blower twice a week.
  9. I've done this twice. Once from a 97 and once from a 99. Should all be the same for a 2001. But, I would recommend just getting one from a junkyard. That way you can get EVERYTHING. motors, wiring harness to splice into, and the bottle. It only cost me 5$ both times I did it, the junkyard was basically giving them away.
  10. I despise almost any video that has a false statement on the cover of the video in hopes to attract viewers. Probably the channel I dislike the most is TFL
  11. Personally I LOVE my cowl intake just for the sound. When I step on the gas it sounds mean and whenever it's idling you can hear a hissing noise coming from the cowl if you're outside the truck. No whistling for me.
  12. X3 on the bull bar My favorite bling currently is the custom LED turn signals and driving lights that I did a couple months back. I get compliments every time I stop by a parts store.
  13. Do you ever wonder what people do as a job to make them have THIS much cash to blow on projects like this?
  14. Definitely my 5k harbor freight winch on the front hitch. It has quick disconnects in case I want to take it off and it has been VERY handy in pulling people out of my mother's yard when they back into a swampy section during the winter. Also very handy for clearing our bushes in front of my house during renovations.
  15. I ordered one and just received it and it is a Mopar as well. Thanks for posting this up! This one feels much better than the aftermarket one I had installed.
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