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  1. You guys now have me convinced enough that I'm saving up for a set of 15x8 Mammoth Boulder rims. They look great for the price.
  2. Been driving my MJ for about 2 weeks now due to my brother needing to borrow my regular DD. It's a 97 Nissan Sentra GXe with about 230k on the clock. It's missing a lot of paint, has exhaust stains on the trunk, and in general is just ugly. But I love that little car. It's never left me on the side of the road, even when I was doing 120 miles a day. Heat and air still work too!
  3. Sadly I won't have o rings for a little bit. I left them on the dining room table when I went to work a couple months ago, and my husky had a field day with them I'll be ordering another bulk batch once I have some extra cash again, though.
  4. I'm in Alabama. We just got 3 cases confirmed. One in my county, one in the county I used to live in, and one about 2 hours away. People are going nuts and I don't understand it. My wife is a respiratory therapist and has been testing people (she also was in the room with one of the confirmed cases) and we are not stressing about it at all. My stress is that I am a grocery manager for Publix supermarkets and this virus has made me put in 70+ hours this week and my department is still demolished. The toilet paper/paper towel section is nothing but empty shelves. Hand sanitizer is now considered liquid gold for whatever reason. We're surviving.
  5. Not quite sure how I'm gonna get things organized and all when I go to the junkyard, yet. But I love my US general rails that I have in my tool cart in my carport. Having this organized, fully mobile cart has helped my tinkering be way more productive than digging around in a bed mounted toolbox
  6. Knucklehead97


    Had a rough New year's Eve with 2 bottles of cheap wine so haven't drank since. But when I drink, I also enjoy cheap light beers on the daily. Or a good Corona on a hot summer day tinkering on the Jeep or doing some furniture building. Honestly though, I LOVE the new Strawberry Lemonade Natty's. They are phenomenal and inexpensive to me.
  7. Not much of one anymore. Sorry if I seemed to hint that there was still an issue. Jeeps running better than it has in a long time now. Just still has a kind of rough idle and a slight miss when warmed up. Pretty sure it's the low compression I found in #3 and #6 cylinder. Only 95 psi.
  8. Yes. I use it to adjust. Running about 750-800 rpm, 600 in drive
  9. It's been running 10x better since I removed the plug. Still a lil rough of an idle but at least now it sits at a good number and doesn't bog down. Also has a lot more power and my cowl intake is louder due to the amount of air the engines getting. I had to use my winch to pull myself out of a ditch last weekend and the engine didn't bog at all. Usually using the winch it bogs down and tries to die.
  10. Not even about 900LBs of lumber had my military wrapped ones dropping that low. I love them!
  11. That's what I noticed when I was adjusting it. Why was it a common practice? What did it solve?
  12. So did I! Upon looking at the TB very closely, I noticed the reason why the creator of this bored out TB had put that plug in; they must have thinned the wall out too much on the side with the hole for the air bleed valve because the valve does not seat very tightly anymore. I'm going to reset my butterfly valve and TPS to see if this helps with the higher idle. But if it doesn't, I'm not worried about it. I'd rather this idle than it trying to stall out all the time.
  13. Well. I ended up removing it because I was driving and the rough idle just frustrated me to the point of no return. Amazingly enough, the engine runs PHENOMENALLY now. My idle is a little high (900 or so) but I can resolve that with some toying around. I have more seat-of-the-pants power and the engine sounds much healthier. Plus it does not bog down now when I run my headlights and heat on high.
  14. What is an engineering TB? And I have done the butterfly adjustment and just double-checked the TPS. It's showing proper readings. Would you recommend I remove the plug?
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