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  1. Knucklehead97

    jeep lighting mods...

    I've been working on this for my front marker lights and turn signals. Only got done with one side today sadly but I'm excited to have them done. The regular LED's come on with the headlights and the Amber is for the turn signal. Once they're completely done I'll be spray painting the plastic and possibly fogging out the LED lense so they're completely black.
  2. Knucklehead97

    Hitch mounted winch

    Got it all mounted up. Just gotta wire it now. Very happy with how it's turned out. Had to drill new mounting holes on the plate because it wasn't made for this small of a winch. Also had to buy a bigger roller fairlead since the one with the HF winch was made for a smaller mount. Ended up drilling another hole in the part that goes in the hitch so now it's 4" closer to the bumper than it would of been if I used the factory hole on the Curt mount. The hitch mount is tight in the hitch and doesn't jiggle at all. Got me a cover for it as well that's big enough to go over the winch AND fairlead, which is what I wanted. Sadly didn't get started on the wiring for the winch and my dual battery since the rain got too heavy today.
  3. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    Sadly terrible. They must of been using a good camera... Cause it was not that nice at all in person. Floors were scraped up, it was across the road from the biggest Section 8 housing complex I've ever seen. And it had a weird scent to it. Also took the rental agency 3 days to return my call on Monday.
  4. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    Only comes with a fridge. Going to be talking to the owners about that.
  5. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    The information from this thread has definitely taught me wayyy more about buying a house than I expected it to... But good news! https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/8449-Thomas-Ave-Leeds-AL-35094/973581_zpid/ Going to look at renting this one tomorrow. Didn't want to rent but it'll give me the flexibility of moving around with work. Pretty sharp little place, I'm hoping it's not just the camera quality making it look nice.
  6. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    Thankfully I don't have to worry about OT anymore. I'm straight salary now once I get caught up at work and get an off day I plan to go talk to banks. Maybe talk to them about foreclosed homes as well.
  7. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    I went and looked at the house yesterday. It was TRASHED. There's people living in it but they weren't willing to talk about fixing anything. They had multiple cats and there was a hole in the wall that they said the cats had been getting into some parts of insulation through. It basically gave me the vibe that they're broke and just trying to get out. I'm no longer interested in it. But, so I'm better prepared for next time, should I go ahead and talk to a bank and figure out how much I could get pre-approved for? If I can't find somewhere to rent for a reasonable price, I'm going to probably have to find a small starter home to purchase. This drive is getting old
  8. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    Wooo. A lot to take in. I'll try to reply to what I can remember. We found the house on the internet while we were scoping for places to rent. Initially I wanted to rent, but like I said before, it's ridiculously overpriced here. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/8320-Hill-Loop_Leeds_AL_35094_M87059-29321 That's the listing. I've contacted the agent in charge of it just to get more info, waiting on replys now. As far as finances go I have no debt at all. Neither does my fiance. We both have good cars that are paid off and my only credit card is used just to buy gas and it gets paid off weekly. My credit score is 735 as of last week. My 401k is solid and I get paid 8.6% of my gross pay in Publix stocks every March so that's been building up as well for retirement. Last year I made $49,800 and that was with only 2 months of my current promotions pay rate. This year I'll most likely surpass 60k. As far as being with a retail company and getting transferred. Thats why I'm looking at houses in this city. It has access to about 15-20 Publix and they're building 2 more in this area next year. Kids are not being planned to happen for at least 3 years. And she isn't going to be moving in with me until we officially tie the knot in November. She also has no debt due to school, she got a full ride to both schools and only had to buy her books, which she's already done. She finishes in May of 2020. How should I go about finding an agent of my own and a broker? Or should I just pay to rent somewhere? My biggest issue is deciding to rent or own a place...
  9. Knucklehead97

    Buying a house...

    Well guys, time to get out of my mom's place! Tired of driving 59 miles to work when I'm already working 80+ hours a week. I was planning to rent, but there is NOWHERE any good around where I work for less than 1100$ a month. Plus I feel like renting is "throwing money away". I found a nice little house, needs a little work (fiance's uncle is a carpenter and willing to do any small jobs for beer and steaks), it's within Jeep-driving distance to my store and multiple others, and seems like a nice little place to settle down for a few years till I need something bigger. 3 bed, 1 bath, big backyard, 2 car car port. Wanting 67K for it. From what I can tell, even without putting a down payment on it, I could EASILY afford the mortgage payments on it plus dumping my bonus's (around 15K a year) into it to pay it off early. Once the Fiance gets out of college we could pay it off even quicker considering she'll be bringing home almost as much as I do. Now that storytime is over, I need help! I've never bought a house and it's been a long time since my Mom has, so she's forgetful on how the process goes. Where do I need to start? What costs go on top of the mortgage (IE taxes, insurance, ect)? Who all do I need to call to check this thing out before I sign anything? Anything is appreciated. It's a big step and I don't want to mess up with it. Thanks!!!
  10. Knucklehead97

    Hitch mounted winch

    I got me a Harbor freight 5k winch since I got 25% off for New year's. Ordering a Curt receiver mount now. I was trying to find a hitch mounted plate that wasn't overly bulky. If I was using this for wheeling then I would want a super bulky, stout one. But for this one I wanted something that fit well with my brush guard. So hopefully this Curt works out how I want and pictures will be posted when it's done!
  11. Howdy fellas! So I'm wanting to add a smallish winch to my Jeep (5k or so) just to use for pulling logs and the occasional getting my mom's Camry out of the yard in a rainstorm. Had to pull my fiance's Fusion out of her yard and my 2wd Jeep struggled due to the open diff so I'm looking at getting a winch for those situations and also because I've had MULTIPLE instances that a small winch would be helpful. I have a Reese front receiver hitch that sits under the front bumper and I want to get a winch cradle that goes into the hitch. Has anyone ran this on a MJ or XJ? Any recommendations on a winch cradle or even a small winch? Just want to get some opinions before I start ordering parts!
  12. Knucklehead97

    Extended Rear Brake Line

    Use the Dakota line on my MJ with 4" of lift in the back. It was like 16$ shipped, which was awesome. Shouldnt require modifications to fit. I had to use an adapter though due to deleting my load-in valve at the same time.
  13. Knucklehead97

    Lund visor repops

    I'm interested in one at the beginning of the year. What would shipping be to 35954?
  14. Knucklehead97

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    I'm not looking forward to seeing these being driven by rich 16 year olds who got them for their birthday