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  1. I have had very good luck with the Bosch. My fuel pressure regulator was making down. I took a pair of needle-nose vise grips and pinched the return line to see if the regulator or the fuel pump was leaking down. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  2. Can you post some links? I'm having trouble finding exactly what you have there. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  3. I really enjoy all the pictures and time you put in to the truck, looks fantastic!
  4. knever3

    Black arm rests

    Big Dan did you sell these to rokinn? If not I am interested if rokinn passes since I am in need of the same. Thanks
  5. Here are the pictures of my door seals. I am thinking of pulling them off to use paint stripper and remove the paint. I need to find the plastic rivets that fasten it back on before I remove them. Any chance anyone knows where to get them?
  6. I have looked off and on for a OEM antenna replacement for my Comanche, the aftermarket one is garbage I have on there now. Does anyone have a source I can look?
  7. Just to clarify I am not looking for the entire door seal I've replaced them with the newer style ones already. The one I am looking for is the one that is mounted to the A pillar alone that is only 2' long perhaps? It is just there for the rain to get directed down to the hinge area instead of resting on the actual door seal. It is mounted on the outside body pillar not in the groove that the entire door seal is mounted. It is seen in the most left side of this picture.
  8. The body shop painted my rubber rain guard that is mounted on the 45 degree A pillar when you open the door. Does anyone have a source for these, I have done an exhaustive Google search and can't figure out what it is called or where to get one.
  9. Yes I worked out the stroker motor, I just rolled past 50,000 miles. It was a learning curve, but with the information of the combination of the wideband O2 monitor I have mounted in the dash and the Snap-On MT2500 scan tool I diagnosed the problems. The Hesco fuel pressure regulator I was using had a failed diaphragm or check valve letting all the fuel immediately leave the fuel rail after the key was released. I ended up using a stock fuel pressure regulator for a '95 XJ and 21lb/hr "neon" injectors in place of the Ford 24lb/hr ones. It runs excellent and I have put a lot of miles on it mostly back and forth to work and Home Depot. I took it on a 2 hour road trip to the Detroit auto show and it performed flawlessly. I still have some small things I need to address like the idle surges so I will check my idle speed motor when I get time. It gets 15 mpg approximately. I don't track it in the winter because I let it warm up before I go anywhere. I am limited in power because I am still using the stock HO throttle body. I will gain a lot of performance when I finally buy the BBK one. Thanks for the shout out and for all your help!
  10. My drivers side door arm rest has the innards broke up in many pieces, I would like to buy a replacement. Black only and please send me an email because I don't check this site as often as I used to. knever3 at gmail.com
  11. I like my Afe performance header and I have a 99 intake.
  12. I do not have a locker, and if I took out the driveshaft the output shaft would spin without any braking so I don't get what you mean there. I would also have to shut the truck off because the trans would keep spinning and try to grind to go back into park. If I'm off base let me know on that.
  13. On my Comanche I put it in reverse and I hear a clunk that sounds just like a bad rear u-joint. The drive shaft and joints are new and have no play. I was under the truck while my wife put it in reverse and drive. The driveshaft seemed to move 90 degrees without the truck moving at all. I am thinking excessive ring and pinion wear, but any other ideas of where to look would be helpful. I have the aw4 and 242 case with the lowly Dana 35. I have read somewhere that the spline on the output of the case could be bad. Seems like a long shot though. I didn't have the time to spend today checking everything over so any replies would help when I do get time. Thanks
  14. knever3

    Comanche Shirts

    It would be awesome if the back would show the back of the truck and tailgate where the word JEEP is clearly embossed!!
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