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  1. Is there anyone in the Springfield MA area who is up to do a clutch replacement job on a 1986 Comanche 2wd? It also has a hard start issue. If you are close, I could have it towed to your location. Otherwise, I have lots of tools if it could be done at my home. I will pay cash. I need my truck!!!
  2. My 1986 Comanche needs a new pressure plate. If I do any work it will be the whole deal...clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing. It's a 2wd 2.5. Are there any pics of any bolts on the top of the transmission??? And can these be accessed from the engine compartment...under the hood? Any pics would be appreciated. I will have to do this on ramps or jacks. Any help would be Awesome! Thank you! Jim
  3. thejum57


    Floor shift here. Currently own a 86 Comanche 5 speed. Have owned .... 1967 Ford van 3 on the tree 1967 VW Van 4 spd floor 1969 Ford van 3 on the tree 1969 VW Van 4 spd floor 198?? Mercury Capri 5 spd stick 1970? Datsun pickup 3 spd floor 1987 Chevy Cavalier conv. 2.8 multi port injection 5 spd floor I guess I'm a "floor guy" ? Just want to say , the 67 VW Bus climbed an super steep hill right near my house after the "Blizzard of 78" . I live in MA and the snow was up past the wheels!
  4. thejum57

    rear bumper

    Thank you for the info but the Advance site says this will not fit. I'm guessing that because their site does not recognize Comanche's you got it to fit?
  5. thejum57

    rear bumper

    Will this fit my truck? The website says no, but I know there are bumpers that will fit even if the site doesn't recognize them. $109.00 isn't a bad price for a new bumper...I also hear I may eed to replace the brackets. Thanks for all the info!!
  6. thejum57

    rear bumper

    I guess the answer would be replacement. I just need a step bumper to put a hitch ball on. The original bumper is rusting bad and when I hooked up my utility trailer to it with 2 riding lawnmowers, the rust/rot cracked and where the ball goes looks bad. I'm glad I was just seeing how they fit and backing it into where I store it instead of driving on the road! Fair chance the trailer would have dropped with the bouncing on the road. I hear there are other bumpers that fit Comanches...does anyone know which ones? Thanks guys!!
  7. thejum57

    rear bumper

    Does anyone in the Springfield Massachusetts area have a rear step bumper for sale, need one ASAP but hate to pay for a new one. Thanks, Jim
  8. I am looking for the e-brake cable release inside the cab. I have an 86 Comanche with the foot activated pedal to activate the brake. This would be the pull release lever and cable. Thanks, Jim`
  9. Has anyone heard of cupronickel brake lines??? The StopShop has them advertised as "never rusting". They have a 25' roll of 3/16" tubing with unions clips fittings and tee for $34.00. They say it is easy to bend and flare. This sounds almost to good to be true. It would sure be great to replace all the lines and never have to worry about them again. Any thoughts? Jim
  10. Thanks Pete, but do you know where they can be found?
  11. Does anyone still make those stainless steel rain guards that you install at the top of the window?
  12. Any write ups about replacing the light switch in the door? When I open the driver door the lights come on when they want to, half the time I need to wiggle it with my finger to get the lights to come on. It is probly causing a short or battery drain too. Thanks, Jim
  13. I'm in Feeding Hills. Interested for me or a buddy. Where in Springfield are you? Sounds like up Rte 20 by Wilbraham?
  14. Got it finally!!! It was just a major pain all around, those nuts have almost zero space to get a wrench on. I found out by removing the oil filter I could reach the connections easier. The worst part was holding it up while lying on my back and also trying to align the spacer. My arms feel like Jelllo
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