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  1. Starting to get the interior back in. Test fitting as some of this will have to come out for the carpet. Inverter and sub woofer in place. Next I need to install the interior lights. Next weekend the dash comes out.
  2. So I bought these new. They are part no 5FG76SS! they are meant for a RHD XJ. They fit fine. Rugged Ridge sells them. Surplus I guess. They are shorter than the MJ visors. But that is no big deal. They mount up just fine with new holes for the retainer clip. See more photos. I haven't seen the dash plug. Worse case I will create a special feed for it. Not a big deal. I wanted shorter ones as I am thinking of adding an overhead console at some point. They work by applying power to the single wire. The mount acts as the ground.
  3. I have driver and passenger both with illuminated visors and yes going into Comanche Dawn 91 dash harness
  4. Had to deal with a leaking injector seal. Got that fixed. Finally got the Engine harness wrapped and finished. Next I will be pulling the dash because I have this beauty. Scored a reasonable deal. Once I get the dash back in. I am left with interior panels and carpet. Hoping to get her finished by Christmas.
  5. I have 75 service techs working for me. They are exposed to the general public all day, everyday in very urban environments. We mandated mask wearing very early on. Not one has got Covid from work. 2 got it from relatives. Nearly killed one. Enough said.
  6. I have a Reolink DVR CCTV system. Been rock solid. Very user friendly. For alarms I have Simplisafe. If you jam the Wifi it loses connectivity with the sensor and the Central Station and sends you a text or email. The bad guy has to know you have a WiFi based system. Cellular based transmitters are easy to jam too. Phone lines can be cut. Nothing is undefeatable. Line monitoring which comes with pretty much every alarm system protects you from losing connectivity to the base station or panel. It is very user friendly and extremely reliable. I like the Glock 19 security system but it only works
  7. I have completely pulled a wiring harness apart for my LS build including the cab. The grounding and what circuits they strung together is bizarre. Look at the interior light circuits for example they made it so unnecessarily complicated. Too few grounds and way too many splices. They couldn't even keep the wire colors consistent half the time. If you look at a GM LS harness it is much better. I might still build a new dash harness. IMHO I bet I could use about 30% less wires and splices. Just tracing circuits is incredibly complicated for what is a pretty simple truck.
  8. I would agree. The factory unit has a much wider frame
  9. I will be bringing Comanche Dawn for sure. It is only 1,400 from Dallas. Piece of cake!!
  10. What year did the emblem change from square to more rounded?
  11. I have just always like the look. Great design. Totally proportional. Rides really well and is the perfect size for zipping around. I got my first in 2006 in Illinois. Had the bug ever since. Wherever I go people always want to know more about it. It has a rarity that peaks peoples interest. Yes it is noisy and somewhat unreliable but it is simple and cheap to fix except for the wiring harness. Whoever designed that should have put the bong down first lol!!
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