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  1. I have Toyo Open Country A/T II's on both my Comanche and Rubicon. Great tire off road and on. Very quiet considering the tread pattern.
  2. Limeyjeeper

    Aftermarket Seats in MJ

    Corbeau Part numbers D848 Drivers, D849 Passengers. $119 a side.
  3. Limeyjeeper

    Aftermarket Seats in MJ

    I have had good luck with PRP Seats. Got them in my LJ.
  4. Limeyjeeper

    Headliner Group Buy

    PM Sent - if you could squeeze me in that would be great. If not I will wait until next time.
  5. Limeyjeeper

    Comanche bed cover question.

    Good cover. Had mine a few years. Still going strong
  6. Limeyjeeper

    Rubber door seals and others

  7. Limeyjeeper

    Factory front winch mount

    I just got one. It is a well made piece of kit.
  8. 4 Goodyear LT245/75/16 Goodyear MTR with Kevlar. 5,000 miles since new tons of tread left. Plus a unused Goodyear MTR with Durawall. $400 the set of 5 OBO. Came off my LJ. Local pickup only. Will fit under a Comanche with a small lift and 16" rims.
  9. Limeyjeeper

    SB tonneau

    The rails clamp to the bed lip and the cover has retainers that snap into the rail channel. No cutting or grinding required!!
  10. Limeyjeeper

    Factory xj rockers same as Comanche?

    The MJ rockers aren't straight they curve inwards. If you use XJ rockers you have to cut a strip out and reweld to get the curve
  11. Limeyjeeper

    SB tonneau

    +2 on the Downey cover. Had one on mine for about 8 years. Still going strong
  12. Limeyjeeper

    reproduction seat brackets and roll bar brackets!

  13. Limeyjeeper

    SWB rear sway bar

    Be careful. I tried the Addco kit made the Comanche downright dangerous. Had way too much rear wheel lift Not well engineered really wouldn't recommend it. It was way too stiff. Had the Addco on the front that works fine. If you go DIY don't get too stiff a bar you don't need rear wheel steering !!
  14. Limeyjeeper

    Who is running Notch Flares?

    The JCR Offroad Comanche has Notch Flares. Google JCR Comanche and you will see a bunch of images. (It is the Orange one). They are fiberglass not metal so they are probably about as tough as the factory flares, which isn't very....
  15. Limeyjeeper

    JCR MJ is now complete!

    No it isn't.