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  1. I used the PRP Enduro's. Great seat with a ton of fabric options. I used them primarily so I could increase the rake and push them back as I am so tall. The stock seats don't have any thigh support for tall people.
  2. SKF only quote the BR930040 bearing part no for 1986-1989 axles. After 1990 they quote BR930014 which goes from 1990 to 1999. They sure do look different, but might be dimensionally the same. I guess I need to order one of each to make sure. 1989 Bearing 1990 to 1999
  3. You need to use 86-89 bearings with those knuckles. I used SKF BR930040. Later bearings won't center the caliper and rotor properly
  4. Kristy. I mapped every pin on mine. Jeeps wiring color accuracy is pretty shut but it is a good reliable connector. I repurchased probably half the pins. When I get back from Bantam I will send you what I did. I have all the colors. My memory just isn't good enough to recall what I did.
  5. Weathertech make one for the XJ that works great
  6. I had exactly the same thing happen. It turned out that the wiring harness that feeds the distributor had a break in it. I would wiggle all the wiring that feeds the coil and distributor and see if the engine stops.
  7. Here are some more images. The expansion block will make it extremely difficult to get enough play. The AC Evaporator is usually screwed into the heater body and there might be a thermostat wire in the core depending on the year.
  8. The switch can be removed and the contacts got at pretty easily once you have the locking plate off
  9. You are correct. Steering wheel, and the locking plate has to come off using a puller, then you can get to the switch
  10. Not really. The evaporator is in the heater box which is held together with screws. Also the evaporator itself is probably held in with some screws. It might be possible if you pull the dash.
  11. No the actual liners that tuck into the fender flares.
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