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  1. I have a set on my other MJ but I didn't want to take them off but I guess I could use them as a pattern
  2. Looking for the left and right plastic liners that fit inside the rear bed wheel arches.
  3. That TKX is sweet, 600lb torque, better rato selection too. Looks pretty compact. Is it about the same size as the AX15? It looks it.
  4. Great work!! Deeper seats make such a difference to the driving position on a Comanche. I found with my PRP's and the better rake allows the seat to support your thighs so much better. I would never go back to stock seats. They are so short in comparison.
  5. The drive by cable is easier, the tune is much easier as there is none of this silly torque management you get and have to tune out with the DBW. Cruise is easier with DBW. With DBC you will need the cable servo module to make it work. Not hard but the servo box is pretty huge.
  6. I would definitely go with the Terminator X I did the harness merge on mine. Very time consuming. I bought a PSI Conversions harness and PCM. The Holley has far better self tuning capabilities in my opinion, It will end up costing roughly the same. Plus the PCM module is tiny compared to the stock GM one so you can easy mount it in the cab. I love the LEDs that tell you sensor status. I am not sure if it support AC. But you can do that without the PCM. All you need is to trigger the fans. It will also support Nitrous and turbo setups.
  7. Jeep uses pendulum belts. Yanking won't test them. Just make sure they are clean. Blow out the mechanism. Seat belt mechanisms are very reliable. Way to test is drive at around 15mph and slam your brakes on, Pendulum should lock the seatbelt and stop it moving.
  8. Found this pretty interesting a guy actually measured!! https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f11/amp-draw-xj-1017370/
  9. You can get a new head for around $600. Clearwater does great new or reman heads. Stay away from the 331 heads they are prone to cracking. A big valve head will net you around 15hp. Use a mild cam or you will tear up the no 6 lobe (Been there twice). The old Mopar performance cam was the best but very hard to find. Comp ams has a couple of good mild ams depending on your compression ratio. A good stroker with a big valve head, bored to +0060 with a good header and the 99+ intake would be good for around 250-260hp, with a huge amount of torque. You will see a very noticeable difference. Cooling
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