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  1. It always amazes me that Autozone charge so much for such crap. Glad you figured it out, had me worried for a minute there!!
  2. Sorry I misspoke I have Mopar Clutch master slave kit 52104110. It is from a 1994 - 1996 Jeep Cherokee. Remember I am also using the Jeep external bell housing not the GM one. The master cylinder mounting on the 97-01 is different. Instead of the bolts being vertical top to bottom they are offset for some reason. After more investigation All Jeeps from 1994 - 2001 have the same bore Slave cylinder 13/16. These were the external slave years. Master Cylinder wise all Jeeps had a master cylinder bore of either .699 to 1996 or .708" 97 - 01. Not a material difference in size. The CJ7 Master bore is .810" which is what about 10% bigger than the XJ. The slave appears to be the same 13/16.
  3. Stock late model XJ. It feels ok but I haven't actually driven it yet. Hoping to fire her over July 4th weekend
  4. I think the LS pressure plate requires significantly more pressure to move. It is 10.3" vs 11.7" and I bet the clamping pressure is much higher. The LS master cylinder is usually 3/4" which is pretty meaty. The slave is also 3/4 so it is pretty beefy too.
  5. Awesome build. Gonna have to take a look at that sunroof. Very tempting!!
  6. I wouldn't spend the money on Quiklatch. The quality is pretty poor. There is a small grub screw that holds the body together it strips really easily. Very poor design. Not worth $400 IMHO
  7. So I learned a lesson with interior lights don't use LED it creates havoc as Jeep ground the interior light circuit through the actual bulbs. (Similar to the front turn signals) Had some fun with the clock. My harness wasn't wired for it. Found this great article that explained all the various clock pin out's - Lifesaver http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoDashClock.htm Installed the bed lights. Tied into the cargo light circuit. Fluids arrived getting closer. Just need to bleed brakes, check clutch and finish adding clutch switch for cruise control,, add fluids and fire her up!!
  8. Boostwerks Hidden winch works well. I used dual factory fans. YOu can use the stock setup with the winch.
  9. That is not normal. Comanche brakes should harden up pretty quickly on the pedal. IMHO Comanche brakes are pretty good except for the insane rear proportioning valve which is pretty useless after 30 years on the vehicle.
  10. Sweet and you are in the right part of the country to actually use it!!
  11. Everything is now working. Even the Rock lights and DRL's Now to bleed the brakes....
  12. Ah ok found it. This is part no J3242912 it is just named "Clip" in true Jeep descriptive style.
  13. Looks like a Hose Support Bracket Part No 33001640 Later XJ's had a modified bracket 55035933AB Don't recall seeing a bracket like that that holds the wiring harness?
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