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  1. AZ Jeff can you remember what the paint code was?
  2. The stock system should be 2.25" from the downpipe to the muffler at the very least. The walker I have is 2.25 to the tailpipe. Maybe somebody narrowed the tailpipe.
  3. Titan have a bit of a mixed reputation in the stroker community. Not sure about their regular reman engines. You might be better off with an ATK engine. A bit more but a decent reputation. I have one of their strokers (they build for Mopar) has been ok so far.
  4. That looks really good. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. Well she has gone off for paint. Going to be about 2 Months. Plenty to do in the meantime. Change the D30 front knuckles is the next task so I can mount the Wilwood's. Scored a really good dash so it is going to be much easier to restore. The paint guy is going to install get new vinyl and foam where needed. The original would have been too much of a project. All the plastic was cracked and glued. Going to rebuild the heater box next. Needs evaporator and heater core plus all new foam seals. Pedal assembly has been refurbed and the firewall holes drilled. It lines up perfectly with the clutch master cylinder.
  6. Try the Dynomax super turbo muffler with a stock Walker system. Quiet in the cab but sounds awesome. It is the best compromise I have found to date. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. Baja Fiber. They do all kinds of cool stuff including flare sides. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. I used SD Springs. Been on the Comanche for about 5 years, Similar price. Never had a problem. I used the 3+1 rides well.
  9. It all depends at what pressure the injector is rated for. A 24lb injector at 43 psi would be about 21.7lb @39 PSI. If it is rated at 39 psi then it would choke a Renix. Stock renix injectors are 21lb @39psi. If your injectors are 23.2lb @49psi they would be around 18.4lb at 39 psi which is a bit small. If they are 23.2lb @43psi then they would be dead on 21lb which is perfect for a Renix. a lot of Bosch injectors are rated at 43 psi. I suspect these are too. To calculate flow you need to do the following calculation:- (New PSI/Original PSi) x Original Flow. So a 24lb @43PSI injector flowing at 39 psi would be (39/43)*24= 21.7. Most early HO stroker guys use 24lb/39 PSI Mustang 4 hole injectors. Which on the 39 PSI HO rail gives you enough flow for the bigger combustion chamber. (96 onwards had 49 psi rails so 30lb Ford injectors are needed. Knowing the PSI the flow is rated at is critical in making a correct decision.
  10. 24lb injectors are way too big for a stock 4.0. Those are reserved for Stroker motors!!
  11. The Notch flares look really good. JCR had them on their Comanche, but they need a lot of work to get them to fit perfectly. Don't know about Napier.
  12. I have been using Griots plastic polish. It works pretty well in cleaning up switches and backing plates. Takes some rubbing but it seems to do the trick. Left switch untouched, right one polished.
  13. I have the Spectra Premium JP5B tank. About $100. Fits well and has the baffle. For the SWB Comanche. Lasted 5 years so far. Gonna put the same one in my new build. Jeep Cherokee tanks don't fit.
  14. I have the Trucklites. They have a very sharp cutoff and produce a great light pattern. Not cheap still about $300 a pair. But very high quality.
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