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  1. Windshield is in. Along with the rear window. Inspection on Monday. Still battling a VSS issue. Thought I had it cracked. PCM getting good signal but speedo going haywire. Might need a diode to stop feedback. Works fine when VSS connected to speedo without Dakota Digital box. Started to paint the interior trim Jeep Agate to match the center console. Using Colorbond #163 perfect match. Carpet is next after I pull the dash and wrap the harness.
  2. coheed used this latch - Ford F65Z-1527158-AA Door Latch. Early F150.
  3. The one thing about this project is how much I have learned about these magnificent vehicles. This is the latest lesson:- I was having trouble getting the VSS to send the correct pulses to the GM PCM. Couldn't understand it. The Speedo was working ok, I thought. Today I took her out and got her up to around 50 mph and the Speedo started behaving wildly, it was all over the place. So I came back to my garage and pulled the VSS. I noticed some markings on the VSS 26-31, 32-38 and 39 -45. I also noticed a small dot on the transfer case housing. After a little research I learned that a Jeep V
  4. You can roll it up if you want. I just remove mine completely. There are 2 cross bars which keep some rigidity in the cover.
  5. Great cover for the price. Had mine for over10 years still going strong!!
  6. Got the heater box vacuum controls all working. Also got the AC electrically working. (Haven't charged it yet) You have to do a bit of rewiring to bypass the Jeep pressure switch and thermistor. On the LS the pressure switch talks to the PCM. ON the Jeep it is just inline with the AC Request circuit. On the 91 cut the green white wire coming out of the plug on the back of the heater control (Far right hand pin) and splice it into the same color wire going to the bulkhead connector. On the engine side of the bulkhead you are looking for the light green wire. That needs to
  7. When I media blasted my Comanche I never saw a full VIN only the last 8 stamped on the frame.
  8. Because car theft in Europe is an institution!! They might have stamped the full VIN for Euro approval.
  9. The axle seal on a Dana 30 is a pain. They are inner seals. You have to pull both rotors and hub assemblies. Pull the axle shafts, then you have to pull the diff assembly out of the housing to get to the seals. They are located right by the diff carrier bearings. Probably a 2 hour job.
  10. That probably wasn't helping your lack of vacuum if it was leaking.
  11. The last 6 of the VIN are also stamped on the frame. I just can't remember where. I think by the front lower control arm mount.
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