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  1. Catalytic Converter Laws in Texas BY HERB KIRCHHOFF The catalytic converter in motor vehicles is an anti-pollution device that chemically converts toxic byproducts of fuel combustion into gases that occur naturally. Some drivers believe that removing the converter will improve performance while others may seek to replace the converter with a section of ordinary exhaust pipe to avoid the cost of replacing a failed converter. Such actions are against Texas state law, and violators face up to a $25,000 fine. Tampering Illegal It is illegal in Texas to tamper with properly functioning catalytic converters and other pollution control equipment, says the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website. Tampering means removing, disabling or otherwise rendering inoperable the pollution control devices installed on a motor vehicle. Use or Sale Banned Texas law forbids you to drive a motor vehicle with missing or inoperable pollution control systems. This applies regardless of whether the vehicle is being driven on- or off-road. It is also illegal in Texas to sell, lease or offer a motor vehicle that doesn't have all pollution control systems in proper working order. Repair Rules Chapter 114 of the Texas Clean Air Act requires that a missing or failed catalytic converter or other failed pollution control device must be replaced with one specified for that vehicle and which has been certified by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The repairs must meet the emissions standards established for that vehicle. It is also illegal to add equipment, such as a turbocharger, that wasn't originally certified by the manufacturer for that make and model. Exemptions Texas law exempts vehicles and engines used exclusively for auto racing, research and development, or vocational instruction. It also exempts farm vehicles made before 2000, and vehicles or engines being exported from the United States.
  2. Yes you need the 96+ PS bracket, also pulley, new serpentine belt, pump, and PS bolts.
  3. Gonna be a busy boy!! Tip on the engine mounts - read the instructions carefully and get the bolt in that is under the mount first before you tighten up the rest of the mount bolts or you will never get them in. Also it is perfectly fine to use the existing bolt sizes. No need to convert everything to standard. Good metric bolts are just as good.
  4. The original had one, so I thought I would be a good citizen. Also if I ever moved to another state I might need one so I thought I might as well,
  5. I wish I had used the Holley system. Once you fix up your harness, get a couple of tunes and buy HP Tuners you might as well have got the Holley system. So much easier to deal with.
  6. Says the guy who spend heaven knows how much on a STEERING WHEEL lol
  7. I couldn't do that because I have the Boostwerks hidden winch. No room for a taller radiator!!
  8. I would still try and use a Novak if you can. Swap in a later model internal fuel pump. The Jeep fuel pump is perfectly adequate and use the Corvette regulator/return. Much easier.
  9. The 91-92 from the factory looks like this
  10. Trying to get HP Tuners to connect to my PCM. Managed to get it to connect once now nothing. Pretty disappointing considering how much it costs. They could learn a lesson from Cobb Tuning. In my Subaru days they were rock solid. Got a ticket into support. I am sure they will blame me, my PC or the PCM. My Innova scanner connects fine. It just doesn't have much live data. Maybe I need to try EFI live....
  11. Exhaust is done. Now to getting the engine running even remotely right.
  12. I was too, but they have a pretty sophisticated transmitter and looks well made. The guys doing my exhaust swear by them.
  13. Few more pics at the shop Decided to go push button start. Got the Digital Guard Dog system. Looks pretty neat. Thinking of mounting the button on the column where the key is and removing the rod and column lock.
  14. I have had mine on my Comanche since 2007 and it is still going strong!!
  15. You are correct. I usually go down to Austin to Hidden Falls.
  16. No I am too old and cranky to slum it like that lol
  17. Yea unfortunately LS engines don't like not having O2 sensors installed.
  18. 4.8 has the same block completely interchangeable with 5.3. You can put an AX15, NV3550 or the NSG370. Novak have adapters. You can also put a tremec behind the LS if you want more power capability.
  19. Exhaust, finish the interior, test AC, probably will need to play with the clutch release bearing some more. That is about it!! or and find a NOS passenger tail light!!
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